Ragnarok Fan Fiction ❯ Blur ❯ Reunion: A Freind ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5
The dock man scratched his forehead with his index finger, yawning as he waited for the passengers to un-board the ship. Then switched his attention to a little girl who giggled as she steals a glance from Xirian and Ymira, running to grab her mother and father's hand.
Xirian poked his cheeks and pondered, `er…I don't think I chose the right time to kiss Ymira…' Ymira just jumped happily as she prodded the streets of Alberta, leaving Xirian lost in thought. He, coming back to his senses, ran towards Ymira.
“Waa~ Look at those fluffy lunatics!”
Ymira tapped the glass window of a pet shop displaying a variety of colored lunatics. Xirian beamed in asking her if she would want one as a pet. She shook her head in disapproval. Xirian just scratched his head as she scurries to another shop selling circlets, jewels and angel helms on display.
“So when do we look for Heimdall?”
Ymira jumped around Xirian. She was kind of happy. Xirian pondered about the recent event when he told her they were meeting his brother.
“Wha-what?! You mean Heimdall's your brother?”
Ymira gasped as Xirian mentioned Heimdall being his brother.
“Well…not really my brother but my half brother…but he's still my brother even if he acts like my master rather than a brother but still he'll always be my brother even if he's my half brother.”
Xirian laughed at his confusing sentence placing his hand on his waist staring at Ymira who was puppy eyed to hear the name.
“Why? You two have met?”
Ymira nodded enthusiastically clasping both her hands smiling too much for her own jaws.
“Heimdall's the one who looked after me when my brother went to train as a priest...”
Xirian's eyes of joy wavered as he heard her statement. The only thing he wanted to say was…'I…did not mean to bring up a topic such as that…' He knew that her brother had just died. He knew somehow she hasn't recovered from that state even from her current joyous stature she is implementing now. She continues her statement.
“Heimdall really took good care of me!”
She just smiled at Xirian tugging on his cape nudging him, saying that they leave for Alberta as soon as possible. And he thought…
`Yes…as soon as possible to ease her a bit…'
Ymira poked Xirian as he started to feel reality in motion again.
“You okay Xirian?”
He just shook his head shaking his thoughts. His thought of Heimdall, taking care of a girl. It was unlikely of him to do such to people. Heimdall was cold and heartless to other people. A heartless wizard, who knew no love to begin with.
“Ah…a senior knight told me Heimdall's usually drops by in a café near here…he said it was Repth café or sort of like that…and…”
He felt like he didn't want to continue his sentence about him meeting Heimdall in the ship a while ago. Ymira waved a hand in front of him.
“uh, no its nothing…kay~ lets go Heimdall hunting!”
With a wink he throws a fist in the air as Ymira followed. They marched through the crowd squeezing themselves alert of some petty thieves that might take the chance. At last they found it.
Repth Café. With a sign…
`Spend some time with your loved one.'
Xirian's sweat, dropped. He recalled a certain memory at that time.
“Hey! If we go there! They'll think were dating!”
The knight picked the thief up, carrying her inside the café.
“But that's not were going to do, so keep quiet!”
He was disturbed, as always, by Ymira who repeated the same lines just like in the past.
“Hey! If we go there! They'll think were dating!”
He laughs and pats her on her head smiling at her with his tender eyes.
“But we are!”
Ymira just laughed as she ties her long silver hair and entered the café.
“Must look neat right?”
The café was a formal looking place. It wasn't as open aired as the sign added below the catch phrase. But the waiter confirmed that the open air lot was behind the door just across the room.
In the meanwhile, as they observed the room, it was only lit up by candles on each table and some lantern neatly decorating the walls of the café, making it look like a professional restaurant. The plates, forks and knives neatly, placed on the round white matted tables. It was quiet and quite romantic. The red curtains hung by the windows letting little light pass into the room
Ymira took a look around. Almost all of the customers were dating. She scratched her head as she looks for a desirable table. The waiter did not wait any time to pass and offered them a table just near a fountain of sparkling clean wine flowing from the glass tower. She eyed on the tables. Freshly picked red Abees were organized perfectly in the vases in the every table beside the candlelight.
Xirian looked around looking for signs of Heimdall. With no wizard found he approached a waiter and asked about Heimdall.
“Ah, Sir Heimdall? Are you relatives?”
They both nodded.
“I see. Sir Heimdall dines in the open air lot just beyond the door over yonder.”
The waiter with formality lead them to the door and opened it for them, exposing a little light from outside to the inside, filtered by a silky red curtain.
