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“Mama, I'm home…” Kagome called as she pushed open the front door of the shrine. Where's everyone? Kagome thought, frowning at the closed blinds. She fumbled for the switch and shrieked loudly when all the lights opened.
“SURPRISE!” Her family with Sango and Miroku yelled happily.
“Guys, awww, I'm touched…” Kagome said looking at the festively-decorated room. She glanced up and almost cried when she read a banner that says `Welcome Back Inuyasha and Kagome' tucked on the wall.
“Nee-chan!” Souta yelled as he launched himself into his sister's arms.
“My baby brother has grown…” Kagome said kissing the top of Souta's head.
“Hey, where's Inuyasha?” Souta asked looking behind Kagome.
“He's indisposed as of the moment.” Kagome replied and Sango and Miroku raised their brows.
“Well, it doesn't matter. We're so glad that you're home again, Kagome.” Mrs. Higurashi said as she hugged and kissed her daughter.
“I'm glad to be home too, Mama.” Kagome said returning the hug.
“Kagome…” Her grandfather patted her head as she kissed both his cheeks.
“It's good to see you again Ji-chan…” Kagome said smiling happily.
“Kags!” Sango said as she hugged her friend. “We'll talk later, okay?” She whispered in Kagome's ear before she let her go.
“Okay…” Kagome whispered back.
“Come, let's start to eat, I prepared so much food for your homecoming.” Mrs. Higurashi said smiling at her daughter, squeezing her shoulder affectionately and sighing at the once again lackluster, blue eyes.
Inuyasha sat glaring at Sesshoumaru who was at best ignoring him while flipping through a newspaper. Their father glared at his two boys - Inuyasha was throwing daggers at Sesshoumaru and Sesshoumaru acted like Inuyasha was not there.
“How was school, Inuyasha?” Mrs. Hirohito asked, unable to take the tension anymore.
“School was fine, Mom.” Inuyasha replied not taking his glare off Sesshoumaru's head.
“Okay.” Mrs. Hirohito said in a quiet voice.
“Sesshoumaru, let's talk.” Inuyasha commanded standing up.
“What do you want to talk about?” Sesshoumaru asked in a bored voice as he remained seated on their posh, cream and gold sofa.
“What are you and Kagome?” Inuyasha replied as he remained standing up. Sesshoumaru sighed finally putting the newspaper he was reading down.
What are you and Kagome?” Sesshoumaru threw back and Inuyasha growled.
“What we are is none of your business.”
“Well, I think the same applies to you…what we are, is none of your business….” Sesshoumaru rejoined staring at his brother's eyes.
“She is mine!”
“Since when?” Sesshoumaru drawled out and Mrs. Hirohito stood up.
“Stop this, both of you!” Mrs. Hirohito issued but the boys ignored her.
“Since the first time I met her!” Inuyasha retorted, his face reddening with anger.
“And when is that, if I may ask?” Sesshoumaru said in an unruffled voice.
“Since the first time I saw her on the coffee shop before I left for Tokyo University!”
“Pity, little brother, but I've known and met Kagome long before your Coffee Shop experience…”
“You heard it, I met her almost three years ago…”
“So I was right…you are him…?”
“I am who?” Sesshoumaru challenged.
“You are the boyfriend she told me who forgot…” Inuyasha replied angrily and Sesshoumaru slowly took the newspaper again and rolled it. Inuyasha watched as his brother walked slowly towards him with a rolled newspaper in hand. He was too stunned to react when Sesshoumaru whacked the back of his head with the rolled paper so he just stared at him.
“How we're related is beyond me…you are such an idiot.” Sesshoumaru said before he exited the room.
Sango listened, her temper rising by the second at Kagome's story.
“What irked me so much is not her hugging him or kissing his cheek, it's him not doing anything about it. He just stared there like some frozen idiot.”
“Where is that baka, I will kick his ass!” Sango hissed angrily.
“There's no need. I'm putting an end to this story…”
“Kags…” Sango said suddenly, her heart going out to her friend who looked so defeated.
“Sango, I have until Friday and at the rate that I'm going, I don't think I can make him remember….besides he has someone now…”
“What did you expect?”
“He could have told me she was lying, Sango and I'd readily believe him. Heck, he could have told me I'm imagining her and I'd believe him. I would have believed everything he said…”
“I know…he does not remember what we were but he remembers what we are now. I was expecting that at least he'd have the balls tell the girl she was mistaken because they never had a thing going or the guts to tell me that he's sorry because he changed his mind, we never really had a thing going between us so good riddance to me…”
“Don't do something you might regret later…”
“I don't know Sango…”
“I wasn't mad to know he dated…”
“Really?” Sango asked, mildly curious.
