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Naughty Kitty Theaters II: Assault of the AstroJunkies.
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Pokemon(c). Tajiri Satoshi & Nintendo does. Only Miyamoto Megumi (OC) belongs to me. She is my original character.
A new face to add towhen plowing your lover...........................here's Megumi.
Megumi: Hello! This is Naughty Kitty Theaters II. I'm your new host, Miyamoto Megumi.
Don't call me Meg. It pisses my off to hear that all the time.
As you can see, this is an all new season. With a whole new batch of fics featuring some of the most unusual pairings out there.
Though this is my new job, I've watched this show from start to end. Well, better start the show with our first episode.
This episode contains some Insect rape. So...for those of you who don't like this: leave now. As for the remaining 1...2....3 4 5 6 7 8......hmmmmm. eleven people who remained here: you are all perverts.
Perverts that I like. ^_~
Here's Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina & her dad (who's name I can't find) in “My dad: the bitch-fucker.” Roll it!
[Fic starts...]
He knew she was a good girl. But now, he can't quite seem to see that same sweet little girl again.
For the father of Saffron's most well known gym leader Sabrina, he was at a very dangerous crossroad of reality...
And sheer perverted fantasy.
In one hand this is her daughter he was thinking about. The fruit of his loins. His darling little angel that is sweet & kind. On the other hand, she caused a lot of damage towards the city citizens. Not to mention that she stirred up some serious trouble within the family. Namely: turning her mom into a doll, destroying thousands of dollars in property, demolishing their first home. And driving a wedge of
Not to mention: she's an adult. A legal adult.
Now at the passing age of eighteen, her thick long forest green hair was draped down behind her youthful back. She was on the slender side, her nearly developing breasts were thrusting against the thick magenta shirt. The only thing he liked about what she wore was her skirt. It was same color as her shirt and tight, and it almost reached her knees when she stood up. Because of its tightness, it rode up her thighs when she was sitting down, like she was now.
And now, here they are: in the middle of their living room, watching the television. Each took seats on separate chairs. He watched her crossed legs, her top leg swinging back and forth in time to the rhythm of a metronome. She paid him no attention as she viewed the outcomes of a political debate over the mysterious phenomenon on New Island. Every now and then, he caught sight of her maturing body, and heat sizzled in his gut.

Her mother had gone away for the weekend, so it was just her and him, fending for themselves. Adjusting his pants slightly at the sudden tightness, he sipped on his drink as his gaze returned to the TV. But he couldn't stop his eyes flicking over to where the psychic mistress sat.
An idea arose: he had been tampering with new telekinetic techniques. The very idea of using it on something...or someone, titillated his morbid fantasies. It took over, no use in fighting it.
Now was the time act.

A shot of some sort of unknown energy probed her mind. The feeling had put her render in a daze of uncertainty. The psychic mistress managed to excuse herself from the living & headed towards her room. She opens the door and sit down on the end of her bed as dizziness washed over her. Her body felt strange and tingly, and she laid back on the bed and closed her eyes, waiting for the anomaly to pass.
The psychic mistress must have nodded off, and she blinked slowly glancing around her. Everything seemed strange and slightly out of focus, and her eyes widened as they rested on her father, sitting beside her on the bed gazing intently down at her. He smiled and smoothed a strand of her hair back from her pretty face.

"Dad, I don't feel to well," she mumbled, trying to bring her arms down, only to belatedly realize they were tied together to the bed head with cloth. She frowned, uncertainty washing through her as her sluggish mind tried to make sense of her situation. She gazed down and her eyes widened as she realized she wore only her cotton bra and skirt. The rest of her clothing she had been wearing were missing.

"Honey...sweetie, daddy will make you feel good real soon," he murmured, his hand running up beneath her skirt. She squirmed on the bed, knowing something was not quite right. Before even beginning to use her powers to flee the scene, it never happened. Something was wrong, very wrong. Perhaps it had to do with that surge earlier on. Now, she was but unable to do anything about it.

She whimpered as he pushed her skirt up around the tops of her thighs, revealing the lacy trim of her cotton panties. Her legs scissored on the bed as he trailed his fingers up her inner thigh, and he slapped her thigh at her jerky movements, frowning down at her. Instantly she stilled, and he slipped his hand between her knees and spread her legs wide apart. She swallowed hard as he gazed down at her, his narrow eyes seeming to burn through her panties, as a thumb gently traced the lacy edge down between her legs.

"Dad, what-"

"Shh," was all he said as his fingers slipped beneath the thin cotton band and closed over her mound, and she moaned softly on the bed, her thighs clenching tightly together to prevent any further access.

