InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Cum Shots ( Chapter 37 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Need I say more…?
“I thought you've got sensitive ears?” Kagome asked as they followed the waiter towards a vacant table.
“Music I can stand….” Inuyasha replied. “I play drums remember?”
“How could I forget?” Kagome said as she seated herself and smiled at the waiter gratefully.
“So, what are you having?” Inuyasha asked as they browsed the menu.
“Mango juice and cheese fritters…” Kagome replied as she put the menu down.
“Kagome, we're in a bar…”
“I know…”
“Mango juice and cheese fritters? You're kidding, right?”
“I don't drink...” Kagome replied apologetically.
“You're with me, what are you scared of?”
“I'm not scared, I just don't drink…” Kagome replied as she turned around towards the stage to watch the performing band as Inuyasha motioned for the waiter. Ten minutes later the waiter came back with their orders which Kagome eyed warily.
“I don't see anything that looks like mango juice in those glasses.” Kagome said raising her brow at Inuyasha.
“My treat…so I choose what you drink…”
“Come on, don't be a prude….”
“I'm not a prude…”
“You are, Kagome…”
“Fine…what's this drink called?” Kagome asked.
“Cum shot…”
“What?!.....the hell is wrong with you?!” Kagome asked looking at the drink with repulsion.
“It's just a drink…it's not…that…” Inuyasha replied as Kagome stuck her tongue out in disgust.
“Fine, how do you…drink this…thing…” Kagome inquired glad that the lights were dim because she was blushing like mad.
“Watch me…” Inuyasha said as he took the stem off the kumquat before peeling it, popping it into his mouth and chewing it. After a few seconds, he took the shot glass and drank. “Vodka and peach schnapps…” he explained pointing at the shot glass.
“Just like that?” Kagome asked. Easy enough. She thought.
“When you chew the kumquat, don't swallow until you feel all the juice in your mouth…” Inuyasha said.
“Okay…” Kagome replied as she took the kumquat, eyeing the tiny orange in between her thumb and forefinger. She took the stem off, peeled and popped the fruit into her mouth. “It's good…” She murmured loving the sweet taste of the orange and Inuyasha handed the shot glass to her which she drank hesitantly. She nearly choked.
“Easy…” Inuyasha said massaging her back.
“Damn, you're one bad influence…” Kagome said as soon as her coughing stopped.
“I promise, we'll study during school days.” Inuyasha replied grinning at her.
“And what are we suppose to do during weekends?” Kagome asked.
“We'll study if there are major exams and party if there are not…”
“You should be jailed…you're too carefree for a college student.”
“Kagome, we're in college, not a monastery…”
“Come on…I want you to try the black orgasm…” Inuyasha said as he summoned for the waiter again.
“Black what?”
“Oh great…I would rather have orgasm the traditional way…” Kagome muttered aloud.
“Really…that's more exciting, want help?” Inuyasha kidded and Kagome bopped him on the head.
“I prefer the cum shot…” Kagome said after she drunk the black orgasm and made a face.
“Then cum shot it is…” Inuyasha replied.
“Promise me one thing….”
“What is it?”
“I might get drunk and at the rate we're going I'd be drunk before the night is over…”
“I'll take care of you, don't worry…”
“I'm not worried, just please don't take advantage…”
“I might find you attractive or …hot when I'm drunk…and I…we…might…….do things….or say something….we're not prepared for…..”
“What are you trying to say, Kagome.”
“Whatever happens tonight…don't sleep with me.” Kagome said seriously and Inuyasha arched his brow at her.
“Okay…I will not unless you ask me to…” Inuyasha replied after a moment.
“Don't worry, I won't…” Kagome said smiling genuinely at him.
You will…if I can help it…. Inuyasha sighed as he watched Kagome took her scarf off.
“Let's dance!!” Kagome yelled and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
“Three shots are you'd like to dance…”
“Come on….” Kagome coaxed as she stood up tugging Inuyasha along. The dance floor was too crowded for the hanyou's taste but Kagome was twirling and turning like she's having the time of her life.
“Are you this eager in the dance floor when you were in high school?” Inuyasha ribbed as he swayed to the music.
“Nah, I was home-schooled….” Kagome replied as she danced around him literally. “How about you?”
“I was busy….”
“Oh,” Kagome replied from behind him. Inuyasha turned around and pulled his roommate close to him. He smoothed her bangs off her forehead and tucked her head under his chin.
“You're drunk, are you?” He asked and Kagome shook her head as she leaned away to look at him.
“No. Why, is dancing a sign of drunkenness?” Kagome asked and Inuyasha smiled. He kissed the top of her head gently as he inhaled her scent. I love your smell…
“You're cute when you're tipsy…” Inuyasha said tweaking her nose playfully.
