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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest on May 23, 2011. Tied for 3rd place.

Title: Doubts
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Prompt: Missing Out (The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest)
Genre: General
Word Count: 463
Summary: Mrs. Higurashi muses over the things Kagome is missing out on and why she lets her daughter travel in the past.

Mrs. Higurashi sighed as she closed the door. She could still hear Kagome's school friends talking in disappointment. They had come to visit Kagome and she had had to turn them away, telling them she was at the doctor's office.

Walking into the kitchen, she sighed again. Why had the fates chosen her daughter? Why must Kagome be in the past, battling youkai and monsters, instead of here, in the future worrying about school and boys and other concerns of a teenage girl? She couldn't help but feel that Kagome was missing out on so much.

Her eyes landed on the letter, sitting innocently on the table. It was from the school, the officials were concerned about her many absences and poor grades. Another thing her daughter was missing out on, her education.

Pouring herself a cup of tea, she wondered, 'why do I let her go? She should be here, studying, hanging out with her friends, worrying about clothes and boys. Not about youkai and other dangers.'

She heard the door open and close. “I'm home” Kagome called and she went to greet her. Her eyes roamed over her daughter, thankfully finding no injuries, but she could tell that the girl was exhausted and hurried to draw her a warm, relaxing bath, her previous thoughts forgotten.

Later, as she looked in on her from the doorway her earlier doubts returned. Kagome was lying asleep on her bed, having missed dinner. 'My poor Kagome, why must you go through this? Why can't you have a normal life?'

She made to close the door but paused as movement near the window caught her eye. She watched as Inuyasha silently climbed through the window and made his way to her sleeping daughter. The moonlight caught his face and she could only stare at the tender look on his face as he gazed at Kagome. She watched as he knelt next to the bed and slowly, tenderly brushed a strand of hair from the girl's face. Slowly Kagome's eyes opened, fixing on the hanyou in front of her and Mrs. Higurashi had to stifle a gasp at the love she could see shining there. “Inuyasha” the girl breathed out, reaching out to cover his hand with her own.

Slowly, so as not to make a sound and disturb the scene before her, Mrs. Higurashi backed away from the door and headed to her own room, a smile on her face. Now she was able to recall the reason she allows Kagome to journey in the Feudal Era, placing her doubt to rest. Kagome wasn't missing out on anything truly important after all, as she had already found the most important thing in life, love. With a smile Mrs. Higurashi prepared for bed, already imagining puppy-eared grandchildren.
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