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CEO in the Host Club
Chapter 7: CEO as a Host

Seto entered the host club room to see tables, chairs, teas, and cakes were out waiting. Everything was ready for thier guest.
"Kaiba-san, your table is over here!" Haruhi called him over to the table near the arch window.
He quietly walked to the table and sat down.
The host club was now open.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
"Hello everyone, sorry Mori and I are late." Hunny said, giving his guest a kind smile as he hugged Usa-chan while he sat on Mori's shoulder who was looking indifferent.
"It's alright Hunny-senpai." The girls said as they squealed at how cute Hunny and Mori were.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My Dear princesses, how are you fairing this magnificent day?" Tamaki asked as he wrapped his arm around one of his guest tenderly.
"Oh Tamaki-sama, I been well." The girl said, blushing.
"That's great, your lovely aura is the only thing that keeps me going throughout the day." Tamaki said, leaning closer to the girl as if he is about to kiss her but stops a good couple of inches away from her face. Causing the other girls to squealed and the girl next to Tamaki faint into his arms.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
"So this weekend Kaoru and I were playing a game of kick the can when he missed and fell." Hikaru said laughing slightly.
Kaoru looked at his brother outraged glaring at him.
"Hikaru, you were not supposed to say anything!" Kaoru yelled as fake tears streamed from his eyes.
"Oh Kaoru, please don't cry." Hikaur begged pulling his brother into a hug.
"Hikaru." Kaoru said in a low voice as he looked up into his brother's eyes and Hikaru kissed away Kaoru tears away causing their customers to squeal loudly.
--------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The girl sat across from Seto staring ar him intently.
"Is there something you want to ask me?" Seto asked the girls shocking them out of their trance.
"Oh yes um Kaiba-sama, do you actually play Duel monster?" One girl asked.
"Yes, I do play occasionally." Seto replied.
"Are you really good?" The second girl asked.
"Yeah I'm second best." Seto replied.
"What's your favorite monster?" The first girl asked.
Seto then took out his duel deck from his pocket and pulled out his Blue Eyes White Dragon card.
"My Blue Eyes are my favorite cards." Seto told them as she smiled fondly at the cards. There girls longing to be in that cards place
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Attention everyone the host club is now closing but I also have an announcement that this weekend is tha annual trip to the beach so tomorrow will be along one our website with limit spots open so please reserve your spot." Kyoya announced as the girls left the host club.
Seto stood up and began leaving the roomonce Kyoya was done with his announcement.
"Kaiba-san, wait up!" Haruhi called out to him as he left the club room.
"What is it Fujioka?" Seto asked, not bothering to look at her.
"I was wondering who was the blonde at your house when we visited?" Haruhi asked him.
Seto stopped walking and turned to face Haruhi.

"He is my boyfriend." Seto said, before quickly walking away, leaving Haruhi to shocked to move.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mokuba and Joey were sitting in the living room watching TV when Seto came back home.
"Hey guys, I'm back." Seto said as he loosened his tie and walked into the living room where he sat down.

"Hey Seto." They greeted him as he sat in his armchair.
"Guys, I will be leaving on a trip this weekend for school." Seto told them.
"That's ok the and I were going on trip as well and we wanted to take Mokuba along as well." Joey told him as Seto just nodded his head