InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ A Gift From Paris ( Chapter 54 )

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“Sango…” Kagome said as she heard her friend's voice on the other line.
“Kags!!! How are you?” Sango replied happily.
“I'm going home with Inuyasha today, I already packed my bags.” Kagome said without hesitation.
“Good for you…if you need me for anything, I'm one holler away…” Sango said and Kagome laughed softly.
“The debating team wasn't so happy…” She said recalling hers and Akio's conversation last night.
“Who cares, you can't make everyone happy…at least make yourself happy. People are so difficult to please…”
“Thank you, Sango…you're making me feel a lot better…I felt so guilty leaving them like that.”
“What can I say, the heart has spoken…” Sango teased making Kagome laugh.
“Gods, my friend, where do you get your lines, they're so corny!”
“Corny?! I spent sleepless nights trying to construct an apt romantic line for you to use and you're calling my efforts corny?” Sango said, sighing dramatically.
“Aw, I pity my future godchild for having such a crazy mother…” Kagome kidded.
“And a crazier godmother…” Sango added and they both laughed.
“So, should I meet you tomorrow at the shrine? Or should I go to your place?” Kagome asked.
“Hmm…let's meet at the shrine, tell auntie to prepare gyoza since I'm coming…”
“Okay, I'll tell Mama, you demand such from her…”
“Oh and tell her I'm pregnant, she might throw in Ha Kao too…” Sango added slyly.
“Wow, what an appetite…is it because of the baby or you're really just a pig?”
“Both…” Sango replied laughing.
“Drive carefully. I'll see you and Inuyasha tomorrow…”
“Okay, you be careful too…too much humping is bad for the baby…” Kagome teased and laughed when she heard Sango snort.
“The doctor told us its okay.”
“Gods, you guys are such perverts!”
“No comment.” Sango said humming to herself.
“Fine. Tell Miroku I said hello…” Kagome said.
“I will. Bye Kags.”
“Bye, Sango.” Kagome replied and was about to turn her cell phone off when it rung again.
“What a surprise…what can I do for you?” Kagome asked as she sat on her bed.
“I heard from Akio that you backed out.”
“Yeah, family emergency…” Kagome replied, nearly groaning when the guilt returned full force.
“I see…” Hojo said.
“I'm sorry…” Kagome replied sighing.
“Don't be. Life is about making choices, I just hope you've chosen well…”
“Thank you, Hojo…” Kagome said softly.
“No problem…I'm praying that you'd be happy with the choice you made.” Hojo said and Kagome had an eerie feeling that Hojo knew the truth behind why she backed out.
“I am…I hope you are.” She said.
“I hope so too…If you need me or if you change your mind about the debate, I'm one call away. Akio asked me to take your place.”
“Thank you, Hojo. I know you'll do well…”
“Not as much as you would.”
“You'll do well, believe me.” Kagome said with conviction half hoping, her encouraging Hojo could win them the debate.
“Thank you, Higurashi…I feel I'll do well already.”
“Thank you, Hojo. Bye.”
“Bye.” Hojo replied and Kagome sighed as she turned her cell phone off.
“Ready?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome nodded.
“Should we drop by French Baker and have breakfast first?” Kagome asked as Inuyasha took her bag.
“Are you hungry?”
“Why?” He asked lecherously.
“Because I just am, pervert.”
“Okay, I thought because I tired you out last night…” He winked at her suggestively.
“That too…” Kagome replied flippantly as she locked the door behind them. They descended to the parking lot and Inuyasha opened her car door for her.
Kagome turned to look at the banner wishing the debating team good luck and she couldn't stop the twitch in her gut at the sight of the tarpaulin flipping in the air. Inuyasha honked his horn behind her and Kagome gave him the thumbs up sign. They stopped at an intersection and Inuyasha called her attention.
“Are you okay?” He asked her as he adjusted his sunglasses.
“Yes.” She replied as she pushed her Oakley shades atop her head.
“I love you.” Inuyasha yelled at her and she laughed when a few people crossing the street stared at him.
“I know…” She yelled back. “I love you too.” She mouthed before she zoomed past him. She reached French Baker first and waited for Inuyasha at the entrance.
“You drive fast…” Inuyasha said.
“I'm hungry…”
“Hmm…what else makes you drive fast?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome raised her brow.
