InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Familiarity ( Chapter 36 )

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Kagome snuggled closer for warmth, the central air conditioning getting too cold for comfort. She moaned deliciously when she felt someone pull her close and threw a leg over her hip. She sighed as she turned around groggily, opening her eyes she came face to face with a sleeping Inuyasha. Her eyes widened and she hastily covered her mouth with her hand to prevent the scream that threatened to spill from her lips. Oh shit, Kagome thought as she vaguely remembered her dream and Inuyasha running to her side to comfort her. Man, this is embarrassing, I hope he remains asleep as I creep out of bed. Kagome held her breath as she tried to move slowly away from Inuyasha who in turn tightened his grasp on her and pulled her head to lie against his chest. Damn… Kagome cursed in her head as she made another attempt at untangling herself from his embrace. I will never be able to live it down if he's awake, it's a good thing he's asleep.
“Wench, stop squirming, it's too early…” Inuyasha said as he opened his eyes lazily. Kagome froze for a moment and decided not to give him the upper hand by acting embarrassed.
“It's already nine in the morning…it's late.” Kagome said as she tried to push away from Inuyasha nonchalantly, she pulled her robe off its hanger and proceeded to the bath room to take a bath. Minutes later, she emerged from her bedroom wearing a pair of khaki shorts and white v-necked shirt, a pink towel in hand.
“I hope you like bacon and eggs in the morning.” Inuyasha said as he laid a plateful of them on the table while Kagome toweled her hair dry.
“You cooked breakfast for me?” Kagome asked, a little skeptical.
“So we can talk? We weren't exactly friendly with each other, we had a bad start so I was hoping the breakfast could bridge the gap.” Inuyasha replied as he buttered his toasts. Kagome sat across him and began loading her plate with toasts, bacon and eggs.
“Okay…what do you want to talk about?” Kagome asked.
“First things first… Hirohito Inuyasha.” Inuyasha said as he extended his arm.
“Higurashi Kagome.” Kagome replied as she smiled and shook his hand.
“What course are you in? What block?” Inuyasha inquired and Kagome's gaze drifted down to his lips. Stop it, Kagome you pervert!
“Pre-law, block C-1…how about you?” Kagome finally replied tearing her eyes away from his mouth and concentrating on her plate.
“Biophysics and Biochemisty Y-5….”
“Wow…biophysics and biochemistry….?” Kagome asked, her jaw dropping. Biophysics and Biochemistry? Damn, he's smart!
“Did I just turn a notch hotter in your eyes?” Inuyasha teased and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Self confidence was never your problem, was it?” Kagome commented dryly as she popped a piece of crispy bacon into her mouth.
“Why do I annoy you?” Inuyasha asked, his eyes glowing with mirth.
“Why do you love teasing me?”
“I just do…” Inuyasha said and Kagome raised her brow.
“And I should get used to it?” Kagome inquired, her brow furrowing.
“Hon, I love it when you do that…”
“Inuyasha, will you stop calling me mate, honey, hon…
“What do you mean why?” Kagome asked.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” Inuyasha asked back.
“Great, I don't have a girlfriend…” Inuyasha stated.
“So…”Inuyasha said meaningfully.
“You know what, just because you cooked breakfast for me does not mean…”
“I was kidding!” Inuyasha said rolling his eyes dramatically and Kagome laughed.
“Sorry…I just don't know when you're joking and when you're not…” Kagome said laughingly.
“Can I ask you something personal?”
“What did you dream about last night?” Inuyasha queried.
“Hm…I was being chased by a demon…” Kagome replied as she munched on a piece of toast.
“Oh, did he tell you what a tasty dinner you'd make?”
“Not exactly….”
“What do you mean?”
“At first I thought he was going harm me…”
“But….he called me mate…” Kagome said, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment.
“He did?”
“Are you?”
“Am I what?”
“Are you mated or something?”
“NO! I would know if I am, right?” Kagome stated with vehemence.
“Hmm….” Inuyasha said thoughtfully.
“May be you just forgot?” He asked.
“How could I forget something like that?”
“Kagome, I'm trying to scare you but as you see…”
“You already are scaring me so stop.” Kagome asked, her heart beat racing suddenly. She could not explain the sense of loss when the demon disappeared. She swallowed the toast that seemed to be stuck in her throat and looked at Inuyasha.
“Enough about me, tell me something about you…”
“Well, I grew up here but spent schooling in London…” Inuyasha said, his heart suddenly heavy at the possibility that a demon has intentions for Kagome. He could feel his youkai struggling to surface.
“I'm suddenly scared…”
“I don't know…I can feel him?”
“I can sense him watching me…” Kagome said looking around and Inuyasha's youkai growled.
“Hey…” Inuyasha stood up and sat beside his roommate.”
“You must think I'm stupid…” Kagome said as she closed her eyes.
“No, you're not stupid…”
“It's just that I've never really felt his presence before….”
“Is it a possibility that he's near?”
“I don't know…”
“Have you asked your family about your dreams?” Inuyasha asked as he tried to suppress his youkai.
“Yes, I asked my Mama once”
“And what did she tell you…”
“She didn't tell me anything.”
“How long has these dreams been plaguing you?” Inuyasha asked curiously.
“More than two years…but last night was different...he seemed familiar…”
“Last night, he disappeared completely and I felt a sense of…loss…”
“Then why are you scared?”
“Kagome, the only demon near you is me…don't worry I'm not going to have you for dinner, I prefer ramen, you know.” Inuyasha teased and Kagome smiled weakly.
