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Chapter 3
She ran to him crying out loud, soaking his shirt with her tears. She cried on his chest, tugging on his cloth, repeating over and over again that her brother is dead. Xirian preserved the moment and pondered on this sudden incident, preserving the surprised look in his face, coming to a sudden flashback a while ago;
`Take care of my sister…'
Now he got his message. He got the reason why emotions where clashing in the priest's eyes. He was savoring the moment. The last moment he can feel his sister against him. `Something precious.' Zephyr knew he was going to die. He knew he was going to leave the one thing he had left in this world, his little sister.
`She is my life…'
Xirian felt a cold, dying wind pass through him. It was Zephyr's voice.
He embraced her tightly comforting her, placing his hands on her shoulders and slipping them to her waist, pulling her closer. He did not want to see her cry, he never saw her cry, until that very moment. He only wished to see her happy, cheerful and innocent face. Untainted by anything so impure.
Xirian laid her on the bed, gently running his fingers through her hair. Soft, silky, just like how you see it. He stood up to sit on the stool. Ymira gently grabbed his hand, her eyes, un-wanting Xirian to leave her side.
He sat and leaned on the bed's headboard. Ymira moved closely to him curling up, her head on his lap tugging on his shirt as she drifted off to sleep.
“I will protect you, forever…”
He murmured as he planted a kiss on her forehead smoothing her back as he hummed her a tune. A hymn…
The Hymn of Prontera…
Xirian leaned in closer and gave her a warm embrace, un-wanting to awaken the little assassin's sleep.
A little girl ran towards a figure sitting under the tree. The little thief girl jumped to the person cuddling him happily. The young acolyte cuddled her in return dropping his book on his right side. In the acolytes eyes, there was, a mixed emotion one cannot tell by looks alone.
Love…but what's intertwined with it?
She eyed on the acolyte giving her a gentle kiss beside her lips. She, without any hesitation, returned the action on her older brother.
Ymira felt as if her heart dropped. She remembered the kiss, how his lips moistened her cheeks and her lips, his gentle calming touch, his strong soothing voice, his scent of Vitaer, the magenta flower. Everything was so vivid. She felt that he was right there, at that time, with him.
She knew this was a dream, just a dream. Yet everything was so real. She wanted to touch him once again. To feel him against her body. And before she knew it, she desired him. Desired her brother to be with him like how it used to be.
“Zephy, are you going to change into a priest soon?”
The young acolyte just nodded, locking his arm in his little sister's neck, hugging her close while walking in the city of Al de Baran. As people stare at them with happy faces the two siblings just returned the smile.
`The Antartes family. A well known family throughout Al de Baran. Wealthy, famous, kind-hearted and a hybrid family. Where all types of blood lineage had been passed through their offsprings. One would be Ymira and Zepyr's parents. Their father, a Wizard and their mother, an Alchemist. Both renown for their intellect and beauty, especially the great power they held. Both parents known as brother and sister.'
“Are you…going to leave me with Skeith?”
The male acolyte only tightened his hug on his little sister, depression and anger in his eyes.
`Skeith. Their mother's creation. A homunculus. Ever since their father and mother died, Skeith served as their guardian. A bright, strong homunculus. A masterpiece called by its master. He appears to be a young Sage with light blue hair, his golden orbs for his eyes and his well built body. No one in Al de Baran knew that Skeith was a homunculus. Except, of course, the Antartes Family.'
Zephyr smiled at his sister and nodded.
Then everything went black. Ymira saw nothingness.
When she turned around, she saw Skeith lying on the ground, a dead corpse. Zephyr on the other side was covered in blood, standing there, staring into nothingness. The background turning to be the snowfields of Lutie. There was blood everywhere, melting the cold snow of Lutie.
I have always wondered why Zephy killed Skeith. I was…too afraid to know…his eyes pierced through my soul as if he was going to kill me too…It was a scene I chose to forget but continuous to haunt me…I ask myself…why?…why of all people? My brother?
Ymira woke up finding herself laying atop on the sleeping Xirian. She smiled at him wiping a tear that fell from her face. She hesitantly touched his cheeks. Such a baby face. With that she left the bed and changed into her assassin's garb. She walked to the door whispering as she was about to close the wooden door,
“I'll be back soon Xirian…”
With that she left the still asleep Xirian on the bed.
It was still a little dark outside Izlude. The lanterns were still well lit up on the streets. She found a bench and walked towards it pondering about her dream, staring into thin air.
Zephyr left her in the care of a few maids in their mansion. He left her to take the priests test to become a full-fledged Priest. Just like what his father wanted him to be. After that, he did not come home for half a year.
She was left alone in that big mansion. The maids were too busy to even give her proper attention. She sometimes cried to herself. Never wanting anyone to see her tear soaked face. She was lonely…now that her brother left her. He changed after that incident in Lutie. He rarely talks to her anymore. But in all that depression, she tried hard to be happy. She tried hard to hide her deep painful emotions from people, icluding her brother.
