InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Deciding Fate ( Chapter 53 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

"Do you have data on China's one-child policy?" Akio asked as he furiously banged the keyboard of his PC.
"Yes, I'll print it out for you…" Kagome volunteered as she stood up to attach the printer cable to her laptop.
"Do you know who we'll be going against in the preliminaries?" Akemi asked biting her nails nervously.
"It's draw lots so I really have no idea?" Kira replied.
"Gods, we're getting more nervous now that they moved the tournament to a later date!" Akio said as he turned his PC off.
"It's anticipation and excitement and Kami knows what else…." Kagome replied pressing the 'print' button.
"You're nervous, Higurashi?" Hojo asked and Kagome smiled at him.
"Of course, I am…" She repliedn with a hsrug ofn her slender shoulders.
"Impossible…" Akio said as he took the print out Kagome handed.
"Duh! Human too..." Kagome retorted rolling her eyes. All the members of the debating club meet everyday to help the six members of the elite circle to represent Tokyo University in upcoming Debate Olympics.
"How is the other team doing?" Kagome asked Akio referring to the other three-man team.
"Lei is driving everyone crazy with her demands as usual." Akio replied and Kagome laughed.
"Really…but not the same way that she drives you crazy…?" She teased and laughed louder when Akio cheeks pinkened. It was common knowledge that Akio was pursuing the petite, chinky-eyed debater.
"Nah…I hope not…" Akio replied finally winking at Kagome. "I think I'm the only one who deserves to feel that degree of insanity..." He added with a soft chuckle.
"Kagome…your boyfriend is here!" Natomi yelled and Kagome perked up instantly.
"Coming!" She yelled back as she scampered towards the stairs and Hojo watched her with sad, longing eyes.
"Tsk! Give it up…" Akio advised tapping Hojo's shoulder.
"What?" Hojo replied pretending to misunderstand.
"She's happy and inlove…" Akemi said, her heart breaking to see Hojo pine for Kagome.
"I'm happy and inlove." Hojo countered.
"It's one-sided, baka!" Akio said smirking.
"So?" Hojo asked.
"You're a hopeless case…" Akio murmured with a shake of his head.
"Is Lei inlove with you too?" Hojo asked the older boy.
"What has Lei got to do with you and Kagome?" Akio countered crossing his arms over his chest.
"Just answer my question…" Hojo pressed.
"Well….I don't know…." Akio finally replied sighing.
"Did that stop you from loving her?"
"Hojo…" Akemi said in a warning tone. She didn't want to see the two nicest men in their team quarrel over their unrequited loves.
"Answer me…" Hojo repeated and Akio sighed audibly.
"Of course not…" He said.
"Welcome to the club." Hojo replied as he stood up.
"I hate it when debaters argue…" Kira said watching Hojo leave, Akemi following his retreating back with sad, mournful eyes.
"Damn, that guy is so dense!" She whispered as she flipped her tick cards.
"Welcome to the club." Akio said looking meaningfully at Akemi who sighed and smiled shyly.
"We should be called the Tokyo University Unrequited Loves Circle instead of Debaters' Circle…" Akemi said as she put her glasses back on.
"Ah, young love…" Kira sighed dramatically catching on.
"How about you Kira, who are you pining for?" Akio kidded and raised his brow when the girl blushed.
"You're right, Akemi…guys are so dense." Kira said not looking at Akio.
"Welcome to the club…" Akemi told Kira leaving Akio more puzzled than ever.
"Hon!" Inuyasha called excitedly as he watched Kagome ran towards him.
"I miss you…" Kagome said flinging her arms around Inuyasha's neck as she kissed his lips.
"Wow…I like it when you miss me." Inuyasha replied as he kissed Kagome's forehead.
"It's been…" Kagome said as she looked at her wrist watch, "One hour and forty-two minutes since I last saw you…" She finished grinning widely.
"Feels like a lifetime, doesn't it?" Inuyasha replied as he hugged her close.
"Awwww….Inuyasha, do you have a brother?" Natomi cooed as she watched the couple.
"Yes, he has…" Kagome replied and Inuyasha raised his brow.
"How did you know?" He asked, tilting his head and Kagome nearly kicked herself for her stupidity.