“It's too early for such talk, Inuyasha.” She said as she pushed the door open.
“What, it's an innocent question?”
“Yeah and I'm blond.” Kagome said rolling her eyes at him.
“Should we drop by your house first or go straight to mine?” Inuyasha asked as they stopped at a gasoline station.
“Hmm…” Kagome thought for awhile. He'd recognize Mama, Souta and Ji-chan…that would be too much of a shock and a lot of explaining to do.
“Quit staring, you're making me blush.” Inuyasha teased winking at her.
“Your house and I wasn't staring, I was thinking.” Kagome said wrinkling her nose.
“They'll love you…”
“Who?” Kagome asked.
“My parents.” Inuyasha replied as he hugged her from behind.
“I hope your family will like me too…” He said as he kissed her ear.
“They will…” Kagome replied as she turned around in his arms to kiss his cheek.
“You think?”
“I know they will.” Kagome replied with certainty. She had called her mother earlier to inform her that she'll be going home with Inuyasha and they might drop by. Her mother had asked curiously if Inuyasha got his memories back and sighed heavily when Kagome answered no.
“You're thinking again.” Inuyasha observed and Kagome tilted her head to look at him.
“It's normal for people to think…” Kagome said.
“Nah, you shouldn't be able to think when you're in my arms…” Inuyasha teased.
“Remind me again why I love you?” Kagome asked rolling her eyes at him.
“You love me because I love you…”
“Aw, my baby is smart…” Kagome teased sticking her tongue out at him. Inuyasha moaned and Kagome found herself thoroughly kissed in front of six gas station attendants.
“Don't. Ever. Stick. That. Tongue. Out. Again. If. You. Have. No. Plan. Of. Putting. It. Inside. My. Mouth.”
“Okay…” Kagome replied in a small voice as she tried to fight the blush that's making her face burn.
“Good. I'm glad we agreed. Now, shut up and kiss me.” Inuyasha demanded and Kagome bopped his head as she walked towards her car without a backward glance. Damn, perverted hanyous. She thought with a laugh.
Inuyasha frowned when they reached the manor. The manor was unusually quiet. He sniffed the air and confirmed that his parents and brother were inside. He walked towards Kagome's car and helped her out.
“Kagome?” he asked when the girl stared at the house with sadness in her eyes.
“Why so grim?”
“Nothing….just brings back memories…” Kagome replied and Inuyasha looked at her quizzically.
“Don't mind me, I'm just blabbing.” Kagome said smiling at him.
“Let's go. They're waiting.” Inuyasha said tugging Kagome's hand and Kagome followed hesitantly.
“Gods…” Kagome murmured more to herself and Inuyasha turned to face her. She was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she walked into him.
“Hey, what's wrong?” Inuyasha asked as he hugged her shoulders.
“Nothing…” Kagome replied as she felt like a hundred butterflies were fluttering inside her stomach.
“Nervous to meet the parents?” Inuyasha teased as he quickly kissed her lips.
“A little…” Kagome confided. But I'm more concerned with where this is leading. Kagome thought as she let Inuyasha tug her hand again.
“Come…Mom, Dad and Sess will love you.”
“I hope so.” Kagome replied as she followed him to the stairs.
Sesshoumaru sat staring at the blond girl before him. He could feel the distress his mother is sending off in waves and he sighed. Why do I have a baka for a brother? He thought as he sniffed the air. He looked at his father in alarm when the sweet scent of jasmine and roses drifted to his nose. Trust Inuyasha to bring Kagome when he shouldn't, what an idiot! Sesshoumaru growled looking at his father who have smelled Kagome too because he growled low in his throat as he stood up.
“Tai?” Mrs. Hirohito asked when she saw her husband and son rose up from their seat.
“Inuyasha is here.”
“Oh, he has finally arrived?” The girl giggled and Sesshoumaru glared coldly at her until she stopped, clearing her throat in embarrassment.
“She's with Kagome, Mom.” Sesshoumaru said and Mrs. Hirohito stood up too.
“Mom, Dad, we're home!” Inuyasha called and Mrs. Hirohito paled.
“Inuyasha…” Mr. Hirohito started and stopped when Inuyasha appeared followed by Kagome.
