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“Are you okay, Higurashi?” Hojo asked and Kagome looked at him in surprise.
“Of course I am, why?”
“You seem distracted, you did not even consume the seven-minute allotted time.”
“Just tired.” Kagome replied.
“If you need me for anything…”
“Thanks Hojo, I'm fine….really…” Kagome said smiling at the boy. Kagome's days ranged from sad to frantic then melancholic. The final exams are nearing and so is the inter-university debate tournament. She's losing her sanity studying for the exams and getting ready for the tournament that Inuyasha just found her one day staring blankly at her notes.
“You must be really excited….” Kagome was jilted out of her reverie when Hojo spoke again.
“You know, being the first freshman to make it to the Debate Olympics.” Hojo said sounding like a proud mother that Kagome couldn't help but raise her brow.
“Oh, that. Well, I would have enjoyed it more if it's not three days after finals week…”
“Yeah, great timing…” Hojo replied laughing. “The rest of the debating team will be there to cheer you guys on, so don't worry.” Hojo added and Kagome smiled at him.
“Thanks…” She said as she looked at her notes again.
“No problem…” Hojo replied realizing that he was being dismissed. Kagome sighed inwardly when Hojo left. Why is everyone so relax? Their calmness is grating on my nerves…Kagome thought flipping through her legal management book.
“You're beautiful even when you're frowning…” Kagome's head jerked at the voice and saw Kouga smiling fondly at her. Great, another dense being. She thought as she tried to smile before burying her nose on her book again.
“I was wondering if…” Kouga said sitting beside her on the bench and Kagome suddenly felt like throwing her book at him.
“If I'm busy? Well, I am…” She finished glibly but Kouga wasn't deterred.
“I have two tickets for the opera…”
“I'm so sorry but I honestly find operas boring.” Kagome replied smiling a little to soften the rejection.
“Okay…how about coffee? Don't tell me you find coffees boring too…” Kouga kidded and Kagome gave him a forced smile.
“You got it…how did you know?” She retorted, her eyes widening innocently.
“You're not only beautiful, you're funny too…” Kouga said, clueless as usual and stopped when Kagome glared at him.
“It annoys me that someone is actually this dense…” Kagome said and Kouga stared at her in surprise.
“What do you mean?”
“Kouga, I don't like you…not the way you want me to at least…” Kagome said as she closed her book.
“You don't?” Kouga asked, blushing painfully.
“I don't…did I ever give you a reason to think otherwise?” Kagome retorted and Kouga gulped.
“I thought…”
“You thought what?” Kagome asked looking at him straight in the eye.
“Nothing. But I'm not giving up on you, Kagome. Don't ever think I'll give up on you that easily.” Kouga said standing up.
“Would you rather that we finish this now and get it over with?” Kagome's head snapped when she heard Inuyasha's voice.
“The mutt is here…” Kouga replied smirking.
“Leave, Kouga.” Kagome commanded, her aura flaring in irritation.
“No, I'll show you why this half-breed is not worthy…” Kouga replied and the other members of the debating team stopped to watch.
“Should we call the guards?” Kira asked Akemi.
“No, they'll just get into trouble.” Akemi replied.
“But they're in trouble already…” Kira argued.
“They'd be expelled if found like this!” Akemi insisted watching the two men glaring at each other with Kagome in the middle…
“Don't listen to him, Inuyasha…please…” Kagome pleaded as she stood in front of her mate.
“That's right, puppy, allow a woman to fight for you.” Kouga replied, taunting Inuyasha who was already growling low in his throat as he possessively pulled Kagome behind him.
“You won't get away with this bastard…” Inuyasha replied already pushing Kagome away from him for safety.
“No, Inuyasha…don't fight him.” Kagome pleaded and Inuyasha hated the wolf demon more for the unshed tears in Kagome eyes.
“This will be over before you know it…” He whispered soothingly as he kissed her forehead.
“Don't worry Kagome, I will emerge victorious…” Kouga flaunted airily and Kagome's aura flared again as she pushed Inuyasha gently away.
“You pathetic excuse for a demon…” Kagome muttered under her breath and Kouga looked at her in surprise as her aura swirled around her. “How dare you taunt my mate…?” She added as she opened her palm and the white energy ball appeared glowing brighter as it spun faster.
“Kagome…” Kouga said backing away.