"Don't make me tie your legs apart, baby. Let daddy touch you the way he wants, and I promise I'll make you feel better."

Her thighs loosened slightly at his strange words, and he slowly peeled down her panties, revealing her tight snatch. Inch by inch, as he drew them down her thighs and ankles before letting them fall to the floor. He caught her ankles and tossed her legs apart before shifting on the bed to kneel between her spread thighs to prevent her closing them against him.

He gazed down at her, her hands tied above her head, her fearful eyes, the tiny cotton bra and the skirt pushed up around her waist.

"W-what are you going to do?" she whispered, biting on her lower lip as she gazed up at him. She then saw it, the mad look in his eyes. It can't be...

"No!" she cried, struggling against her bonds as his hands reached for the top button of his sweat pants, her eyes widening as he slowly unbuttoned his fly to spring thick and heavy and glistening from their tight confines. He was big, over nine inches, and fear and something else pulsed between her thighs at the thought of him forcing himself deep inside of her.

"You can't," she cried.

"Oh, baby, I can," he murmured in deep authorative voice, as his hands slid up over her ribs to grip her bra covered bosoms, molding them to the shape of his large tanned palms. She whimpered as his finger sought the clip nestled between her breasts and snapped it, drawing the cotton cups to the side and exposing her milky-white mounds with their rosy peaks to his heated gaze. "Please don't," she murmured huskily as him mouth closed over one tip, sucking it into his hot mouth, and she arched against him.
She felt a trickle of moisture between her spread thighs, and shame filled her at the knowledge her own father could make her feel this way.

She moaned against her will as a hand slid down over her belly to delve in the nest of her pubic downs at the zenith of her thighs.

She writhed beneath him, her hands tugging on their tight bonds as she fought against the sensations building between her thighs. She moaned as a finger pushed against her, sliding up inside of her, stretching her tight pussy around the invading digit and it forced itself deep inside of her. She felt his dark chortle against her breast as his fingers found her hymen, rubbing the thin stretch of skin.
"I knew you were a good girl," he spoke, cutting off her protests by covering her mouth with his. She moaned against this mouth as his finger wiggled inside of her. His tongue plunging between her parted lips as he sought access to her moist mouth.

Sabrina was helpless and flushed, her innocent body going up in flames even as she tried to fight him. She struggled harder as she felt the tip of him sliding in her damp folds, teasing her. She moaned as she felt his hand tangle between their bodies, guiding his hard cock to her moist pussy. She squirmed beneath him as she felt him prodding her virginal entrance, pushing against her body's natural resistance as he forced her tight cunt to spread over the spearing cock.

He rested with the tip of him sheathed in her exquisite pussy as his fingers slid beneath her bottom and dragged her an inch down his length, her thighs spilling over his own as she strained to take him in.

He reared up slightly over her, his gaze locking with hers and he rammed into her with one brutal thrust, Tearing through her maidenhead as he slid up between her tight walls, forcing her to stretch around him as he sunk in her to the hilt.

She cried out as he bumped against her cervix, her hips arching off the bed as he plowed into her on his thick hard cock. Tears trickled down her cheeks as he began to move inside of her, her muscles instinctively clenching around him at the painfully exquisite friction of him filling her up with long, brutal thrusts.

"Oh, baby, you feel so fucking tight," he groaned as he began to buck back inside of her, loving how tight and wet she felt, clamped around him like a fist. He knew he couldn't hold on much longer, feeling the immense pressure building at the base of his dick as he rammed into her, watching how her breasts jingled with the power of his thrusts. His body slapped against hers as she writhed beneath him, and it was all too much. He thrust into her sharply as he unloaded hotly inside of her, filling her womb with his seed. He collapsed on top of her, his lips nuzzling her neck as his body slowly came back down to earth.

She lay beneath him, panting and flushed, stunned at having her virginity taken so ruthlessly by her own father, even as she felt some minor twinges of pleasure as he pulsed inside of her, more bearable now that he had softened. Her eyes grew weary, her senses began to fade...

Sabrina didn't know how long they stayed entwined together on her single bed. As she now gazed up at the ceiling, her pussy was sore and abused. She clenched down on him in surprise as she felt him begin to swell inside of her, and he groaned against her neck. His father was now awake.

"This time baby, I'll make you cum on me," he promised as he brushed his lips against hers. She whimpered as he shifted on top of her, slipping his hardening cock from her tight pussy and pushing one of her legs across his chest to let it fall beside her other leg. Before she knew what he was about to do, her father reached for her arms and waist and flipped her over on her belly, her arms straining above her as the bonds shortened.

