InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Swings ( Chapter 50 )

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Kagome sat up wincing as she felt her muscles protest. She glanced at the clock on Inuyasha's bedside table and groaned. Fifteen minutes to eight, great, just great. Akio will flip. Kagome thought remembering her 8:00 A.M. debate practice. She and Inuyasha went ahead of their friends who decided to stay at Stone Free to enjoy the rest of the acoustic night.
“Come back to bed….” Inuyasha murmured snaking an arm around her waist.
“I can't, debate practice.” She smiled kissing him on the forehead. “Good morning.” Kagome said as she pried herself from his embrace.
“You're already good, what do you need practice for?” Inuyasha protested not slacking his tight grip on her waist.
“You already kept me awake until five in the morning, what do you need me in bed for?”
“Do you really want to know?” Inuyasha grinned mischievously and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“You're one perverted boyfriend…”
“That's something coming from the girlfriend who tore at my clothes last night even before I was able to close the door.”
“Why you…” Kagome said laughing as she made a lunge at him, straddling his waist as she grabbed his neck with both her hands.
“Whatever is it you're planning to do, don't stop…” Inuyasha said in a husky whisper and Kagome noticed how his golden eyes darkened.
“We're naked…” Kagome said as she stared at his chest. They both tumbled into the bathroom for a quick shower at five in the morning and tumbled back to bed to fall asleep.
“Yes, we are…” Inuyasha said with amusement as Kagome's face turned as red as his bedspread.
“Sorry…” She murmured as she tried to get off him but Inuyasha flipped them, making Kagome lie beneath him.
“You're suddenly embarrassed because we're naked?” He asked.
“No,” Kagome said.
“What is it?”
“Come on…”
“Okay fine, I'm embarrassed because we're naked and I was straddling you…” Kagome admitted looking everywhere but at him.
“Hon, there's no need to be coy considering you woke the whole of Tokyo up last night with your screams…”
“What?!” Kagome asked glaring at him and Inuyasha laughed.
“Kidding….” He whispered and Kagome relaxed.
“It was an exaggeration, you just woke the whole dorm up…”
“You better get off me so I could strangle you…” Kagome said frowning at him.
“I like this position better…” He replied as he began placing small kisses along her jaw.
“Inuyasha, I have debate practice…” Kagome protested willing herself to remain stoic.
“Cancel it…” Inuyasha whispered in her ear and proceeded to nip her lobe. Kagome dug her heel on the bed to prevent herself from moaning.
“I can't….they….need….me…to…ohh…!” Kagome gasped as she felt Inuyasha's tongue on her nipple teasing the tight bud lavishly.
“What do they need you for?” He murmured against her breast as his hand made its way in between her thighs.
“Stop…please…”Kagome groaned as she fisted his bedspread. Logic was leaving her mind fast as she felt him caress her warmth moving his thumb in circular motion over a deliciously sensitive nub.
“I will stop…if you tell me…why you need to leave…” Inuyasha whispered feeling blood rush to his groin as he watched Kagome bit her lip, her breathing came in pants as she tried to control the sensations that threaten to swallow her. He licked his tongue in anticipation as she tried to speak but moaned instead when he carefully inserted a finger inside her.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome called his name and he remembered how she screamed his name over and over last night as he brought them to the edge again and again, the memory making his manhood twitch painfully.
“What is…it, hon?” He asked as he moved his finger in and out of her loving how her hips moved in rhythm with his touch.
“I've….ahh….got….ohhh….” Kagome moaned as he inserted another finger inside her.
“Speak louder….I can't hear you…” He whispered in her mouth before licking her pink, parted lips, teasing her with his tongue. Kagome groaned impatiently as she snaked her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on the lips, forcing her tongue inside his mouth. He let her tongue coax his inside her mouth and he moaned when he felt her suck it hungrily.
“Kagome, let go…” He whispered when they parted as he felt her nearing her release.
“No…not…without you…” She whispered, her deep, blue eyes, dark and dilated with desire. With a groan, Inuyasha removed his fingers from her warmth as he moved on top of her.
“I love you….” He whispered as he guided his manhood to her entrance.
