InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Joys of Parenthood ❯ Change for the Better ( Chapter 11 )

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Change for the Better by Sunset Miko [Cotton Anniversary Challenge]Ė Dokuga_Contest on LiveJournal

     Prompt: cotton
     Genre: General
     Rating: G
     Warnings: May make your uterus jump into your throat.
     Word Count: 860
     Summary: Babies change everything.

So many things had changed since the birth of his son. They werenít even big things, just little ones here and there, but they added up to an entirely new world for Sesshoumaru.

He no longer had a single silk tie that was not stained or discolored in some way, either by spit-up or drool. Kagome could only laugh and say that she hadnít known he was such a slow learner. Honestly, he would come through the door in his fancy suit and tie and immediately pick up their son. No, that wasnít the problem. She actually thought it was sweet that the first person he sought out was their child. The problem was that the baby thought that his tie was a teether and the little boy was a major drooler. None of his ties had escaped unscathed. Still, he wore them proudly, seeing them as s symbol of his fatherhood. Yes, he got raised eyebrows at the office but he didnít care, not anymore.

Their silk sheets were long gone too. The baby was in the bed with them more often than not and while he didnít spit up often, when he did he somehow always managed to hit the sheets. There was also the occasional and always unexpected diaper overflow. Add to that the annoyance of breastfeeding that is leakage and they were stained in under a week and no amount of washing would bring them back. Their bedding was now soft cotton sheets that Kagome had picked out partly for their texture, that she swore was like an old comfortable worn t-shirt, but mostly for their pattern that skillfully hid the stains she knew would come.

The backseat of his car had never seen so much action, not even in the early days of their relationship. Sesshoumaru was thankful for his unnatural strength because lifting the carseat in and out of its base over and over at every stop would certainly have been tiring without it. He didnít know how Kagome managed on her own. In addition to the seat, there was the gigantic diaper bag that he swore was bottomless. How Kagome managed to stuff everything did in there he didnít know but he suspected some kind of magic. No matter what they needed she had not one but two! Then there was the stroller, toys, and a plethora of other baby gear heíd never even known existed a year ago.

He couldnít walk through the living room without stepping on something that squeaked or kicking something that rattled or crinkled. The little toys werenít as bad as the bigger ones though. Those ones were kind enough to trip him in the dark, even with his enhanced eyesight. Again Kagome could only laugh and ask why he didnít look down when he walked.

Now the little guy was eating solid foods, which had caused serious upheaval in the kitchen. He couldnít find anything! Kagome had rearranged all the cupboards to make room for little bowls and spoons, tiny jars of food, and boxes of cereal. How could such a tiny creature cause such chaos? It shouldnít be so difficult to walk into his own kitchen and pour himself a glass of milk but it was. Unless he wanted to use a sippy cup he had to open a minimum of six cupboards to find what he was looking for! If he hadnít known better he would have accused Kagome of moving things daily just to mess with his head.

Kagome was so busy now that heíd actually been forced into the indignity of washing his own clothing, but he had quickly figured out that it was better than the indignity of realizing at six in the morning that he had no clean underwear. Hopefully this particular change would go back to normal soon though, because his lack of knowledge in the field of laundry was making itself known. He no longer had a single pair of white socks after a bright red onesie had snuck its way into his load. Pink was not his color but he was much too inexperienced to even attempt bleach. Kagome would fix them if she ever found the time.

Every now and then when he got to work and opened his briefcase there would be a surprise. He couldnít figure out how a six month old baby could stash a pacifier or his favorite toy inside, but then he was his son. Of course he was resourceful.

His once neat and simple desktop was long gone, now covered with picture frames that detailed his sonís progression from birth to now. Those were entirely his own doing however. He couldnít help it. The baby had changed so much in six short months that he didnít want to cover one picture with another. He loved them all.

To be completely honest, Sesshoumaru liked all the changes. His life before parenthood had been calm, quiet, and organized but now it was exciting and full of adventure and amazement. Instead of the morning paper with his coffee he got a gummy smile and a squealing laugh and he couldnít think of anything better.