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Chapter 6


"So then folks, who here has a valid passport?"

Most of Second section raised their hands.

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Well I wasn't expecting that many of you to have passports. Anyway, who wants to go to China with me?"

"Why do ou want to know, Captain?" asked Ken. "You're not taking us out on vacation are you?"

"No," chuckled Ranma, "this is official business. We are being asked by the Chinese government to help in an investigation. Apparently there have been some strange reports from their Labor Crime Unit in the wilderness, so don't expect to be put up in a five star hotel."

Mei and Maaya whispered to each other in a conspiratorial manner.

Megumi was concerned about the book. "Captain, what about me?"

"That's a good question, Megumi. I don't think it's appropriate for you to come with us on this case. It being an international affair probably would means that they've already classified it. Sorry about that." Ranma was apologetic.

Ken was thinking about the Captain's timing when it came to avoiding certain things, namely giving up the juicy details about his "sordid past". That was the Captain's choice of words, not his. "Captain, whereabouts in China are we going?"

"Qinghai province, don't worry I've been there before. Though there are some safety aspects that I want all of those that choose to come should be aware of. Also we will be leaving Tokyo in the hands of First Section, so remember that they will be overworked for however long we are gone for on this trip plus the snow festival."

Ranma went over to the tea set and pour himself a cup. "We will owe them a favour or two, plus we should get souveniers for them, or they'll start hating us. Assuming that they don't already."

Sipping from the cup, he turned to his team. "Before you volunteer, I want everybody to know about certain details."


"WHAT? Again?"

"Just what sin have we commited?"

"It's alright for some isn't it? Getting to go galavanting around the world like that. Second Section get all the breaks."

"I know how you feel, but this was a request from the Chinese ambassador. If I know Yotsuga though, he'll bring us back gifts to smooth things over. He's leaving tomorrow, so there's no point in asking for a transfer, Endo." Captain Honda added almost absently.

The officer in question sat back down and grumbled.

"Not that it would matter anyway, Endo. I think I know why you want to transfer to my unit. What is it with you women and your weird obssession with sex?" Ranma spoke from the doorway.

Officet Rei Endo's face acquired a nice shade of scarlet, much to the amusement of her colleages in the room.

Honda shook his head. "What can we help you with, Captain?"

"I've come to apologise to you all for leaving you to do all the work like this."

"Captain Yotsuga, it seems that Second Section get all the breaks, and well, we're not too happy about this."

Ranma flashed them a winning smile before giving them the rest of the news. "Before you all start beying for my blood, you should know that this trip is counted against vacation time for all of those that are going. Yeah, that's right folks; a working holiday in the mountains of China during November."

"Ahh, we didn't know about that part," one of First Section's pilots replied.

"I get the feeling that you just heard trip to China on somebody else's budget." Ranma looked at the others in the room, "don't worry I would have felt the same way too."

Turning to the door, Ranma casually added "don't expect much as we're not there to shop, but we'll try to pick you all something up." With that, Ranma left for his office to use the phone.


A phone rang in a restaurant.

"Hi, Ucchan's, how can I help you?"

"Hi, is Ukyo there?"

"Hold on one moment, I'll check. Who shall I say is calling?"

"Ranma," came the reply.

A minute later, the phone was picked up again.


"Hiya, Ucchan. I've got some news for you."

"What, you've found someone to settle down with?"

Ranma chuckled, "no, not yet. I'm going to China tomorrow for work. Apparently there is something they can't explain."

"Cool, how long for?"

"A week. Two at the most. I think that some of my team are dying to meet you, can I book a table for this evening?"

"Yeah, sure. How many?"

"Hmm, eight from work in total, I think. The book lady no doubt thinks this is a great chance to uncover some of my sordid past."

Ukyo laughed, "I'll try not to embarrass you too much, Ranchan."

"Thanks, Ucchan. How's Hiro?"

"He just walked in. Hey Hiro, wanna talk to your uncle Ranma?"

