Master Of Mosquiton Fan Fiction ❯ Master Mosquiton: New Beginning ❯ And so it begins ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Disclaimer: Inaho is the (c) property of the Mosquiton Project.
Tearesa, Natasha, the large guard, Grandma Elenore, and Max the German
Shepard are the (c) property of me


The time is Midnight.
The year is 1998.

It's dark, and a storm is brewing over the small village of
Transylvania, Rumania. High above the village is a castle that looks
like it hasn't been lived in for years. It's dark and dreary place and
was mostly covered in moss and vines.

Suddenly a small flash of light blinks into existance,
seemingly going slowly from window to window. Inside the castle a small
dark hallway is illuminated by the small light. To an outside observer,
the darkened hallways would seem rather endless with rows and rows of
doors. However, the light stopped at a particular familliar door that
bore a small heart shaped sign that proclaimed the room behind it
belonged to one "Tearesa Hitomebore".

Then quietly, the door creaked inwards, and the light broke
upon a room that held only a few broken toys, some torn down pictures,
a closet, a faded clothes drawer, and a small bed with a few worn
sheets. In the bed was a little girl, who couldn't be more than eight
years old. She had light brown hair that spread over her non-white-
pristene pillow in a featherd fan that stopped just past her shoulders,
her bangs falling onto her forehead abov her eyebrows and a few whisps
of dust on her rosey cheeks.

When the light flashes over her little face, her eyes squints
and she begins to squirm. She parted her lips to exclaim her startled
fear, but a hand quickly covered her mouth.

At first, she was scared of this strange intruder, but when her
eyes opened, she looked up and saw who that hand belonged to, and was
instantly mollified. The hand belonged to a teenaged girl, fifteen,
whose red hair hung just above her shoulders, her bangs in the same
style of the little girl before her, and her blue eyes wide and alert.
Her jade t-shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes, and dark brown jacket were
a little soiled from her tiptoeing down the long-unused castle
corridors. One cross shaped earing on her left ear glittered in the
beam of her flashlight as she removed her hand, confident that the
child wouldn't cry out.

"Shh." she whispered, comforting the little girl as she ceased
her trembling, "It's okay Tearesa, it's me." "Inaho!" hissed Tearesa,
her liquid-brown eyes wide. "You cut your hair!"

"Not so loud or else we'll be discovered." Inaho shushed the
child as she turned on the room light and shut off her flashlight. "But
why big sister?" Tearesa asked still not understanding what all the
secrecy was about. Then she caught sight of a couple of small suitcases
on the floor. "Are you going on a trip Inaho?"

"Not just me. We both are." Said Inaho as she opened the
drawers and pulled out a few of Tearesa's good clothes."You're coming
with me."

"Why?" Tearesa asked again, scrambling out from beneath her
sheets. "Because this is not our home anymore." Inaho answered with a
sad voice and a few tears. "Now get dressed and pack up a few of your
things. Only the stuff you'll need, we can't take everything." Inaho
added as her sister reached for a stuffed rabbit. "We haven't much
"But where are we going?" Tearesa questioned more as Inaho got
together the last of the little girl's most important belongings. "As
far away from here as possible." Inaho answered slowly.
Tearesa quickly got dressed, squirming into a frilly pink shirt, denim
blue jean overalls with a daisy on the front, and white shoes and a
light green jacket.

Bent to lace up her shoes, her little tounge poking out of one
corver of her mouth, Teresa suddenly had a thought. "But what about
Grandma Elenore?"

"I asked her to come with us," Inaho muttered, a little
distracted by the world outside of the dank room as she feared all the
noise be noticed. "...but she told me she can't because of her
condition. I promised her that I will take care of you." Inaho paused
a moment, then turned a comforting smile to her little sister. "I
don't like leaving her behind but she couldn't stand the thought her
leaving us with our stepmother."

Inaho then pulled out some scissors from the inside pocket of
her jacket. "Why do you have those?" Tearesa questioned. "So I can cut
your hair." "My hair?" Tearesa covered her head with a self-conscience

"I have to Tearesa!" Inaho explained. "I cut my own hair so I
won't be recongized. I don't want you to get caught too. Now turn

Tearesa did as she was told. Tearesa shed a few tears as locks
of her light chestnut hair drifted lightly to the floor, and finally
looked at herself in the mirror after a few misgivings. It now fell to
brush the bottom of her earlobes.

"Now help me removed these sheets so we can make a rope to
climb out." Inaho told Tearesa, snapping her out of her longing gaze at
the glass.

They both ripped the sheets into strips so that the rope would
be long enough, and as they finished tying up the ends, Inaho opened
the bedroom window and tossed one end of out the window and tied the
other end to the bed.

They carefully climed down rope and made it safely to the
ground. As they grabbed their suitcases, a loud bark came from behind
them, in the corner. Out of the corner came a large German Shepard who
wagged his tail happily at the sight of the girls.

The dog trotted up to Inaho and Tearesa and jumped on Inaho to
lick her face with gusto. "Max!" Tearesa said happily as she hugged the

"Oh I'm sorry Max." Inaho said with a sad smile as she petted
the dog. "I wish you could come with us, but you can't. There's no
way you could get over the fence. Besides, someone has to stay here
and help take care of Grandmother."

