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Chapter 4
There were a lot of people in Alberta, mostly merchants, selling their goods. There was an amazingly huge variety of restaurants and shops. (But lets focus on the restaurant with the view on the port.)
The wizard took his cup and sipped the liquid in it. (Coke.) He slowly placed the cup beside his plate and continued staring at the vast horizon made by the sea. His companion suddenly rose up in her chair. He just closed his eyes and reopened them.
“You know it will be hard for me to let her go.”
The wizard stared into the dock of Alberta. The female rogue dropped her glass on the table with force almost wrecking the wooden table. With that she left him furiously, jumping from the balcony running into one of the boats docked after paying the ferryman quickly. The wizard…did not even care.
“So how was life treating you Heimdall?”
A familiar priest smirked as he approached the seat across Heimdall. He just smirked at the priest who was running his fingers on his hair then makes a (male) seductive pose. The wizard broke into laughter.
The priest stiffened as a bird passed by.
“Uwaah!! There it is! Alberta!”
Ymira exclaimed in such a childish manner pointing through the window of their cabin. Xirian thought to himself. `Good thing she has forgotten about her brother for a wee while. But…surely it will…' Ymira bugged his thinking again, as always.
“Ne ne!! Let's go over there when we reach the dock okay, okay Xirian??”
Ymira, bounced up and down, like a kid, pointing at the restaurant up the hill. `And I thought she said she didn't want to walk that much…' His sweat dropped seeing the restaurant up in a hill…almost far away from Alberta.
She's trying to shake it off…Yes, I know, losing a brother, a brother whom was all that was left, was a hard thing to accept…Maybe…I should be happy for her…she did shake the current event off her mind for a fast pace of time.
Maybe it is I…who still cant accept the loss of my brother…
Ymira glanced at Xirian and he seemed pretty occupied. She jumped in front of him and played with his face. Pulling his cheeks making funny faces…with his face that is. Xirian just laughed along with her.
Did she…notice?
She just laughed. As if nothing has happened. He got himself into a deeper thought. `Was she…sad before I got to know her?' His face went to serious mode when their attention was drawn to the man who dropped his plush doll, Ymira returning the doll to the man.
As soon as Ymira reached Xirian, she sat there, and found herself staring at his amethyst eyes. The eyes she thought she would never see again. She just sat there in front of him, waiting for a word to come out from the knight.
She shut her eyes, awaiting Xirian's thundering voice. But it never came. She opened her eyes to see Xirian, closing his eyes. While he was doing so, Ymira fixed her skirt, her hands seeming so restless. Xirian, noticing her restlessness, opened his eyes and gave her a smile. His eyes, containing the lilac color, turning into magenta. The Vitaer color. She did not want to see his eye's in that color. She did not want to see it again. They were beautiful. But something keeps her afraid…afraid of his watchful lilac orbs staring at her right now.
Xirian noticing this, all he could do was look away. `I see she hasn't been able to take it out of her mind…these eyes…It reminded her so much of me…It made me glad yet sad at the same time…' He just looked away.
“Ymira…I just want to ask you something…”
She just nodded.
“Are you happy…being with me?”
She froze. He quickly opened his eyes and cant help turning his eyes away from the assassin. If she says no…he was ready for the worse.
“I…am happy…”
He felt his heart raced, his blood circulating him like crazy. He felt her blush under the bangs of her hair. A smile crept into her parted lips. He smiled at her, placing his hand on her waist slipping it to her back and pulled her close to him. She immediately looked at him. He bent his head about to kiss her when her eyes widened at something she shouldn't have seen. She whispered.
Xirian's eyes widened staring at the dumbfounded assassin's startled face (chibi style). He scurried down the corridor crying like a baby. Ymira shook her head (also in chibi form) waving her hands to deny the fact that she just said `Zephy' when they had that glorious moment. She just let out a sigh as the `crushed' tin can knight was nowhere to be seen.
But it was…Zephy standing by the door…He…looked…sad to see me…
She glanced at the door. Nobody was there. It was just her imagination, she thought. While she bowed her head low, she felt like melting on the bed for that sudden interruption.
“I am…crushed my dear sister.”
A voice so familiar whispered through the room. She immediately went into her sitting position. In her surprise she found her lips imprisoned by a familiar warm taste. Her eyes widened as she saw two green orbs staring at her.
