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Chapter 2
Strange, that statue we saw back at the sanctuary, He resembles…
“Xirian? What's wrong? You seem to be preoccupied lately since we left Prontera? Is there something bothering you or anything?”
Ymira stared at Xirian with her usual green eyes, having a hint of bright red color. She tapped her bag, containing their loot, twice while keeping her eyes straight at Xirian, waiting for a response from the valiant knight. He returned the look with his red eyes piercing as ever, and almost stirring her personality. She let out a little gasp and looked straight their path.
“…Sorry Ymira. It was nothing…”
Xirian poked her gently on her cheeks teasingly, trying to draw attention from her. She let out a soft giggle throwing the g-string on his face.
“Why you…Ha! Feel the wrath of the panty!”
They broke out into laughter, with Ymira tugging on Xirian's cape until they finally got to Izlude.
Walking towards the item shop, a man, just about as tall as Xirian, approached Ymira. The man was a Priest, from the way he is dressed. A red robe, blessing everyone with his great body build and his oh-so-glorious-I-can-die-now smile to the people, definitely that yummy chest, the pants, yes can't forget that, on his belt hanging a really large mallet (o.O?). He had silver hair and his eyes seemed to resemble Ymira's eyes having less color of red, giving off a light green color, that in the presence of light in his eyes it becomes a metallic sort of color. He took another step forward now an inch away from Ymira.
Xirian reached out his hand to separate Ymira and the man his other hand on his claymore, while his other pulled Ymira closer to him. She held Xirian's arm, letting it slip from her body, going in between the two fiery men, now separating Xirian and the `Man'. Xirian eyed on the stranger in front of him, and in his mind was;
Who does he think he is?! He looks like the typical good-looking playboy priest I met everyday long ago in Prontera! Damn it! But I have to say…he's too pretty for a guy like him…EWWW!! DID I JUST SAY THAT!! GRR! That's it! Now I'm really mad at this guy! First he tried to hit on Ymira and now he's playing tricks in my MIND! ARGH!
“Wait Xirian! He's…”
“Ymira, you know this piece of scrap metal, oh wait scrap metal is too sturdy. You know this sardines can from the junkyard?”
The `Man' asked Ymira, keeping his calm while pointing to Xirian.
“WHY YOU!…Huh? You know this raggydy-anne guy Ymira?”
Xirian blinked at Ymira, also trying to insult the priest who was obviously unaffected by the knight's try of `insult' and I bet Mr. Priest is saying `He call that an insult? What a gay…' She cheerfully gave the knight a childish smile and answered,
“He's my older brother Xirian. He's Vulgate Zephyr Antartes. Can't you see the resemblance?”
Xirian felt like his jaws just fell off from his face and dropped on the floor. A brother. That word repeated itself inside his head. Not just any brother, Ymira's brother. He felt like the world just gave up on him and chose to flatten him under a mountain. And…not only is that HE is Ymira's brother, Vulgate Zephyr Anartes, as to what Ymira said, was the newly appointed High Priest of the Priest Guild. He felt his body weakening. His blood leaving his body, flowing onto the ground of Izlude. His trail of thought was again disturbed by Vulgate Zephyr's mature and calming (seeexy) voice.
“So…who's this rusty tin can Ymira?”
The Priest gave a little laugh, obviously annoying the Knight.
“Hey! Stop it Zephy!”
The Assassin gave a smile to her brother hugging him tight. Xirian noticing this sight began blushing himself. And went back to his thoughts…again.
Woah…they both look so…cute, beautiful, and sexy…OMFG!!! THAT IS LIKE THE MOST DISGUSTING, DEGRADING THING IVE EVER SAID!!! XIRIAN!! YOU ASSHOLE!! DON'T YOU DARE FALL FOR A GODDAMN MALE PRIEST!!!…even though he does look cute…ARGH!!!!! GODDAMN HEAD-!!
His trip to mind world was cut off…again. The Priest raised both his hands up as of like a surrendering soldier. Vulgate Zephyr bowed down in front of Xirian showing his apologies.
“I'm greatly sorry for insulting you like that, Sir Xirian Valeria. It's just a habit of mine to annoy men around my younger sister.”
The Priest patted her dear sister on the head and reached out a hand to the knight and the knight in return reached out into a shake of hands.
“You, know…my whole name!”
The knight as shocked as a poor mice electrocuted (okay not exactly like that…), pointed at the priest.
“Who wouldn't? You are the heir of the Valerian Family right? Grandson of one of the founders of the Knight's Guild.”
The Knight tried hard not to show his anger at the mere mention of the Valerian Family, especially the word `heir'. `Man…this priest really knows his history…but he chose a rather bitter part of history…' It was just something that really ticked him off. Ymira suddenly noticing the sudden change in his eyes, she tugged on Xirian's arms and whined about her sore foot and needs to get a load off, pointing to a nearby inn just across them. Xirian just blinked, he knew Ymira wouldn't whine about such things but somehow, he got the picture and just `tagged' along with her.