The phone was quickly wrenched away from Ucchan's hand. "Hey, uncle Ranma, how's it going?"

"It's going good, I'm going to China tomorrow. I'll be by later with Second Section, I know how they want to meet you and your mother. You can sit with us if your mom says it's alright."

"Mom, can I sit with you and uncle Ranma tonight, he's bringing Second Section here."

A faint "only if you've done your homework" could be heard.

"Well, I guess I had better let you get back to work. See you later, Hiro."

Ukyo was handed back the phone. "Ranchan?"

"Yeah, Ucchan?"

"Where in China are you going?"

"Qinghai province, why?"

"I just wondered, that's all. Hey isn't that where those Amazons live?"

"Yeah, it's that neck of the woods. Don't worry, I've warned my team about some of the local dangers."

"Well, the afternoon rush is beginning, so I'll see you later. Bye, Ranchan."

"Bye Ucchan," Ranma hung up the phone.

Turning to the door, he decided to tell his team about the planned evening meal.


"Maaya, do you really think that going with the Captain on this trip is such a good idea? I mean, it counts againt our vacation time, and it's going to be out in the sticks during November."

"I know what you mean, Mei. But, we will be on one of the Captain's little adventures. Remember that he said he'd been to this area before?"

"You're always worried about your creature comforts aren't you, Hayashi?" Ranma asked, somewhat rhetorically from the doorway. "Remember, it's the experiences that we go through that form our character. Just be thankful you're not training to be martial artists, then you would know hardships. Pack warm clothes and you'll be alright. Now, what are you doing for dinner tonight?"

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Mei asked, her voice filled with hope.

"No, I'm just taking you all out to meet my sister and nephew. I hope you like okonomiyaki. I told you that I won't date a co-worker." Ranma turned to leave the room. "Oh, one other thing; how come most of you have passports? You do realise that this little fact makes the Second Section a huge stastical blip?" (1)

"Well, Ken mentioned that you'd travelled abroad a bit, so we figured that we might get the chance to go with you. Plus there was the time you were kidnapped," Kosuke answered.

"Ahh, so it's because of me?" Ranma rubbed his chin thoughtfully, almost posing. "But enough ego stroking for now, remember I'll meet you at Ucchan's at 7.30. For the record, who is coming with me to China? I need to tell them how many are going."

Mei, Maaya, Ken and Kou all indicated their desire to go. Ranma nodded in agreement, it made sense for the pilots and their back up officers to go.

"Tomino, you and Kosuke will be back up for First Section, should they need the help. Is Megumi in my office?"

Tomino nodded.

"Right, well I'll go tell her about the plans for dinner."

Just as Ranma left their sight, the penny dropped.

"Ucchan's?" Mei and Maaya looked at each other.

"What about it?" Tomino asked, not really picking up on his captain's subtle hints.

"Toto-chan, don't you get it? Ucchan is his sister. We'll get to find out more about the Captain." Maaya rolled her eyes. (2)

"Oh, yeah. D'oh!"


When Ranma sat down at his desk, he decided to let his assistant know about the evening's plans. "Megumi, I have some good news - tonight, you get to meet my sister and nephew. But that's only on the assumption that you have no plans for the evening. I'm going out for okonomiyaki with Second Section. Meet us at Ucchan's at 7.30, if you're interested." Ranma finished with a smile.

"What? Yeah, ok, I'll come with you." Megumi was slightly taken aback by the sudden invitation to dinner by Ranma.

"Just don't expect too many details from my sordid past," Ranma finished in a mischieavous grin.


To be continued.

(1) I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that the percentage of Japanese people with valid passports is quite low compared to other countries. If this is not the case in real life, then consider it so in this story.

(2) Why do Second Section refer to Tomino as Toto-chan? Well the reason is the first syllables of his family name and given name are "To". Also he seems to be sleeping or at least really dozy most of the time, like a cat, so he got labled Toto-chan.

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