“Leave Kouga before I purify your sorry ass…I believe you're still too young to die.” Kagome said and watched as Kouga scampered away. She closed her palm and the energy ball vanished.
“Awesome…” Hojo whispered and Kagome spun around to see the debating team gaping at her.
“Wow…” Akemi whistled.
“I'd be proposing to you now if I were a man…” Kira said.
“I'd be proposing to you now if you promise not to throw one of those at me…” Akio said and they all laughed. Inuyasha watched as Kagome laughed and joked with the rest of the debating team, he still hasn't gotten over the fact that Kagome declared for everyone to hear that he's her mate. What did I ever do to deserve a wonderful woman like you? Inuyasha thought, his heart bursting with love at he watched her whisper something to her teammates and walked towards him.
“Hey…” Kagome said and his arms promptly wrapped around her.
“I love you…” Inuyasha whispered as he kissed the top of her head.
“It's understandable, I'm absolutely easy to love…” Kagome joked and Inuyasha chuckled. “I love you too…” She whispered back and she felt him hug her closer.
“Let's go home…” Inuyasha murmured against her hair.
“Home?” Kagome asked.
“I want to bring you to our manor…I want my parents to meet the woman I will spend the rest of my life with…” Inuyasha said looking at her and Kagome swallowed the lump in her throat. She smiled lightheartedly as she tried to keep the tears at bay.
“Are you proposing, Hirohito?” She asked.
“No mate, I'm just taking back what's mine…” Inuyasha replied as he lifted and carried Kagome out of the room.
Kagome was getting impatient. Inuyasha has a million times called her his mate but he is not showing signs that he remembered anything and she's running out of time.
He's sweeter than before though. She sighed as she stretched lazily on his bed, she had taken to sleeping in his room and only goes to hers to change although Inuyasha had wanted that she bring all her things to his room she had refused outright telling him his room will be cramped. So as a compromise, they study in her room and sleep in his.
“Still early…” Inuyasha moaned against her neck and she couldn't help the delicious tingle that shot through her spine.
“I have to study for my last exam…” Kagome replied sleepily. Inuyasha took his last exam yesterday but he opted to stay with Kagome so they can go home together.
“Need inspiration?” He murmured seductively already moving on top of her.
“Gods, don't you ever get tired?” Kagome asked playfully as she shifted to accommodate his body. Inuyasha paused and thought for a while…
“No…” He finally replied grinning at her.
“My exam is at 1 P.M.” Kagome said and Inuyasha sighed.
“Sorry…I should let you study…” He murmured kissing her forehead as he started to get off her.
“I'm giving you an hour, nothing more…nothing less. Kagome whispered drawing him back atop her.
“Don't you ever get tired?” Inuyasha grinned playfully throwing her words back at her.
“Well, I suggest that you exert more effort…” Kagome replied caressing his back.
“How much effort can you take?” Inuyasha asked lecherously as he started licking and nipping her neck.
“How much are you willing to give?” She answered as she tilted her head to give him more access.
“I'm betting ten big ones in an hour…” He murmured as he fondled her breast smiling smugly when Kagome's eyes darkened with need.
“Call…” She replied breathlessly as she watched him lower his head to latch unto her breast sucking the already sensitive nipples gently.
“I have a feeling you weren't breast-fed when you were a child…” She joked as she felt him move to the other breast.
“That's right and I'm making up for it now…” Inuyasha replied as he let his hand glide towards her stomach. She had laughed and stopped sucking in air when his hand moved lower.
“Hmmm…” Inuyasha murmured as he followed the trail of his hand with his tongue.
“Oh gods…” Kagome moaned and arched her back off the bed as she felt him taste her warmth.
“I love it when you moan like that…” Inuyasha murmured against her and she cried out his name when he flicked his tongue lazily over her nub while inserting a finger inside her. She shivered her release helplessly.
Inuyasha moved up to kiss her on the mouth looking as smug as hell.
“So…” He started.
“So what?” Kagome replied still panting slightly.
“Don't tell me you're tired…we still have nine to go…” Inuyasha replied laughing as Kagome rolled her eyes at him. She pushed him on his back as she moved on top of him.
“Who's tired?” She asked arching her brow as she positioned herself directly on top of his hardness rocking back and forth slightly.
“Oh…you won't be able to walk after I'm through with you…” Inuyasha tugged her to lean closer and whisper in her ear.
