InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ 'Til Forever ( Chapter 61 )

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You are not the air that I breathe…
Mrs. Higurashi arranged the long veil on Kagome's head, her eyes misting over as she looked at her daughter sitting primly in front of the large mirror.
“You're beautiful darling….Inuyasha is so lucky.” Kagome looked up when her mother spoke. She was a little surprised when she saw tears well on her mother's eyes.
“Oh, don't mind me, a mother is allowed to be emotional on her daughter's wedding.
“You're not losing a daughter, Mama….you're gaining a son….” Kagome said as she touched the hand her mother placed on her shoulder.
“I know….it's funny how affected I am today considering that I knew of yours and Inuyasha's affections when you were only sixteen…”
“It's difficult for you to say the m word isn't it, Mama?”
“Fine, I knew yours and Inuyasha's mating… when you were only sixteen…”
“He'll take care of me, you don't have to worry…”
“I know, I have no doubt that he will but….”
“Mama, stop crying, it's neechan's wedding!” Souta said as he allowed himself inside her sister's bedroom. “You look pretty, sis.” He added as he bent down to kiss his sister's cheek.
“And you don't look bad yourself, baby brother…” Kagome teased and Souta rolled his eyes.
“Inuyasha better take care of you or else…”
“Or else what?” Kagome asked arching her brow.
“Or else I'll kick his ass…” Souta declared. “Although, I have to admit he must have the patience of a saint to put up with you….”
“What?!” Kagome said glaring at her brother.
“Souta, quit teasing your sister….”
“Anyway, I gotta go rescue Hitomi, I saw her talking to grandpa…” Souta said as he waved at his sister and mother goodbye.
“Hitomi and Souta are back together?” Kagome asked her mother.
“Yes, don't ask how…” Mrs. Higurashi commented.
“He wooed her back?” Kagome asked.
“Through her mother….I had to bake pastries for Souta to give Hitomi's mother….”
“Ohh…my brother is a sly one…”
“My kids are growing up…” Mrs. Higurashi said absentmindedly.
“We are, Mama. But growing up does not mean we're not here for you and Ji-chan…”
“I know…” Mrs. Higurashi said kissing the top of her daughter's head.
“Will you stop pacing the floor, you're making me dizzy…” Sesshoumaru complained as he watched his brother's restlessness.
“I'm not pacing!”
“Then will you stop being an idiot and get yourself seated…”
“I can't sit still!”
“Why…?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“You know why…”
“I don't so enlighten me on the subject…”
“I'm getting married!” Inuyasha replied as he stuffed his hands on the pocket of his black slacks.
“Oh, you are?” Sesshoumaru teased and Inuyasha glared at him. Just then Mrs. Hirohito walked in to hear her younger son growling.
“Inuyasha, stop that and Sesshoumaru stop teasing your brother…”
“Do I really have to?” Sesshoumaru asked jokingly as Mrs. Hirohito adjusted Inuyasha's tux. They have opted for a western-style wedding to be presided by a friend of Kagome's grandfather.
“Yes, go find your father…he's lurking around here somewhere…” Mrs. Hirohito directed Sesshoumaru as she smiled fondly at her youngest son. “How are you feeling?” She asked.
“Nervous?” Mrs. Hirohito asked.
“No.” Inuyasha replied and sighed when his mother raised her brow. “Yes….a little…” He admitted ruefully.
“I don't know, I suppose I'll only breathe easy after I slip the ring on Kagome's finger…”
“Afraid she'll change her mind?” Mrs. Hirohito questioned.
“Then what is it?”
“I don't know…”
“Your father was as nervous as you when we got married that my old man, your grandfather, gave him brandy to calm his nerves and got him drunk in the process….” Mrs. Hirohito said, a smile flittered on her lips at the memory.
“Dad was drunk when you got married?”
“Yes and I was not happy that he was but he promised to make up for it for as long as we live…” Mrs. Hirohito laughed softly.
“Hm…” Inuyasha tucked the information away for use in the future.
“It's okay to be nervous, this is the first step to a new life after all. But I have no doubt that you'll take good care of Kagome and she'll take good care of you…”
“What if I wouldn't be able to?”
