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Note: I got so many reviews from the first chapter that I tired my best to get this chapter out as soon as I could. Thanks to all the people who reviewed. Anyway, so far Kagome has found a book that portrays what the result of her journey will be. She is devastated by what she finds and cries herself to sleep. And so our story continues.

The Truth Behind the Book Chapter 2: Answers

Sunlight flowed through the window causing Kagome to wake up. She wearily opened her eyes. She was exhausted because she had not slept a wink all night. The words kept repeating themselves in her mind; her hanyou companion died from a fatal injury that he received while protecting her in the battle. She sat up and rubbed her red, puffy eyes. Slowly rising from her bed she exited her room and went to take a quick shower, hoping that it would help her forget everything and clear her eyes. After a 10 minute shower she quickly got dressed and was out the door. The day passed by leisurely. Finally the school bell rang and Kagome was dismissed from class. She had cheered up a bit, not wanting her friends to worry. As she walked up the steps that led to the Higurashi shrine she remembered the words from the book.

..her hanyou companion died from a fatal injury that he received while protecting her in the battle

Kagome shook her head. She had 2 tests to study for and a paper to write. She didn't have time to get all depressed. She walked into her empty home and up the stairs to her room. She grabbed 2 of her school books and began studying. She studied for about 4 hours, making sure she knew everything well. She closed her last book and sighed. Her stomach grumbled at her, reminding her that she still had to eat dinner. She smiled to herself, stood up, and decided she would take a break to eat something. After going downstairs and retrieving something to eat Kagome returned to her room. She picked up the pile of books she had thrown in the corner of her room and placed them on her desk. She then retrieved a piece of paper, sat down at the desk, and wrote her paper. It didn't take very long for her to finish. Once she was finally done with all her homework she returned to the book that she had read last night. Picking it up from the floor she sat down on her bed and opened the book up. This time though she didn't read it. Instead she looked to see if there was any clue as to who the author was. She didn't find anything. Finally after about an hour she gave up. It was now 11:30 pm. Kagome decided that tomorrow after school she would go look for information on the author. She still had 2 more days till she was due back to the Feudal Era. She stood up and put her pajamas on. Turning off her light she climbed into bed.

'Oh Kami (spelling?) please don't let the book be right.'

The next morning Kagome got up somewhat late. She rushed through getting ready and dashed out of the house. On her way to school she repeated all the information that she needed to memorize for the 2 tests she had today. She just barely made it into the classroom before the bell rang. The day flew by and Kagome was pretty positive that she had passed both of her tests with flying colors. As school let out her friends joined up with her.

"Hey, Kagome how are you feeling?" Kagome's friend asked (I'm sorry but I don't know their names).

"I'm fine. Just a little tired from studying," Kagome answered, "I have to go now. I'll see you guys later. Bye!"

"Bye!" her friends answered.

Kagome ran until she was out of her friends' sight. As she slowed her pace down she glanced at her watch. It read 5:00 pm. She had at least 3 hours to get the information she needed. She quickly made her way to the library. Kagome asked the librarian if she knew who the author was, but she didn't know. Kagome continued her search by using the computer. She tried about 100 websites and found nothing. She was about to give up when she found what she was looking for.

.Mirke Jogaju (I know, strange name), author of Feudal Japan: Fact or Fiction, has retired saying that he no longer has any stories to pass on.

Kagome was ecstatic! She finally had a way of finding the answers she sought. Writing down the author's name she referred to the trusty phone book. After finding his address she set out to Mirke's house. He lived about an hour from Tokyo, so Kagome took the train. The train ride was long and boring, but Kagome bared with it. Once the train reached her stop Kagome got off the train and began asking people if they knew where the address was. After about 30 minutes Kagome stood in front of the author's home. It was an average sized house with a red roof and a gate that opened up into the yard. Kagome opened the gate and cautiously walked up to the door. After a slight hesitation she knocked on the door.

'What am I doing here? What if he's not really the author?"

The door opening brought Kagome back to her sense. A middle aged man stood in the doorway. He had black hair that looked similar to Miroku's. He was tall with dark brown eyes.

"Hello, may I help you miss?" the man asked.

"Oh, yes. I'm looking for a Mr. Mirke Jogaju. Does he live here?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, I'm Mirke Jogaju. What is it that you need?" Mirke asked.