“I love you…” Kagome whispered back as she felt him slowly slide inside her, filling her, completing her, healing her. He moved unhurriedly in and out of her and her heart ached at his gentleness. She reached up to smooth his bangs of his face loving how his long, silver hair spilled down his shoulders and ended in her breast. She loved him with fierceness before and she's drowning in the intensity of her love for him now. She closed her eyes, afraid that he might be scared of what he'll see in them.
“No…open your eyes…for me…” He moaned softly and she obeyed baring her soul to him. She heard him groan before he swooped down to invade her mouth, she let her hand ran down his smooth back as she urged him to quicken the pace while her other hand gripped his shoulder to bring him closer to her. They parted for air as he continued to plunge deeper into her.
“Now…” He whispered back and they both careened over the edge holding unto each other.
Kagome was running as fast as she could towards the Debating Team's office. She threw open the office door and sent Hojo flying towards the other of the room in the process.
“Oh my God, I'm sorry!” Kagome said as she ran towards Hojo sprawled near the piled, mono block chairs sitting in the corner
“It's okay.” Hojo replied wincing.
“I'm so sorry….” Kagome repeated wringing her hands as Hojo sat up.
“No harm done…”
“I'm sorry…”
“Go out with me…” Hojo blurted out taking Kagome's hand.
“Go out with me…” Hojo repeated and embarrassed coughs and clearing of the throats could be heard as the Tokyo Debating Team watched the scene unfold before their very eyes.
“Did you bump your head or something…?” Kagome asked with concern as she gently pried her away from Hojo's grasp.
“Higurashi, the finals are two weeks away and semestral break a week after, I will never have a chance if I'm not going to ask you now…” Hojo said blushing furiously but with a determined look in his eyes.
“Just for dinner?” Hojo asked and Kagome looked around at him apologetically.
“I'm going out with someone…” Kagome finally replied.
“Is it serious…? Because I could wait.” Hojo said and Kagome felt the urge to stand up, flee the room and run.
“Yes, it is serious.” She replied as she slowly got up.
“What does he have that I don't, Higurashi?”
“He has my heart…” Kagome replied as she smiled apologetically at her teammates and left.
Kagome walked aimlessly towards the parking lot, Hojo's confession dampening her spirit. She wasn't stupid, she felt he liked her but she thought he'd never really vocalize it considering how tongue-tied he gets when she's near. She quickly scanned her bag for her cell phone when she felt it vibrated.
“Mama!” Kagome yelled excitedly as she answered her phone.
“I'm glad you're still excitedly to talk to me.” Mrs. Higurashi answered back and Kagome frowned.
“What do you mean, Mama?”
“It's been months since you were home…”
“I'm sorry, I was busy with debate and school….”
“No problem but Souta misses you…” Mrs. Higurashi said and a mumbling could be heard in the background. “What is it, Souta?” Kagome heard her mother ask and smiled when she heard Souta's voice.
“Nee-chan! Why aren't you even calling me? I'm worried about you, are you okay? Are you eating on time?” Souta demanded.
“Aw, my older brother is concerned…” Kagome teased.
“Sheesh, I just remembered that you're incapable of taking care of yourself…” Souta replied.
“I'm okay, baby brother, I'll be home for the break…”
“Okay,” Souta replied and Kagome suddenly missed the shrine, her family and her room. She inhaled a deep breath as she felt a tearing in her heart…
“Nee-chan!” Souta yelled hearing her gasp.
“I'm okay, I just miss you all…” Kagome retorted.
“We miss you too….I miss you especially….”
“I'm coming home in three weeks time and I get to tease you how much you miss me…” Kagome said.
“Whatever, I'm giving the phone to Mama…”
“Mama…why did you call, is everyone and everything okay?”
“Yes, we're all okay…”
“Good to hear that…”
“But Principal Kaede came over…”
“She told us your time is almost up…”
“She told us your time is almost up….Inuyasha has to remember or he'll permanently forget…”
“Why wasn't I told that such a thing would happen?!”
“We only knew of it recently…”
“Principal Kaede told me that's the after effect of the spell…”
“She should have told me before she placed the spell that something screwed up such as him forgetting permanently would happen!”
“I think she just knew about it too…”
“This is not fair, Inuyasha and I are not toys, we're real people with feelings!!”
“What if he permanently forgets about us…?”
“Are you two okay now?”
“We are…but does it matter?”
