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Review of last chapter: Sango took Kagome away from the others and made Kagome tell her what was wrong. Kagome told Sango all about the book and her nightmares. Unknown to both of them that a certain Hanyou and been listening to them. Later, during a fight with a demon, Kagome was kidnapped by Aya, one of Naraku's minions. What will happen to Kagome and will InuYasha be able to stay alive in order to save her?

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The Truth Behind the Book

Chapter 5

The Escape and the Calm Before the Storm
InuYasha and the others fought their way through the thousands of demons that Naraku had sent against them. It seemed that for every 10 demons they destroyed 15 more would take their place. The group was getting tired, but they knew that they had to continue on, for Kagome's sake.
"Get the hell out of my way!" InuYasha yelled as he pulled out the Tetsusaiga (Note: I found the spelling on the back of my InuYasha DVD).

"Kaze no Kiza!!!"
The power of the sword flew forward killing many of the demons that blocked his path. InuYasha ran ahead of the group.

'Kagome, where are you?'

Aya threw Kagome into a room. Kagome landed on the ground with a thump and slowly brought herself into a sitting position and stared at Aya.
"Stay in here and don't get any funny ideas about escaping. Now I have some business to take care with that friend of yours," Aya said before she shut the door to the room and walked off leaving Kagome all alone.
Kagome sat there not knowing what to do. She looked around the room she had been concealed in. It was a small room with only a little light in the center. There were no windows and the only way out was through the door that Aya had just left through. Kagome stood up and attempted to open the door, but when she touched the door a jolt of power sent her back. The door was protected by a barrier, making sure that she could not leave the room even if she tried. Kagome sat down to think. She had to think of a way to get out of the room to warn InuYasha and the others. The barrier seemed to act similar to an electrical barrier, so if she could find a way to intercept the current than the barrier would be weakened for a short amount of time giving her the chance she needed to escape. Thinking back to her science class she tired to remember a way to interrupt an electrical current.
"That's it! A magnet, I could use a magnet to interrupt the current," Kagome said aloud to herself. People in this time may have the knowledge of spells and stuff but she had the knowledge and tools of the 20th Century, "But where can I find a magnet?"
It was then that Kagome remembered her backpack. She had it with her when Aya had captured her and even when she was with Naraku, so where was it now. Kagome stood up and walked over to the little lit candle in the middle of the room. She picked it up and wandered around the room until she saw a yellow thing in the corner of the room. She ran over to it, set the candle down, and kneeled on the ground. Kagome opened the pack and started going through the contents. As she dug through the bag her hope of escape became weaker. Nothing in the bag seemed to possess a magnet. She was about to give up hope when she spotted 2 magnets sitting in the bottom of her bag. She quickly pulled them out of the bag.
"Why did I have 2 magnets in my bag?" Kagome asked herself. Then it donned on her. The magnets were for a science experiment she had missed in school and had been asked to make up at home. She thanked god for her luck. Now she had to find a way to get the magnets to interrupt the current.
She thought about it for a little and then came up with a plan. Her plan was to slide the magnets to the door when she was ready to go. Once the magnets had disrupted the current she would quickly exit the room. Kagome was pretty confident that her plan would work. She threw all her stuff back in the bag pausing for a second when she saw the certain book that had been giving her nightmares. The image floated back into her mind. Kagome shook her head and the image faded away. She had no time to think about that right now. Right now she had to get out of this room and warn InuYasha and the others of Naraku's trap. Once all her stuff was packed she walked close to the down. She took a few deep breaths and then set her plan into motion. She threw the magnets to the door. She saw the electric current fizz out for a second. She took that second to open the door and run out. The second Kagome made it out of the doorway the barrier had returned. She stood there staring at the door, holding her hand to her heart as she tried to calm her breath. Once her breathing was under control Kagome turned and ran from the room. She turned left and right and finally she saw a glimpse of daylight. When she reached the opening she left out a small sigh of joy, but that joy was gone in an instant as she gasped. There before her was Naraku and InuYasha. Both were in position to fight.