"Oh, I'm Kagome Higurashi. I read your book Feudal Japan: Fact or Fiction and I was wondering where you got your ideas," Kagome asked nervously.

The sound of a whistle going off could be heard from inside the house.

"Oh, please come inside. I'll explain to you in a second. I have to take my dinner off the stove. Please come in and make yourself at home," Mirke said as he led Kagome in and then left to tend to his dinner.

Kagome walked into the family room and was surprised to find many artifacts from the Feudal Era. There were prayer beads, weapons such as bows and swords, and even an outfit that looked similar to Miroku's outfit. Kagome just looked in wonder and didn't even notice Mirke walked up behind.

"You like it?"

Kagome jumped and turned around. Mirke gave a like chuckle.

"I'm sorry I startled you," he told her.

"It's ok. Where'd you get all this stuff?" Kagome asked turning her attention back to the artifacts.

"I inherited them. They belonged to my great-great-great-great-great-great- great-great grandfather. He lived back in Feudal Era. Now what was that question you had for me?" Mirke asked as he took a seat on his couch and motioned for Kagome to take a seat.

Kagome sat down on a chair and repeated her question, "I asked where you got your ideas from for your book."

"Oh, well lets see. Stories passed through generations in my family. You see my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Miroku," he stated.

Kagome's eyes snapped wide open.

"Wh..what did.. you say?" Kagome asked.

Mirke looked at her confused, "I said my great-great-great-great-great- great-great-great grandfather was Miroku, you know the monk from the book. The prayer beads there were said to have sealed the air void in my grandfather's hand that he received from the demon Naraku," Mirke claimed as he pointed to the prayer beads on the wall and then he put to the outfit and said, "the outfit there belong to Miroku as well. Down the hall is the outfit that Miroku's wife wore. I think her name was Sango."

Kagome just looked at him in pure shock. All this information was just staring to sink in.

'Miroku and Sango get married. Mirke is Miroku's great-great-great-great- great-great-great-great grandson and he owns some of the things that belonged to Miroku from the Feudal Era. This is way to much for me,' Kagome thought.

"Miss Higurashi are you alright?" Mirke asked.

Kagome snapped back to reality and said, "Yes, I'm sorry. Then you mean that all the information written in your book is true?"

"Yes, unless somewhere along the line someone in my family altered it, but I don't think they did. This is a very important story to my family and no one would alter it without really good reason. Why did you wish to know?" Mirke looked at Kagome closely.

"No major reason. I have a paper to do on Feudal Japan and I just wanted to make sure the information in your book was true. I'm sorry for keeping you from your dinner. I must leave now. Thank you for your time," Kagome said as she turned for the door, "I'll let myself out. Thanks again."

As the door closed Mirke looked back over to the prayer beads.

'Kagome Higurashi that was the name of the girl that traveled through the well and helped Miroku and the others. She was the reincarnated soul of the priestess Kikyo. Very interesting, so the stories are true after all.'

Kagome closed the door behind her and slowly left to go to the train station.

'So then what the book said is true. I have to go back to the Feudal Era tomorrow. How am I going to tell them? How am I going to tell InuYasha? What about Miroku and Sango ending up together? If I tell them then it most likely won't happen. I'll have to keep that secret. The thing is that if I tell any of them anything, then I change the course of history and who knows what could be affected. Geez, what am I going to do?' Kagome thought to herself.

She walked into the train station and bought a ticket to return home. During the whole ride she was mentally fighting herself about what she should do. Finally she returned home. It was about 12:00 am when she finally returned home.

"It's a good thing I'm returning to the Feudal Era tomorrow. I won't have to get up as early to go to school. I need to rest because InuYasha isn't going to be in a good mood tomorrow because I was here for so long. Oh, well he'll have to deal with it," Kagome said to herself as she put on her pajamas and climbed into bed. She turned off her light and closed her eyes.

'Tomorrow's going to be a long day,' Kagome thought and then she drifted into the wonderful world that we call sleep unaware that a certain hanyou was watching her from just outside her window.

InuYasha just sighed and he watched Kagome sleep for a little bit. Then he turned and ran back to the well house. Before jumping in the well he said, "Feh, stupid girl. She's always sleeping. Oh well I'll back tomorrow morning and make sure she returns with me through the well."

With that said InuYasha jumped into the well leaving the Higurashi to the silence of the night.

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