“Well, a little but I wouldn't take it against him…I was mad that he didn't tell her we're dating now…I mean come on….”
“Friend, that's the risk of loving…we've talked about this with Jose Cuervo, right?” Sango said lightly and Kagome smiled.
“Yes…and according to the Little Prince…”
“If one allows one's heart to be tamed, one must expect some tears to fall…” Sango finished with a dramatic wave of her hand.
“I need a break…” Kagome said.
“I heard about a cruise…”
“I'm going on a road trip but I have to finish my duties for the debating team first…”
“I'll go with you.”
“No, you're pregnant, I'd rather face a million hidden girlfriends of Inuyasha than risk you and the baby…”
“But you need someone…”
“I don't…for now. I'll give you a call and come home as soon as possible….”
“You'll be here before the month ends?” Sango asked and Kagome smiled.
“I don't know…”
“If you are to get laid, use protection, will you?” Sango said seriously and Kagome burst into laughter.
“You are…Gods…what are you, Sango?” Kagome asked holding her stomach as she laughed…
“What?! You're going on a road trip…there'll be a million good-looking guys…I mean…”
“You're crazy…” Kagome said shaking her head.
“I'm just practical…”
“I'm not going to get myself laid! Gods!”
“Okay…but if you do…use protection…”
“Argh! Stop, let's not talk about this anymore…” Kagome said.
“He'll find you, Kagome.”
“That's another favor I need to ask from you…”
“He'll come to you…tell him I went some place far…I want so badly to win this tournament and I don't want him barging in demanding that I go home with him…”
“But he'll find out…”
“Still, I'm trying to buy time…I'll be in my dorm for three days…that would be the last place he'd go looking for me…please…”
“Don't you think you're taking this too far?”
“I just need space, Sango…to mull things over…”
“Okay…please, wherever this sudden adventurism leads you…give me a call and don't forget to ask for my help if you need one.”
“I will and I won't…thanks…” Kagome replied hugging her friend tight.
Inuyasha stared at the gold key in his hand. I've seen something similar to this. He thought as he turned the key over in his palm. He stood up and plopped down on his bed again uncertain where to start. I should go and find Kagome. He thought as he finally stood up and put a red, three-fourths shirt on, But where does Kagome live? He took his shirt off again and threw the clothing on the floor. Damn, this is not how this is supposed to happen.
“The door is open, Mom.” Inuyasha replied and watched as his mother closed the door gently and faced him.
“How are you?” Mrs. Hirohito asked as she sat beside her son.
“I'm fucked up.” Inuyasha replied and saw his mother winced at his language. “Sorry…” He murmured.
“It's okay…you're right, though…you really are fucked up.” Mrs. Hirohito replied sighing and Inuyasha smirked.
“I'm a bad influence on you, Mom.” He said looking at his mother.
“Why did you bring Kagome here, Inuyasha?”
“Because I want you to know her…”
“Because I love her…” He replied in a small voice.
“You hurt her today…”
“I know…”
“Why didn't you say something about what Paris is to you while Kagome was still here?”
“Because I don't want to hurt Paris' feelings…”
“So you'd rather hurt Kagome's?”
“Inuyasha, come on…how would you feel if Kagome brought you to her house and someone hugged and kissed her telling you he's her boyfriend…”
“I'd probably kill him.”
“Exactly…We were waiting for you to do something to rectify the misunderstanding…”
“But you just stood there letting Kagome believe the worst.”
“Mom, you're not helping!” Inuyasha groaned.
“Come on Inuyasha…you're smarter than this…”
“What should I do?”
“You and she should talk…”
“Mom, how do you know Kagome…”
“It's a long story…but I'll tell you about it soon…”
“Sango…” Inuyasha said and winced at the coldness in the girl's voice.
“Hirohito…what can I do for you?” He heard Sango's reply from the other line.
“I…I…Do you know where Kagome is?” Inuyasha asked. It has been two days since he last saw her and he is losing his mind trying to find her. He couldn't find any Higurashi listed on the directory and his family is not helping either by keeping mum on the whole incident giving him scathing and pitying looks - Sesshoumaru the scathing and his parents the pitying.
“It's scary that you do not know the whereabouts of the woman you claim to love…” Sango retorted and Inuyasha clenched his fist shattering the glass he was holding. He stared blankly at the drops of blood staining the beige carpet. If Sango heard a crash, she did not give any indication.
“I need to talk to her…” He said and he heard Sango snort.
“What for, are you some idiot who happens to derive pleasure in hurting my friend?”
