Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. One/ Chap. Five: My Havoc ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

My Havoc
I have adjusted to life at the Perfumed Carp House. Living in a house of nineteen girls will drive you crazy! It's fun, though. All of those hot girls plus my girlfriend too! Whew! I… I… I need a moment! *Breathes* Done! *Clears throat* Anyway, my day goes like this:
I get up at seven in the morning. Actually, the kid sisters wake me up at seven. Annoying but they are cute girls. I get up and get dressed. In the mornings, I smell Kasumi's hot breakfast cooking down the hall. A smile comes to my face. I love my girlfriend's cooking. Sometimes, I think she's trying to make me fat! I eat up happily. It's so good!
I make it down to the kitchen. Kasumi is working away at the kitchen. Hitomi and Michiko are already at the table. I smile and wave at them.
“Good morning ladies!” I greet them. They all looked up happily.
“Morning!” the girls say together. I feel like a king as I sit at the table. Kasumi smiled as she serves me breakfast. I eat up happily. My love stands near me waiting.
“Well,” she says. “How is it?” I nod at her.
“Good!” I tell her. My girlfriend is overjoyed.
“Oh, I'm glad you like it!” she chirps. Her sisters roll their eyes at her. We just ignore them. Jealous, but they are hot!
After breakfast, Kasumi and I go to school. I used to think that school was the hardest thing in my life. Not anymore! The Perfumed Carp House has me busy now. I never knew that being a manager could be so demanding. I get worn out thinking about it. Whew! It's a good job though. I get meet all sorts of people at the B&B.
I make it through school just fine. I get out just in time for the work day. I've got a busy day today. Sixty-five guests this afternoon alone. Most of them couples. So much love in the air. Makes me want to cuddle with Kasumi afterwards. But, I have to work first.
I work really hard today. Like I said, being a manager is hard work. I about passed out at one point. Lucky for me, Kasumi has a nice dinner ready and waiting for me. Yum! Her cooking is always so great! At dinner, I eat up happily.
“You know,” I tell her as I eat contently. “You should open up your own restaurant!” Kasumi blushes at me wildly.
“You really mean it?” she asks. I nod at her.
“Yeah,” I say. “You really should.” She turns all red in the cheeks. I can't help but to smile at her. She looks so sweet when she looks all humble. Her older sisters gag at her, but we just ignore them. Like I said before, jealous, but they are hot!
After dinner, I have a bath and go to bed. Simple as that. But, for how long? I don't know. With these girls, peace goes bye-bye too easily. Oh boy! Wonder how long I can last in the Perfumed Carp House.