“YASHA!” The girl shrieked and launched herself into Inuyasha's arms. Sesshoumaru's scowl deepened, Mr. Hirohito growled, Mrs. Hirohito groaned and Kagome raised her brow.
“Paris?” Inuyasha found his voice and croaked the girl's name. He felt Kagome tugged her hand away and he desperately tried to keep his hold on her hand.
“Who else?” Paris sighed contentedly as she burrowed her head in Inuyasha's chest after kissing his cheek. “I miss you so much, I would have followed you sooner but father wouldn't let me.” The girl added as she toyed with Inuyasha's hair oblivious to the people around them. Inuyasha stood still as he felt Kagome's hand slipped through his fingers.
“Kagome, it's good to see you again.” Sesshoumaru said drawing a pale Kagome from behind his brother.
“Sesshoumaru.” Kagome acknowledged as she bowed her head in respect. Inuyasha blinked as he tried to digest everything. Paris is here and Kagome and Sesshoumaru know each other? What the fuck in going on?
“I trust your trip was pleasant?” Sesshoumaru said as he took Kagome's cold hand in his. You're such an idiot, little brother. Sesshoumaru thought as he gave Kagome's hand a squeeze.
“It was. Thank you.” Kagome replied automatically. Her mind had stopped working the moment the blond girl launched herself into Inuyasha's arms.
“Kagome.” Mrs. Hirohito stepped forward and hugged her, the action nearly sent her to tears as she bravely smiled at the older woman and returned her hug. Inuyasha stared at his mother and Kagome incredulously. She knows my mother too?! What the hell?!
“You look more beautiful than ever.” Mr. Hirohito said as he squeezed Kagome's shoulder in a fatherly gesture and Inuyasha looked more alarmed than surprised. What the fuck…? Inuyasha thought as he felt Paris latched her arms around his neck, he was too stunned to react as he put two and two in his mind. This couldn't be. His heart rebelled when he saw Sesshoumaru still holding Kagome's hand.
“Thank you.” Kagome replied as she smiled at everyone except Inuyasha and the girl in his arms. Say something Inuyasha, please. She prayed in her mind as she waited for him to tell her what is happening, in the end, it was the girl, Paris who introduced herself.
“I'm Paris, Yasha's girlfriend.” The girl said, smiling genially at Kagome as she extended her hand. Kagome heard a soft gasp and was unsure if it came from her or somebody else as she smiled politely at the younger girl and extended her hand.
“And I'm Kagome…” Kagome stopped unsure of what she is anymore since Paris has claimed what was to be her `title.'
“My girlfriend.” Sesshoumaru stepped forward and Inuyasha growled while Paris shrieked and hugged Kagome excitedly. He was the boyfriend Kagome talked about?! Inuyasha could feel his youkai straining to get out at Sesshoumaru's declaration.
“Oh, I'm so excitedly…we are to be in laws!!” The girl said in a breathy voice and Kagome nearly winced.
“If you'll excuse us,” Sesshoumaru said as he draped an arm around Kagome, “We have some catching up to do.” He said as he steered the shocked Miko towards the gardens.
“Nice meeting you, Paris.” Kagome said and nearly took a bow for an excellent performance when her voice didn't quiver.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha groaned, half pleading as Kagome just stared at him and turned on her heel to follow Sesshoumaru.
Sesshoumaru glanced at the girl sitting beside him. She has indeed grown more beautiful in the two years since he last saw her.
“Cry Kagome, you don't have to be so brave all the time…” He said softly as he watched Kagome's bowed head.
“I'm not brave at all, Sesshoumaru because if I am, I would have demanded an explanation from your brother earlier and got this over with…” The Miko replied and Sesshoumaru felt the urge to run to his room to retrieve his sword and cut Inuyasha's head off.
“From what I gathered, she met him in London and they dated…”
“I surmised as much…” Kagome replied with a small smile.
“But knowing Inuyasha, I don't think they were serious…” Sesshoumaru said giving in to the need of defending his brother and patching things up between him and his mate.
“Hm…” Kagome replied noncommittally.
“You look good…” Sesshoumaru tried again and Kagome looked at him.
“You don't look too bad yourself.” She replied and Sesshoumaru sighed.
“What are you planning to do?” Sesshoumaru asked and Kagome sighed too.
