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Wish I Had an Angel
Chapter 2: Of Lies and Half-Truths
By: Steven Jester
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Sla-Mori the one known only by Him
To august realms,
sorcery within
If you hear th
e call of arcane lore,
your wor
d shall rest on Earth no more
A maiden elf
calling with her cunning song
Meet me at the Inn of Last Home'
Heartborne will find the way!
Nightwish - Wishmaster
It was well over an hour before Takeru had calmed down. At one point one of Kizna's band-mates stopped in and let them know that the rest of the group had left. Once Takeru had gotten himself under control he looked into the eyes of the girl who had let him vent his frustration and sadness on her. “Sorry about getting your shoulder wet…” Takeru said with a chuckle.
“Nah… it's ok,” Kizna said wiping Takeru's eyes a little, “I could sense that you were in need of that even during the concert.”
“You could see me?” Takeru asked stunned.
“You were right in my dead center!” Kizna said, “I couldn't stop staring.” When Takeru still looked confused Kizna continued, “It doesn't look like it on stage but I get stage fright easily.”
“Oh… and you look out into space to block out the crowd,” Takeru said. “How'd you know about those two?”
“They reacted as if they hadn't seen my ears before… so I know they didn't watch the concert. That and they were so close together I'm surprised they weren't joined by the hip!”
Takeru shook his head, “And you know, she's my `best friend.' Some friend… I wonder how long this has been going on.”
“You'll get through it… I know you will,” Kizna said comfortingly. She sat next to him and smiled, “So… the ball's in your court. What are you going to do?”
Takeru sighed. What AM I going to do?
Taichi and the older digidestined had gathered at Yamato's apartment shortly after leaving the concert. “Thanks Yamato.”
“Yea, yea. My Dad had to work overtime tonight anyway, so why'd you want us to meet today Taichi?”
“Well, Koushiro told me something today… Koushiro.”
Koushiro looked over at Taichi with slight contempt before clearing his throat, “Well, I happened to be checking the Digital World last night. I noticed a small disturbance so I scanned the area and noticed that Daisuke and Hikari close by.”
Sora held her hand up and said, “Wait, hold it! Daisuke and Hikari?”
Yamato shook his head. I know where THIS is going…
“Yes, well I sent them an e-mail to check it out. Hikari replied that they would go as soon as possible,” Koushiro said obviously getting a little annoyed, “Well about an hour later I hadn't received a report from them and I checked it again. It was still there and they hadn't moved. I e-mailed them again. This time Daisuke replied that there was a digimon that had attacked them and they just finished battling it.”
Yamato spoke up sarcastically, “Let me guess Professor, there wasn't a digimon for miles!”
Sighing in frustration, Koushiro said, “Not even their own.”
“From your sarcastic tone Yamato, I guess you know more than you're letting out?” Jyo asked.
“Not about that incident but did you guys notice that those two gasped when they were backstage and saw Kizna?”
The room grew silent as they thought that one over… Yamato smugly leaned back in his chair and smirked. Taichi crossed his arms and shook his head, “This doesn't sound like her.”
“What, that your sister chose Daisuke? Or that she'd keep it a secret?” Sora countered. “We all know the reason why those two would keep it a secret and he's standing right here.” Sora gestured over to Taichi.
Yamato shook his head, “Yea, but I know another reason why. Daisuke probably wants to keep it a secret from Takeru to hurt him with it later.”
Jyo shook his head, “Hikari would never go along with that. No matter her romantic feelings she's still Takeru's best friend. She'd never…”
Taichi stopped Jyo quickly and said, “Wait a second. Yamato, does Takeru know?”
Yamato sighed, “Unfortunately. Takeru and I found them making out in a distant corridor of the theater shortly before the concert.”
Sora sighed loudly, “Ughh… Hikari's getting a talking to. And we should check on Takeru, you know he's been in love with her for a while.”
“Really?” Jyo asked before the rest of the group sent him a glare of doom, “Ok sorry! I've been really out of the loop with entrance exams.”