“I wouldn't hurt Kagome, Sango!”
“Tsk…don't you think it's rather too late for that?”
“You don't know the whole story!” Inuyasa insisted as he stood up.
“I know more than you do, baka.” Sango taunted and Inuyasha took a deep breathe to calm himself.
“I just want to talk to her…please…” He pleaded cradling the phone in his shoulder as he hastily pulled a towel off the rack to stop the bleeding.
“She does not want to talk to you…”
“I will find her…”
“She doesn't want to be found either.”
“Sango..please…I'm begging you…”
“Wrong woman to be begging to…”
“I have to see her, I have to talk to her, I have to hear her voice or else…”
“Or else what, Hirohito?”
“Or else I'm going to die…” Inuyasha replied as he sat down on his bed again cradling his temple with his free hand.
“Extend my condolences to your family then…” Sango replied and Inuyasha heard the harsh click on the other line signaling the end of their conversation. He looked at the cell phone in his hand and threw it on the uncarpeted part of the marble floor obtaining some sort of satisfaction when it shattered into pieces.
“Was that Inuyasha?” Miroku asked his wife.
“Yes, that was the king of the bakas. Sango replied as she glared at her cell phone.
“Is it a good idea not to tell him where Kagome is?”
“Miroku, look at what he did to Kagome. I would have killed that idiot had Kagome not stopped me!”
“But he will forget…the new moon is tomorrow…”
“He does not deserve her!” Sango declared with vehemence.
“It's not up to us to dictate if he deserves her or not.”
“What's this, Miroku? Are you taking that Hirohito's side?!” Sango demanded, her voice rising drastically.
“I'm not taking anyone's side…but I too remember what Inuyasha and Kagome were, Sango…”
“What they were is different from what they are now!”
“Says who? You? Our friends deserve to find each other. They deserve a second chance.”
“Kagome is giving that baka all the chance she could give but what did she get in return…tears?!”
“No, Inuyasha does not deserve our help or our pity…”
“But darling…”
“He does not, Miroku! Why the hell are you doing this?!”
“Because I too love someone, Sango and I would probably die when they keep me from seeing you…”
“But our case is different from Inuyasha and Kagome's!”
“How different? Inuyasha has a heart too…a heart that bleeds and aches. I'm not saying that Kagome is wrong or Inuyasha is right…all I'm saying is we should both give them a chance to decide between themselves if they're right or wrong for each other.” Miroku insisted and Sango sighed.
“But he keeps on hurting her…”
“The reason he's able to hurt her so much is because she loves him and he her. Come on, dear…we both that loving is no bed of roses…it takes work and our friends need all the help we can give.” Miroku pleaded, enfolding his wife in a hug.
“Okay. But let's wait until tomorrow when the debate championship will be finished. Kagome made me promise to keep Inuyasha away until then…”
“But the new moon…”
“The new moon is tomorrow…they still have time.”
“I promised Kagome, Miroku.”
“Fine.” Miroku relented with a heavy sigh.
Inuyasha sighed as he put the telephone down. He hurriedly picked his keys up. He had not expected Miroku to call him after his disastrous conversation with Sango yesterday but he was glad he did. Something caught his eye and he hurriedly snatched the gold necklace lying on top of his study table.
“Where are you going?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“Tokyo University.”
“Tell Kagome I said hello…” Sesshoumaru said as he returned to reading the newspaper.
“What are you and Kagome really, Sesshoumaru?” Inuyasha asked as he stopped to glare at his brother.
“What am I to you?” Sesshoumaru asked without looking up.
“You're my brother, baka!” Inuyasha hissed.
“Well I guess that makes her my sister.” Sesshoumaru replied and Inuyasha just stared at him. “What?” Sesshoumaru asked looking up.
“Are you sure?” Inuyasha asked.
“Leave already, you're wasting time.” Sesshoumaru said.
“Thank you…”
“What for?”
“For realizing she'd choose me over you anytime.” Inuyasha replied as he started to walk out of the manor.
“I'm having the swords sharpened and I'll be waiting for you when you come back…” Sesshoumaru intoned smoothly and Inuyasha smirked.
“Sure, I miss kicking your ass…”
Kagome smiled as another camera flashed.
“Congatulations!” Hojo said shaking her hand.
“Thanks.” Kagome replied as more students came over to shake her hand.
“Kagome, the rest of the debating team is going to Hokkaido University to participate in the open tournament!” Natomi yelled excitedly as Kagome put her trophy down. They won against Meiji University and she bagged the Best Speaker Award.
“Hokkaido University? That's a few hours drive…” Kagome said wrinkling her nose.
