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CEO in the Host Club
Chapter 8: A Storm Is Coming

Seto sat on his couch waiting for the host club to arrive. Mokuba and Joey already left for the weekend. Seto felt himself go weary and he began to drift asleep on his couch. When he awoke he felt someone shaking his shoulder. Seto grunted as he sat up and glared at Roland.
"What is it?" Seto growled.
"Your classmates are here, Mister Kaiba." Roland said standing back erected.
Seto let out a heavy sigh and gathered his things before walking out of the house to the limo waiting outside. Seto entered the limo and was greeted bt the host club which he grunted back as a response. They all were talking loudly for Seto taste as he felt himself getting a migraine. By the time they arrive at their destination it was dark outside.
Kyoya passed out their client list for tomorrow before turning in the night. Seto pulled out his laptop for a little bit to do some work before retiring for the day. Seto felt that tomorrow would be most troublesome day so he fell asleep quite fast.