“Actually, I think we should wait before confronting Daisuke and Hikari,” Koushiro said sagely, “It could give them the wrong impression.”
“What about Takeru?” Yamato asked.
“Of course we help him… quietly,” Koushiro said smiling, “besides the ensuing fight should be entertaining.”
“What?!” the other four screamed.
“It's just a joke!” Koushiro said holding his hand up in surrender.
“Right…” Sora said disbelievingly. Suddenly a trumpet fanfare erupted from Sora's purse. Slightly embarrassed, Sora took her cell phone out and answered it, “Hello? Hold on Mimi, let me put you on speaker!” Pressing a few buttons she set the phone on the table in front of her, “Ok Mimi, the older kids are all here.”
“Really?” Mimi said in surprise, “Well that explains why Koushiro wasn't at his house.”
“What is it Mimi-san?” Koushiro asked.
“Well there has been an attack,” the kids in the room held their breath while Mimi continued, “Primary Village was hit hard… we need backup! Some of my friends from the US are here but they aren't strong enough for this.”
“What?! What attacked Primary Village?!” Taichi asked quickly.
“You're not going to like this…” Mimi prompted.
“What?” Koushiro asked again.
Meanwhile, Miyako, Ken, and Iori were walking down an empty street silently. Daisuke and Hikari had split off from them moments earlier. Miyako sighed and smiled, “That was a great concert… wasn't it?”
Iori shrug his shoulders while Ken nodded in agreement. “It was fun.”
“Yea… but what about that lead singer, huh?” Miyako pressed. Secretly she has had a crush on Ken for a while now.
“She had a nice voice,” Ken said curious, “Why, what are you thinking?”
“Nothing,” Miyako said innocently.
“Right,” muttered Ken and Iori.
Miyako sighed and said, “You guys know me too well.”
Just then Ken heard a series of soft beeping coming from his pocket. He took out his cell phone, “Hello? What?! Iori, Myako, and I will be on our way!”
Myako looked over at Ken worriedly, “What's going on?”
“Primary Village has been attacked.”
Daisuke and Hikari had walked over to a park and were now sitting side by side silently as the happy couple that they were. Inside their minds, however, was all but silence. It feels so nice to be with him. Hikari thought while leaning her head against Daisuke's shoulder. I feel bad about not telling the others… especially Takeru. Daisuke knows that Takeru and I are best friends… but Daisuke IS my boyfriend now. This isn't just friendship I feel. Right? I feel more than friendship for Takeru too. But is what I feel for Daisuke love? I don't know. But what do I feel for Takeru?
Hikari's made her choice. Daisuke thought happily closing his eyes. Takeru lost out. I don't feel bad; I mean it could have gone either way. Still, buddy, it's not in my nature to just take my victory in silence. I will remind you that I've won. But I have to wait until I get into Taichi's good graces… well, more than I am already. Daisuke felt something vibrate in his pocket. Carefully he took out his cell phone and answered it, “Yea? Ok.” He hung up and nudged Hikari a little, “Hey Hikari wake up.”
“Wha… what's wrong Daisuke?”
“We need to go to the Digital World.”
While alone for a moment while Kizna met again with David, Takeru contemplated his situation. Daisuke's probably not going to be quiet about this… but I'll take it as it comes. I just hope I can learn to forgive Hikari. A ringing noise caused Takeru to snap out of his mind trip and notice his cell phone ringing. “Takeru here, right.” Hanging up the phone he scribbled a short note to Kizna then borrowed the computer in the room. Taking out his digivice he screamed, “Gate, Open!” and in a flash of light he was gone.
In the Digital World the whole group, Mimi included this time, met up at a grove outside Primary Village. Taichi took charge and said, “Ok, Mimi, you've been monitoring the situation, what's going on.”
Mimi sighed and motioned towards a clearing, “See for yourself.”
Taichi and the rest of the group edged over to the clearing, and looked in horror as they saw Primary Village surrounded by Dark Towers, Vamdemon sitting in the center laughing evilly.
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