“That's the exciting part!” Lei said as she came over to hug Kagome and shake her hand. “You have a fans club.” She whispered in Kagome's ear and Kagome laughed.
“They're not mine…they're Akio's…the students couldn't get over the fact that Akio told the second Speaker of Meiji University to sit down because she has already embarrassed herself…”
“I caught that on tape…that was precious…” Lei replied winking at her.
“Wait, about this open tournament…are you guys all going?” Kagome asked.
“Well, yes…it would be fun!” Akemi said smiling broadly as Hojo put his hand on her shoulder in a friendly gesture.
“Well…” Kagome hesitated.
“Come on! We went last year and there are a zillion hot guys parading around in that school, it's worth the travel!” Aiko said shrieking excitedly.
“Hmm…” Kagome wrinkled her nose as she tried to think about the offer.
“Come on, you're no fun!” Akio said winking at the other members.
“Okay…but I'm going back to the dorm first to change…” Kagome replied smiling at her friends.
“Meet us at Stone Free…in say, thirty minutes?”
“Okay, have you guys packed?” Kagome asked.
“Yes!” The girls chorused earning a laugh from Kagome.
“See you at Stone Free then…” Kagome said waving goodbye at her teammates.
Inuyasha cursed softly as he stared at the traffic in front of him. He looked at his red, Timex watch again and let out another curse. According to Miroku, Kagome's debate will end at four.
Come on! He thought honking his car impatiently. It's five thirty already, give me a break! He thought as he rolled his window down asking a passing police officer what caused the traffic, his frown deepening when he learned it was a car accident. Sighing, he groped for his phone and cursed again when he realized he broke the thing yesterday. Damn, today is not my day.
Hojo's smile widened as he watched Kagome, wearing a red and white striped blouse and hip-hugging jeans, make her way towards them.
“We ordered for you, is tempura alright?” Natomi asked Kagome and the younger girl grinned.
“Aw, you know me so well…” Kagome replied as she sat down beside Akio.
“We will leave after dinner, the tournament starts tomorrow morning but it's a long drive so…” Akio said and the rest of the team nodded.
“I'm so excited…” Akemi announced clutching her hands to her chest.
“The men must really be gorgeous to have you worked up like this…” Kagome observed as the waiter placed their orders before them.
Inuyasha ran as fast as he could towards the debating team's office and growled in frustration when he saw the padlocked door.
I'm too late. He thought sniffing the air. She was here more than an hour ago… He ran back towards the almost abandoned parking lot and walked up to the guard manning his post.
“Sir, have spotted the Tokyo Debating team here earlier?” He asked and the guard nodded.
“Yes I heard they'll be having dinner at Stone Free…” The security guard replied adjusting his blue uniform.
“Thanks…” Inuyasha replied as he sprinted to his car.
“You guys ready?” Akio asked his teammates and smiled when everyone nodded.
“Oh Friday acoustic nights…” Akemi said watching as more people piled in.
“Okay…that explains the crowd…” Lei replied looking around.
“Where's Higurashi?” Hojo asked and Lei threw him a knowing look.
“Comfort Room…” Akemi replied rolling her eyes. “She's not going to disappear, Hojo…” She added seeing the worried look on the boy's face.
“Hmm…before we leave…” Akio said thoughtfully, tapping his chin with his finger.
“Oh, the evil glint.” Lei said in mock horror.
“I hope Kagome is going to forgive him…” Natomi said with a grin as Akio stood up and walked towards the host.
“Forgive what?” Kagome asked her teammates as she eyed Akio curiously.
“Nothing…” Natomi replied smiling guiltily as Akio walked back to their table.
“Hi, Kagome…” Akio said.
“I hate it when you grin like that…” Kagome replied wrinkling her nose. “It means you're up to something… not good…” She added when Akio looked at her innocently. The microphone sounded and the booming voice of the host silenced the crowd.
“Good evening. Welcome to Stone Free's Friday Acoustic Nights. Let's all welcome the Tokyo University Debating Team who won the recently-concluded Debate Olympics.” The host announced and the club burst into claps and whistles.
“And tonight, we are very lucky to have the opportunity of hearing the sweet voice of the Dabate Olymmpic's Best Speaker, Miss Kagome Higurashi.” More claps, whistles and catcalls as Kagome stared at her teammates.
“Be glad I'm in a good mood…” She whispered in Akio's ear before she stood up.
“We're leaving after your song…” Akio replied grinning as Kagome rolled her eyes at him…
Inuyasha pushed his way inside the bar. He scanned the crowd for Kagome and sighed with relief when he saw her walk towards the stage. I found you. He thought as he sat on a nearby table, far from the stage.