“Go on living…” She finally replied.
“You and Inuyasha should talk…” Sesshoumaru advised, his heart breaking at the defeat in Kagome's voice.
“We already did and it didn't work…”
“Give it another chance…”
“I don't think my heart could take another blow…”
“Come on, Kagome…at least listen to your mate's explanation.
“My mate? Funny isn't it how one word could bring so much pain?”
“I know my brother is an idiot, Kagome but he loves you…he told me that much before he left for London.”
“I used to believe that he loves me too but it seems it wasn't enough…” Kagome said as she bit her lip to prevent the tears from falling. Sesshoumaru saw the action and hugged her tight.
“Gods, this is just too much…” Kagome said as she felt her tears flow.
“You'll get through this…”
“I'm such an idiot…” Kagome sobbed as she let Sesshoumaru hold her.
“No you're not…but my brother is…”
“Why didn't I fall in love with someone uncomplicated like you?” Kagome said and Sesshoumaru chuckled.
“I wondered the same thing…” He replied and Kagome giggled.
“She's beautiful…” Kagome said with a sigh.
“You're more beautiful…” Sesshoumaru countered.
“Go on…tell me what I want to hear, it's good for my ego…” Kagome replied as she leaned away from Sesshoumaru's embrace.
“You are…I wish I met you sooner, things would have been different…” Sesshoumaru said as he took Kagome's hand.
“Come on…I've just been ditched, don't tell me you're making a move on me?” Kagome asked jokingly.
“I'm serious…”
“I am too…” Kagome retorted and Sesshoumaru smiled.
“They weren't bluffing when they said you're a good debater…”
“You're a good guy, Sesshoumaru. You're the older brother I wish I have…” Kagome said as she took the handkerchief Sesshoumaru offered and wiped the tears off her eyes.
“Ouch.” Sesshoumaru complained. “Older brother?”
“Would you rather that I call you older sister?” Kagome said and they both laughed.
“That's it, laugh and smile Kagome. This will be through before you know it.”
“I think I should just go home…” Kagome said standing up.
“No, stay for lunch. Consider this a debate, a silent one…and show Inuyasha just how good you are…”
“I was never good with silent debates…” Kagome replied laughing softly.
“Don't let this break you…”
“You're right…” Kagome sighed as she let Sesshoumaru take her hand.
“What if I break down and suddenly cry?”
“I'll tell them missed me so much, you can't contain your tears…”
“You're sick in the head…” Kagome replied rolling her eyes at him.
“Hm…” Sesshoumaru said. “Inuyasha's here.” He whispered and Kagome gripped his hand tightly.
“Don't let me go…” She pleaded.
“I won't.” Sesshoumaru replied as he stood beside Kagome waiting for his brother.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called and Sesshoumaru felt the girl beside him stiffen.
“Inuyasha.” Kagome replied in a dead voice.
“I'm….Paris is….wait, what are you doing holding my brothers hand?!” Inuyasha demanded and Kagome's grip on Sesshoumaru's hand tightened.
“You are… Paris is…and it's none of your business if I hold hands with an old friend.” Kagome retorted and Inuyasha growled menacingly as he advanced towards them.
“Hands off her, Sesshoumaru!”
“Don't let me go, Sesshoumaru.” Kagome said loud enough for Inuyasha to hear.
“The hell he won't!” He snarled and Kagome opened her palm and the energy ball appeared. Go on, give me a reason to hurt you as much as you hurt me, baka! Kagome thought furiously as she waited for Inuyasha to make a move. When he didn't…
“Go Inuyasha, I'm sure you and your girlfriend have some catching up to do…” Kagome said as she clenched her fist to dispel the energy ball. “Come Sesshoumaru, let's eat, I'm hungry.” She added as she pulled Sesshoumaru with her leaving Inuyasha glaring after them.
Lunch was an awkward affair as Kagome tried her best to appear normal. She had Sesshoumaru to thank for keeping the flow of conversation, asking her about law, debate and college life.
“Is Prof. Tanaka still there, he was such a strict teacher, he threw a piece of chalk at me once for dozing off.” Sesshoumaru said and Kagome's brows furrowed.
“You dozed off? Impossible.” Kagome said as she tried to picture Sesshoumaru sleeping in one of his classes but the picture was superimposed with the one of Inuyasha and Paris hugging.
