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The Truth Behind the Book

Chapter 8

Starry Night

They arrived back at the village a couple of days later. When they arrived Kaede greeted them kindly. She then helped tend to the few wounds they had and then asked what had happened. Kagome told her all about her being kidnapped and the final battle. When she finally got to the part about the Shikon no Tama and InuYasha dieing, Kaede's eyes widened in shock. She looked over to InuYasha and he crossed his arms and turned away while giving one of his trademark "Fehs."

"Well, it appears that you've all been through a lot. Why don't you all get some rest tonight and then we'll discuss what to do now in the morning," Keade stated.

They all nodded. It was late and all of them were still exhausted from the battle and then the traveling. Kagome got out her sleeping bag and then left to take a bath and then change into her pajamas. She would have asked Sango to go with her, but when she looked over at her friend she found her fast asleep on the other side of the room. Miroku was not far from her asleep. He was sitting with his back up against the wall. He was also exhausted. Shippo was curled up next to a sleeping Kiara. Both of them were snoring slightly. Kagome smiled and then quietly left the room. She had also noted that InuYasha was not inside the hut, he was probably in his tree.

Kagome found the little pond that she had taken her first bath in Feudal Japan. She stripped of her cloths and then walked into the water. The water was freezing, but Kagome bared it knowing that she had to bath to get the dirt and whatever else was on her off. Once she was in up to her stomach she took a big breath of air and then dove under the cold water. She swam under the water for a little and then came back up the surface for air. Once above water she took a big breath of air. She threw her arms around herself and then headed to the shore. She shivered as she stepped out of the water and into the cool night air. She picked up the towel she had brought with her and dried herself off. When she was pretty much dry she put her pajamas on, which was a pair of pants and a t-shirt. Both of them had little dogfaces on them. She picked up her dirty clothes and her wet towel and began walking back to the village. As she was walking back she began to think about what Kaede had said earlier that night.

'I wonder what she meant by that. Is there something else I have to do?' Kagome pondered as she looked up to the sky.

She was brought back to reality when she noticed all the stars in the sky. Her eyes widened in how many there were. She never realized how many starts there were. In her time you couldn't really see the stars because of all the lights from the city.

"Wow, it's so beautiful!" Kagome exclaimed.

"What have you never seen starts before?" a voice behind her said.

Kagome whipped around and saw InuYasha standing there.

"InuYasha you scared me," Kagome said and then remembered his question, " No, I've seen stars before. It's just that in my time you can't see that many because of all the lights that come the city."

Kagome turned her gaze back to the stars. She felt someone grab her hand. She turned and found herself looking into golden eyes.

"InuYasha?" Kagome asked.

He let go of her hand and then turned around and kneeled. She looked at him a confused look plastered over her face. InuYasha noticed she was confused.

"Climb on. I want to show you something," he stated.

Kagome nodded and climbed onto his back. He clasped his arms around her knees and stood up. Kagome gripped onto the back of his shirt. When he was sure she was on securely he took of running. It didn't take long to get to their destination. When InuYasha stopped he let Kagome climb off his back.

"InuYasha where did you tak." Kagome stopped as she looked at the sight before her.

They were standing on some sort of cliff. The cliff rose high above the trees, but it wasn't the cliff that caused her to stop in mid sentence. It was the view. All you could see for miles was the starry sky. The moon was a small sliver in the sky meaning that the new moon was coming in a couple of days. Since the moon wasn't that bright you could see almost all of the stars in the sky.

"InuYasha, it's so beautiful," turned toward him and said with a smile.

"I'm glad you like it," he stated as he walked up and stood beside her, "I come here to think a lot. Mostly when I can't seem to be able to be alone up in my tree."

Kagome giggled and fixed her eyes back on the sky.

"Kagome, I want to thank you for everything. For putting up with me, for saving and helping me, and most importantly just being you," InuYasha said a light blush crept up into his cheeks. Luckily for him it was dark so Kagome couldn't see him blushing.

Kagome turned and stared at the hanyou.

'Did he say thank you. That's weird, I don't think I've ever heard InuYasha say thank you. I wonder if something is wrong,' Kagome thought to herself as she watched InuYasha. Kagome then smiled and answered the hanyou.

"You're welcome," she said, "Although I should be thanking you."

InuYasha turned and looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

Kagome continued, "Thank you for protecting me. If you hadn't been there, I probably would have be eaten by a demon by now."

All of a sudden Kagome gasped as she felt herself being pulled into a pair of arms. She felt herself meet with the chest of the hanyou. His arms wrapped around her body and crushed her to him as if she would disappear at any moment. After a minute he pulled back. He leaned down and lightly brushed his lips against hers in a soft kiss. He then kissed her more deeply. This surprised Kagome for a second and she tensed up, but she soon gave in and began to kiss him back. She felt his hand come up to the back of her head and then tilted it so he could deepen the kiss farther. He poured out all of his love and passion to the girl while they kissed and Kagome felt every ounce of it. She in turn answered back by kissing him back more passionately. Showing him all the love and passion she had for him. The two broke apart and gasped for breath. They looked straight into each other's eyes as they tried to catch their breath. InuYasha caught his breath first. He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"I love you Kagome with all of my heart and soul," he said and then gave her cheek a quick kiss before Kagome could answer.

Kagome was flushed from the intensity of the kiss. She smiled as she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him close. He smiled contently and wrapped his arms around her. His smile became even bigger when he heard Kagome whisper into his ear.

"And I love you InuYasha. With all of my heart and soul."

The two separated from their embrace. InuYasha laid down on the ground and Kagome followed. Together they stared up at the sky. Kagome sigh and cuddled up against InuYasha. They laid there for a couple of hours. Both content with each other's presence. After a while InuYasha noticed Kagome's steady breathing. She had fallen asleep. InuYasha smile. He carefully sat up, hoping that he didn't disturb her. When he stood up and saw that she was still asleep he smiled. He bent down and picked the sleeping girl up. Once she was adjusted in his arms. He began to head back to the village. It was about a twenty-minute walk from the cliff. When he arrived back at the village he quietly walked into Kaede's hut. He saw that everyone was still asleep. He walked over to Kagome's sleeping bag and placed her inside. Once she was in the bag she mumbled something. InuYasha froze thinking that he had wakened her up, but was relived when she turned and fell silent again. He gave a small chuckle as he bent down and kissed her forehead.

"Sweet dreams Kagome," InuYasha whisper.

He then sat down about two feet away from her and rested his back against the wall. He closed his eyes and fell asleep unaware of the eyes of his companions that had seen the whole thing (A/N: they only saw what happened at the end inside the hut).


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