InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ One Battle ❯ The Hidden Watcher ( Chapter 3 )

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Originally posted to The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest on August 2, 2011 for Prompt #257 Around the Corner.

Title: The Hidden Watcher
Author: ananova
Rating: K+
Prompt: Around the Corner (The Inuyasha Fanfic Contest)
Genre: General
Word Count: 250
Summary: Shippou hides and watches a battle against Naraku.

He peered around the corner of his hiding place, cringing at the sight before him. Nearby, Miroku and Sango took care of the lower youkai but his eyes were locked on the battle raging not far away. He winced as he saw the tentacles head for Kagome again and winced further to see Inuyasha intercept them with his own body, again.

'I'm just a little kid' Shippou told himself when he questioned why he wasn't out there helping them. But the words did nothing to soothe his guilty conscience. He ducked back behind the rocks but soon peered around the corner once again, unable to turn his back on his friends.

As he watched Inuyasha again and again take attacks aimed at Kagome, he couldn't help but wonder why it had to be like this. He had tried to get Kagome to hide with him but she had refused to leave Inuyasha's side. And despite the numerous injuries he now carried, Inuyasha seemed to be drawing strength from her presence.

Finally the battle ended and Naraku withdrew. He watched Inuyasha collapse from his injuries, Kagome racing to his side. He wanted nothing more than to join them but waited. He would give them a few moments alone, it was the least he could do to make up for his cowardice. He spotted the look of relief on Inuyasha's face as he made sure Kagome was unharmed before allowing her to tend to him and knew he made the right decision.
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