“Be able to what?”
“To take care of her and make her happy?”
You make her happy, you're what's important to her, you're the one whom she waited patiently for…”
“You really think so?” Inuyasha asked and Mrs. Hirohito rolled her eyes.
“I know so. You're meant to be together, Inuyasha and that's what's important.” She announced confidently just as Sesshoumaru and Mr. Hirohito walked in.
“The pup is nervous…” Sesshoumaru said and Mr. Hirohito smiled indulgently.
“Yes, the pup is nervous…” He seconded and Inuyasha growled again.
“I'm not!”
“I'm betting my new car that he'll stumble and make an ass of himself in front of Kagome and their guests…” Sesshoumaru casually said.
“The camry?” Mr. Hitohito asked.
“Yes, that one…”
“You have yourself a deal…” Mr. Hirohito said shaking Sesshoumaru's hand.
“Stop that both of you!” Mrs. Hirohito reprimanded as Mr. Hirohito walked over to Inuyasha to pat his shoulder.
“Don't let your old man down, pup…” He said seriously as Inuyasha rolled his eyes at him.
“Gee, thanks for the support, Dad…” He replied as Sesshoumaru laughed.
“Is he here already?” Sango asked for the twentieth time.
“He is.” Miroku replied indulgently.
“Oh, good.” Sango replied as she played with the Matron of honor bouquet she was holding.
“Darling, quit fidgeting.” Miroku said touching his wife's cheek.
“I'm not fidgeting!” Sango replied, her eyes welling up with unshed tears.
“And don't cry, you're going to ruin your make-up.” Miroku said smiling warmly at her.
“What made you think I'm going to cry…?” Sango challenged as she sniffed.
“Remember last week when Inuyasha announced that Kagome was pregnant?” Miroku said hurriedly as he smelled another bout of temper tantrum from Sango.
“Yes…” Sango replied, her face breaking into a smile at the scene played before her once again….
“It's a phase every pregnant woman goes through. Every. Pregnant. Woman. So breathe easy…” Miroku told Inuyasha. “You're lucky Kagome is not pregnant…” He added and winced when Sango kicked his foot.
“What in the hell does that suppose to mean?!” Sango said and Kagome laughed harder.
“But she is…” Inuyasha said softly and they all looked at him.
“She is…?” Miroku questioned.
“She is what?” Sango asked curiously.
“She is pregnant.” Inuyasha announced.
“WHAT?!” Kagome yelled standing up while Sango's jaw dropped in disbelief. Miroku was grinning like Christmas came early and Inuyasha browsed the menu for anything alcoholic to drink. What do you mean, I'm pregnant?!” Kagome demanded as she glared at Inuyasha's bowed head.
“Yes Inuyasha, what do you mean…?” Miroku asked teasingly. His eyes dancing with mischief as he looked at his friend squirm uncomfortably on his seat.
I mean…” Inuyasha started looking guiltily at Kagome.
“You mean…?” Kagome asked testily as she placed her hands on her hips. By now Miroku was laughing silently like crazy as he looked at Kagome's murderous glare and at Inuyasha's pale, fearful expression.
“Hon, sit down…” Inuyasha pleaded and Kagome glowered at him. “Please…?” he pleaded but Kagome remained standing. “You're pregnant.” He said after a few seconds that felt like years to him.
“How do you know?” Sango asked, her glower mirroring her friend's.
“Yes Inuyasha, how do you know?” Miroku asked grinning widely.
“He can smell me…” Kagome said in a soft voice as she sat down on her chair.
“Huh?” Sango inquired.
He can smell…” Kagome started and blushed.
“Oh…” Sango said as understanding dawned on her.
“Wow…youkai pregnancy test…” Miroku said and Inuyasha and Kagome both growled at him.
“Sorry…” Miroku said as Sango whacked him in the head with a spoon. He squelched the urge to glare at his wife as he rubbed the sore spot on his head.
“Are you sure?” Kagome asked Inuyasha who nodded his head.
“Are you upset?” Inuyasha asked in a soft voice.
