Other Fan Fiction / Role Playing Fan Fiction ❯ Journey of the Moon and the Sun ❯ A Temporary Home ( Chapter 3 )

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"The way you've been acting... it scares me, Nualk..." Nualk looked at Luai as they walked. They no longer knew where they were headed and he knew he had lost any sense of direction he had once he had awoken. However, he did not want to mention any of this to her.
"I'm fine, Luai," he said with a smile, "it is just that I get frightened easily... That's all..."
Luai paused and stopped walking. "Alright, I believe you..." Nualk blushed slightly. Her beauty under the moonlight was captivating, and strings tugged at his heart. "We should keep going then, Luai... " "But to where, Nualk?...""We'll go to the town ahead. We can hide among the humans there... You... can also shift... right?..."Luai smiled and remembered to when they escaped from the lab. They had both managed to blend in with the humans and even tricked them long enough to escape. She looked up at the sky, feeling a small spark of warmth as the moon seemed to smile down upon her."Nualk..." She had said his name so longingly that he felt a tremor down his spine. D-does she feel the same towards me? He looked at her and managed to stutter a response."Y-yes, Luai?..."
"I... haven't... been able to shift... since we left that town..."
Nualk’s heart sunk.“W-what?!” he said utterly shocked.
“It is true… I tried to a few days ago… but… to no avail…”

“Well, if you want… W-we … I can go into town… and find us a place. I’ll come back and get you afterward! I‘ll find some rope, and pretend I am just a human taking my dog out for a walk…”Luai smiled softly, “It sounds like a plan. It might just work… ”

Nualk beamed. “Alright then! Let’s keep on going!”================================

The town reeked of old rust and garbage. Nualk had found an old abandoned house in the middle of the “town” which had turned out to be another industrialized city with a huge tower in its center. He couldn’t help but whimper to himself every time he looked up at it. “Calm yourself, Nualk… You have to pretend to be human, remember?… Or at least… until we get to this place you found…”Nualk jumped a bit, forgetting Luai’s ability to communicate telepathically.

“I-I’m sorry, Luai… I’m just… uneasy…”
Just hold onto that leash, and pretend that you are merely ‘taking me for a walk’… If any human suspects you… We will be found out…”
“ I know, Luai… Its just… “
She cut him off. “Nualk… We should hold our conversation until we get home… The city folk will surely suspect something if you appear to be talking to yourself…
He laughed. “Or they will just think that I’m crazy…”

That as well, I suppose.”“We’re here!”The house was in ruins. Half of it was already rubble on the ground, while the other half still stood, but completely exposed to the elements. The wide gaping hole in the floor made Luai tilt her head a bit, wondering as to why Nualk chose this establishment.“Nualk… Is this the place?…

“It’s only temporary, Luai…”
“…Alright…”Nualk led her towards the hole, where bits of the collapsed floor and ceiling had served as a bridge down into the darkness below. Once he got to the bottom, he gently put her down, allowing her to shake herself off before lying down on the dirt.“I thought sleeping on dirt would be more comfortable than an old wooden floor. It’s actually quite warm down here too, so we don’t have to worry about the cold as much.”
Luai snapped her jaws defensively and in hunger as a big gray rat ran past her. “We will not need to worry about food I see…”Nualk shook his head and helped himself to an unlucky rat who happened to meander too close.

“Let’s call this place home for now, Luai.”