InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Inuyasha Drabbles ❯ Home Is Where the Heart Is ( Chapter 34 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Originally posted to IB4Y on April 9, 2012 for I-Prompt #17, a picture of the road leading into Kaede's village. It won 1st place.

Title: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Genre: General/Introspection
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 500
Summary: Kagome contemplates her true home as she waits for the well to reopen.


Kagome waved goodbye to her friends from the bottom of the shrine's steps. Once they were out of sight she sighed. As much as she loved her friends, they really had nothing in common any more. All they wanted to talk about were boys, fashion and their plans for after graduation. She smiled with a touch of sadness. Three years ago she would have been doubtful that she would have made it this far, but here she was, getting ready to graduate from high school.

Shaking her head to clear it, she began the long trek up the stairs. She stopped in the courtyard and looked around. There was the Goshinboku and the well-house. Her eyes took in the main shrine and her house. But as much as she tried it didn't feel like home.

Walking over to the bench under the Goshinboku Kagome sat down. She had to admit it, despite how much she loved her family, she didn't belong here. It was no longer home. As the saying went, home is where the heart is and her heart was in the past. “Inuyasha,” she whispered, wondering what he was doing. She could pictured him lounging on a branch or on top of Kaede's hut. Images of the village filled her mind, the huts scattered around and the farmers working in the fields. And she knew that that was where she belonged, that was where her home was.

She had been denying it for so long, trying to fit in in a time that she no longer felt a part of. That was why she was unable to connect to her friends. They were all about the here and now, as well as their future while in her heart she knew her future rested in the past. While her friends had been making plans for what they would do after graduation, what careers and universities they would choose, she had merely smiled but made no plans of her own.

Her eyes drifted to the well-house once more, seeing past it to the well. But she knew it wasn't time. Past experience told her that if she tried it wouldn't work. But, as a breeze blew past the sacred tree and swept her hair across her face, she knew it would be soon.

A smile settled on her face as Kagome stood and walked toward the house. She didn't know when but she knew that soon she would be ready. When that time came she would finally return to her true home. One last image flashed across her mind as she entered the house. It was of Inuyasha, arms folded over his chest and hands stuffed inside his sleeves as he lounged against Kaede's hut, an impatient look on his face as if he was saying hurry up already wench, I'm waiting. Her smile widened and she slid the door shut behind her, calling out to her mother that she was home. 'Soon, I really will be home soon.'