“Upset…? Upset?! Why would I be upset?! You told me you'd know if it's okay to…to… to do it or not!” Kagome stammered as she blushed again.
“I'm sorry…” Inuyasha said quietly as Kagome stared at her lap unseeingly.
“I'm nineteen…” Kagome said.
“I know…” Inuyasha replied sadly.
“I'm still in college…” Kagome spoke once again.
“I know that too, I'm sorry…” Inuyasha sighed as he bowed his head, unable to look at Kagome in the eye. Miroku and Sango kept quiet at their friends' exchange.
What will Mama say?”
“Look, hon…I'm sorry…I shouldn't have been impulsive but I want this baby with you, it was selfish on my part but before I remembered that we were mated I was thinking of a way to make you stay and…. That…. was just foul on my part…” Inuyasha admitted sadly.
“You planned all this?” Kagome asked incredulously.
I'm sorry…” Inuyasha replied and was surprised when Kagome threw herself at him.
“That's so sweet, although I admit it's rather stupid since I will definitely stay with you even without the baby, even if you didn't remember, even if…” Kagome said as she hugged him fiercely. She was silenced however when Inuyasha's lips descended on hers.
“I love you…” He said hugging her close.
“I love you…” Kagome replied as she nuzzled his chin. Sango looked at the couple and wailed.
“Sango…?” Kagome said in alarm as Miroku promptly stood up to hug his wife.
“That's just so sweet!” Sango sobbed, making a makeshift handkerchief out of Miroku's sleeves. “I can't wait for us to have cravings together.” She added smiling tearfully not seeing the horror registering on Miroku and Inuyasha's faces.
“Or shop baby clothes together…” Kagome said, her eyes twinkling at the idea.
Or watch movies by Kim Rae Won over and over…” Sango said enthusiastically.
“Oi, I don't want you drooling over another man while you're pregnant with my pup!” Inuyasha grumbled but the women chose to ignore him.
“This is so exciting!” Kagome said as she stood up to hug her friend.
“Oh my God, I just can't wait for us to go through this very important phase together!!” Sango shrieked as she and Kagome jumped up and down.
“How about we go hunt for baby things and maternity clothes now?” Kagome said, her face flushed with eagerness.
“Yes, I heard a new store opened at Rockwell's dedicated to expecting moms…” Sango said already gathering her things as Kagome slipped her sling bag into her shoulders.
“Is it too early for ultrasounds?” Kagome asked as they walked hand in hand towards the exits.
“Yes, I think you have to be five or six months pregnant..” Sango replied as Inuyasha and Miroku stared helplessly at the departing women.
“Oi, Kagome!” Inuyasha called.
“Sango, dear…?” Miroku started and stopped when the women paused to glare at them.
“What?!” Kagome asked, her brows furrowing.
“What do you want, Miroku?” Sango asked irritated.
“I mean, are you just going to leave me here?” Inuyasha asked timidly.
“What about the food you ordered?” Miroku asked hesitantly.
“Duh, can't find your way home?” Kagome taunted as she quirked her brow at Inuyasha.
“Eat it or leave it, you buffoon!” Sango said as they pushed the glass door open.
“Whiny men…” Kagome said.
“What are we, their mothers?” Sango snorted as they threw another glance at Inuyasha and Miroku's table.
“Sango…Sango….!” Miroku called and Sango blinked at him.
“What?” Sango snapped.
“The wedding is about to start.” Miroku informed her.
“Oh…I'm sorry, I was daydreaming I guess…” Sango replied sheepishly as Miroku leaned down to kiss her forehead.
“I'm happy that things turned out well…” Sango whispered against his chest.
“I'm happy that you are…” Miroku replied, his arms tightening around his wife.
Inuyasha stood anxiously adjusting his bow tie. Sesshoumaru smirked knowingly beside him.
“You're shivering…” He whispered watching Inuyasha fidget.
“I'm not!” Inuyasha denied as he tried to swallow a fist-size lump on his throat.
“You will be…” Sesshoumaru predicted as he saw Kagome readying for her bridal march out of the corner of his eye.