"Umm…wild guess? Do you have a brother?" Kagome asked him, her brows furrowing a little.
"Yes, I have." He replied sensing Kagome's distress.
"Is he as good-looking as you?" Natomi asked from behind Kagome.
"Nah, no one is as good-looking as my Inuyasha…" Kagome said before she could stop herself and blushed furiously.
"Aw, hon…you're making me blush…" Inuyasha kidded tweaking Kagome's nose.
"Talk about love being blind…" Kagome murmured as Inuyasha laughed.
"I brought you lunch." He said as he sat down making Kagome sit on his lap.
"Ramen?" Kagome asked eyeing the lunch boxes curiously.
"And tempura, ebi-maki and potato balls." Inuyasha recited with a flourish.
"I love tempura!" Aiko shrieked as she tried to snatch the lunchbox from Inuyasha's grasp.
"And I made these for my girlfriend." Inuyasha replied firmly.
"We could share…" Kagome interrupted.
"Okay, but you eat first…and we'll share later…" Inuyasha said glaring at Aiko who backed away pouting.
"Inuyasha…" Kagome groaned watching Aiko's retreating back.
"What? You're getting thin…too much debate is making you lose weight." Inuyasha reasoned and Kagome turned puppy-eyes on him.
"Please…" She said.
"That's not gonna work…" Inuyasha replied rolling her eyes at her.
"Just give her one piece, she's crazy over tempura…" Kagome said, pouting her lips prettily at him for good measure.
"I'll make it up to you later…" She said with a wink.
"No, I want you to eat first…" Inuyasha said, his resolve weakening as Kagome placed small kisses along his jaw.
"Please…." Kagome said and Inuyasha groaned as he held her face in both his hands to kiss her lips.
"Okay…" He agreed breathlessly and Kagome smiled at him sweetly.
"Ah, my baby is so sweet…" Kagome said kissing his lips briefly. "Aiko, come have some…" Kagome called and Aiko strutted to where they sat happily.
"Thanks, Kagome…" Aiko said as she took a piece.
"Thank my boyfriend, he cooked these…" Kagome replied and Aiko smiled at Inuyasha shyly.
"Thanks, Inuyasha…"
"Keh!" Inuyasha replied but smiled at her. "Now, eat…" He said turning to Kagome.
"Eat with me…"
"I already ate…"
"I'm not going to eat if you're not!" Kagome said pouting and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
"I made these for you…" He said.
"Fine, wench…" He replied as he took the chopsticks and fed Kagome then himself.
"These are good…" Kagome said nodding her head.
"Of course…"
"What other talents do you have that I don't know?" Kagome teased winking at him as she took a bite from the tempura he speared using the chopstick.
"I'm rather good at loving you…"
"What other abilities do you have?"
"I'm rather good at loving you…"
Kagome stared at him and her eyes began to water when she remembered the same line from before…
"Hon, are you okay?" Inuyasha asked as he smelled the salty scent of Kagome's tears.
"Yes, of course I am." Kagome replied with forced cheerfulness as she snaked her arms around his neck to hug him close.
"Hey…." Inuyasha said putting the chopsticks down as he hugged her back. "I should cook lunch for you often…" He kidded as he kissed her hair wondering what changed Kagome's mood.
"Gods, I can't let you go…I can't let us go…" Kagome whispered as she tightened her hug on him. Kagome had prayed for a sign…any sign to make her decide if she'd hold on to the past or let it go and be contented with the present although her heart rebelled at the thought of letting Inuyasha forget what they had.
"I'm not going away…" Inuyasha whispered back as he absentmindedly massaged her back.
"I love you so much, I can't even begin to explain it…" Kagome said as she leaned away from him to look in his eyes.
"I love you too." Inuyasha replied kissing her nose quickly. "Now eat before I forget where we are and start ravishing you." He said as he smoothed her bangs away from her face.
"Kagome…it's your turn…" Akio whispered when Kagome just sat in her chair looking blankly at the space where Lei occupied.
"What?" Kagome asked shaking her head slightly.
"Lei has finished her speech…it's your turn to present our case…" Akio said looking at her in surprise.
"Oh…oh…it's my turn?" Kagome said standing up abruptly.