“At least you…”
“How much time do I have?” Kagome interrupted suddenly panicking.
“Less than a month or as Principal Kaede put it, before the new moon rises.”
“Great timing…finals week is coming and I have a debate tournament in eight days and he's going to forget…” Kagome said as she broke into a sob. “Mama…what am I supposed to do?”
“Tell him the truth…”
“I did…I tried a lot of times but he wouldn't believe me. I even showed him the locket but he didn't remember…”
“If he fails to remember, don't you dare blame yourself, you're as much as a victim here as he is…”
“But I can't let him forget about us…”
“If you can't let him remember the past, don't let him forget the present…”
“It's not the same…”
“So are you letting the present go because you failed to bring about the past?”
“Come home before the new moon rises…and bring your mate with you…” Mrs. Higurashi said and Kagome chuckled.
“My mate, Mama?”
“Kagome, I know about yours and Inuyasha's secret even before you told me…
“We're so not talking about this, Mama…”
“At least you stopped crying…”
“Thanks, Mama for everything…”
“That's what mothers are for, bring Inuyasha with you the next time you come home.”
“I will…”
“Okay, darling…bye…”
“Bye, Mama.”
Kagome opened the door to their dorm room quietly.
“Inuyasha…?” She called as took her shoes off after making sure the door was again locked. “Baby, I'm home…” She said as she pushed went directly to his bedroom. “Babe…” She smiled when she saw him sprawled in the middle of his bed on his stomach. She walked towards the bed and laid down beside him watching him sleep, lying on her side to see his face.
“You know what, I love you so much I don't even understand how it's possible to love someone so deeply…” She whispered as she traced his jaw with her finger.
“I'm happy that you found me again and I'm glad that even it hurts like hell, I remember about us…” Kagome murmured as moved closer to kiss his forehead.
“When you would have told me I'd end up falling so madly in love with you when we first met, I would have laughed in your face because I knew you had feelings for Kikyo then and I hate complications…but here I am in a life more complex than that Rubik cube you solved in less than one minute back in high school…
“Remember how I nearly threw the cube in your face because I lost to you? Even then I was never into puzzles, I like everything organized and smooth-sailing but you came and you turned my world upside down but I would not have it any other way, Inuyasha…I would traverse hell and back for you…” Kagome said and she closed her eyes when her vision blurred.
“I love you so much and even if you won't remember, I'll remember for the both of us…” Kagome said and her tears fell. She kissed his cheek once more and Inuyasha shifted in his sleep to hug her close to his chest. By instinct, he wrapped his arm around her form and murmured incoherently as Kagome sighed and succumbed to sleep.
“Sing for me…” Inuyasha mumbled in his sleep as he kissed the top of her head. Kagome in response turned towards his warm embrace, losing herself in her own dream…
Kagome watched the two people sitting on the swings. She moved closer…something about those two looked familiar. She gasped when she saw that the girl was her and the boy sitting beside her was Inuyasha, only they were younger…
“What's going on?” She asked them but they don't seem to hear her.
“Inuyasha!!” She yelled in his ear but he ignored her. It was as if she wasn't there…she was a mere spectator and she watched with fascination as the whole scene unfolded…
“Sing for me…” She heard Inuyasha say and she watched herself look at him in surprise.
“Huh?” She heard her younger self ask.
“Please…” She heard Inuyasha plead and she knew her younger self would relent. She watched as the young Kagome looked sideways at Inuyasha and sang…
Kagome moved closer as she tried to listen what song her younger self was singing but she couldn't hear anything.
“Hey!” She called and watched as Inuyasha's tears fell. She watched enthralled as her younger self stood up to kneel in front of Inuyasha. Without hesitation, the younger Kagome pulled the boy into a tight embrace, kissing the top of his head.
“Everything will be okay…” She heard her murmur.
I know…everything will be okay because you're here.” Kagome heard Inuyasha reply and her eyes misted…
“So you love me now?” The younger Kagome replied jokingly.
“I might…if you sing for me again…”
“I might but then you'll fall in love with me…”
“How do you know I'm not in love with you already?”
Kagome opened her eyes slowly… How can I be dreaming about something that happened before? She thought as she felt Inuyasha nuzzle her neck. She gasped aloud when she felt his hand cupped her breast, she turned her face to kiss him and the dream was forgotten…
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