Nabari No Ou Fan Fiction ❯ Sacrifices ❯ Decisions ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Konosuke sighed as he dipped a cloth in cold water, wringing it out slightly before placing it on Seiryuu's forehead.

" Any change in his condition ?" asked a familiar voice, making the violet eyed boy jump. He whirled around to face Yokohama, who raised an eyebrow at him. " Relax. It's just me." she said before walking past him and bending down to stare at Seiryuu. Glancing back at Konosuke she sighed. " How long has he had a fever ?" she asked. Konosuke shrugged.

" About 2 hours, give or take." he answered. Yokohama sighed heavily.

" This isn't good." she muttered before sighing again and sitting on her knees. Bending over Seiryuu, she pulled open the white gi like top they had dressed him in and winced as she pulled away some of the bandages. Red veins, much like the ones on Yokohama's shoulder spread along his skin. " I have no other choice." she muttered again before closing her eyes and making a few swift hand seals before placing her hand on the Shikyo Choushi.

" W-what are you doing !?" asked Konosuke as Seiryuu became scream in pain, drawing the others attention as they walked into the room.

" Absorbing the Shikyo Choushi into my own body." murmured Yokohama as the red veins began to receed from the unconcious male's skin.

" What !? Stop it !" said Konosuke in a panic as he began to tug on Yokohama's arm. In a flash, the blade of a kunai was pressed to his throat.

" Shut up." said Yokohama, her voice like needles as she pressed the blade closer in warning before turning back to Seiryuu. Once all of the Shikyo Choushi had faded from Seiryuu's body, Yokohama went to stand and failed, collapsing to her knees as she clutched her right shoulder tightly. Moving to Yokohama's side, Kumohira ( Thobari, I find it easier to call him Kumohira ) bent down, pulling back the sleeve off her cloak to see the familiar red veins shimmering like rubies.

" Get off me." snapped Yokohama, ripping her arm from the blue eyed male's grasp before standing up, pulling her left hand away from her shoulder as she moved towards the door. " His fever should go down and he should be awake soon." she said.

" Do you know what you've done !? Now you're going to die faster !!" shouted Konosuke at the blonde's back. Looking over her shoulder, Yokohama gazed at him calmly.

" You think I don't know that, Konosuke-san ? In the world of Nabari, sacrifices must be made to survive." she said before leaving. Konosuke took a step back before falling to his knees, his purple eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

" She...she's an idiot..." he said with a weak laugh as he turned to Seiryuu, only to find that his fever had gone down.

~*~ With Yokohama ~*~

" Kuso [1] !!" she shouted, punching the bark of a tree, her breathing slightly irregular as she punched it again before kicking it. With a tremendous crack, the tree split, hitting the ground with a loud crash. Her breathing was now rapid and irregular as her hands clenched into fists before she began to cough, falling to her knees while she gripped what was left of the tree for support as she coughed in to her gloved hand, pulling it away to stare at the thick crimson color of blood. Smirking tiredly, Yokohama laughed weakly.

" Gomenasai, nii-san [2]. I don't think I'll be able to keep my promise." she said before staring at the dark, starry sky. She sighed before standing up, wiping the blood from her lips and glove before walking back to the house. Upon entering the house, she refused to meet the gaze of anyone's, preferring to stare at the ground. A slight moan made her look up, as did the others as Seiryuu sat up, wincing.

" Kami [3], it feels like I got slammed into a bunch of trees.." he groaned, wincing at the raspy quality of his voice, almost gagging at the taste of blood.

" Here." said Yokohama bending down to hand him a glass of water.

" Thanks." he said, taking the cup and drinking the water. After he was finished, he looked up at Yokohama before glancing at Kumohira,Kuichi,Raimei,Miharu and Yoite. " What exactly happened ?" he asked.

" They said you protected them from the Shikyo ninjas." said Konosuke.

" Shikyo !? Then that means-" Seiryuu pulled some of the bandages from his wounds away, only to stare as he saw no signs of the Shikyo Choushi. He frowned before his eyes narrowed and he looked towards Yokohama, who looked away. " Yokohama-san." he said and still Yokohama refused to glance at him until he grabbed her arm, jerking her forward and pulling up the sleeve of her right arm, much like Kumohira had. He sighed as Yokohama jerked away from him. Sighing, Seiryuu stared at her. " Yokohama-san, why'd you do that ? Absorb the Shikyo Choushi into your own body ?" he asked. Yokohama whirled around, platinum bronze eyes flashing.

" I don't want someone else to be tortured by this curse !!" she said, anger lacing her voice. Seiryuu's deep brown eyes narrowed.

" Don't you want to keep your promise to your brother !?" he snarled, his voice raising. Yokohama glared at him.

" Not if it means watching someone die because of Shikyo Choushi !!" she cried, her voice raised as well.

" You'll never get revenge this way !!" he said before realizing what he had just said. He sighed. " Yoko-" he was cut off as the blonde stood up, her eyes shadowed by her hair.

" Don't bother." she said, walking away. The distant slam of a door echoed through the room as Seiryuu flopped back down.

~*~ A few hours later ~*~

Quietly, Yokohama stepped out of her room, her platinum bronze eyes lowered to the ground as she walked back into the room where everyone was. Seiryuu glanced at her.

" Yokohama-san, I-" he stopped when Yokohama gave him a glare that could freeze hell over.

" Do me a favor, Seiryuu-san, and shut the hell up." she said icily. Turning the group, she gazed at them with an unreadable expression in her eyes. " Hmm." said Yokohama, plopping down with her arms crossed over her chest, her eyes closed. Cracking open one eye, she smirked at the group. " I suppose I'll help you because the Shikyo Clan is after you, and I have something personal against them." When the group was silent, she opened both eyes. " Take it or leave it, because that's all I'm going to say." Miharu smiled slightly at her.

" We'll take it, thank-you." he said and Yokohama gave him a true smile. ' He reminds me so much of nii-san..' she thought.

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[1] Damn
[2] I'm sorry big brother
[3] God