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Some Secrets Revealed

What can I do for four hours in Tokyo Kagome wondered. Inu had meetings and other important business matters to attend to. She'd find something to do.

"Ok, I'll be back at 6:00 pm," she told him.

"Eh, Kagome, here take this, you'll need it to get into the building," he handed her his ID pass.

She smiled and reached out to take the pass. Inu grasped her wrist, "can I get a kiss?"

"No…" she muttered taking the pass trying to tug her hand free of his grasp. He grinned wickedly and released her. She knew that if he didn't want to release her there was no way she could have gotten free.

Her hand on the knob, "Kagome, here's your check."

She took the envelope, avoiding touching him. Inu simply raised his eyebrows at that. She blushed and hurried out his office and away from his mocking laughter.

~Kagome…you're acting like an ass!~

I know, she replied softly, and a little sadly.

It was 5:00 pm and she was still in the bank waiting to change the check! Man, how had she forgotten today was payday? Grrrr…and the bank was going to close in half an hour and there was 20 people ahead of her. She sighed resignedly and waited until it was her turn.

She was just about to swipe the pass when she saw a familiar couple approaching her.

She blinked, "San…Miro…what are you guys doing here?"

Miroku gave her a questioning glance, "we can ask the same of you, brat."

Kagome glared at him, "don't call me that, I'm not a kid any more."

Swiping the card she entered the building, Miroku and Sango close on her heels.

"Why are you guys following me," Kagome demanded.

Sango replied with a cryptic, "Are we?"

Kagome frowned, if they weren't following her, then they…

"Inu's your employer!?" Kagome asked a bit disbelieving.

"Hmmm…" this from Miroku neither confirming nor denying her assumption.

Kagome watched as Miroku and Sango walked up to Inu's office door and gave a light knock before entering his lair. She shrugged, it wasn't any of her business.

Seating herself comfortably on the chaise, she was surprised to see Sessho looking at her from the doorway.

"Kagome, I think you should hear this also," he told her quietly.

What the hell could they be talking about that would concern her? She nodded and stood.

There wasn't anywhere for her to sit. Hmmm…might as well use the door for support.

Not paying attention to what they were saying she let her eyes wander over to Inu and just stood there looking at him.

Feeling her eyes on him, he turned towards her and smiled beckoning her towards him.

Kagome blushed at having been caught staring at him, but pushed away from the door and walked over to him, her eyes questioning.

He simply smiled at her and patted his lap, indicating that she should sit on him. Neither noticed three pairs of eyes staring at them intently.

Gingerly she perched on the edge of his lap. Inu rolled his eyes at her back and wrapped one arm around her tiny waist, dragging her back against him so she was leaning against his chest. Kagome squirmed in his lap trying to find a comfortable position. Inu Yasha groaned.

Removing his hands from the armrest, he clasped the loosely in her lap trying to keep her still. Somewhat startled, Kagome looked down at the hands resting in her lap and shyly covered them with her own. Inu smirked at this and linked his fingers together with hers, softly kissing the side of her neck. Kagome couldn't stop a small shudder. Encouraged by that little telling action, Inu Yasha nibbled and licked that sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder. She shuddered again. He grinned and was about to explore further when some one cleared their throat, "ahem, um…if you two are through?"

Inu glared at Miroku menacingly, "continue damnit!"

Kagome still wasn't paying attention to what anyone was saying. She was too wrapped up in thoughts of how good it felt to be held by Inu, until one word pierced through her thoughts, `Naraku'.

"What about Naraku," Kagome demanded.

"Eh, Kagome, weren't you paying attention," Sango asked her slyly.

Kagome blushed answering the question.

"Naraku has been keeping tabs on you," Sango explained. "He's furious that you haven't returned to him begging for your job back. That's another reason that you can't get a job. He's blackmailing anyone who would consider hiring you."

Kagome sat there stunned, so it HAD been a conspiracy! Inu gently tightened his arms around her. She blinked, looking at Inu. He didn't like the look on her face…she was scared. That bastard Naraku would pay for putting that look on his Kagome's face.

Turning back towards Miroku and Sango, "how can he blackmail everyone who would hire me? How is it possible?" Kagome demanded.

"Kagome you worked for Naraku for three years right?" At her nod Miroku continued, "and during that time, did you ever see a little girl with white hair who carried a mirror with her where ever she went?"

She nodded slowly, "I saw her a few times…she gave me the creeps."

Miroku looked at Sango. Sango looked at Miroku, they didn't know how the group would react to this information that they were about to divulge, "that isn't an ordinary mirror, it's…magical…" Miroku paused waiting for a reaction. Inu and Sessho were simply waiting for him to continue. Kagome on the other hand…her jaw was hanging open staring at him incredulously.

"Your woman's mouth is hanging open," Sessho stated the obvious.

Kagome snapped her mouth shut in irritation at Sessho's comment and glared at him.

Inu grinned at her reaction, "continue the report, please."

Sango looked like she was about to laugh at the deadly glare Kagome was sending Sesshomaru's way but wisely kept her mirth to herself.

He nodded, "it has the ability to see your deepest darkest secrets and fears. With that mirror, that girl sees everything, and reports it to Naraku." Time for another mind blower Miroku thought, "She isn't human, what exactly she is we haven't discovered yet."

Business concluded, Sango turned to her dear friend, "hey Kagome, so are you his woman or not?" She couldn't help herself, it had been so long since she'd seen her…got to make up for lost time.

"Shut up Sango," Kagome mumbled.

Sessho was mildly surprised and that's saying a lot! Nothing surprised him, "you know each other?"

Both Miroku and Sango nodded, " our parents are friends and we used to baby sit her."

Intrigued, Inu leaned forward slightly leaning his chin on Kagome's shoulder, "do go on."

Kagome sent them pleading looks, begging Sango not to say anymore. Sango gave Kagome a warm smile before looking at Inu, "sorry but no."

Inu glared at Sango.

Inu Yasha smiled wickedly as he remembered that he was having Kagome for dinner.

It was time to leave.

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He's having Kagome for dinner? He's gonna eat her? Hmmm…not a bad idea huh? *evil grin*