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Originally posted to IB4Y on April 30, 2011.

W-Prompt #6: Truth

Title: One Simple Truth
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Genre: General/Canon
Word Count: 257
Warnings: None
Summary: Trapped alone in the Shikon no Tama, Kagome holds onto one simple truth.

The darkness surrounded her, pressed in on her, tried to make her give in to her despair. She could hear the jewel's taunts, it's lies as it tried to get her to make a wish.

'You are all alone, no one will come, no one can reach you.'

'There is no where for you to go.'

'You must make a wish.'

'Don't you wish to go home?'

'Don't you wish to see the hanyou, Inuyasha?'

'Whatever you want can be yours, if you wish it.'

She shook her head trying to clear it. She refused to give into her fear. “No, I won't. I won't wish.” She knew that jewel spoke only lies, that it was trying to trick her. But in her heart she knew the truth.

“Inuyasha” she murmured. A warm feeling enveloped her body, fighting back the darkness that surrounded her. “Inuyasha will come.”

She could hear the jewel as it tried to convince her that she was wrong, that the only way out was to wish. But she ignored it, sure in her belief of one simple truth. Inuyasha would come for her. That wasn't a belief, it was the truth.

From far away she heard it, his voice, calling for her.  “Kagome! Can you hear me, Kagome?! Don't make any wishes! Not until I find you!”

A small smile appeared on her face as she once more faced the jewel and denied it it's wish. She would wait, knowing that one simple truth, that Inuyasha would find her.
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