“Please wait here Sir, we'll inform you when Sir Heimdall arrives.”
The waiter left them closing the door again after they entered. Ymira ran to the balcony over viewing the docks and took a seat on a nearby table chair beside the terrace. Xirian walked along tilting his head back and forth and to his sides, searching for his brother just in case. When he reached the table he took a seat just across Ymira and crossed his arms on his chest and gazed at the beautiful scenery. Somehow, something struck him. Something about the scenery made him feel, nostalgic.
`Is this the reason why you are always here Heimdall?'
A few moments have passed and still no Heimdall. They ordered a couple of soda's that ended up with Ymira ordering a dozen sodas and almost ordered a barrel of beer. The waiter they met earlier approached them and informing them that Heimdall has just arrived and is just arranging the reservation of his usual dining table. Ymira hurriedly ran to the door all bright and happy, excited to see Heimdall after more than a year of separation.
Ymira as she opened the door bumped into someone and fell on the floor. She winced a little rubbing her bottom as a hand reached out to her. She looked up and saw Heimdall smiling gently at her. She quickly stood up and jumped on Heimdall embracing him tight her face etching a huge smile making Heimdall take one step backwards.
As Ymira continuously acts upon her way of I've-never-seen-you-for-a-long-time affection, Heimdall switched his gaze on his little brother who was staring at him like a dazed puppy. Heimdall raised his left arm waving at him and his other on Ymira's waist.
She loosened her embrace and stepped back a couple of times and grabbed his hand pulling him to the table where they were waiting. Heimdall just smirked at his brother who was staring at them like a total idiot. She took her sit after Heimdall, who took his seat between Xirian and Ymira.
“Heimy! It's been a long time! You just disappeared without saying any goodbye! T^T”
Heimdall just scratched his head and smiled.
“And you just disappeared when we were on the ship!”
Xirian added as Ymira gave a surprised look.
“Hey!~ I've got things to attend to immediately you know! ^ ^;”
He tried hard to get away from the piercing stares that the two gave him and pouting at the same time. He tried to change the subject.
“So Xirian! Have you developed your hormones for these past 2 years of separation?”
Heimdall just laughed as a blush creep onto Xirian's baby face as Ymira laughed at the thought of what he just did a few days ago in the inn. After that the two siblings just had a brotherly fight and ended up in laughter. Ymira thought to herself.
They don't have things in common especially when it comes to physical attributes. Heimdall is more perfect. When it comes to their charisma. Heimdall attracts both opposites. And when it comes to skills. Heimdall is still better. The only thing that makes them equal to her is that. Xirian can do household chores and all those wifely chores. And, Xirian cares for her a lot.
The sun was high up in the sky with the passing white clouds that was slowly being broken apart by the wind from above. The white table neatly arranged with plates, glass, utensils and some little ornaments. The centerpiece decorated by mellow colored yellow Polypod flowers.
While the three have their chat, Zephyr watched from the distance from the other restaurant across theirs. He sat there. Waiting. Gazing at Ymira's every physical features and admiring her innocent persona that remains untainted.
It was getting dark and the candle light's were already lit up in each table. They spent their time chatting and sharing what happened for the past two years and for Ymira just for the past year. Including the fact that Zephyr did die. The time that they made sure that Zephyr was dead was when they asked the priest hood who replied with grief and sadness in their eyes. Pity for Zephyr's only relative. Heimdall offered his sincerest apologies and just bowed his head. But it the heavy atmosphere was lifted as Ymira talked about some things that Xirian does in the `bathroom'.
The time reached 6:00pm and the television was turned on (o.O). The opening song started to play and girls quickly turned their attention to the program that was about to commence leaving their dates dumbfounded, wondering what the heck is the program that ruins their wonderful evening. And Ymira did so too who was blushing with a smile on her face as she turns to look the flat screen TV.
After the opening song and some introduction, all females squealed at the mere sight of the Dark Knight.
“Yuufa my dear sister, let me bring you to heaven before chaos roam this land.”
“uwaaah! Keogh! Kakoi!!”
Ymira screamed with the other girls while watching Ragnarok the animation. Xirian sweat dropped, that goes with all the male inside the café, including the wizard and the priest.
“You have got to be kidding me…”
He just commented until the show was over. The two siblings thought.
`She still has the normal girl crushes. Innocent, puppy-love. So adorable.'
An hour passed by and they just had to leave for the café was closing. Ymira drank the last of her choco milk pouting.
“Why? What's wrong Ymira?”
