InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Heart's Call ( Chapter 35 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Kagome banged the bathroom forcefully.
“Do you mind?! I'm going to be late!!” She yelled.
“A minute…” Inuyasha replied from inside the bathroom. Kagome spent half the night tossing and turning in her bed replaying the night's events in her head. She still couldn't believe she'd be sharing the dorm room with Inuyasha. After he said good night she had trekked down towards the dorm manager's office telling the arrogant toad demon manager about the mix up. The dorm manager just looked at her as if she had grown another head when she demanded a transfer of room.
“But there are no more rooms available…”
“Sir, do you expect me to share a dorm room with a man? This is ridiculous!”
“Wouldn't it be more ridiculous if you haul your things out in the rain tonight?”
“As I said Ms. Higurashi, all the rooms are filled so your next option is to find a place to rent outside the campus…”
“Couldn't you do something?”
“Ms. Higurashi, I am merely a dorm manager not a miracle worker…”
“Well… I guess you'll just have to wait until the next semester…”
“Sir, that's five months away!”
“I'm aware of that Ms. Higurashi…”
Kagome sighed as she stifled a yawn. She had stayed awake until four in the morning….thinking. Damn, I'm going to be late for the registration and I have to meet Sango for furniture shopping today. This guy is just soooo vain! Kagome thought as she impatiently waited for Inuyasha to finish.
“Hi…” Inuyasha said as he opened the door and Kagome stared at the bare chest leveled with her gaze.
“About time…” She replied as she felt her cheeks burn. Don't blush! Don't blush! Don't blush! Kagome chanted in her head.
“You're blushing…” Inuyasha announced with amusement.
“I'm not!” Kagome replied hotly.
“You are…”
“Whatever…move aside already, I'm late as it is.” Kagome said as she pushed Inuyasha out the way.
“Hon, we could have taken a bath together…” Inuyasha teased as Kagome slammed the bathroom door in his face. Why the hell do I love teasing her? Inuyasha grinned as he toweled himself dry. He was amused when her eyes widened as she stared at his bare chest. So innocent…He thought as he dressed. She's even more beautiful when she's justHis thoughts was interrupted by a yelped and a soft curse. Inuyasha chuckled. This girl is interesting…
Kagome cursed under her breathe when she stabbed her toe on the foot of her bed. She wiggled her toe irritatingly as she pulled her stripe red and white Girbaud shirt. She pulled a pair of hip-hugger jeans while briskly rubbing a towel on her hair. She dressed quickly glancing at the red Mickey Mouse wristwatch Sango gave her for Christmas. Pulling the shoulder bag she had readied the night before, she hastily picked her keys from her bedside table and ran towards her bedroom door colliding none too gently with Inuyasha who grabbed her by the waist to steady her.
“Thanks.” She muttered without looking at him as she dashed towards the door. Inuyasha followed suit and locked the door behind him. He smiled as he looked at Kagome's anxious expression.
“Why are you in a hurry?” Inuyasha asked as they waited for the elevator.
“I have to hurry with registration because I'm meeting someone after.” Kagome replied as she followed the blinking numbers above the elevator door with her eyes.
“Boy friend?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome looked at him raising her brow.
“Girl friend.” She replied.
“You're gay?” Inuyasha asked.
“What if I am?” Kagome challenged.
“Nothing…” Inuyasha replied as the elevator door opened. They hurried inside it without saying a word to each other. Kagome squeezed into the back of the elevator as more students piled in. Inuyasha moved in front of her facing her and bracing his hands oh the wall beside her face as he tried to shield her from the other bodies pressing against them. Kagome didn't dare look at him as she felt herself blush again. Damn, just damn. She thought as she looked past Inuyasha's shoulder.
“Are you okay?” Inuyasha asked.
“Yes,” Kagome replied.
“You're blushing again…” He whispered seductively in her ear and Kagome rolled her eyes at him making him chuckle. Kagome took her car keys out as she ran towards her car, Inuyasha right behind her. She inserted her key and frowned because the key didn't seem to fit. What the! Kagome thought as she tried again. Inuyasha came up behind her and fitted his key in.
“Want a ride?” He asked, his eyes dancing with mischief. Kagome frowned.
“Honey, your car is over there.” Inuyasha said pointing at the other end of the parking lot. “We have the same car.” He added with amusement and Kagome cursed and ran towards where he pointed and true enough, she found her car. She opened it quickly and jumped in letting the hood down. She put her sunglasses on and drove. I'm such an idiot. She thought grimly as she remembered that she took the other entrance on her way to the dorm, parking her car on the other end. She stopped on a red light and sighed when Inuyasha pulled beside her.
“Hi mate…” He kidded and Kagome's head snapped.
“What did you call me?” She nearly yelled.