"Daddy, no," the gym leader begged as he gripped her beneath the hips and lifted her until she settled on her knees on the bed, and she clung to the headboard for balance. "Please don't do this, please stop it! I'll do anything, anything for it to stop!”

He ignored her distress, hardening as he shifted behind her. She was trying to glance back at him over her shoulders, her back forced to dip by her spread knees and the position of her tied hands, presenting him with her gorgeous spread ass.

He caught her by the hips as he nudged against her, sliding along her now deflowered sex until he found her. He knew his size would be easier on her this time with her pussy slick with their mingled juices, and he thrust into her, his gripping fingers forcing her back on him as he impaled her on his cock. She moaned and bucked on him, her hair swishing over her back as she shook her head in denial as he slid up deep inside of her.

"Please," she begged as he pulled back and began to ram into her, forcing her innocent pussy to stretch around him with each plunging thrust. "P-p-please don't do this." Yet her pleas were in vain.

"That's it baby, you're doing real good," he muttered as he worked himself inside of her like a piston, giving her little time to adjust as he pulled out of her before driving back into her to the hilt. He knew she was sore, feeling the way her tight walls strained around his thickness as he rode her hard, but despite this he knew she liked what he did to her even as she struggled weakly in the bonds, her body wet and slick for his cock. His hand slid over her hip and beneath her, his fingers delving in her thatch of curls to find her tight little bud nestled in the dewy folds. She began to moan softly as his finger rubbed and stroked her, feeling her innocent body opening to him as he worked on that little nub, driving her into a frenzy of need as soon she was bucking back on his spearing prick.

His other hand gripped her breast, tugging on the tight nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger as he rocked deeply inside of her.

Sabrina was going up in flames, feeling the exquisite tension between her thighs build until she was lost to everything but the feel of his hands on her young body as he forced himself into her from behind with sharp, deep thrusts. She cried out as she felt the tension snap, feeling the waves of pleasure was over her as her sore pussy rippled and shuddered around the large cock that filled it as she came with a muffled scream.

Her father drove into her with long, powerful strokes, riding through her fierce climax as he slapped against her, forcing her pleasure further and further as his finger worked over her pulsing nub.

"Fuck," he cried out, unable to believe how good his own flesh & blood's virgin pussy felt. He pounded into her, both his hands grasping her hips as the glistening length of his cock slid in and out of her tight hole.
She cried out as he spurted into her with great shuddering bursts, filling her with his essence for the second time, and she clenched her eyes shut at the sheer thought of reality of getting knocked up by her very own father.

She whimpered as he slipped from her pussy, feeling his man milk ooze between her legs as he leaned over her and gently untied her bound wrists. She curled into the fetal position on her bed, rubbing her sore wrists and refusing to gaze at her father as he rained kisses down the side of her neck.

"You're mine," he breathed against her damp skin, and she shuddered, knowing he spoke the truth...
She woke up, sweating profusely. She surveyed her surroundings. It was her room. Sabrina panicked, skirmishing in her blanket, she looked down to see that nothing had happened. Still wearing her shirt & skirt. She breathed in a sigh of relief.
“It was just a nightmare. A horrible, demented nightmare...”
But .....
....Little did she know her father was standing behind the door. A sinister smirk plastered on his face. “It seems that my plan is now halfway complete. Time to seal the deal. Who knew subliminal manipulation could be used for this?”
There was a knock at the door. “Come in” she said. Her father walked in and over to his daughter, where she was sat down and he put his arms around her and kissed her cheek.

“What's the matter, sweetie?” he said in a caring way.

“I had a bad nightmare. But now that you're here, I feel better.”
In an instant, his caring nature took on a sadistic nature.

“Now that you are better that I'm here, then show `daddy' how much you love me... you little whore.” His voice grew in a dark tone.
“I don't know what you mean, I was just - I didn't mean it- please daddy, don't hurt me,” the gym leader stuttered.

Before she knew it, her father had locked the door and undone his sweat pants. She could see the bulge in his pants where his semi-hard cock hung. “Strip,” he ordered.

Sabrina was confused. Half of her was scared and the other half.....
....wanted this to happen.
“The longer you put it off, the more I'm gonna hurt you bitch,” her dad yelled at her again. She slowly started to remove her thin top revealing her well-developed body. The saffron gym leader then slid off her skit and stood still in her underwear. Her dad grabbed her and ripped off her panties and bra and forced her onto the floor. He pulled down his pants and revealed his huge hard cock to his scared little daughter.

“Suck it you sick slut”.