"What's up with her?" Akemi asked Akio as they watched Kagome went to the center of the stage and fumbled with her tick cards.
"Er…?" Akio said frowning at the Kagome's uncharacteristic behavior. Kagome was always organized, ready and confident but the girl standing before them now looked like she's about to keel over or worst cry.
"Time for a break…" Akio said as Kagome just stared at the other debaters.
"Shit, I'm sorry…" She said as she massaged her temple.
"Are you okay?" Akio asked as she looked at her, dark circles visible under her eyes.
"Just a little stressed…" Kagome said.
"Your boyfriend is right, you need a break." Natomi said as she handed Kagome bottled water.
"I can't, with the debate two days away…"
"But you're going to get yourself sick if this continues…" Natomi argued.
"Natomi's right, Kagome. Please take a rest. The debate is two days away. Rest tomorrow so you'll be refreshed and ready to argue as ever on the day we're to show them how argumentative we are." Akio said smiling at her.
"I'm sorry, I didn't do well…I think I'm just tired." Kagome said as she sat on one of the vacant chairs.
"You should rest, you're our best debater, we'd probably lose without you…" Akio said teasingly and Kagome smiled.
"Yeah, Kagome…go take some rest, you're working too hard…let that sexy boyfriend of yours massage away the stress…" Aiko suggested naughtily and Kagome rolled her eyes at her.
"Thank you, I should probably go home and rest…" Kagome replied as gathered her bag.
"No problem…we know you'll make all of us proud when the day comes…" Hojo said smiling fondly at her. "Do you want me to walk you to your car?" He added as Kagome rummaged for her car keys.
"No, but thanks for the offer…bye guys!" Kagome said as she adjusted the strap of her white, Girbaud backpack and waved at her teammates.
"Rest, and we'll draw blood this Wednesday!" Akemi said waving at the departing girl.
"Thanks! Bye!" Kagome said as she opened the door to let herself out of the Debater Circle's office.
Kagome sighed as she closed her car's door. She let her head fall into the steering wheel momentarily as thoughts chase around her head.
I can't just leave the team shorthanded like that. She sighed again as she took her day planner out and checked the days left before the new moon.
But I can't let Inuyasha go either. Shit. What did I ever do to be subjected to this kind of crap? She groaned inwardly as she banged her head softly on the steering wheel. She heard a soft beeping and she searched her bag for her cell phone.
"Hon!" Kagome nearly cried when she heard Inuyasha's voice.
"Baby, what's up? Where are you?" Kagome said as she fumbled for her hands-free kit.
"Three guesses." Inuyasha replied and Kagome closed her eyes to stave off the tears.
"Hmm…are you still in your bed?" Kagome said as she turned the ignition on.
"Are you still in my bed wearing nothing?" She teased and heard Inuyasha chuckle.
"It's no use if you're not in there too…" Inuyasha replied and Kagome laughed.
"You're such a hentai…"
"Come on…one last guess…" Inuyasha coaxed.
"I know…you're in my head messing up my mind…" She kidded as she looked behind her to maneuver her car out of the parking lot.
"Wrong…I'm in front of your car wondering why you look so sad…" Inuyasha replied and Kagome stepped on the breaks and watched Inuyasha walk towards her car with a bouquet of roses in his hand. She smiled tearfully at him as she snapped her cell phone close pressing the button that lowers the car's hood at the same time.
"Hi…" She said as she hastily wiped her tears with the back of her hand.
"I hope those are happy tears…" Inuyasha replied smiling at her as he stooped low to kiss her lips briefly.
"Happy tears…" Kagome said laughing softly.
"What is it about me that make you burst into tears whenever I'm near? Am I really that good a catch?" He whispered in her ear and Kagome laughed.
"Gods, you and your overflowing confidence...wait, where's your car?"
"Hmm..I left it at the dorm…I want my girlfriend to drive me around Tokyo for a change…" He smiled as he handed her the red roses.
"Where do you want to go?" Kagome asked as she placed the bouquet carefully on the panel in between the seats as Inuyasha climbed into the passenger seat.
"Anywhere you'd like to take me…"
"How about straight to my bed?" Kagome teased.
"Sounds good…" Inuyasha retorted and they both laughed.
