InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Dorm Room Blues ( Chapter 34 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“AHHHHHH!” Kagome screamed and Inuyasha rushed towards her clamping his hand over her mouth.
“Hey….demon hearing.” Inuyasha said pointing at his ears. Kagome struggled as she tried to push Inuyasha's hand away.
“Stop that, you're just going to hurt yourself…” Inuyasha said as he shook his head at Kagome who had turned red and was struggling ferociously against his hold.
“I said stop…” Inuyasha continued and released Kagome when she bit his palm.
“GAHH! What the hell, are you trying to kill me?!” Kagome demanded clutching at her chest trying to gulp in air.
“You screamed…”
“And that gave you the license to suffocate me?!”
“Did I….oh….” Inuyasha said as her words sunk in. “I thought you were…”
“Well you thought wrong!” Kagome snapped and watched Inuyasha snatch the ramen cup from her hand and ate the remaining contents in five seconds flat.
“What now, you just ate all my ramen!” Kagome snapped.
“You kneed me in the groin…”
“Because you took my ramen.” Kagome calmly replied.
“Aren't you scared of me?” Inuyasha asked.
“Because I'm half demon….”
“Yeah and I'm full miko!” Kagome replied as she tugged her blouse. Inuyasha could not help but smile.
“Nissin-sama is it?” Inuyasha asked referring to their earlier encounter at the grocery store. Kagome rolled her eyes.
“It was a sarcastic remark baka or aren't you aware?”
“Oh, it was?” Inuyasha said feigning surprise.
“What the hell are you doing here? Are you my room mate's boyfriend?” Kagome asked thinking abut the `honey, I'm home remark.' Inuyasha thought for a while and decided to play with her.
“Is she here yet?” He asked.
“No, I have not met her…I just arrived.” Kagome replied as she took the empty ramen cup from Inuyasha's hand.
“Damn woman, she told she'd give me a surprise.” Inuyasha said shaking his head in mock disappointment.
“Well…surprise…but she's not here. Would you care to come back for her later?” Kagome asked deciding to be friendly with the guy her room mate was supposedly seeing.
“No, I'll wait for her here…”
“Hmmm…there might be a problem since I feel uncomfortable with you waiting for her here. Is it okay if you wait for her outside?”
“Are you really heartless, it's raining outside!”
“You can try waiting at the corridor…”
“Why are you uncomfortable….are you scared I might tell her how you almost kissed me?” Inuyasha taunted and Kagome frowned.
“It was the oldest diversionary tactic baka and you fell for it, it's not my fault my room mate decided to date someone who's dumb!”
“Oh my, you surely have a temper…”
“Oh my and it's my dorm so you can leave…” Kagome replied raising her brow.
“What if I don't want to?” Inuyasha asked as he shrugged his red jacket off. Kagome watched him with growing alarm as he begun to unbutton his white shirt.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Kagome demanded.
“Unbuttoning my shirt…?” Inuyasha replied.
“I know but why?!” Kagome bit out.
“To get more comfortable…can't you see I'm dripping wet?”
“Okay but can you wait for her before you strip…?”
“Why, are you scared you'd like what you'll see and you wouldn't be able to stop yourself?” Inuyasha teased.
“My goodness, talk about poor taste….my room mate must be blind if she fell for you…”
“Hmmmm…” Inuyasha winked as he took his shirt off. Kagome's mouth went dry.
“Okay, whatever…” She said as she spun around to leave.
“No, more of disgusted…”
“I smell otherwise…”
“Then your sense of smell is malfunctioning…”
“You're excited…” Inuyasha goaded and Kagome turned around facing him fully.
“Let me get this straight lover boy, I don't care that you're my room mate's boyfriend, I can't blame the girl, you're good-looking but your rudeness cancels your appeal out. I'm not sorry I kneed you backed at the grocery store because you obviously deserve it for being such a jerk. If you are hitting on me, try harder because one, I'm not into idiots who think that just because they're male, women would practically throw themselves at their feet; two Tokyo has millions of available male who are up for grabs so I don't really plan on sharing anything with my room mate other than this place and that television, three you're so not my type so get over it and die.”
“Are you finished?” Inuyasha said grinning as Kagome picked his discarded clothes up and dumped them in his arms.
“No, four…leave, you're making me sick.”
“Aww, that hurts.”
“Five, you have exactly sixty seconds to disappear from my sight…” Kagome said eyeing the red and black wall clock as she tapped her foot on the carpeted floor.
“You're harsh….” Inuyasha said.
“Fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven…” Kagome started counting off.
“I wish you're more accommodating when it comes to your room mate…” Inuyasha started and Kagome stopped counting.
“Of course, I'm not rude, you know…I'd probably welcome her with open arms!”
Really?” Inuyasha asked.
“Are you saying I'll be rude to your girl friend?”
“I'm not saying anything…”
“NO, but you're implying it!”
“I'll be the sweetest room mate ever! We'd probably be the best of friends before the day ends!”
“Okay…” Inuyasha said smirking inwardly.
“Whatever…leave now.” Kagome said as she opened the door.
“Okay, but I really wish you're nicer to your room mate.”
“I will be, don't worry…I'll give my room mate a welcoming kiss as soon as she arrives…” Kagome said blandly missing Inuyasha's amused expression. Kagome locked the door safely as soon as Inuyasha left. She went to her bedroom and took her violin out from its case and started playing. She stopped when her cell phone rang.
“Hi, Kags!”
“So, how's the new Mrs. Houshi?” Kagome teased.
“Stop teasing me!”
“Don't forget tomorrow at two, okay?”
“Of course not, I wouldn't miss it for the world…” Kagome replied smiling as she lay on her back.