Max whined sadly when Inaho told him he couldn't come. "We're
going to miss you too." Inaho hugged Max with tears in her eyes.
Without warning, a bright light shone on the girls and the dog.
"Who goes there?!" a male voice hollered.

"It's the Hitomebore Sisters!" another added. "They're trying
to escape!" There was screaming and phone calls and gaurds running all
over the property in an attempt to capture the two escaping children.
If one didn't know any better, they'd swear it was a maximum security
prison they were running from, not thier late father's home.

"Uh ho." Said Tearesa breathed, terrified and clutching her
suitcase closely. "Run, Tearesa!" Inaho shouted as she clasped one of
Tearesa's hands in one of her own and snatched up her suitcase with the
other, sprinting towards the fence line.

Max bought them some time by barking at the guards. Inside the
castle there was a knock on a door of one of the rooms. An angry female
voice screeched in responce. "What is it!?"

Before the young man who had knocked could respond, the door
swung back, and, silloughetted by the harsh bedside lamp, stood one of
the most frightening looking mortal women any man could face.

"E-Excuse me for the intrusion, Lady Natasha
DeMon-Hitomebore." he stuttered fearfully. "But I think there's
something you should know."

"This has better be important for waking me up this time of
night!" replied Natasha with a mean growl. She was in her mid forties,
her dark brown hair in curlers, flashing green eyes, and wore nothing
but an overly extravagant green satin night gown.

"Well you see ma'dam, the Hitomebore sisters are... well..."
The guard tried to explain with a nervous grin, his knees shaking in

"Yes?" Natasha questioned the guard irratably, one eyebrow
raised. "They're gone." The guard finished with a gulp. "Gone!?" Yelled
Natasha angrly." Yes ma'am." the guard confermed miserably. He knew he'd
get a pay cut for this one.

"Then what are standing there like an idiot for?!" Natasha
asked furiously as she threw a pillow at the guard. "Go out there and
get them back, you fool! Don't let them get away!"

"Yes ma'am." he nodded, turning on his heel to escape his
boss's fury gratefully. "What ever you say."


"Hurry Tearesa! We're almost out!" Inaho huffed as she and
Tearesa ran out of the gates. However, springing from the shadows cast
by the nearby foliage, the largest of the palace guards grabbed the
both of them by the scruff of thier jackets.

"Ha ha!" laughed the guard, then sneered. "Thought you two
could get away with it!" Inaho and Tearesa had all but given up hope of
a life of freedom when Max came running at the guard and bit him in his
rear end. The loyal German Shepard didn't understand the entire
situation, only that his two girls were going to be hurt, so he
retaliated in the only way he knew how. With his teeth.

"YEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"roared the guard in pain as he grabbed
his sore rump, releasing both Inaho and Tearesa from his grip. They
took off with a shouted "Thanks Max!" over thier shoulders
and dissapeared into the woods.

Max only sat, his ears perked and his tounge loling to the side
as he chewed lustily on the gaurd's torn trousers.


"You Idiot!" Screamed Natasha from one of the castle's windows,
now wearing a purple robe for modesty sake. "How could you just let
them go!"

"That mangy mutt of theirs snuck up behind me and bit me!" the
burly man protested from the ground, still rubbing his posterior. "How
dare you use that tone of voice at me!" Natasha barked at the guard.
The man had enough sence to cower. "Sorry Lady DeMon-Hitomebore! I
did not mean to raise my voice at you."

"Never mind that!" shouted Natasha impaitently. "Just go after
them! If they entered the woods during this time of night, we may
never find them!"

"Yes ma'am!" said the guard and he went off to round up some of
the castle guards to help. Moments later the guards were in the woods
with flashlights and mean looking rotwilers searching for the girls.

"Find anything yet?" one of the guards asked another. "Not
yet." "Well I hope we find them quick." spoke up a third. "This place
give me the creeps."

"Don't tell me you believe any of those rumors about these
woods being haunted do you?" asked another. "Well, you never know what
you would find in here." added a fifth guard, laughing evilly for the
benfit of his comrade's already spooked nerves.

"Just shut up and keep searching!" barked the lead guard.
"The only thing that's scarier than the woods will be Lady
DeMon-Hitomebore if we don't find those girls!"

"Don't worry Sarge," said the first guard. "They couldn't gone
that far." How little that guard knew. Inaho and Tearesa used to play
in the woods when they were little, and as a result, knew it very very
well. However, just as they reached the end of the tree line, they
were spotted.

"I found them sir!" shouted one of the guards. Inaho and
Tearesa froze like two deer caught in headlights. Both were too
terrified to move. Despite the fact that they had enough gumption to
try to flee, they were both very young, and that much fear was bound to
catch up on anybody, child or no.

"Good work soldier." Complimented the large guard and turned
to the girls. "Now then... why don't the two of you be good little
girls and come back home. Your momma's worried about you..."