“I'm cuter when I'm not…believe me.” Kagome replied and giggled.
“I believe you…” Inuyasha retorted as he looked at her upturned face. The music changed and the floor emptied as only a few pairs remained.
“Let's go….” Kagome said as she tugged her hands from his grasp.
“Can't you dance to a slow song?” Inuyasha asked lightheartedly.
“I can…the question is can you?” Kagome challenged and Inuyasha pulled her into his arms again as they swayed to the music.
“You can be sweet if you try…” Kagome commented as she burrowed her face in his chest.
“Kagome, I'm not even trying…” Inuyasha replied and Kagome leaned away from him to look at his face.
“Just oh.” Kagome said as she sighed and leaned against him.
“My touch making you unable to think?” Inuyasha teased.
“Cum shots my dear, not your touch…” Kagome replied.
“Hmmm what?”
“Just hmm…”
“You're quick.” Kagome said grinning.
“I'm what?” Kagome inquired.
You're soft and you feel good in my arms. Inuyasha thought but held himself and said, “You're quick too…”
“Duh, my touch making you unable to think?” Kagome said throwing his earlier remark in his face and Inuyasha could not help but laugh.
“Don't ever change…” He said and Kagome stilled.
“What did you say?”
“I said don't ever change…why?”
“It's weird but I think we've had this conversation before…” Kagome said as she frowned slightly.
“Really…when was that…don't tell me you've been dreaming of me.” Inuyasha said as Kagome heard the words in her head as if they were spoken just yesterday…
“Kagome, don't ever change.”
“I can't, I'm planning to grow taller.”
“Not that kind of change…”
“Kagome….?” Inuyasha called and Kagome was brought back to reality.
“Let's sit…the music stopped.”
“Oh, okay…” She replied as she allowed him to pull her to their table.
“Are you okay?” Inuyasha asked eyeing her curiously.
“Of course I am, what made you think I'm not?” Kagome replied as she smiled at him after popping another kumquat into her mouth.
“You looked distracted…:”
“I'm not, I just had too much fun…” Kagome remarked as she waved at the waiter to come to their table.
“You're sure?” Inuyasha asked as Kagome ordered.
“Positive.” Kagome replied smiling at him.
“How many boyfriends have you had?” Inuyasha asked suddenly and Kagome choked on her drink.
“None that I know of…” She replied frowning at him.
“I've never had a boyfriend.” Kagome clarifies as she wrinkled her nose.
“Why are you asking?”
“Just wondering….”
“How about you, how many boyfriends have you had?” Kagome kidded.
“I'm straight, Kagome.”
“Oh, and here I am thinking we could share girly bonding moments together…”
“What?!” Inuyasha started and laughed upon seeing the mirth in Kagome's eyes.
“I like your laugh…” Kagome said suddenly.
“Just my laugh?”
“It sounds so…reassuring…”
“It does?”
“I like your laugh too…” Inuyasha said and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Can't you be more creative? I said that first….”
“Okay, I like how your eyes flare when you're angry…”
“Is that the reason why you tease me so much?”
“May be….”
“You're mean…”
“You just seem more alive when you're mad…”
“Are you saying I'm boring when I'm not?”
“I didn't say anything like that…”
“I'm glad you're my roommate, Inuyasha…”
“Are you sure…you weren't exactly excited to see me yesterday…”
“Because you were being a jerk…”
“You should watch that temper of yours…” Inuyasha said and Kagome wrinkled her nose. Their orders arrived and Inuyasha watched as his roommate down another shot.
“What?” Kagome asked as she saw Inuyasha stare at her.
“You were staring, what is it?”
“Fine.” She said as she put another kumquat inside her mouth. “You're not drinking at all.” Kagome remarked.
“Because I'll be driving…” Inuyasha replied glad that he was able to convince Kagome to ride with him instead of bringing her car too.
“Wow, you're responsible…I'm already falling…” Kagome joked.
“I know…”
“Duh, it was a joke…”
“No it's not…”
“Yes it is…”
“No it's not…”
“I'm not in love with you, Inuyasha…” Kagome said.
“You are…you just don't know it yet.” Inuyasha said with confidence and Kagome laughed.
“You're sick in the head roomie…”
“And you're drunk…mate…”
“I'm not drunk.”
“Yes you are or you would have noticed I called you mate.”
“If it makes you happy, you can call me whatever you want…”
“Is it okay if I call you mine?” Inuyasha said and Kagome stared at him.
“It was you!” She said suddenly.