“So, how's your dorm?”
“Mama got me the pent house…” Kagome replied grinning.
“Lucky girl…”
“Sango, stop feeling sorry for yourself, you love Miroku, right? And you definitely plan on marrying him…”
“Yes, but…”
“What are you sulking about?”
“How am I supposed to enjoy college if I'm married?”
“We'll enjoy it together do you want me to get married for you?” Kagome kidded.
“Hmm…what's with this married stuff, did you meet anyone interesting?”
“Oh, come on!”
“I'm not buying it!”
“Well…there was this one guy…”
“Wow,…just a few hours and already there was this one guy. …”
“It's not like that…”
“Did you hit it off with him immediately?”
“I kneed him…does that count?” Kagome asked.
“You what?!”
“I kneed him because we were fighting over a cup of ramen…”
“You're very violent my friend…”
“Believe me, he deserved it, he's got perfect ten for jerky-ness…”
“Jerky-ness huh…how about his…umm…other attributes…?” Sango asked and Kagome rolled her eyes, she could almost see Sango's naughty grin.
“Well…what? Come on, tell!!”
“He's cute…”
“Not that I'm attracted to him or anything…” Kagome added defensively.
“I'm not!” Kagome pressed.
“Okay, you're not attracted to him then. Describe him to me…”
“Come on, I'm absolutely bored, Miroku's talking with dad and I'm left by myself…”
“He has waist-length, silver hair…”
“He has cute ears on top of his head…”
“He's a rabbit?”
“He's a hanyou, idiot…” Kagome replied giggling.
“Okay…how tall is he?”
“Really tall…taller than Miroku…”
“He has golden eyes…”
“Dammit, you're making me drool already!” Sango remarked and Kagome sat up to laugh.
“You're impossible!” Kagome said laughing.
“Go on…is he well-built…?”
“Hmm…he is…he stripped his shirt in front of me you know…”
“He what?!”
“He was wet and…”
“Whoaaa….did you sleep with him?!”
“Sango! I've only met him!”
“Okay…only met him…meaning you have plans of sleeping with him if you meet him again…”
“Argh, you're a pervert!”
“Why did he strip in front of you then? Did you use the, it's-rather-hot-and-you're-sweating-wanna-take-that-off line I taught you?” Sango inquired laughing.
“He came over because he's looking for his girlfriend…”
“Damn, was he heart-broken when you told him I got married?” Sango said and Kagome laughed.
“I miss you already, Sango…”
“I'll be there tomorrow so for now let's get back to discussing to this god who took his shirt off in front of you.”
“Okay, he was looking for his girlfriend who happens to be my room mate…”
“Darn, some women are lucky!”
“He's a jerk so I pity her…”
“He's a sexy, attractive, gorgeous jerk…” Sango amended.
“True…” Kagome replied.
“GOTCHA!!!! So you think he's sexy, attractive and gorgeous, huh?” Sango shrieked.
“Will you stop putting words into my mouth?”
“Goodie…a million yen and I won't tell your room mate that you're drooling over her boy friend….”
“I am not!” Kagome declared with indignation.
“I am not, promise…”
“Okay, okay…just a little…”
“I mean he's got beautiful eyes…”
“And cute, fluffy ears…”
“You should see him to know what I'm talking about…”
“You're so not attracted to him in the same way that I'm so not married to Miroku…”
“Argh! You're not helping, Sango!”
“Well, I'm your friend and it's…”
“Wait. .someone's on the door, that might be her.” Kagome cut Sango off when she heard knocking.
“Okay, I hope you and your room mate gets along…”
“We will…bye.”
“Bye, Kags. See you tomorrow.” Sango said and Kagome clicked her cell phone shut.
“Coming!” She yelled as she hurried to open the door. She raised her brow when she saw the silver-haired man again.
“Hi,” Inuyasha greeted.
“Hello, did you forget anything?” Kagome asked.
“Why are you here again?”
“Hey, I thought you told me you'd be nicer…”
“I said I'd be nicer to my room mate.”
“Is she with you?” Kagome asked looking behind Inuyasha who walked in.
“Hey!” Kagome yelled.
“Where's my kiss?” Inuyasha asked suddenly.
“Come on, room mate, where's my kiss? I thought you were going to welcome me with open arms and a kiss?”
“Are you mad?”
“I'm not...are you so often forgetful?”
“Look, stop playing games with me, I'm nineteen, not six…”
“And I'm not playing games with you…”
“You're a boy!” Kagome declared, her hands on her hips.
“I am, the last time I checked.”
“How can I be sharing dorm rooms with a boy?!”
“Honey, it's called fate…”
“And you told me you're dating my room mate…”
“Ah let's change that into I am about to date my room mate…” Inuyasha said smirking.
“You're kidding right?”
“Are you telling me you're my room mate Yasha who's in love with the color red and who plays drums?” Kagome said thinking about the drum set she saw at her room mate's bedroom earlier when she took a peek.
INUyasha and yes I'm in love with the color red.” Inuyasha said pointing at his red jacket and red Nike rubber shoes and pulling out his red handkerchief.
“And I play drums…” Inuyasha added as he pulled a pair of drum sticks from his back pocket laying it on the table for Kagome to see.
“And you owe me a hug and a kiss…”
“WHAT?!” Kagome asked and her eyes widened when Inuyasha walked towards her and gave her a hug. She stared at him incredulously as he bent down and kissed her on the cheeks.
“Thank you for the warm welcome….” Inuyasha said as he left and headed for his room after thrusting a bag of peanut butter and loaf bread in Kagome's hand.
“Wait!” Kagome yelled.
“Good night, hon.” Inuyasha smiled and winked at her.
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