The wizard asked the assassin who was pouting ever so `cutely'. (/e5)
“Don't worry! I'll let you meet Keogh! ^_~”
Heimdall laughed with a big `Joke' sign atop his head. Even so, Heimdall invited them to stay over at his house in Alberta now that they are here. It made Ymira jump up and down and Xirian letting out a short pif.
As they walk down the almost empty streets of Alberta, they stopped infront of a huge house in the northern part of Alberta. Xirian and Ymira were just dizzy looking at Heimdall's house. As they entered, several maids greeted them especially their `Master Heimdall'.
Heimdall gave some instructions to the maids to lead the two to their bedrooms and give them proper attention.
“Huh? Where are you going Heimdall?”
The wizard just shook his head and told them, important stuff. Then he waved his hand at them and bade them farewell.
“I'll be back soon! Don't worry. Besides you have each other to keep you company and…”
He stopped in front of the door as he opened it and grabbed the knob. He continued his sentence.
“…To keep each other warm and comfortable. ^_~”
He gave them a rather dirty wink as the two blushed while the maids giggled. The maids did lead them into their separate rooms but they chose to wait for Heimdall and went to the living room. A maid enters the room.
“Miss Ymira, Sir Xirian. You should hurry on to bed now. The Master will surely come back late again. He always do. It's way past bedtime. Master told us to look out for you two and we might get in trouble.”
The maid scratched her head. Ymira just laughed and shook here head, telling her that they will be alright waiting for Heimdall. With that the maid just nodded and exited the room.
“They…look so comfortable here…don't they Xirian?”
The knight looked at Ymira with approval.
“Heimdall must really be a good master to Alice's.”
Ymira nodded. It was then that she remembered. The days she had in Heimdall's mansion long ago in Al de Baran.
The dark streets were lit up with the same ornamented lanterns as in Izlude. Heimdall sat on one of the bench and awaited a companion who came out from the dark. It was the priest Zephyr. He took a seat a few meters away from Heimdall on his hand was a flower. The Vitaer.
“Lusting over her again Zephyr?”
The priest just gave an evil smile and looked up to him. Heimdall just laughed as his cold voice echoed throughout the streets.
“You're such a pedophile you know!”
He said that half jokingly. For he knew why he lusted for an innocent flower. The priest shot back with a smile on his face.
“Then how about you? Heimdall you know I have my reasons why! :p”
He sticks his tongue out to him and his face went to a calm, serene expression as he eyed on the flower he was holding.
“I love my sister more than anything Heimdall. Only thing is…I cannot control the craving of this body I hold…”
Heimdall just scratched his head and smiled.
“But…it's still good to know that somehow, you can control Selestia.”
Zephyr nodded. He thought about Selestia. How afraid he was.
“Heimdall…I don't know what to do…what if…Selestia gains its control over me again? I don't want to do anything I do not know to my sister like what I did to her back on the ship you just told me…I…”
The priest had his head down for some time as his grip on the flower gently tightened. Heimdall just looked away. Into the vast horizon of the sea that slowly eats his mind out of reality. It made him think. To become a sea that easily flows throughout the different paths of life. To be vast and knowledgeable of the things it passes by. Then a voice caught up to him.
“Getting Selestia…might seem to be a hard task…no…Heimdall?”
Heimdall grinned. He added a short laugh.
“You know Zephyr...you have the same name as the maniac in the animated Ragnarok!"
"Shut up Heimdall...that guy is one ugly shit..."
Heimdall sweatdropped.
End of Chapter 5! Yay! Confusing? I hope. Weird? Definitely. Incest?…uh yes?. I made it in school…and this time…I wasn't paying too much attention…I know the fic has lots of squishy scenes. /pif I need more good grammar and vocabulary! >o<. And up to this point…I still don't know who will get the girl in the end..piff. Ah but we'll see in the end. I'm sure I'll sub consciously write the MAIN pairing. o_O But…I think I'll play with the characters for a while…/gg
Chapter 6 preview:
“I…I…Heimdall…It's…happening again…I can't…”
Ymira buried her face onto Heimdall's chest as his hand rested atop her head and on her back. Comforting her. Hushing her between her sobs. He bent down his head and buried his face on her Vitaer scented silver hair.
They stood there, in the middle of Payon forest, the dead corpse slowly vanishing on the ground slowly, then finally disappearing. But all of it were forgotten in that preordained moment. And it was the moment. The moment that made Xirian froze behind the bamboo trees.
Just when will this events stop!