Night broke throughout Al de Baran. Ymira couldn't sleep, thinking of her brother. She left her room and left the house. She just wandered aimlessly in the streets of Al de Baran, stopping in front of the clock tower. It was 11 pm. There weren't any people sighted in the area. She just walked up the entrance and sat on the stairs.
Suddenly a tear fell from her eyes, followed by another. An uncontrollable emotion was what she felt inside her. Too much loneliness. A tall dark figure stood in front of her.
From the looks of his long cape he was a Wizard. She did not dare look him in the eye. Then she saw, a hand reaching out to her a flower, the magenta flower. She gathered up courage to look at the man in front of her and was deeply bothered by what she had seen.
“I don't like to see women crying. Do cheer up. It would be sad to see such a cute face like yours in such…agony.”
The chocolate top wizard reached out another hand to her face, wiping her tears with his thumb. His dark cerulean eyes locked its view on the female thief. His lips curving a little forming a not-so-visible smile.
She felt like being stunned. The wizard, look's a lot like Skeith. Same body features, same gentle voice, same warm hand. Ymira reached out for the magenta, slowly switching her eyes to the flower. It reminded her more of her brother. Her eyes show a strong amount of sadness. The wizard, seeing such, picked her up in his arms.
Startled she tries to break free. Unfortunately the wizard tightens his grip on the thief. She gasped, `…okay I was wrong about this guy…' The flower fell from her hand as the wizard walked towards a big mansion just beyond the walls of Al de Baran carrying Ymira along with him. (Can't miss the mansion…it's big…really big. As big as the Antartes Main Mansion.)
He was hot…literally. His body was perfect she thought debating that Zephyr's body is more perfect than this `molester'. She thought `Was Skeith warm like this guy…only burning like…a kettle?' She sneaked a glance at her `kidnapper'. He was prettier than Ymira, she admitted that wholeheartedly.
Seeming so lost in his face, he noticed her and gives her a quick kiss on her forehead, teasing her and at the same time annoying the girl. Startled, she blushed, in her mind screamed the word `die' She just wished she could kill the wizard right now. She, after all, branded herself as her brothers `property'. The wizard laughed, seeing the expression on her face and that cute little blush.
At last they reached the mansion. He dropped her carelessly on the cold rough ground of the meeting hall.
“OW! Why you piece of-“
The wizard placed his hand on the girl's mouth trapping the word inside her. She in reply, bit his hand.
“ARGH! Why you piece of-“
He was shushed by the girl by throwing a boot in his mouth (o.O), even though it was impossible.
All the guild members stared at the female thief dusting her thief clothes, sticking out a tongue to the Wizard lying on the floor in a childish manner. All the guild members turned to look at the Wizard lying on the floor with a boot in his mouth. They all laughed at him, guffawed, laughed hysterically, and the female classes giggled while some guys snorted (o.O).
The wizard placed a hand on the floor helping himself get his upper body up, pulling the boot (good thing its clean) out of his mouth. He death glared the thief. She in reply just gave a deadlier death stare (O.o;;)
All of them stopped laughing then started asking the wizard and the thief as well, more of like teasing the two.
“Hey! Where did pick that cute thief?”
A hunter asked taking interest at the thief. The wizard replied that he found her at the entrance of the clock tower. In the hunters mind was `I never thought female thieves can be picked up in front of the clock tower…' The hunter immediately ran towards the clock tower. All of them just sweat dropped. A female rogue then questioned him.
“So, what made you pick a girl like her huh?”
The wizard just smirked. “Use her as a dummy for my magic of course. Whatever are you thinking Hemelmez?”
The female rogue, who was the guild master named Hemelmez, just smirked back. Ymira gulped.
“Ah, well, so do you have any idea as to who this Wizard is Miss…uh…?”
“Miss Ymira…?”
Ymira just shook her head. She had no idea…okay except for the fact that she thought he was going to rape her (>.>). The female rogue's expression changed at the mere mention of Ymira as all of the guild members laughed, as if Ymira will be facing a `funny' situation later on with the wizard.
“Guess it's time for us to leave now Heimdall, thanks for letting us use your house again.”
The priest, waved happily at the wizard. Ymira was obviously staring at the priest. She reminded her again of her brother. They all waved at the wizard as the male assassin gave the thief a wink,
“Good luck playing fire! He's a heartless lover!”
The assassin swiftly ran away as if clinging on for dear life. The wizard was deeply annoyed making the thief blush. The rogue went beside Ymira.
“If ever you become an assassin, you're welcomed to join our guild.”
With that she whispered to her ear,
“Don't worry Heimdall isn't that scary as you think…and one more thing…send my best regards to Zephyr.”
With that the Rogue made haste trying to catch up with the rest of the guild members who were going to pick up the hunter who was sure to be in front of the clock tower. Her face was left with a surprised look. So, that rogue, knew her brother. `Come to think of it, I was crying a while ago…thinking about my brother…' Her thought was cut off by the wizard's tone of voice.