“Keh!” Inuyasha replied as the first note of the electric organ reached his ears. The shrine ground was turned into a lovely luau with white tables and chairs strategically placed to face orchids-decorated stage housing the altar. Kagome had wanted everything decorated with white flowers and Mrs. Higurashi pulled all stops to make her daughter's wish come true. The guests stood up as the traditional bridal march played after the entourage led by Sango walked in.
Inuyasha turned to face the entrance and his jaw dropped as he watched Kagome walk towards him. She looked ethereal in her white, pearl-encrusted gown. The bodice was strapless and it showed off Kagome's smooth shoulders.
“Close your mouth, baka.” Sesshoumaru remarked from beside him and Inuyasha coughed to hide his embarrassment. He moved forward when Kagome neared him and she promptly latched her arm around his.
“You're beautiful…” He whispered.
“You think so…?” Kagome whispered back as they sat on gold and white chairs facing the altar. Inuyasha was about to reply when the priest cleared his throat meaningfully to start the ceremony. Inuyasha and Kagome held hands as the wedding rites progressed, both reassuring each other of the forever they promised.
When the time came for the vows to be exchanged, Inuyasha cleared his throat nervously as Kagome looked at him.
“Yes?” The priest inquired.
“I have prepared a vow for my ma—for my wife… I mean, for Kagome.” He said when the priest raised his brow. “And I would rather recite them instead of the traditional vows…” He continued as he looked at the priest resolutely.
“That's okay I guess…” The priest conceded after almost a minute of staring contest between him and Inuyasha. “Let's hear it…” He smiled, smiling at the stubborn young groom.
“Kagome, I wrote this for you back in high school and…” He paused feeling uneasy suddenly and relaxed a little when Kagome squeezed his hand. “It wasn't quite finished back then but now it is…” Quit stammering, baka! Inuyasha berated himself as he gazed at his wife's smiling face.
“Okay, I'm sure I'll love it…” Kagome said and she watched Inuyasha twitch fretfully.
“Okay…” He replied, thankful that Sesshoumaru was seated on the side behind him or else he would have lost his nerve at his baka brother's smirk.
You are not the air that I breathe,
You are the sweet scent that drifts upon it
You are not the sound that I hear,
You are the music of my life
You are not the food that I need,
You are the nourishment of my soul
You are not my will to survive,
You are my reason for living
It is with you that I experience
the wonders of the world
It is with you that I triumph
over the challenges of my pain
It is your partnership that will lead me
to the fulfillment of my dreams
It is your friendship that guides me
as I grow and learn
It is your patience and wisdom
that calms my restless nature
It is through you that I know my true self…
Inuyasha stopped when Kagome's tears fell. He moved the veil aside to wipe the tears off her face.
“Hey, I'm not yet finished…” He joked and Kagome laughed tearfully.
“I'm sorry, go on…” Kagome said controlling her sobs. Inuyasha smiled at her lovingly as he cupped her face.
I do not take you for granted
I cherish you
I do not need you
I choose you
I choose you today in witness
Of all the people who loves us
I choose you tomorrow
In the privacy of our hearts
I choose you in strength
And in weakness
I choose you in health
And in sickness
I choose you in joy and in sorrow
I will choose you over all others everyday
For all the days of my life…
He finished and held his breath as Kagome launched herself into his arms. Their visitors stood up and clapped and he could see his mother cry in his father's arms. Souta was blushing furiously as he held a handkerchief to his mother. Sango was wailing in the background and the priest indulgently waited for the crowd to calm down.
“So Kagome…?” The priest inquired. “After Inuyasha's beautiful vow, do you have anything to say?” He asked.
“I do love you and I do promise to love you and stay by your side for the rest of our lives…” Kagome said and the shrine erupted into cheers.
“I now pronounce you husband and - “ The priest laughed together with the crowd when Inuyasha kissed his new wife eagerly. “Well, what can I say, let's give a round of applause and welcome the newly-weds, Mr. and Mrs. Hirohito.” The priest announced and the guests stood up and clapped jovially.
“I love you forever…” Inuyasha whispered against his wife's lips.
“Forever…” Kagome said as she snaked her arms around him to pull him close for another kiss.
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