“Congratulations, Kagome for winning the Best Speaker award.” He heard the host said and Inuyasha smiled proudly as he watched her thank the host but frowned instantly when someone yelled `Marry Me, Kagome' in the crowd.
“My, they're excited to see you tonight…” The host chuckled and Kagome smiled waving at the group of people near the stage who enthusiastically clapped their hands. “Okay, Kagome…the stage is yours…” The host announced as Kagome nodded to the guitarist beside her. The urge to run up the stage and kiss Kagome senseless was too much that Inuyasha groaned. He listened with rapt attention though just like the rest of the crowd when the guitar sounded and Kagome's voice filled the bar.
Let me sleep
For when I sleep
I dream that you are here
You're mine
And all my fears are left behind
I float on air
The nightingale sings gentle lullabies
So let me close my eyes
Kagome felt familiar twitch in her heart. This is after all goodbye, Inuyasha. She thought sadly as she gripped the microphone tightly in her hand.
Something in Inuyasha's mind snapped when he heard the familiar song. He stared at the stage incredulously as images flashed before his eyes. An abandoned park, the swing, a single red rose… And Kagome.
“Sing for me, Kagome…”
“Please, sing for me…”
And sleep
A chance to dream
So I can see the face I long to touch
To kiss
But only dreams can bring me this
So let the moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He'll dream of me
Inuyasha's heartbeat raced as more memories flooded in - Kagome throwing him an energy ball, Kagome and their detention together, Kagome and his offer to help her with Chemistry…
“Thank you. What I'm saying is you're failing chemistry and you need a tutor whereas I'm failing in my lovelife and I need someone to make Kikyo jealous….”
“And you're perfect for the part since as you told me yourself you don't like me or find me sexually stimulating and stuff…”
“And I am a perfect tutor since I excel in Chemistry, Physic and Math and you'll be my perfect `girlfriend' since only you can make Kikyo jea-“
“I wonder if she'll miss you when you die Hirohito.”
Kagome. His Kagome. His feisty Kagome who comforted and cried for him. His Kagome whom he forgot
I'll hide beneath the clouds
And whisper to the evening stars
They tell me love is just a dream away
Dream away
Dream away
Dream away
What were you doing?” She whispered as she touched her bruised lips while her other hand braced against his chest for support.
“I'm tired of us being just friends…”
Kagome smiled at Natomi's dazed expression. I must have looked the same when he first kissed me. She thought and her knees felt weak at the memory of his warm lips upon hers. She closed her eyes to prevent her tears from falling.
Inuyasha looked keenly at the woman on the stage. His woman. Mine. He thought clenching his fist when he felt his youkai growl excitedly at his thoughts. Mine. Mine alone.
A dream away
“I promise to always look for you, I promise that even when my mind does not remember, my heart will…”
“Only with you and no one else…”
“You are mine, Kagome…”
It took of all of Kagome's willpower not to drop on her knees and cry. I guess, it's not meant to be, Inuyasha. She thought smiling sadly when she saw a glimpse of the pale moon through the clear, glass window of the bar. You and I are not meant to be… She sighed inaudibly unaware of the her effect on a certain hanyou who clenched his fists to battle the emotions warring inside him.
So let the moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He'll dream of me
“Don't train too hard you might get sick…”
“Keh, where's your faith in your mate, woman?”
“Don't forget to eat on time…”
“I won't.
“Don't forget to pray and think of me before you sleep…”
“I won't I promise…”
“Don't forget me, Inuyasha.”
“I promise I won't forget you, not ever…Kagome…
Inuyasha gripped the edge of the table painfully. He promised her he won't forget but he did. She remembered and he did not…
“Gods, I can't let you go…I can't let us go…”
Kagome, I'm not going away
“I love you so much Inuyasha, I can't even begin to explain it…”
Inuyasha felt bile rise in his throat as he remembered her tears…
“Are we serious? Because it seems to me this is all a joke.”
“Kagome, please, don't do this to us…”
“You told me there was no one. You promised me there'll be no one else…”
He remembered promising her he'd never forget and he remembered forgetting…She remembered them and he didn't… But what matters is I do now… I remember us now, Kagome.
Dream of me
Inuyasha watched as Kagome descended the stage amidst whistles and catcalls when the song finished and he clutched the golden necklace securely drawing comfort from the cold feel of the miniscule key against his palm. He longs to touch her, to make sure that she's real. He slowly slipped the gold chain into his neck as he stood up to approach Kagome's table.
How could I have not remembered you, my mate?
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