“Hey, you're not as bad as I thought you were…”
“Ah, first impressions…”
“You flirted with me shamelessly…” Kagome said, quirking her brow.
“I still am…”
“You still are what?”
“Flirting with you….” Inuyasha replied holding her hand.
“Flirt some more…I might fall if you try harder…” Kagome replied as she snatched her hand back and winked at him.
“Did anyone ever tell you you're a big tease?”
“I am?”
“Yes you are…don't go all innocent on me now...” Inuyasha said as he stood up and brought the dishes to the sink, Kagome followed and reached for a rag to wipe the placemats with.
“I am everything but innocent Inuyasha so don't stretch your tendons trying to be gentlemanly with me…”
“Good, because I am everything but a gentleman…” Inuyasha replied as he washed the dishes handing them to Kagome to wipe dry.
“Is it just me or do we fit perfectly?” Kagome kidded.
“No honey, it's not just you…it's fate…” Inuyasha replied and Kagome felt something in her stomach knot.
Kagome sighed as Sango cancelled their meeting again because she and Miroku had to meet up with Miroku's aunt. She was bored as she flipped through channels, slouching on their fluffy, gold sofa still in her pajamas. She unconsciously fiddled with her gold necklace thinking about where her roommate could be. She heard a key being inserted to door and she stuffed her gold locket inside her pajamas quickly.
“Mate…” Inuyasha teased knowing how it ticks Kagome off as he sauntered towards her. Kagome looked at him annoyingly and he grinned at her.
“What mate?” Kagome replied scathingly and Inuyasha laughed.
“You're so easy to annoy…” he commented as he sat down beside her.
“Yes, really…”
“Where have you been?” Kagome asked eyeing his outfit.
“Flirted, got laid…the usual…why, miss me?”
“Flirted, got laid?! Have you no scruples? It's only ten in the morning!” Kagome said acting aghast.
“Ah…the earlier the better…” Inuyasha commented and laughed at Kagome's expression.
“I bought us ramen so we wouldn't have to quarrel over it.” Inuyasha replied indicating at the bag of grocery beside him.
“Wow, you must be something… flirting, getting laid and buying ramen in between…?”
“You love me now?”
“Inuyasha, I fell in love with you the first time we met!” Kagome said as she batted her eyelashes at him.
“I'm so glad the feeling is mutual…” Inuyasha replied and laughed as Kagome made gagging sounds.
“You're impossible….”
“But you're in love with me…”
“Yeah…how cruel…” Kagome said as she pretended to brush tears off her eyes.
“Don't worry, honey…I love you too…” Inuyasha said and they looked at each other's eyes and burst into laughter.
“It's boring….” Kagome said on their third day at the dorm.
“I know…Monday can't come any sooner…” Inuyasha replied as they sat across each other on the kitchen.
“I should have gone home but Mama said they're going to visit a friend in Hokaido…”
“I'm glad you didn't or I'll be alone.”
“Afraid of the dark?” Kagome teased.
“Nah, but you're such a great company to keep…” Inuyasha teased back as Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Your folks went somewhere too?” Kagome asked.
“Okay,” Kagome said as she stood up.
“Where are you going?” Inuyasha asked following her languid movements with his eyes. She's so graceful.
“Bedroom…I'm going to do some advance reading.”
“Kagome, the opening of classes is this coming Monday, today is Saturday and the midterms is three months away…” Inuyasha recited.
“Pre law is no fun and games…”
“Man, you're boring…”
“I did not come here to have fun, Inuyasha…”
“I'll change your mind…” Inuyasha said smiling mischievously as Kagome walked towards her door without a backward glance.
“Hey…” Inuyasha said as he popped his head inside Kagome's bedroom. Kagome lay sprawled on her bed, her head buried in a book.
“Hey, come in.” Kagome said as she sat upright smiling at her room mate.
“Get dressed.” Inuyasha commanded as he sat beside Kagome who was turning her head to work off the kinks.
“Because we're going out?”
“I don't want to go out.”
“Kagome, it's a crime to stay at home on a Saturday and it's even a bigger crime to study when classes have not yet started…” Inuyasha announced.
“You go out, I'll stay home.”
“Come on…”
“Let's have fun before classes start…”
“I don't want to have fun…”
“I'm just studious…” Kagome defended.
“It's the same!”
“It's not.”
“Come on hon, it's my treat…”
“What if I don't want to?” Kagome asked as she stood up and walked towards her book shelf. Inuyasha stood up to and followed her encircling her in his arms.
“Would you rather that we make out?” He whispered in her ear intending to annoy her into going out with him but the moment his arms went around her, he forgot what he was going to say next.
Kagome stiffened for a second and relaxed against him.
“You know Inuyasha, if you stop flirting with me any chance you get, I might like you…”
“Aww, hon. You like me already…”
“True.” Kagome said as she stepped away from Inuyasha's embrace. “But I could always like you more.” She added.
“Is that a promise?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome laughed.
“Only three days together and we're acting like idiots. College must be messing up with our brains.”
“I wasn't acting like an idiot…”
“Of course not, you're an idiot.” Kagome replied as she pushed Inuyasha out of her bedroom.
“Get dressed or else I'll dress you myself…”
“Sounds exciting…is that a promise?” Kagome mimicked and rolled her eyes.
“I'm not kidding.”
“Fine, I'll get dressed, it's your treat, right?”
“See you in a minute, baby.” Kagome cooed winking at Inuyasha before she slammed the door in his face.
“I can't wait…” Inuyasha replied and he sighed and leaned his forehead against his door listening as Kagome divested herself of her clothing. I can't wait…
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