“That's my hanyou…all talk…no action…” Kagome teased and yelped in surprise when Inuyasha moved and she found herself on her back again.
“Talking is to cease. Now…” He whispered as he entered her slowly, they wordlessly stared at each other as he begun to show her what he meant.
Kagome yawned again as she waited for Sango. They agreed to meet up after their exams are through and she stared sleepily at her baked ziti pushing the pasta around her plate.
“Wow, you must have studied hard to look this tired.” Sango's voice floated around her and Kagome couldn't help but blush remembering the kind of studying that entailed a few hours before.
“Mrs. Sango Houshi…living up to the name, I see…” Kagome replied as Sango laughed stopping low to kiss her friend on the cheek.
“Aw, the afterglow of a well-loved woman…” Sango kidded as she looked at Kagome looking tired and ready to keel over but happy.
“Hmm…” Kagome opted not to say anything.
“So…” Sango asked.
“Are you going home tomorrow?”
“Hmm…I still have a three-day debate tournament so I might stay for a few more days.”
“Three days?”
“Well, the first day is the preliminaries, second day the face off where all the winning teams will compete against each other and the third day is the championship…” Kagome explained briefly.
“Call me as soon as you get home to the shrine…we'll be leaving for the sem break this morning.” Sango said as she motioned for the waiter for the menu.
“I will…” Kagome replied smiling at her friend.
“I gather you and Inuyasha are okay now?”
“I'd like to think so…”
“Aw, he's not giving you enough love?” Sango said suggestively and laughed aloud when Kagome blushed.
“Are we having this kind of conversation again?” Kagome asked her laughing friend wrinkling her nose.
“Don't be such a prude Higurashi…I'm just happy Inuyasha is making you tired…and happy…”
“Sheesh…” Kagome said rolling her eyes. “I shouldn't have told you something happened between us…”
“Oh come on…I would think you've spent sleepless nights imagining some sexy, sizzling scenes involving you and Inuyasha if you haven't told me and I see you this tired…at least now I know you're not alone in your fantasies.”
“Sango!” Kagome reprimanded laughing.
“What? It's not as if we're twelve and virgins…”
“Gods, you're crazy…” Kagome said shaking her head at her friend.
“I was twelve and a virgin once…” Kagome mumbled.
“But you're not now so quit blushing…” Sango said as Kagome giggled when the waiter ogled at them. “We're both married so I would really appreciate it if you stop looking at us like an idiot and judging us…” She told the young waiter dismissively who nodded vigorously at them.
“I wasn't judging you, Ma'am…” The waiter said in a soft voice.
“Good, because I love this restaurant and I would hate to see you being kicked out…” Sango commented and the waiter bowed his head to take their orders.
“What the hell was that?” Kagome asked her friend laughing.
“I don't know…blame Miroku…” Sango said offhandedly.
“Miroku? He's not even here!” Kagome asked in disbelief.
“No, he's not but he's responsible for my condition…”
“What condition?” Kagome asked in puzzlement. “I know you're crazy even before you married the leech…” Kagome added and laughed again when Sango glared at her.
“I'm supposed to ask you to be my child's godparent but I changed my mind.”
“Your what's…WHAT?!” Kagome yelled as she stood up at abruptly.
“Stop screeching already…” Sango said as Kagome shrieked and hugged her friend. “She won the lottery…” She told the couple beside their table who were eyeing them curiously.
“I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!” Kagome continued to shriek.
“Kags…you're making me deaf…” Sango giggled as the girl let go of her and sat back down.
“Sorry…I was kinda loud, wasn't I?” Kagome said as she grabbed her friend's hand. “Let's go shop for baby clothes already…come on…” She said excitedly forgetting how tired she was and Sango laughed.
“We don't even know what the gender of my baby is since I'm only two weeks pregnant…”
“Let's buy everything yellow…or white…or….”
“Kagome…breathe….” Sango said gripping her friend's hand.
“I can't believe you're going to have a baby!!!”
“Yeah…” Sango said grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“How did it happen?” Kagome asked eagerly and Sango raised her brow.
“Well, first you have to take your clothes off…” Sango said and they both laughed.
“That's not what I meant, baka! If I remember correctly, you told me during our session with Jose Cuervo that you and Miroku planned on not having a baby until you finish college…”
“Oh, I thought you wanted to know the blow-by-blow account…” Sango teased and Kagome wrinkled her nose.