“Hmm… It's getting dark anyway…”
The Priest tagged along with them as well, not the same as the `tagged' I meant earlier. Vulgate Zephyr took care of the expenses at the inn. The innkeeper, (un)fortunately a female, was head over heels for Vulgate Zephyr. I mean wouldn't anyone be with the most cutest, gentleman, almost perfect priest in the priest guild and not only that, the high priest! Vulgate Zephyr ignored the woman and walked to his sister's direction making all women gazing (and drooling) over him curse the young assassin but as soon as the priest mentioned “little sister” the women's attitude changed into a garden filled with flowers. With that Vulgate Zephyr was to about leave them waving at his sister. But before he left, he whispered something into Xirian's ear,
`Take care of her. I'll haunt you if anything happens to her to you tin can of sardines…”
Xirian shrugged, his voice was extremely cold and seemed so violent, harsh, almost like an assassin's…how ironic, a priest with a little assassin touch and an assassin with a touch of acolyte…what a family they must have.
With that he left showering his sister his famous smiles. He hugged his sister one last time, and seemed quite lost in the embrace. Xirian saw it in the priest's eyes, love and sadness. He just stared at those eyes. As if it was about to leave something behind. Something precious. Zephyr patted her on the head and `skipped' out of the inn, waving goodbye to the assassin and the tin can. Xirian scratched his head…
That was a rather…fascinating…exit…
As if Ymira had read his mind she giggled and snatched the key to their room with her agile movement and rushed to the room. Xirian followed as if playing a tag game.
They reached the room, one bed, a stool, a drawer, a shower room, a blanket, and one pillow…the usual 1 inn room. `er…what was Ymira's brother thinking! Getting a room good for only 1 person?! ARGH!' He thought to himself blushing furiously and clenched his fist. Ymira went to the window and glanced at the moon. It was a full moon that night. As the cold wind blew pass her, she had a weird tinkly feeling rushing throughout her body and with that she semi-closed the windows, not noticing a pair of ruby orbs watching, observing her every move.
“Well, now let's see…So, where are we headed next tomorrow Ymira?”
Xirian plumped onto the bed and was surprised to feel that it was sorta hard. She just laughed at him with his usual baby-look-owie-face. Then she turned her view once again at the moon, the full moon.
Xirian sneaked a glance at her. Her hair swaying when the cold breeze passed through her hair, then rested again on her shoulders. Her heaving chest. Her breasts, there weren't that big and weren't that small either, those were, in his mind, the perfect chest he's ever seen. Making him pervertedly blush (o.O). It made him horny, those breasts under her tight clothes. He eyed her thighs, how they curved perfectly making the lustful body of the assassin more desirable. She closed that window and that stopped Xirian from the trail of his dirty mind once again.
She caught him staring at her, but she didn't say. He turned his head right away, a bright red blush visible on his face. He laid there on the bed and looked the other way, avoiding the smirks of the assassin. Ymira suddenly noticed the cuteness he made with his face. She crawled beside him tugging on his cape sitting like an Alchemist. Her knee bent, her butt resting on the bed and her lower legs far apart.
“Aren't you going to take your armor off before you sleep?”
Ymira smirked, making the tin can knight blush furiously `…taking off my clothes…' by that thought he blushed again turning as red as a beet. She thought this was cute. She rarely sees Xirian blush. Xirian lifted his upper body and was in a sitting position his legs slightly bent in front of him.
“Wanna help me undress then?”
Xirian smirked back at her, making the poor virgin girl blush in front of him thinking of the same dirty thought as Xirian `…everything?' Ymira shook off the dirty thought inside her head and nodded, reaching for his upper armor. They were cold. He seemed like he can catch a cold anytime with this `blizzy' armor on. She slid them off of him and dropped them neatly beside their bed. He started taking off his cape, stealing a glance from her while removing it almost seductively. Ymira hit him hard on the head laughing. He then worked his way on his `tin can' armor below. He whines unexpectedly like a 3 year old patting his knee lovingly.
“I twink I gowt a bu-bu~…”
He said all looking cute and cuddly just to draw more attention from the assassin who was busy un-strapping his belt with his Claymore. His whining stopped when she suddenly `brushed' her hand on his very delicate and sensitive part, his member.
He felt like his blood left his fingertips.