“Too much beer, besides he was boring…” Sesshoumaru replied and Kagome laughed halfheartedly. She felt Sesshoumaru's hand on her knee and she looked at him gratefully.
“I would never dream of sleeping in any of his classes, he's scary even when he's not angry…” Kagome continued with the charade and Sesshoumaru smiled at her removing his hand after giving her knee a gentle squeeze.
“Yeah, he nearly flunked me though but I pulled a 3.0…” Sesshoumaru replied and Kagome took her glass and took a sip when she felt a lump in her throat.
“Lucky for you…” Kagome replied as she tried not to stare at Paris trying to feed Inuyasha who was glaring murderously at them. He's angry? He's the one actually angry? The nerve! Kagome thought and she gripped her spoon and fork tightly until her knuckles turned white.
“So, you're a member of the debating team, Kagome?” Mr. Hirohito asked and Kagome loosened her grip on the helpless utensils as she tried to process the question in her head. She felt like crying again when she remembered what she left behind just to be with Inuyasha.
“Yes, sir.” She answered the older Hirohito with a smile.
“She's rather good…” Inuyasha interjected and Kagome ignored him.
“I wish I can see you in a debate…” Sesshoumaru said and Kagome turned to him and spoke.
“I'll give you a ring and invite you to our future tournaments…”
“How did you and Sesshoumaru meet?” Paris asked as she grew tired of trying to feed Inuyasha.
“She was pissed with her boyfriend and she cut classes.” Sesshoumaru said with a smirk and Inuyasha's temper flared.
“I did not…I just declared a personal holiday!” Kagome defended laughing at the memory.
“Tsk! That wasn't the first time we met, I met you when you were singing and playing the piano…” Sesshoumaru said and Mrs. Hirohito cleared her throat.
“Oh, yes…I remember…” Kagome said and Inuyasha stood up abruptly and pulled Kagome with him.
“Kagome!” Sesshoumaru called as he watched his brother drag the Miko.
“Inuyasha!” Paris yelled and pouted when the hanyou paid her no heed.
“We are going to talk and I don't want any of you to disturb us. Got it?!” Inuyasha said as he stomped out of the dining room towing Kagome behind him.
“Let me go.” Kagome said softly as soon as Inuyasha closed the door.
“What was that?!” he yelled but Kagome stood her ground.
“What was what? Your girlfriend launching herself towards you as soon as we set foot inside this house or you forgetting to tell me that you have one?” Kagome asked, her voice devoid of emotion.
“Kagome…Paris is…”
“Who is she, Inuyasha? Is she what she claimed she is?” Kagome asked and averted her gaze when she felt her eyes burn with unshed tears.
“We dated once…”
“Oh…” Kagome replied.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha said as he tried to hug her but she roughly pushed him away.
“Enough, I'm already tired…”
“Please listen…” Inuyasha begged.
“And I'm tired of listening too… I couldn't even cry even if I want to, that's how tired I am.”
“We dated ….”
“Okay…” Kagome replied sighing. She suddenly felt overwhelmed with everything - the exams, the debate, her choosing Inuyasha and him making her regret it - everything just stopped making sense to her.
“Kagome, we weren't serious…Paris and I….I was surprised myself when I saw her here, today…”
“Are we?”
“Are we what?” Inuyasha asked.
“Are we serious? Because it seems to me this is all a joke.” The way Kagome said it made Inuyasha's head jerk up as he tried once again to reach for her but she pushed his hand away.
“Kagome, please, don't do this to us…”
“You told me there was no one. You promised me there'll be no one else…” Kagome said as she smiled sadly, her eyes welling with tears that just wouldn't fall.
“Kagome, please…I Love you…” Inuyasha pleaded and Kagome laughed. She laughed so hard her stomach ached and tears finally ran down her cheeks but she still couldn't stop.
“Gods, you really are something…” Kagome said as soon as the laughter subsided and she wiped her tears away using the back of her hand.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha groaned, his heart breaking to see her tears again.
“I waited…I was patient…I chose you…Fuck...and this…what a pleasant surprise...” Kagome said sighing tiredly.
“No, you have me…you still have me.” Inuyasha begged, stunned at Kagome's choice of words.