What was going on with InuYasha while Kagome was trying to escape
InuYasha dashed ahead. Naraku's scent was getting stronger. That meant he was getting closer. Using the Kaze no Kiza one final time before sheathing the sword. All the demons around him were dead and there were no more in front of him. He was about to run ahead and get out of the forest when a voice caught his attention.

"InuYasha, you seem frustrated," a voice above him said.

InuYasha looked up to see the woman that had taken Kagome.

"You bitch! Where is Kagome?!" InuYasha yelled at her.
"My, my aren't we a little mad. The girl is fine. I wouldn't be worried about her. After all, Naraku's only after your life. By the way my name is Aya. Now InuYasha prepare to die," Aya said as she came down from the sky and attacked InuYasha.
InuYasha managed to dodge her attack. Once he landed again he unsheathed the Tetsusaiga. Aya stood across from him and just smirked. InuYasha charged at her, but she dodge it easily. They fought back and forth for a long time. They were both equally matched. Aya charged at InuYasha again, he managed to get out of the way, but not before she had been able to put a huge cut in his side. InuYasha landed and put a hand over the wound. It was bleeding pretty badly. InuYasha looked back up at Aya and growled.

"Aw, is the poor doggy mad," Aya said before she closed her eyes and laughed. Closing her eyes was a big mistake.

InuYasha saw her guard down and used that time to attack her.


Aya's eyes flung open just in time to see the light coming at her. She didn't have enough time to get away.

"DAMN YOU!!" Aya screamed as her body disappeared.

InuYasha pushed the Tetsusaiga into the ground and kneeled, using the sword to hold him up. She had been a tough opponent. Once InuYasha had caught his breath he stood up, pulled Tetsusaiga out of the ground and sheathed the sword again. The blood from the wound on his side had finally stopped flowing. InuYasha let out a low growl before continuing forward. It wasn't long before Naraku's castle came into site. Once he set foot on the palace grounds he immediately tried to find Kagome's scent, but it was hard because the whole place smelt only of Naraku. Finally InuYasha was able to catch a small sniff of her scent and was about to after the scent, but was interrupted by someone laughing. InuYasha turned his head to see Naraku standing 75 meters away from him wearing his usual bamboo skin.

"Ah, InuYasha. You decided to join us after all," Naraku said once he had finished his evil laugh.

"Naraku....." InuYasha growled.

"I've been waiting for you. It seems my plan worked quite well. Kidnapping Kagome was a very good plan indeed since it was able to draw you to me," Naraku told InuYasha.

"Bastard!" InuYasha yelled as he turned to face Naraku and unsheathed the Tetsusaiga once again.

Naraku just smirked. Then InuYasha heard a gasp to his side and saw Kagome standing there.

Back to Present

Kagome saw InuYasha turn. He looked at her in surprise. Naraku also looked her way.

"I see you were able to escape. That was a big mistake," Naraku yelled.

Kagome heard a small sound in the shrubs behind and turned just in time to see a demon jump out at her. Kagome froze and waited to feel the pain, but it never happen. Kagome opened her eyes to see that the demon had been cut in half. She turned around and saw a very tired Sango holding her large boomerang.

"Sango-chan!!" Kagome yelled as she rushed over to her friend.

Miroku, Shippou, and Kirara were standing right behind her looking just as tired.

"Are you guys ok?" Kagome asked her weary friends.

They all nodded their heads. Right after the group caught their breath they were attacked again by more demons coming out of the forest. Miroku and Sango went into action as Kagome stayed with Shippou and Kirara wishing she could do something to help her friends.

InuYasha was about to help Kagome earlier, but Sango had saved her for him. After glancing over to Kagome to see if she was all right he turned his attention back to Naraku. InuYasha growled at him.

"Bastard you'll die today!!!" InuYasha said as he lunged toward Naraku.

The final battle had begun.

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