Without wanting to upset `daddy,' she slowly started licking the head and sliding her tongue up and down his cock in long strokes, feeling how hard he was. She then sucked and licked his balls and heard him grown. To find it somewhat unusual, the green haired lass...
...loved the taste and couldn't get enough of it.
She then placed his huge cock into her mouth and sucked it moving her lips back and forth taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She started to suck harder and faster. Her father's hands pushing her head down deeper onto his cock - fucking her face. He forced his cock deeper down her throat, making her gag. He felt the back of her mouth and saw the terror in her eyes.

“You like that don't you slut? Daddy's cock down your throat. Mmm, get ready for my cum”.

He started moaning louder and he pulled her head away from his cock and shot his cum all over her face. His white, thick jizz was dribbling down her face. Sabrina loved it. She wiped it off with her fingers and licked them clean. “Mmm, delicious.”
But what would her daddy do next?

“You liked that didn't you? You dirty little bitch, sucking your daddy's cock and enjoying it. Well, I want you to lay over the bed with that tight little ass in the air”.

She done as she was told. It felt so good, she had now started to enjoy being controlled.

“I'm gonna fuck your so hard slut. That tight little ass of yours is gonna get ripped open!”

And with that, Sabrina's dad forced his cock deep into her ass making her scream with pain. She grabbed onto the bed and pleaded and begged him to stop but he kept thrusting harder.

“Well this is what you wanted isn't it, my little slut? This is what you've been dreaming about.”

He fucked her harder and faster until he saw blood trickling down her ass.

“Daddy stop please, it hurts too much,” she pleaded. Her dad removed his cock and quickly pulled her over so she was facing him.

“Well if your didn't like that, I bet your gonna like this bitch!”

He spread her legs wide and grabbed her nipples, pulling and twisting them making them hard. Sabrina's body was reacting to it. The thought of him, fucking her pussy still turned her on and she could feel her juices making her wet, especially after her creator stuck 2 fingers up her cunt.

“Mmm so you do like it slut. Go on beg me for it. Beg me to fuck you, whore. Do it slut.”

He looked at her with a satisfied look on his face, as if he enjoyed humiliating and abusing her.

“Ok, Ok...daddy: please fuck my tight cunt till I bleed. I want your hard cock inside me so much," She whimpered, shocked at herself. Who knew that there was a side of herself that never surfaced before? Yearning for so much degrading carnal fulfillment?

“That's better slut.” He thrusts his hard cock deep inside her hot wet pussy and the gym leader loved it.

“Oh daddy. do it harder, that feels so good”. He was pounding her tight pussy, feeling it grip his cock.

“Mmm you love it slut. You're gonna be all mine after this, you hear me? I'm gonna fuck you hard & raw till you're dry, you dirty little whore!” He carried on fucking her harder and faster. Pumping & pumping all of his meat spear into her box.

“Daddy! cum inside of me, knock me up, I loved that.” She requested. No-what she was really begging for.
His cum erupted inside of her like a cannon. She could feel his hot lava like jizz as it splashed against her tight pussy. "Oh, yes!" she yelled as he emptied his marching men in her port.
Sabrina loved being a slut. She just wanted to keep getting fucked. Her own father owned her now and could fuck his little slut whenever he wanted to.
[Fic ends]
Megumi: Have you hugged your kids today?
Well, that inside sucks donkey balls. Anyways, there had been some rewrites on this episode before it was finalized. One idea in which that was cut out: was to have both of Sabrina's parents having their ways with her for revenge. But that idea went out the window...I'd wished that it didn't. Oh well.
Let's see what's on the agenda….ah! here it is. First up, rules to submit a pairing idea. Number one: no overused characters & well known pairings. Typical Ash X Misty/May/Hikari fics are not allowed.
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And three: no boundaries. Yaoi, yuri, beast, robots & other what-nots are gonna be more rampant. We at AstroJunkies Inc, need to broaden our horizon for a more open show. Yep, a lot of kinky shit will go down...if you know what I'm saying. Yeah.
Next: the lists of this season's pairings will be ready to be posted up in mid July.
Before I go, here's some updates.
The next pairing ideas that has come into fruition very soon here is....
Marley and Aerodactyl,
Juan and Wallace.
Emily and Psyduck.
YAY! You can thank the author & the folks down at Astro Junkies Inc. for another WTF pairing.
Until the next time, later folks!
If some of you are heading out to the Anime Expo in Long Beach, I`m gonna be there. Looking around, buying `research' for some stories & whatnots.
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I also write some stories during the expo that aren't meant to be seen to the public. Y'know: experimental fics & personal favorites. Go ahead & take a look at what has never been posted. You'd be surprised as to what pops in my head that gets written down.

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