"Let's have fun…you're working too hard." Inuyasha said as Kagome maneuvered the car out of the parking lot.
"How did you know where I was parked?" Kagome asked as she waved at the guard watching the parked cars.
"I can smell me on you…" Inuyasha naughtily replied.
"Ah…you and your demon senses."
"Kagome, mother called…" He said abruptly and Kagome glanced sideways at him.
"And?" She prodded although thoughs ran around her mind again -- some sad, some happy but all of them about Inuyasha.
"And she's asking me to come home tomorrow for a family emergency she did not disclose…" Inuyasha replied and Kagome nodded her head in understanding.
"Oh…" She said when she realized that Inuyasha waiting for her to say something.
"I want you to come with me…" He said watching her closely. "But I will understand if you opt to stay for the debate…" He added hastily seeing the indecision in her eyes.
"I…." Kagome started to say but Inuyasha interrupted her.
"I'm sorry…you should just stay…it was stupid thing to ask with the debate two days away and all…" Inuyasha murmured as they stopped for the red signal.
"I'd love to…" Kagome said making up her mind.
"I'm sorry for demanding something like that from you…" Inuyasha continued not hearing what Kagome said.
"I said I'd love to come…" Kagome said as she stopped the car abruptly.
"I mean, you could meet my parents any time…" Inuyasha continued.
"Inuyasha!" Kagome raised her voice.
"What?" He asked, baffled.
"I said, I'd like to come." Kagome repeated and Inuyasha looked at her in surprise.
"But what about your debate?" He asked in disbelief.
"What about it?' Kagome asked.
"You won't be able to attend…" He said although he looked hopeful.
"I know…" Kagome replied.
"You waited for this tournament…" He said unsuren why he's saying things to make her choose her debate over him. But she wanted to be sure, he wanted for her to make up her mind. He wanted for them to be official.
"I know that too…" Kagome replied softly.
"Then why?" He asked.
"Do you want me to come home with you or not?" Kagome asked back arching her brow and Inuyasha chuckled.
"Of course I do…" He said.
"Then what's with the questions?" Kagome prodded glancing at Inuyasha who still sported that same look of disbelief on his face.
"I'm just amazed that you would actually ditch the inter-university debate tournament just to be with me…" He whispered.
"Inuyasha, you have no idea what I would do just to be with you…" Kagome replied as she turned the ignition once again and yelped in surprise when she was hauled against his chest.
"You have no idea how much this means to me…" Inuyasha whispered against her hair.
"Hmm….you have no idea how uncomfortable it is to sit on a bouquet of roses…" Kagome said and Inuyasha slackened his hold on her and she eased back to her seat slowly.
"Sorry…" Inuyasha said.
"It's okay…"
"Does it hurt?" He asked, his voice laced with concern.
"A little…some of the thorns were not removed but I'll live…" Kagome replied smiling at him.
"I'll do everything to make it up to you…" He mumbled and Kagome raised her brow.
"Everything?" She asked with a smirk and Inuyasha's golden eyes twinkled with mirth.
"How fast can you drive?" He asked nuzzling her ear.
"Why?" Kagome asked, her voice sounding breathless even to her own ears.
"Because we have to be at the dorm quick for what I have in mind…" He replied running his hand along het thighs.
"You are such a pervert…" Kagome said as she slowed down intentionally.
"Kagome…" Inuyasha groaned in frustration as Kagome continued the slow drive.
"Let's enjoy the scenery…" Kagome taunted and Inuyasha growled.
"You wouldn't be able to stand when I'm through with you…" He said in a low whisper as he moved his hand up her thigh.
"Really…?" Kagome replied breathlessly as she pushed the button to let the hood up.
"Drive faster or else I'll take you right here…right now…" Inuyasha threatened and Kagome's breathing hitched.
"Baby, all you have to do is ask…." Kagome replied as she stepped on the gas.
Author's Note:
No, Inuyasha is not going to remember in the next chapter. And yes, this is going to end soon. To those who are sending me emails about him remembering -- He will, don't worry. And to those getting tired reading. I'll send baked cookies for you...but other than that, there's nothing else I can do. This chapter is 60 chapters PLUS an epilogue.