Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. Two/ Chap. Seven: Night Life ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Night Life
Tonight's going to be great. I have a date with my Shoji. We needed one. I can't remember the last time we had some alone time together. School and the Perfumed Carp have kept us apart. (Plus, there are my sisters. I'm not going into them.)
Anyway, in four weeks, I felt lonely. So, I asked him out. I had been planning this for days. I just needed the right opportunity. To do that, I used out schedules to find out when to ask him out. We only have one class together this semester. I can only catch him fifteen minutes a day. Okay, here goes.
I waited in class for him. I counted down the clock with each second. I rehearsed all of my words in my head. Only thing missing was my Shoji. The bell rang for the students to get to class. I watched as my classmates walked in the room. My angel came in sandwiched between them. Here he comes. I fixed myself up and smiled.
“Shoji!” I said, waving. He looked up and waved back. I motioned him to come over. My boyfriend walked over as I smiled at him.
“Hey!” I cheered.
“Hi,” Shoji replied. “What's up?”
“Well… it's been four weeks since… well… you know…” He looked at me, confused.
“Know what?”
“Since we spent any time together, you know, alone. So I was thinking we could have another date. You know, tonight. What so you say?” Shoji thought about that for a moment.
“But what about the resort?”
“My sisters can take care of it. So what do you say? Pleaseee?” My love sighed aloud.
“Fine. Anything you like.” I smiled at him like a cat.
“Thanks baby,” I said with a bow. Then, the bell rang and class began. The rest of the day was great.
So, here I am, getting ready for my date tonight. I went all out for this date. I'm wearing my favorite dress for this one. My hair is pulled back and I put on make-up tonight. I took one more look in the mirror. Pleased with myself, I headed out of my room.
Shoji stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for me. He had a grin up to his ears.
“Wow!” I turned around once.
“How do I look?”
“Amazing! You look amazing!” I squealed in delight.
“Yay!” Shoji gave me a warm smile.
“Shall we go?”
“Okay then, let's go.” He walked me out the door.
“So where do you want to go tonight?” Shoji asked. I thought about that for a moment. A smile came onto my face.
“I know just the place.” I took him outside of the city. We came to a hill out in the field. Shoji looked around confused.
“I don't get it, why are we here?” I turned to him, smiling.
“This is my favorite place. I come here to get away from everything.” I walked ahead of him and lied down on the ground. Shoji still looked confused.
“I don't get it.” I lifted my head from the ground at him.
“Don't get what?”
“I thought you would like a fancy restaurant or something tonight.”
“Nah. That's for another time.” I patted the ground next to me. Shoji lied down beside me. I gave him a little smile and looked up at the sky.
“Beautiful, isn't it?”
“Better than Tokyo itself!”
“Really now?”
“Hey, if I say it is, then it is!”
“Alright.” I looked at the stars again. A touch of insecurity filled my head again. I had been keeping it down for a long time now. But tonight, I couldn't keep quiet anymore.
“Do you still love me?”
“Of course I do! Why, what's wrong?” I swallowed a little bit.
“Well… I can't help but think I might lose you one day.”
“What are you talking about? Why would you think that?” I sighed and shrugged.
“Do you think my sisters are hot?”
“Well, they did look pretty. But, I want you.” That should help, right? Sadly, it seemed to get lost somewhere else.
“It's just… it's always been my sisters and me ever since our parents died. And now, you're the only guy in house…”
“They are excited to have you around, you know? And I'm worried that one of them will hit on you and you'll give in without a thought. I just can't have that! I just can't!” Shoji gave me a kind smile as he held my hand. I looked at him, surprised. My love smiled and shook his head at me.
“Baby, I told you. I'm not interested in them. Only you. And I mean that with all the love in the world. Am I clear?” I nodded at him, quickly. Shoji smiled and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back. We slowly pulled away. Shoji kept his smile.
“Very good.” I managed a little smile. We turned back to the starry sky above. That should have worked, right? I'm going to hope it does. Boy, my insecurities are taking too long to leave…