InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ One Battle ❯ Musings of a Late Night Visitor ( Chapter 6 )

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Originally posted to IB4Y on August 17, 2011 for I-Prompt #10. Won 2nd place.

Title: Musings of a Late Night Visitor
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Genre: General
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 299
Summary: In the aftermath of His Strength, Inuyasha awakes to an unwelcome visitor.

Myouga crept closer to where his master lay near the fire. He could easily detect the delicious scent of that rich, wonderful tasting blood and lamented the fact that so much of it had been spilled, needlessly wasted on this day. His eyes landed on the girl slumped next to the hanyou and he corrected himself. No, not needlessly.

He sighed and leaped up, landing on Inuyasha's chest. The flea youkai took in the sight of the many bandages wrapped around the hanyou's body and shook his head sadly. 'My poor master, what you had to go through.' He glanced up at Inuyasha's face before eying the vein on his neck hungrily. He shook his head and sighed again. 'No, Inuyasha-sama doesn't need to lose anymore blood tonight, not even a small amount.'

Turning away, Myouga's eyes landed once more on the figure slumped over next to his master. He took in her tired, rumpled appearance before leaping over to her. 'Her blood is sweet, though not as tasty as Inuyasha-sama's. I wonder what their combined blood would taste like.' He mused a moment longer about an offspring of the two before moving to take a bite. But a hand suddenly snatched him up as he neared the girl's neck.

“Eek!” He looked up into the sleepily glaring hanyou's face. “Inuyasha-sama! You're awake!”

“Feh. I've told ya before, Kagome's off limits. Now scram.” He flicked the flea away before lying back down and tugging the girl to rest more comfortably against his side.

Myouga watched his actions and smiled at the gentle way Inuyasha resettled the girl against himself. His smile widened when he saw Kagome instinctively snuggle closer to the once more sleeping hanyou. Perhaps he would be able to taste their combined blood yet.
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