“Mate…?” He answered innocently.
“I'm not your mate baka!”
“Would you rather that I call you room?” Inuyasha teased loving how her eyes flared.
“Why don't you just call me by my name?!”
“And you are…?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome remembered that she peeled off the name tag on her bedroom and door and she had not exactly introduced herself to him. She blushed again at her stupidity.
“Kagome…” She finally said as she zoomed past him.
“Nice meeting you, Kagome.” Inuyasha called as he watched her escape.
Kagome played with her straw as she waited for Sango to arrive. As expected, the registration took half a day and she was glad she brought a spare blouse to change into.
Hi mate…”
“What did you call me?”
“I'm not your mate baka!”
“Would you rather that I call you room?”
“Why don't you just call me by my name?!”
“And you are…?”
Kagome could not help the smile that tugged her mouth.
“Hmmm…he must really be a god…” Sango remarked from across her startling Kagome.
“When did you get here?” Kagome asked.
“You didn't even notice me, you were day dreaming.” Sango remarked.
“Nah, I was just thinking.”
“About…?” Sango said as she motioned the waiter to their table.
“Like…just things…” Kagome lamely replied.
“Does it have to do with your room mate's boyfriend….”
“Come on, based on your description the guy has HOT written all over him, who cares if your room mate found him first?”
“That's the problem…” Kagome sighed.
“Ah, I can sense an amazing love triangle…” Sango sighed theatrically making Kagome giggle.
“Sango, he's not my room mate's boy friend.”
“Good! Now all we need to do is track where he lives and pounce on him when he's sleeping…” Sango joked and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Is that you, Miroku?” Kagome asked sarcastically.
“I'm not kidding…let's track him down and flirt with him till we wither and die…”
“That's not a problem, I know exactly where he lives.” Kagome replied.
“Wow, he must really be good looking if you researched about him and knew everything in less than twenty-four hours…”
“He lives with me…”
“He's my room mate…”
“I said he's my room mate…”
“I heard you the first time…wow….I would say it's destiny…”
“Whatever…” Kagome replied.
“How did he become your room mate, I thought he is your room mate's boyfriend? Did she undergo sex change and turned herself into man?”
“The heat is getting into you brains, Sango…”
“Tell me the story then…” Sango asked and leaned closer to Kagome as she told her everything.
“Wow…you guys are meant to be…” Sango sighed dreamily.
“Stop romanticizing it…”
“We should celebrate!!” Sango declared and Kagome groaned.
“What am I going to do, Sango?”
“What in the world is wrong with you, girl? You have a hot room mate and you're worried? If it were me, I would be jumping up and down with joy!”
“Up and down, huh?” Kagome teased and Sango blushed faintly.
“Change topic…” Sango said.
“Let's go furniture shopping then. I'm going to buy my new books too.”
“Wow, it's a week before classes and you're already studying?”
“I'm not studying, merely buying books.”
“All the same, you should be primping up for your hot room mate instead of burying your nose in books.”
“Come on, Sango.” Kagome said standing up rolling her eyes at her friend who merely laughed.
Kagome hugged the big paper bag containing her newly-bought books and locked her car. She was exhausted as she and Sango ran from one furniture store to another. She smiled at the guard who greeted her as she slowly trudged the steps towards the dorm entrance.
“Ms. Higurshi, someone left you a message.” The receptionist at the counter called and handed Kagome a folded sheet of paper.
“Thanks you.” Kagome said smiling at the girl, Naomi. She opened it and smiled. It was from Souta. Her brother had called the dorm to check on her when she was out. How sweet. Kagome thought and she felt sorry that she left her cell phone in her room because she was in a hurry.
Kagome turned her head and watched Inuyasha ran towards her ignoring Naomi who greeted him flirtatiously.
“What?” Kagome asked without emotion.
“Hi.” Inuyasha said grinning as he took the paper bag from her.
“Hello.” Kagome replied as she gratefully smiled at him. They silently waited for the elevator to reach their floor and Inuyasha opened their door with one hand as he cradled her paper bag with the other.
“Gods, I'm so exhausted.” Kagome said as she plopped into the sofa face down. She heard Inuyasha move around and ignored him as she shifted to a more comfortable position.
“Hey…” She heard Inuyasha whisper and felt him shake her shoulder gently.
“Hmmm?” Kagome opened her eyes sleepily.
“Get up, you've fallen asleep.” Inuyasha said smiling at her. Don't do that. Kagome thought as she closed her eyes again, her heart beat racing. She hastily got up and fell back down on the sofa when she felt dizzy.
“Ah woman, what are you going to do without me?” Inuyasha said as she felt herself being lifted off the sofa.
“Inuyasha?” Kagome whispered.
