Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. One/ Chap. Two: Candy Apples ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Candy Apples
My job interview started this afternoon. Kasumi-chan and I made it to Perfumed Carp House after school. I stood dead-still when I saw it.
“Wow!” was all I could say. I knew Kasumi-chan and her sisters lived in a big house. This place still shocked me. The house is HUGE!!! No, it's not a house! It's a castle! It's a FREAKIN' castle! I couldn't move at all! I couldn't speak at all. Kasumi-chan giggled at me. I looked up at her right away. She smiled at me.
“Don't look like that,” she said. “It's only my humble home!” “Humble?!?” I thought. “This ain't humble at all!” How could she downplay a castle so easily? Kasumi-chan stepped forward.
“Well come on,” she said. “I need to show you around.” I quickly returned to earth.
“Huh?” I asked. The words sank into my head. I chuckled aloud nervously. “Oh yeah!” I called. Kasumi-chan waited for a moment. I returned to my senses.
“Right!” I said. “Let's go!” We walked into the yard. She led me to the front door and rand the bell.
“Coming!” a girl's voice yelled inside. We wanted for a moment. The door opened wide. Kasumi-chan and I looked up right away. A maid looked at us up and down. She looked about our age. Plain Jane to me. Her face looked pretty neutral. We all bowed to each other.
“Afternoon Kasumi-sama,” the maid said.
“Hello,” my girlfriend replied. The maid looked over at me.
“Is this the Shoji-san you speak so highly of?” she asked.
“Why yes!” Kasumi-chan called.
“Pleased to meet you!” I replied. The maid and I bowed again. I don't know. This could work out.
“Shall we go in?” the maid asked.
“Yes please,” Kasumi-chan spoke up. We all went into the manor. Inside looked like a palace. A palace in ancient Japan at that. I felt as if I had stepped through a time machine. The computers and phones reminded me otherwise. “Wow!” I thought. “This is the lobby?” Kasumi-chan hurried to the front desk.
“Hitomi!” she called out. I looked up ahead. A girl on the phone at the front desk looked up at us. Now, I have to be honest here. She looked cute! A little cuter than Kasumi at that. (Don't tell her I said that though. She'll kill me!) The girl had her light violet hair in a tight bun. Her red-framed glasses really brought out her brown eyes. The mint green kimono didn't look bad on her either. This girl had to be Kasumi-chan's sister. She looked up and saw us right away.
“Uh… I'll get back to you on that one, san,” she replied. Then, she hung up the phone. Kasumi-chan made it to the front desk.
“Little sis!” the older girl called. “How was your day?” Both girls bowed down.
“Great,” Kasumi-chan replied. “I found us a new manager!” The girl looked at her excited.
“Really?” she asked. “Who?” Kasumi-chan turned to me and motioned me over to them. I walked over to the girls. The older girl took one look at me and blushed wildly. Kasumi-chan smiled at me.
“Hitomi, this is our new manager and my boyfriend, Irie Shoji,” she introduced. “Shoji, this is my older sister and receptionist Hitomi.”
“Pleased to meet you,” I said to Hitomi.
“S-Same to you!” she stammered out. We bowed to each other. Kasumi-chan clapped her hands together loudly.
“Okay!” she called. “Hitomi will show you around the place while I get the paperwork ready for you.”
“Sure,” I said. Then, Hitomi and I began our tour around the manor. I found myself worn out by the end. So many rooms in this place. I don't think I can remember everything. But I certainly can remember my angel guide, Hitomi. She's so cute. Now I understand fully why I love Kasumi-chan so much. I think I might have a crush on Noda Hitomi. (Don't tell Kasumi-chan that! She'll kill me!) One sister down, seventeen more to go.