“It was you at that coffee shop! The one who rescued me from those pesky high school kids…”
“Why didn't you tell me?”
“How could I? You kneed me on the groin the next time we met, remember?” Inuyasha said wincing at the memory which had Kagome bursting into laughter.
“I'm sorry…” She said as tears of mirth slid to her face.
“Hmp.” Inuyasha said pretending to ignore her and Kagome laughed again.
“I'm sorry…truly…”
“I risked my head for you and that was all I got…” He said shaking his head and averting his gaze.
“I'm sorry….and thank you….again…” Kagome said as she cupped his face in her hand.
“One kiss and I'll forgive you…” Inuyasha said and Kagome looked at him expecting to see a smile but he was looking serious.
“You're crazy…”
“I'm not…”
“You're crazy if you think I'll kiss you…”
“You will…you just don't know it yet…” Inuyasha replied as he took a kumquat and popped it unceremoniously in his mouth. Kagome watched the movement of his lips and groaned inwardly.
Inuyasha smiled as Kagome sang, her words slurred as she toyed with his hair. She was too dizzy to stand so he carried her on his back. The guard and the receptionist stared at them but he paid them no attention, his mind wandering off to the girl on his back who's now playing with his ears.
“Kagome, stop that…” Inuyasha reprimanded gently.
“Why?” Kagome asked as she buried her face in his hair.
“Because what?”
“Because you're drunk and you made me promise…” Inuyasha replied as he fished his keys out of his pocket.
“Promise what?”
“You made me promise not to touch you…”
“You're touching me now…or is it somebody's hand on my butt?” Kagome replied and Inuyasha laughed as he kicked his shoes off.
“You're drunk….” He said fondly as he gently lowered her to the sofa.
“Hmmm…” Kagome collapsed to the sofa heavily. Inuyasha smiled looking at his very drunk roommate. He shifted her into a comfortable position as he took her shoes off. He traced her jaw with his finger, loving how she moved towards his touch. He bent his head until his nose was nearly touching hers.
“You're beautiful, Kagome…” He whispered as he touched his lips to hers for a very brief kiss. Kagome stirred and Inuyasha sighed and stood up.
He went to his bedroom and took his clothes off wrapping a towel around his torso. He proceeded to the bathroom to take a bath.
Kagome awoke with a start as she felt bile rose to her throat. She covered her mouth as she made a wild dash towards the bathroom to empty her stomach. She flung the door hastily and kneeled in front of the toilet bowl and vomited.
Inuyasha watched in horror as Kagome flung the door open and stooped to the bowl to throw up.
Shit. He thought as he looked at his towel which hung loosely on the rack behind her. He didn't dare breathe as he felt the cool water of the shower rain on his back. He twisted a little so he now has his back on her.
Kagome straightened and lurched towards the toilet bowl again. Inuyasha thought of making a run for it but changed his mind when Kagome sat up again. He watched as she flushed the toilet and sat on the tiled floor with her head bowed. She muttered something under her breath and stood up, not sparing Inuyasha a glance.
“Whew…” He whispered under his breath.
“Nice butt…Hirohito.” Kagome said and he heard the soft click of the bathroom door closing.
Nice butt, Hirohito…
The line played over and over in Inuyasha's head as he twisted and turned on his bed. Shit, of all the things to say, she just had to say that…He thought as he turned to lie on his back.
“Inuyasha?” Inuyasha bolted upright as Kagome opened his door.
“What is it, hon?” He asked as he stretched his hand out towards her.
“I can't sleep.” Kagome said as she took his hand and sat on his bed. Inuyasha scooted closer to the other side of the bed as Kagome lay beside him. They lay there staring at each other until Kagome giggled.
“What?” Inuyasha asked softly as he moved closer to her.
“We're staring at each other like idiots….”
“No we're not.” Inuyasha said smiling as he cupped her cheek. Kagome snuggled closer.
“Inuyasha, don't freak out, okay…but your touch feels familiar…” Kagome said, her lids sliding close and she fell asleep immediately.
“You feel familiar too…” Inuyasha whispered as he tucked her head under his chin and let sleep claim him.
“Mate…” Inuyasha whispered as he drew Kagome closer to him. Kagome sighed and turned her back on him and the pair continued to sleep not noticing how the claws of the hand that held Kagome lengthened or how the golden eyes beneath his closed lids turned crimson. The purple marks on his cheeks appeared and the youkai completely took over.
“Mate…” The demon Inuyasha growled softly as he nuzzled Kagome's neck licking at the place where her mark used to be. He moved on top of her bracing his folded arms beside her to keep him from crushing the girl beneath him. He watched as Kagome wrinkled her nose and turned her head to the side exposing her throat to him. The demon gave a feral moan as he licked at her lips gently…
“Mate…” Kagome opened her eyes and saw the demon above her. She stared at him curiously.