Zephyr broke their kiss. It was enchanting in some sort of way. Her dead brother. Her dead lover. She shook her head and shut her eyes tight. He came in closer to her raising her chin up. He brushed his lips against her neck. His hot breath, moistened her shoulders. It was not a dream…this was too real to be a dream.
“I thought you called my name…hm, my dear sister.”
He pinned her down onto the bed, clasping her wrists together above her. He placed a slit on her clothes exposing her bare chest. She struggled below him shaking the fact the he is her brother. `He's dead, he's dead, he's dead' She kept repeating it inside her head. (uh…that was a little poetic…hehe)
“No I'm not Ymira…”
He read her mind. She stared at his eyes. They were the same orbs she fell in love with long ago. She played his voice over and over again inside her head. They were the same voice that calmed her and soothed her soul. She took a glance on his lips and repeated the scene of his kiss. They were the same luscious pilgrims she had tasted. She felt his body, his hands. They were un-mistakenly him that owned her.
He saw her eyes surrendering to him. He slowly worked his lips to her chest, letting his tongue savor her flavor in every direction it went. She let out a yelp and continued to struggle under him.
“Why do you reject me Ymira? We used to do this…didn't we?”
She felt like she was encased in a wizards ice wall. It was her brother. He was not lying. She felt her body weaken until his hand roamed about her body, touching her delicate area. She screamed out loud.
She opened her eyes quickly. Just to find no one in the room. Her clothes were untouched. She was panting heavily, sweating all over. She buried her face on the bed covers. She thought she could escape it. She thought she could forget.
But something doesn't want her to forget.
A dark figure hid beside the door. He fixed his priest outfit and his cross pendant, placing his finger on his tongue, licking it as if having one last taste of something. With his last look at the assassin on the bed, he let out a smile and walked away, disappearing into the shadows.
Xirian threw several jellopies overboard. Sulking because of the delayed kiss. `And to think it was this close!' He ordered his fingers into a pinching position being 5 cm apart. With that he just let out a sigh. (/pif) He closed his eyes.
As he opened his eyes, he saw Gladston's reflection on the water. He turned to see if it was him, his dead brother, only to see Heimdall on the spot. Heimdall waved a hand in front of Xirian checking if he was still alive. Xirian snapped out of his startled look and eyed on the wizard, as if he was dead too and was brought back to life.
“Hey! Hey! Easy on the stares. I know I have been more handsome since we last met, but careful! I might melt with your stares!”
He said running his fingers through his chocolate hair closing his eyes laughing at him. Xirian tried hitting him with his fist repeatedly but Heimdall gave Xirian a BIG pat on the back. Xirian was face flat on the floor. It just made Heimdall laugh even more.
“Well, I see you're in great shape Xirian! How long has it been…2 years I suppose?”
“Yeah, I guess it has been that long-”
Xirian was rubbing his back, as he stand up. Heimdall's eyes glared at the corner of the cabin and suddenly, in an instant vanished. Xirian turned to look at Heimdall, but was again wide eyed to see no one.
Ymira came running to him sounding like a stampede was about to commence. She hugged his left leg whining in a childish manner.
“Down't leaaave meeee all awone!!”
Xirian sweat dropped. (Heimdall forgotten) He bent down closer to Ymira and gave her a pat on the head making Ymira let out a slight purr.
“Sorry about a whi-”
Xirian hushed Ymira and gave her a hot kiss on the lips. She wanted to gasp but she thought `If I gasp now, Xirian will definitely take that opportunity and thrust his tongue inside me…I'm not gonna let that-` She just gasped as Xirian's wandering hand brushed her `delicacy'. He took his tongue inside her, tasting her, exploring her. She in return `interacted' with his tongue, and nipped on his lower lip.
In the ships rooftop, the wizard watched the two lovers kiss under the hot sun. He laughed only to himself knowing he has another companion that he was afraid to annoy.
“So how do you like the view from up here?”
The priest let out a growl, clenching his fist. He turned around and walked away, disappearing into mid-air. (No more shadows!!) Heimdall just laughed out loud. Seeing he two lovers affectionately kiss below, being watched by many other people aboard the ship. But in his laughter was just a cold emotion trying to set free. He stopped laughing.
“You're not the only one affected Zephyr…”
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Chapter 5 preview:
“Yuufa my dear sister, let me bring you to heaven before chaos roam this land.”
“uwaaah! Keogh! Kakoi!!”
Ymira screamed with the other girls while watching Ragnarok the animation. Xirian sweat dropped, that goes with all the male inside the café, including the wizard and the priest.
“You have got to be kidding me…”
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