He got aroused, and was getting hard…real hard. His member was aching for release. It ached more when Ymira leaned in closer taking a look at Xirian's temperature placing her hand on his forehead. She thought that with his sudden change in facial expression, he might HAVE caught a cold after all. Fortunately for him, her arms hit her breasts gently and made them `bounce' from one side to another for a quick short amount of time. With that, he gulped the saliva, which he was sure, almost dripped from his mouth. `If I wont control myself now…I'm afraid of the actions that might ensue later on…'
“Hmm…you're getting hot Xirian. No wonder, it's been cold lately and your armo-“
Before she could even finish her sentence, Xirian hurriedly ran into the bathroom dragging his lose belt with his Claymore, dropping it carelessly on the way, banging the door loud out of immediate emergency. Ymira blinked a few times, then giggled. She knew what he's doing IN there. She couldn't contain her laughter and laughed hysterically like a 4 year old kid. The word she had on her mind was `Masturbation'. She laughed at the word for that's what Xirian is doing right now in the bathroom, masturbating. Xirian on the other hand felt himself hard as he heard Ymira laughing outside the bathroom, he just shook his head.
It was already midnight. Lights started to go out one by one inside the Izlude houses except for the lantern's that lit up the once busy street in Izlude. It was, peacefully quiet, everyone was sleeping.
Xirian rolled out off the bed with a `thud' and crawled back into it. It was surely cozy. One blanket, a bed, and the two of them to keep them warm (and hot). He smoothed his black shirt (Ragnarok Shirt), and moved his leg (good thing he has a nice, smooth, (sexy), hairless leg) his knee nudged her butt slightly, making him quickly turn the other side blushing.
He lied on the left side of the bed, back from Ymira while Ymira was in a puffy ball bed curl, her butt poking a little of Xirian's butt. That made his eyes widen, he felt that he was getting aroused again and shut his eyes shaking the feeling off. `If this wont stop, I REALLY won't be able to contain myself!!' He thought as he tightened his shuteye.
It was a weird feeling. He usually feels her ass poking him every time they slept together. He was annoyed at one point, he agreed to himself, but he was annoyed just once. And that was their 1st night together in a room. Tonight, he thought, he felt like something was about to happen. He had…an unexplainable weird sensation…
At the time he was about to turn around and lock her in an embrace, she stood up and glanced at him who closed his eyes immediately. She just smiled and walked towards the window. He opened his eyes taking a peek on her.
She had already changed her clothes into her thin nightgown, same length as her skirt in her `assassins' garb showing a part of her undergarment, a little part of her chest showing. 'It…seems so…smooth…so soft…I just want to-` He shook his head, his blush un-wanting to leave his face. He shut his eyes again, removing the things, the dirty things he imagined inside his head.
“Huh? I thought I closed the window…”
She reached for the window handle but was surprised to have rested her hands on Xirian's warm hand, so soft and gentle and yet so strong at the same time. She graced him as a bright red blush crept onto her cheeks. He smiled at her placing his hands on her waists, which eventually turned into a tight warm hug, pulling her closer towards his seemingly aroused (just kidding) body. Ymira, slowly caressing Xirian's face with her right hand, felt his hot breath heating up her neck. With her left hand, she pulled the window handle, closing it, then Back Slides, sliding Xirian along with her, squishing him on the wall.
“Hehehe! Got you again Xirian!”
The assassin playfully poked the squished tin can on the wall. She knew he was awake the whooole time. She scurried to their bed as Xirian chased her to it tickling her as soon as he pinned her down on the bed. After their `play', constantly being hushed by the neighboring rooms, they were panting heavily on the bed still laughing like they did `it'.
Xirian leaned in closer and planted a quick soft and warm kiss on her pink cheeks, his hair brushed her lips making her whole body tingle. He reached out to hug her close, whispering `I love you' but to his surprise, she wasn't there. All there was in front of him was an empty bed, no sign of Ymira. He stood up startled, and noticed Ymira staring off into the open window, her mind seems to wander off into the far distant plains.
It was a dream…damn it was just a dream…a goddamn satisfying dream…
He felt as if he was burning, his temperature, passion, lust, love, mixed all together to create something so hot yet warm, a great feeling which was uncontainable by anything He knew it was just a dream.
I have to tell her…at least what I really feel…
He walked towards her about to rest a hand on her shoulders when she suddenly turned her head, her face wet. There they were. Tears. Continuously flowed from her deep green eyes, the ruby orbs turned into a deeper shade of color. She was crying.
“Xirian…my brother…he's…”
Ymira stuttered her voice was low, painful emotions gripped her voice. Xirian's face had a startled look. He wanted to comfort her, though he can't reach out to her, to give a crying shoulder. He just could not bear the sight…
She was near yet so far…
“Why? What's wrong Ymira?”
“My brother…He's dead.”
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woohoo! Now what the heck was that! They both acted like sluts to me but oh well, playful, childish, cute adults hehehe two horny pairings haha to think…I made chapter two while our subjects was in session…I mean...heck…they're just distributing the test papers anyway so why not continue my fic on a piece of paper…okay in several pieces of paper >.> wanna sneak on chapter three? Hehe
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Chapter 3 preview:
“I don't like to see women crying. Do cheer up. It would be sad to see such a cute face like yours in such condition.”
The chocolate (coated hehe) top wizard reached out to her face, wiping her tears with his thumb.
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Who the heck is this Wizard? Is he some Poison Spore that appeared out of nowhere?