“Now we go to the training hall…”
Her heart raced. `He is…seriously…going to BBQ me…Zephyyy~' The wizard seeing how tense she became, went closer to her, placing his hands on her shoulder and bending his head closer to her neck brushing his lips along her smooth neck his hot breath making her more tense. He whispered…
“I promise I'll be gentle…”
She could have sworn herself all her hairs started to stand up and her eyes turned as big as the round table. `Play with fire…in the training hall?!' He pulled away from her laughing. As he signaled her to follow him. She did…follow him.
He is…an odd person…I sense a great amount of energy from him…UH OKAY NO! HE IS THE ENEMY!! *__* But he really looks a lot like Skeith only cuter…fine…But there's something in him that makes me so attracted to him…something that distracts me from all else…
As a wizard, he can read minds, and she was thinking out loud that he can't control overhearing her thought. He just laughed (like a total idiot) opening the door to the training hall.
“Well…here we are…time to play fire…”
He smirked at her letting her blush. `OMFG!! I NEED TO FIND AN EXIT!! FAST!!' He laughed again, walking towards the thief pinning her on the wall his arms leaning on the wall trapping her between his two arms as he bent down to her ear,
“Antartes Ymira…younger sister of Zephyr…don't worry, I wont BBQ you or do anything to dirty your innocence…your brother just wanted me to watch over you while he's gone for some time…”
Ymira wide eyed in her thought screaming `WHAAAAT?!… phew…I thought he was going to…uh…never mind…' The wizard pulled back laughing at her and her expression hugging his tummy aching from laughing out continuously. He managed to say something before Ymira branded him as crazy,
“Zephyr didn't tell me you were such a cute, a-lot-of-things-in-her-mind girl!”
He continued laughing making the thief blush…and knew Heimdall can read her mind.
At that time…I think I have found myself a friend…
Ymira felt her lips curve to form a smile on her face. Heimdall. A companion. A friend. He was the one who lifted her depression, sorrow and tears away from her. He was the one who let her remember her Zephyr.
At some point…I felt like I had my family once again…
It was already nighttime. Dinnertime to be exact. Zephyr arrived from Prontera. The maids got his luggage and walked away. Ymira ran towards him to give him a hug but was wide eyed to see her brother, changed throughout these past months. He was already a Priest. He walked towards her, she backed a step from him.
Surprised by her actions, he too, was wide eyed. `Can't she recognize me? Did I leave her too long?' He was thinking deep. He did not like her expression. It hurts. He stepped closer again to her, she backed off. He took another step, she halted. He began walking towards her until she was a couple of inches away.
He reached out to her placing his hands on her shoulders. She felt it once again. Her brother's warm touch. His scent. She missed him so much. Even if he left her in depression, she still missed him. Before Zephyr could even talk, Ymira embraced him tightly, shutting her eyes feeling his body warming her again. He returned the embrace, just like old times. Heimdall just stood into the far of distance staring at the two reunited siblings; his eyes had sadness and satisfaction lurking within it.
Zephyr gave Heimdall a smile and bowed as thanks. Heimdal just nodded his head, waved at us smiling, and walked into the darkness of the night, disappearing.
And I just whispered…
“Goodbye my friend…Thank you…”
And that was the last time I ever did saw him…
Later months passed and Zephyr had returned to Prontera. Ymira sent her brother a letter telling him that she will go to Morroc to train to become an assassin. Just like what their mother wanted her to be. A strong assassin with an innocent persona.
Ymira smiled to herself. `That was when I met Xirian…'
Xirian opened the door outside the Izlude inn to find Ymira. With the look of desperation, care in his face. He was to go looking for her. He was to run to find her then halts. He stared at her. He had found her (easy cheesy).
Her eyes were filled with glee. He ran to her and locked her into a tight embrace.
“Hey! Never go out without me okay?”
He smiled at her his worries started to fade. She cuddled close to him.
I always wonder…
“Why were you out here anyway Ymira?”
You get to thinking when somebody fades away…
“Huh? Ah, just wanting to feel the fresh morning breeze ^__^.”
Everything that seemed so precious…
“Ah, I see. Hey let's go to Alberta next!”
Memories of the past that seemed to have been lost forgotten…
“Eh? Why Alberta Xirian?”
They always come back and haunts you…
“We are exploring right! Hehe! I bet the fish there's good!”
And before you know it…
“And I heard my brother Heimdall is there too!”
They relive what you thought was over…
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Chapter 4 preview:
“You know it will be hard for me to let her go.”
The wizard stared into the dock of Alberta. The female rogue dropped her glass on the table with force almost wrecking the wooden table. With that she left him furiously, jumping from the balcony running into one of the boats docked after paying the ferryman quickly. The wizard…did not even care.
“So how was life treating you Heimdall?”
A familiar priest smirked as he approached the seat across Heimdall. His eyes broaden to see him.
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