"Never!" Spat Inaho. "We'll never go anywhere with you!" "Why
you little..." The large guard lifted his hand to strike Inaho's
insolent face, when some of the trees mysteriously seemed to move,
blocking the large guard from the Hitomobore sisters.

The other guards screamed in panic. "I knew it!" screamed one.
"These woods are haunted!" The entire group proceeded to run out of the
forest in complete fear.

"How did that happen Inaho?" Tearesa asked, once the men had
vanished into the night, forgetting them in thier terror. "I don't know
Tearesa." Inaho confessed. "But I'm not going to stick around and find
out. Come on!"

Both of them grabbed their belongings and ran like mad out of
the woods.


A few minutes later the scared guards were taking a breather.
"What did I tell ya? This place has too many weird things going on for
me!" Said the guard who had screamed first, still catching his breath.

The large guard's celluar phone rang and he answered it.
"Hello" he greeted. From the other end, the other gaurds could just
make out a rakish female voice, making chills run down thier spines.
It was Natasha.

"Oh it's you Lady DeMon-Hitemobore." Said the guard nervously,
conferming thier fears. "Answer me!" shouted Natasha, loud enough for
the entire company to hear. "Well, you see ma'am we were this close, to
getting them when all of the sudden these trees some how moved by
themselves and blocked our way." He explained the best he could, but
Natasha didn't by it.

"Fool!" she yelled in his ear, and he held the phone away from
his head as the others around him winced in sympathy. "Did you expect
me to believe that! How can a bunch of trees made you lose the girls!?"

"It's a sure mystery to me, your Ladyship." The guard
confirmed. "No more excuses!" Natasha hissed angrly. "I don't care how
do you get the girls just go get them! And if you don't get them by
morning, you're fired!" She slammed her phone on him, nearly
shattering his ear drum. The large guard closed up his phone and
turned to his troops. "All right men you heard Lady DeMon-Hitomebore."
He barked at the guards. "We gotta go find the sisters or else we all
be looking for new jobs!" Perhaps, he thought, being fired wouldn't be
so bad. It was certainly better than the other things his boss
sometimes did when she was upset. He honsetly didn't blame the little
girls for fleeing.

"But sir! This forest...!"began one of the other men, but was
cut off by his leader. "No excuses!" he shouted. "Now get a move on and
find those girls!"

"Sir, yes Sir!" said the other guards, who saluted and took off.
"Man, I hope what we saw was a mass hallucination." The large guard
told himself and followed the troops.


At that very moment, Inaho and Tearesa were at the village
train station getting tickets for the last train of the evening. "Do
you have any one way tickets to any place that is as far from here as
possible?" Inaho asked the ticket cashier.

"Just these last two for Bucharest." Said the cashier holding
the tickets up. "But You better hurry because it's the last train

"We'll take them." Inaho said, almost desperately, and
slammed down a was of cash, which earned her a suspiscious glance from
the elderly man in the ticket wicket.

Just as they stepped onto the virtually deserted platform, one
of the train conductors saw Inaho and Tearesa running toward him. He
helped them on board after they flashed thier tickets, and helped them
to thier seats.

"You two are lucky that you got here in time." He said with a
warm smile. "If there's anything you need just let me know." "Thank
you." mumbled Inaho as the man returned to his duties.

"Are we going to live in Bucharest?" Tearesa asked sleeply as
she snuggled into the crook of her sister's arm, the movement of the
train lulling her back to sleep.

"No Tearesa." replied Inaho, yawing, "Bucharest has an airport.
Once we get there, we will find a plane to America and we'll finally be
free. I got enough money from the vault to at least pay for our air
fare and a place to live."

"Really, are we going to live in America?" asked Tearesa
brightly, trying to stay awake. "Yes my little sister." replied Inaho
with a tired smile, and brought Tearesa's sleepy head back to rest
agiantst her arm. "In America we'll be free do what ever we want and we'll
never have to live with our wicked stepmother ever again." Inaho
laughed wearily, realizing how much like an over-worked fairy tale she

"I wish we could've bring Max and Grandma with us." muttered
Tearesa as she finally dropped off. Inaho looked at the window and her
smile faded when she saw the castle passing by. "Me too Tearesa."
whispered Inaho, her own eyes feeling heavy. "Me too."


Back in the castle, a lonely old woman in a wheel chair gazed
lovingly at the train, her white hair knotted at the nape of her neck
and her back bent with years of gravity and unpleasent situations.

Behind her, a tall shadowy but feminine figure with long
silvered hair and pointed ears sighed. "Thank you for saving both of
my granddaughters." Said the old woman. This was Grandma Elenore. "I
wish I could be with them right now but alas my illness prevents me for
doing so. It will be lonely with out them, but at least they are safe
and will finally be free from that awful Natasha."

A slender black gloved hand was placed with loving familiarity
on the old woman's shoulder. "At least I still have you, my dearest
best friend and my most loyal servant."

The old woman took hold and the gloved hand and looked up in
the sky "Oh great ancestors." She prayed. "Please look after my
granddaughters and let them find true happiness, for I shall truely
miss them." A trickle of tears ran down her cheeks as the mood faded
behind a cloud.