“What part of you, Inuyasha?” Kagome said as she pulled the door open.
“You dare accuse me of hurting you when you're the one flirting with my brother?! Was Sesshoumaru the one, Kagome?” Inuyasha blurted out the first thing that he knew would make her stop on her tracks.
“Was Sesshoumaru the one you pined for, the one you told me you loved but who forgot?”
“Whatever, think what you what to think. I'm… tired.”
“Then tell me what you want me to do? Please…”
“I want you to leave my sight and get out of my life…” Kagome replied and walked away.
“I'm going…” She told Sesshoumaru smiling apologetically at Mr. and Mrs. Hirohito.
“Where's Inuyasha?” Paris asked and Kagome clenched her fists.
“What?!” Paris demanded and Sesshoumaru silenced the girl with his glare.
“I should drive you home.” He said turning to Kagome.
“That's sweet of you but it's okay.” Kagome replied as she walked towards Mrs. Hirohito and kissed her cheek.
“Stay Kagome…please…”
“I can't or I just might kill your son for real…” Kagome replied smiling gently at the older woman who smiled back with understanding in her eyes.
“We'll visit you at the shrine…” Mr. Hirohito said as he stood up to hug the girl.
“There's no need, sir. I'm leaving after today.”
“What? Where?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“It's a secret, if I tell you, I would have to kill you…” Kagome retorted and Sesshoumaru barked out a laugh.
“You really are something, Miko.”
“I heard that line a lot of times that I'm actually starting to believe it…” Kagome said as Sesshoumaru stood up to kiss her cheek.
“Wait, what did you do to Inuyasha?” Paris asked again.
“Tied him to the bed after I was through with him…don't worry, he's all yours…” Kagome replied and walked towards the door. “Nice meeting you, Paris. Bye everyone.” Kagome said waving her hand.
“KAGOME!” She heard Inuyasha scream her name and she rolled her eyes at Sesshoumaru before motioning him to stand back as she threw a temporary barrier at the door. She took one last look at the manor and left.
“Inuyasha…” Paris knocked at Inuyasha's door softly.
“Go away…” Inuyasha groaned.
“I'll leave shortly after, please…I just need to talk to you…”
“Fine.” Inuyasha said as he stood up and opened his door.
“Hi,” Paris said and Inuyasha felt like an ass for treating her badly. Paris was his friend's younger sister and he had went out on a blind date with her and wasn't able to shake her off his back after.
“I'm sorry…” Paris said as she sat with her head bowed on Inuyasha's chair.
“Why did you come, Paris?”
“Because I had to see you…”
“I had to take my chance…”
“Paris, I'm your brother's friend…don't do this.”
“I know, I know…I'm sorry…”
“She's mad at me.” Inuyasha sighed and Paris felt like crying.
“She's beautiful…”
“Yes, she is…”
“She's lucky to have you…”
“She doesn't think so…”
“I'm sorry for ruining your chance with her.” Paris whispered and cried.
“Hey, Brandon's going to kill me for making his baby sister cry…”
“He told me not to come after you but I didn't listen…”
“Shhh…” Inuyasha said as he patted the young girl's back.
“I'm so sorry…it's just that I love you…” Paris sobbed and Inuyasha shook his head.
“No you don't,”
“I do!”
“Paris, you see me as an older brother, that's why you like me…”
“Come on, don't waste your life on a rascal like me…besides, I already love someone else…”
“I'm happy that I came to see you…”
“I'm happy to see you too.”
“Tell Kagome I said hello…”
“I will if she'll see me again.”
“She will…” Paris said as she stood up.
“Where are you staying?” Inuyasha asked the girl.
“I'm going back to London…I already talked to father.”
“Do you want to stay here longer? You're very welcome…”
“No, I'm embarrassed with the ruckus I cause, it's better that I leave.”
“Okay…” Inuyasha smiled at the girl. “Take care and say hello to your brother for me.” He added opening the door for the girl.
“Oh, before I forget, I came to give you this. I took this from your room once when Brandon and I came over to visit you…I'm so sorry for taking it without your permission…” Paris said as she put something in Inuyasha's hand. “Take care, Inuyasha.” She said as she turned and walked away.
Inuyasha opened his palm and stared at the golden necklace holding an awfully familiar gold key.
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