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Originally posted to IB4Y on March 26, 2012 for W-Prompt #17 – March. Won 3rd place.

Title: The Way Things Are
Author: ananova
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 299
Warnings: None
Summary: Kagome learns a harsh lesson of life. It's called the Warring States period for a reason.


Kagome watched from her position on the cliff as the soldiers marched on below. Marched on to their probable deaths against a larger force. “Why? They must know they can't beat them. Why don't they stop, go home? Their families must be waiting for them.” She turned tear-filled eyes to her companions, her heart-ache clearly visible.

Sango and Miroku refused to meet her eyes, little Shippou's face was as clueless as her own. They had seen the fortress the army below them marched toward, had barely escaped the area with their lives. If not for Inuyasha and Kirara's demonic speed they wouldn't have. The fortress was sealed tight, heavily manned with more soldiers than those below. Surely the men understood this, so why did they continue to march to what would almost certainly be there death?

Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, it was Inuyasha who answered her question. He leaped down from his perch in the tree to crouch beside her, watching as the last of the men disappeared from view down the road. “They go for their families sakes. They know that they will likely fail but the consequences of not even trying are worse. The Daimyo ordered this attack and they must obey for their families sakes. If they don't they will lose their honor, their lives and the lives of their families. At least this way, even if they do die their families will still have their honor and will be provided for by the Daimyo.” He sighed. “It might not be right but that's how things are.” He allowed the upset girl to cry against his shoulder, mourning the unnecessary loss of life and mourned that she would have to be exposed to the sad reality of life in this era.

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