“Where are we?” She asked as she tried to sit up.
“Home.” The demon replied as he got off her and sat across from her. Kagome looked around her and saw that they were in a meadow. She stared at the demon who stared back.
“Mine.” The demon said as he took her hand and began kissing her palm. Kagome felt a chill ran down her spine and she tried to pull her hand away.
“No.” She firmly said and the demon growled.
“Mate.” He called again as he gently lifted her off the ground to deposit her to his lap. He began nuzzling her neck and Kagome gave a satisfied sigh.
“Who are you?” She asked as she cupped his face in both her hands.
“Yours…” The demon replied as he lowered Kagome to the ground.
“Yours…” Kagome said as she watched the demon tug at her blouse. She arched her back off the bed as she let him take the clothing off her.
“Mine…” The demon said as he caressed the exposed flesh. He growled approvingly when Kagome moaned at his touch. He kissed her breast and licked his way down to her navel. Kagome gave a startled gasp when she felt the demon's tongue slid lower. She tried to sit up and heard an assuring growl, she felt herself relax and obeyed when the demon pushed her on her back. They stare at each other's eyes as the demon slowly slid her pajamas and underwear off her hips.
“Wait…” Kagome said tugging at the demon's arm.
“No…waited for too long…” The demon replied as he settled himself in between her thighs after taking his clothing off. Kagome started to panic when she felt him rob his throbbing member against her silky thighs.
“No…” Kagome said shaking her head and the demon groaned lowering his head to capture her lips. Kagome lay rigid for a second and moaned softly when the demon caressed her breast gently tracing the darker outline of her areola with his claw.
“Mine…please...” He moaned and Kagome closed her eyes against his red, pleading gaze. “Mine…” She heard him moan above her again and she bit her lip when she felt his warm mouth on her nipple.
“Kagome…mate…mine…” The demon growled and Kagome open her eyes to look at his.
“Yes, yours…” She answered finally and a tingle spread from her stomach to her finger tips as soon as the words were out of her mouth. She arched her body towards him as she felt his clawed hand stroke the juncture in between her thighs. The demon continued to watch Kagome as he inserted a finger inside her, mindful of his sharp claw, while his thumb moved in dizzying circles against the nub above her opening. He started to pump gently and Kagome's eyes widened in pleasure.
“Ohhh…” She moaned as he moved her hips in sync with his finger. The demon lowered his face and leaned his forehead against hers inhaling her intoxicating scent as he inserted another finger inside her.
“Mate. Let go.” He whispered in her ear and Kagome shattered into pieces in his arms.
“Mine.” He growled as he nipped at her neck lovingly, giving extra attention to the spot just above her shoulder. Kagome felt her tears slid to her cheek as something inside her snapped - longing, yearning, a nostalgia so intense it left her gasping for breath.
“Shhh…don't cry. Mate, don't cry...” The demon said as he pulled Kagome in a tight embrace, cradling her head in his chest. He kissed her cheeks soothingly and Kagome clung to him as she cried.
He kissed her hair and smoothed her bangs off her face as soon as her sobbing stopped.
“Mate…” he said again and Kagome leaned upward to kiss him fully on the mouth, the demon growled and kissed her back. Kagome felt her toes curl as she opened her mouth to let the demon's tongue in. He lowered her gently to her back as he moved atop her. Without uttering a word, Kagome opened her thighs and the demon settled in between them with a groan. He kissed Kagome again as he positioned his shaft at her entrance. Kagome nodded her permission when she felt his probing length.
“Complete me…” She whispered when he felt him hesitated and the demon moaned and plunged inside her.
“Again…” She mouthed and the demon moved inside her. “Again…” She whispered as she wrapped her thighs around him, each thrust adding fuel to her already burning blood
The demon Inuyasha shuddered his release as he gathered Kagome in his arms. He continued to pump inside her as he felt her walls squeeze deliciously around his length. Both lovers moaned caught up in their own worlds. Light erupted around them as Kagome's forehead glowed and kanji symbols appeared and vanish. The same symbols emerged and disappeared just as immediately in Inuyasha's nape signifying the recognition and union of two separated auras.
Inuyasha opened blood-red eyes and stared longingly at his mate. He slid off her moist warmth and cleaned her thoroughly before dressing her up in her discarded pajamas again. He lay back down after he got dressed and gathered her in his arms…
In time…The demon whispered in her ear and Kagome turned around to face him, placing a hand over his heart…