“What the hell are you doing?” Kagome asked without opening her eyes. Why does he feel so familiar? She thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Carrying you?”
“Because I want to watch television and you're hogging the sofa?” Inuyasha replied smirking.
“Put me down.” She commanded and she felt her soft bed against her back as he laid her gently.
“Do you want me to take your shoes off for you? Inuyasha asked.
“No, thanks. I can manage…”
“How about your clothes?”
“Just asking…” Inuyasha replied staring at the girl on the bed before him.
“What for?”
“For carrying me…”
“The pleasure is mine…” Inuyasha retorted and Kagome groped for her bag and threw it in the direction of his voice. Inuyasha ducked and laughed.
She could feel her heart pumping in her chest as she ran. She looked behind her and her breathing stopped when she saw him following her, his movements measured as he stalked her.
“Stay away!” She cried as she blindly dashed forward. Her foot caught on a protruding root and she fell. Ignoring the pain she hastily got up and almost cried when she saw the wooden hanging bridge. Safety. She thought.
She looked down and swallowed convulsively. Instead of flowing water, molten fire ran underneath the bridge. She hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do.
“Mine.” She heard him whisper and she looked behind her and gasped - he was a mere five foot away.
“No…” She cried as she put her hands in front of her warding him off.
“Mine.” He whispered again as he took a step towards her.
“No, please…leave…” She pleaded as she stepped back. She looked at his protruding fangs and shivered as she imagined them tearing into her flesh. She took another step back and stumbled. The beast continued to advance towards her and she slowly moved, sliding against the hard wooden slabs as she tried to put as much distance in between them as possible.
“NO. Don't go.” She heard him whimper and she stopped moving. She looked at his blood-red eyes and her fear returned. He sniffed the air and snarled at her seemingly smelling her fright. He growled and stepped towards her again. This time she bolted upright and ran, not daring to look behind her. Her unshed tears blurred her vision and still she ran. She saw a black iron gate and hope sparked in her. Almost there. She coaxed her aching feet as she ran towards the gate beaconing her like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. A few more steps…
“Mate.” She heard his whisper in the wind and something in her heart burst. She was so near the entrance, she could almost touch the cold, metal railing if she stretched her hand but something in the voice made her stop.
“Mate.” She heard him call again, this time her breathing hitched, the tug in her heart stronger and she looked behind her. And that's when she saw him - looking longingly at her, the red eyes soft and sad as it pleaded with her. He extended his clawed hand in front of him as he waited for her to come to him.
“Mate.” He called again and Kagome felt her tears fall.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“I am yours as you are mine.” The demon replied and Kagome shook her head.
“No,” She cried softly.
“You are mine…” The demon repeated. “Come to me.”
Kagome did not make a move as she stared at the great demon before her.
“No.” She finally whispered. “You lie. I was never yours.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” Kagome cried as she slowly backed towards the black, iron gate. She pushed the gate open and entered. The demon let out a pitying howl as he dropped on his knees. Kagome slowly turned her back and walked away. Away from the demon - away from her fears.
“My heart will recognize you at first sight….” The demon whispered and Kagome stopped in her tracks.
“My heart will know it's you at first sight…” She murmured as something clicked in her mind. She spun around and ran towards the gate tugging it open but it won't budge.
“Kagome…” The demon called to her and she watched in horror as he slowly disappears, eaten by darkness. “Call me by my name, Kagome…try to remember.”
“No!” She screamed as she vainly tugged at the cold, metal entrance. Her heart knows him but her mind opted to forget. She closed her eyes as she frantically tried to remember his name.
“Remember my name, Kagome…”
“NO!” Kagome cried as she reached her hand out to him.
“My heart will recognize you at first sight…” The demon whispered one last time and vanished.
“NO!” Kagome bolted upright and she heard her door slammed open and the light switched on. Someone hugged and cradled her as she sobbed uncontrollably.
“Kagome…it's only a dream…” Inuyasha's soothing voice floated around her and she clung to him like a drowning child.
“He is gone…” She whispered in his chest as she cried. “He is gone…”
“Shhh…” Inuyasha rocked her back and forth as he tried to calm her.
“He is gone…” She whispered again.
“I'm here.” Inuyasha whispered back and Kagome gazed at him, moist clung to the thick, long lashes that framed her eyes.
“Don't leave.” She whispered as she hugged him closer. Inuyasha kissed her hair as he shifted to lie beside her. Her hands gripped his night shirt tightly as she snuggled closer. He gazed down at the sleeping woman in his arms and felt his heart twitch.
“Kagome…?” He called and noticed that her breathing evened. He made a move to untangle her arms around him as he attempted to leave.
“No…stay…” She moaned and Inuyasha sighed as he settled back into her bed embracing her as he tucked her head below his chin. I will if you let me…