“I'm not perverted like you…”
“Really… so what's with the hickeys?” Sango asked and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“I don't have a hickey, Sango.” She said as Sango took a small mirror out from her bag and handed it to Kagome.
“You have three…” Sango said tilting her head. “No, two…the other one looks like...wait, are those teeth marks?” Sango asked wriggling her brow.
“I'm not buying it…” Kagome said in a singsong voice as she gave Sango her mirror back.
“Wanna bet?” Sango challenged and Kagome thought for a while. She had not remembered seeing hickeys or teeth marks when she took a bath… Hmm…this girl is pulling my leg.
“Deal!” Kagome agreed.
“How much?” Sango asked with a smirk.
“500 US dollars?” Kagome asked tentatively.
“Aw, I'm not that rich…”
“Fine, what do you want?”
“Hmmm….” Sango tapped her chin with her finger thoughtfully. “How about, If I win I get to ask you to do something for me but I won't tell you yet unless I want that favor granted…”
“Fine…I'm asking for the same thing to be fair…”Kagome said already conjuring funny tasks for Sango in her head.
“You wouldn't be smiling once the verdict is out…let's go.” Sango told Kagome as she stood up.
“Where are we going?” Kagome asked.
“Comfort room…where the mirror is bigger.”
“Fine.” Kagome replied standing up too. They both pushed the door to the bathroom excitedly.
“Ready?” Sango asked Kagome grinning.
“Are you?” She replied and smiled when she tilted her neck and didn't see any marks. “Hah! I told you!” Kagome said grinning triumphantly.
“Not so fast…” Sango said as she took her small mirror out. “Turn Around and hold your hair up.” She commanded and Kagome followed. “See…” Sango said as she showed the small mirror to Kagome, using the bigger mirror to reflect the back of her neck.
“Oh GODS!” Kagome said as she saw red bite marks of her nape. “I'm so glad my hair hides these…” She groaned as she let her hair go. “Wait…how did you know? It's impossible to see them unless I'm wearing my hair up.” Kagome asked her grinning friend.
“Come on, Kagome…I came from a long line of taijiyas…although I admit I was kidding about the hickeys, I didn't see any earlier but…”
“You're mated to a dog demon for crying out loud…so naturally the marks are behind the neck for ahem…convenience…” Sango said and Kagome blushed at what her friend implied.
“I'm so going to kill Inuyasha!”
“Don't, I'm sure you enjoyed it otherwise you would have noticed…” Sango said succinctly.
“You and your hentai-ness…”
“You and your teeth marks…” Sango countered and they both laughed as they exited the comfort room.
“I'm so happy to find you here, the debate was moved!”
“Yes, it will be a week later from schedule…”
“WHAT?” A week later, that's already the new moon…
“Some logistic problems we were told….” Hojo continued and stopped talking when Kagome paled. “Are you okay?” He asked with concern.
“Kags?” Sango called her name as she put her arm around her friend.
“Thanks, Hojo…” Kagome said in a small voice and Hojo smiled softly at her and left.
“What's wrong?” Sango asked when they sat back on their table.
“It will coincide with the new moon…”
“Inuyasha and the new moon…”
“Oh, shit…you have until the new moon to make him remember…”
“Oh Gods, this is crazy…” Kagome groaned as she massaged her temple.
“What are you going to do?”
“I don't know…” Kagome replied. I prepared for this debate plus we'll lack a team member if I pass this up but Inuyasha…
“Do you want to go home now?” Sango asked her tentatively and Kagome smiled at her friend gratefully. Why is everything against him remembering…is it better if he does not? Kagome thought as they walked silently to the parking lot.
“Whatever happens, whatever you decide to do…you have my full support.” Sango said and Kagome hugged her.
“What should I do? If I pass up, we'll be a debater short and we'll have to forfeit…no one was trained to take my place…”
“I know…” Sango said gently.
“But if Inuyasha fails to remember…”
“I know that too…” Sango said as she squeezed her friend's arm. “Rest first and decide later…” She suggested gently as Kagome opened the door of her car. She waved at Kagome gaily before she opened hers and Miroku's car with a sigh.
Shit happens to the best of us…Sango thought as she drove off watching Kagome's car disappear from her view.
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