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Replay: Kagome heard a small sound in the shrubs behind and turned just in time to see a demon jump out at her. Kagome froze and waited to feel the pain, but it never happen. Kagome opened her eyes to see that the demon had been cut in half. She turned around and saw a very tired Sango holding her large boomerang.

"Sango-chan!!" Kagome yelled as she rushed over to her friend.

Miroku, Shippou, and Kirara were standing right behind her looking just as tired.

"Are you guys ok?" Kagome asked her weary friends.

They all nodded their heads. Right after the group caught their breath they were attacked again by more demons coming out of the forest. Miroku and Sango went into action as Kagome stayed with Shippou and Kirara wishing she could do something to help her friends.

InuYasha was about to help Kagome earlier, but Sango had saved her for him. After glancing over to Kagome to see if she was all right he turned his attention back to Naraku. InuYasha growled at him.

"Bastard you'll die today!!!" InuYasha said as he lunged toward Naraku.
The Truth Behind the Book

Chapter 6

The Final Battle
InuYasha attacked Naraku, but Naraku managed to get out of the way just in time. He swerved to the side and attacked InuYasha. InuYasha used the Tetsusaiga to block the attack. The force of the attack sent InuYasha flying, but he reacted in time to land on his feet. InuYasha looked up toward Naraku and growled.


Miroku and Sango were starting to get extremely tired and both of them knew they wouldn't be able to keep up for much longer. Kagome noticed this as well and knew she had to do something. She kneeled down and began searching threw her oversized backpack again. She looked for anything that might be helpful. Unfortunately she couldn't find anything. She looked around on the ground and found a decently sized stick. She quickly ran over and picked it up. It felt pretty strong so it would have to do. She ran over to Sango and began to help her. Sango looked at her confused and then she smiled and continued to fight the demons. After what seemed like forever, the demons finally stopped attacking and the group was finally able to rest. Kagome, however, went closer to InuYasha battle to see if she could help him. She stayed a good distance away though and continued to watch the battle going on before her.

Back to InuYasha

Naraku attacked InuYasha, but InuYasha dodged it. They went back and forth both of then about equal. They finally came together and pushed each other away (kind of like when you have two sword fighters and they locked their swords against one another). Both managed to land on their feet. InuYasha was panting a little. If he didn't do something soon, this battle would never end. Naraku was thinking the same thing, however, he came up with a plan.

Naraku smirked as he thought; 'If I can't beat him like this then I'll find another way to get at him.'

His gaze slowly found Kagome.

'Perfect,' he thought.

InuYasha watched as Naraku smirked and then went into a thinking gaze.

'This is my chance,' InuYasha thought.

He took the Tetsusaiga and held it to the side ready to attack.

"NARAKU!" InuYasha yelled, as he was about to attack.

Naraku quickly put his plan into action, as fast as he could he flew over to Kagome, prepared to make one blow and kill the miko. InuYasha saw what was about to happen and quickly sheathed his sword and dashed to Kagome's aid.

Kagome stood there as she saw Naraku advancing toward her. She couldn't move, she couldn't even think. All she could do was shut her eyes. She prepared to feel the pain, but it never came. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock. InuYasha stood right in front of her. He was clutching his side and Kagome could see that the blood was quickly pouring out of his body.

"INUYASHA!" Kagome screamed as she quickly got in front of InuYasha.

She stood in front of him and looked at his wound. His hand was covering it, but Kagome could tell it was extremely deep. From there, her eyes traveled up until they lay upon his face. His head was hung down and she couldn't see his eyes. She could tell that his face was turning a little paler as well.

"InuYasha." Kagome said quietly.

Suddenly InuYasha's head shot up and he pushed Kagome to the side, away from him. Kagome looked up to see that Naraku had tried to attack her again, but InuYasha had saved her by pushing her out of the way. However, he received the blow instead. He let out a slight yell as the attack hit him full force.

"INUYASHA!!" Kagome yelled.

She wanted to go see if he was all right, but she knew if she did it could mean that InuYasha would get hurt even more because of her. Kagome resisted the urge and stayed right where she was and watched as the rest of the events occurred.

Naraku walked up to InuYasha.
"So, InuYasha, how does if feel to hardly be able to move?" Naraku asked sarcastically and then let out a small laugh.

InuYasha let out a small growl as she slowly rose to his feet.

"Damn you!" InuYasha yelled as he unsheathed the Tetsusaiga once again.

Naraku took a tiny step back as InuYasha placed the sword to the side of him. InuYasha gave a slight smirk as he swung the sword releasing the true power of the Tetsusaiga.


The bright yellow of power left the sword and head straight toward Naraku. Naraku moved out of the way, but still got hit on his left side. He landed with his left arm torn off. Naraku looked at InuYasha with pure hatred in his eyes.

"How'd you like that Naraku? I've got plenty more. Do you want to see for yourself?" InuYasha said with confidence even though he was in great pain.

'Shit, if I don't finish him off quickly I might not ever be able to,' InuYasha thought to himself.

His wound was very deep and it was slowly draining the life out of him. Naraku noticed and figured out his weak spot.

'Now that his wound is deeper I can easily defeat him. All I have to do is attack him right were his wound is,' Naraku thought to himself, he finally knew what he was going to do.

Naraku turned and began to head toward Kagome again, knowing that InuYasha would protect the girl. He was right. Right as he was about to hit the girl, InuYasha jumped in front of her. Naraku took this chance and hit him right where his wound was the deepest. InuYasha let out a painful gasp of breath. Naraku pulled away, but he wasn't expecting what would happen next. As soon as Naraku had started to pull away from InuYasha pulled out the Tetsusaiga and swung it with full force.

"KAZE NO KIZA!!!!" InuYasha screamed as he let out the sword's true power.

"DAMN YOU!!!" Naraku yelled as his body dissolved into thin air.

Once the light faded away everyone saw that there was nothing left of Naraku. Kagome saw the almost complete Shikon no Tama land on the ground not far away from her and InuYasha. InuYasha sheathed the Tetsusaiga and limped over to the jewel. He bent down and picked it up. He held it in his hand and looked at it. His vision began to get blurry and slowly everything turned black.

Kagome saw his body sway and then fall back.

"InuYasha.. INUYASHA?!?" Kagome yelled in anguish as she quickly got to his side.

His breathing was heavy and his eyes were closed when Kagome reached his side. She lifted his head so that it rested on her lap.

"InuYasha wake up," Kagome asked as crystal tears began to fill in her eyes.

InuYasha's eyes slowly opened.

"Kagome?" InuYasha asked as Kagome nodded.

InuYasha looked into his hand and saw the almost completed jewel there. He handed it to her and then spoke.

"Here, this is yours. It looks like we were finally able to complete it huh?" InuYasha said as he looked up into her face.

The rest of their group slowly gathered around the two.

Kagome smiled as tears slowly descend down her face.

"Yep, we were finally able to get the last of them," Kagome answered to him.

InuYasha cringed as he felt his life slowly slip away.

"Kagome.." InuYasha barely managed to whisper.

"Y..Yes? What is it InuYasha?" Kagome asked.

"I'm I," InuYasha tried to say, but the pain was becoming too much, "I'm sorry that I was never able to tell you you."

Kagome looked at him with shock written all over her face. InuYasha just smiled.

"There I finally said. That wasn't so har.." InuYasha began and then became silent.

Kagome looked at him, "InuYasha? InuYasha? INUYASHA?!"

Kagome's eyes flooded over and the tears began to pour down her face. She didn't do anything about. What the book had said came true. All she could do was weep at her lost. She had lost the one person she loved most because she was too scared to act. Kagome laid her head on InuYasha's chest and cried. The other members of her group slowly look down on the two. They were all deeply saddened. They decided to leave the poor girl to mourn over her lose. They all slowly turned as Kagome's cries were still fresh in their minds.

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