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Life of Chaos

Prologue - An Insane Day

Chapter 2 - Dawn of the New Year

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.

This series was originally started in 1999 remains very much unfinished. I will post the plot outlines for what wasn't written at the end of the appropriate chapters.


The final bell rang to begin class. The problem was the teacher had left to replace her shirt and only a third of the class was ready to start. One third were currently missing and the other third were lying on the floor unconscious.

"CCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!" Echoed through the school and was getting closer to the classroom.

Just as Ranma passed the open window to the hall, Ukyou swung her battle spatula to remove clinging Shampoo in feline form from Ranma's back. The frightened part-time girl ran into the wall and fell unconscious. The scream had at least woken up the rest of the class though.

"What are you doing here?" Ukyou asked the agitated cat.

"She's one of our classmates," Akane answered.

"Wonderful." Ukyou groaned in expectant pain.

"Kuonji, please take Shampoo and help her get ready for class," Ms. Hinako ordered, returning to class wearing a rather tight T-shirt with the words 'CoCo Live' written on the front.

Ukyou nodded and then glared at the cat. She wanted to help Ranchan wake up and make sure he was all right, but she wasn't about to disobey the vampiric teacher.

Shampoo looked at Ukyou in shock. She did NOT like the spatula-girl's change in attire. If the chef was going to start using feminine charms on her husband, it meant her chances with Ranma had just gotten worse.

Akane had moved over to where Ranma lay and tried to shake the girl awake. "Come on, stupid jerk, wake up."

"Oh, my pig-tailed goddess! What has befallen you!" Kuno rushed to help the moment he saw her.

Akane punched the samuri-wanna-be across the room, and he was once again down for the count. She then shook Ranma again. "You can't sleep now!"

"Few more minutes, 'Kane," Ranma mumbled in her sleep.

Akane began to growl. "Wake up!"

"Come on, a few more minutes and I'll do whatever ya want." Ranma rolled over and tried to pull the tile floor around her.

Akane blushed furiously at some of the comments the other students made about what that 'whatever' was. Especially Sentarou's statement of how Satsuki usually woke him up, which wasn't something she wanted to do until after she was married.

Satsuki dropped an entire silver tea ceremony set on her husband's head. "Don't say that in public," she scolded him in a harsh whisper.

Akane slapped Ranma for embarrassing her like that. He was giving the class the wrong idea about her.

"What 'cha do that for," Ranma grumbled.

"You're asleep in class AND you said something perverted." Akane glared at him.

"Did not!" Ranma protested.

"What does Akane normally want to do WITH you when you wake up?" Hiroshi asked lecherously.

"Spar in the dojo, what else?" Ranma returned as if that was the most obviously answer.

"Something which clothes get in the way of, perhaps?" Daisuke joined in.

Ranma turned toward her fiancee. "You know that's not what I meant. They're the ones bein' perverted."

"Whatever," Akane growled.

Kodachi was finding everything very confusing. She wasn't planning on showing Ranma her usual affections until she had a proper grasp of the situation. She wasn't about to blindly continue her previous attempts to win him when she now had the luxury of watching him and finding out his likes and dislikes. Not to mention, possibly finally understanding what hold the Tendo wench and that vile pig-tailed girl had on her love. Unfortunately, everything she had seen so far was rather... weird. Even by her standards. Forming an appropriate means to win Ranma may take longer than expected.

"All right, class. We will wait for those who are not present before assigning seats. However, I would like to take nominations for class representative," Ms. Hinako began.

"Akane," Yuka nominated.

"I decline!" Akane said sharply.

"Satsuki," Sentarou volunteered.

Kuno groggily woke up.

"I feel Sentarou would be better," Satsuki said.

"I nominate Ayashi for class rep," Rumiko ventured.

Ukyou and Shampoo walked into class and a guy with his hair tied up into a long ponytail followed them.

Ukyou wanted an excuse, any excuse to pound the guy knowing full well who he was.

Kuno stood proudly. "I nominate my glorious self to the exalted position of classroom representative."

"Can I make an anti-nomination?" Ranma asked.

"No." Ms. Hinako glared at Saotome.

"You wound me, my fair goddess." Kuno actually sounded hurt.

"To bad it wasn't fatal," Ranma quipped.

"I nominate Sayuri," Akane said.

"Are you mad?" Sayuri scowled at her friend. "I decline."

"Ukyou-sama for class rep!" the pony-tailed guy cheered.

Ukyou glared at him. "There is no way I can be class rep, pervert. I'm not normally in school all day."

"But Ukyou-sa...." the guy trailed off under her harsh glare.

"Shut up, Tsubasa," Ukyou snapped.

"Any other nominations?" Ms. Hinako asked. "No, okay. Raise your hand if you want Kuno as class rep...."

Kuno and Mariko raised their hand.

Ms. Hinako nodded. "Raise your hand for Sentarou...."

Satsuki raised her hand.

Ms. Hinako shook her head. "Now for Satsuki...."

Sentarou, Akane and Shampoo raised their hands.

Ms. Hinako was surprised the two girls voted for the same person. "And raise your hand if you want Ayashi."

The rest of the class placed their vote.

"We have a landslide victory. Congratulations Ayashi," Ms. Hinako said.

"I should have declined," Ayashi mumbled.

"Too late," Rumiko giggled.

"Why hast I been abandoned? My loves and even my sister did not vote for me?" Kuno wailed.

"I didn't abandon you, K-U-N-O!" Mariko tried to comfort him.

"My heart has already been claimed," Kuno said flatly.

"But they don't L-O-V-E you like I do!" Mariko protested.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Ranma commented.

"Do not fear, my love. I shall always belong to you and Akane," Kuno professed.

Ranma punched him into the wall. "I'm going to get some hot water."

"How dare you hurt him. I, M-A-R-I-K-O, challenge you!" Mariko held two batons in combat position.

"Listen for a sec," Ranma snapped, not regarding her as a threat. "I don't even like Kuno, but he won't accept that I don't love him. Besides, if I wanted to find someone to love, it'd be from a girl."

Mariko glared at the buxom girl. "You are a lesbian, aren't you?"

Ranma blinked in surprise, but before she could say anything Akane replied for her, "You could say that."

"Akane...." Ranma hissed.

"You have to admit, it's sort of true," Akane pointed out.

"Do not." Just before Ranma left the room, Ms. Hinako gave Saotome two minutes to return.

Ms. Hinako watched the class waiting for the remaining students to arrive. She felt sorry for the non-fighters that got placed into this joke of public education. The only criterion for being placed into this class was having the worse student files of the second year students. Most of those trained in martial arts had misconduct files at least several centimeters thick. The Daimonji couple weren't here for their abilities as fighters or their potential to cause problems, but because they were married. Other students like, Matsuko and Sieki, had picked up a bad reputation through means other than fighting. Akane and Ranma's friends were placed in this class for being associated with the disruptive students. The remainder were borderline cases that weren't truly bad, just that they skipped more classes or run across the principal's path one too many times.

Ranma almost made it to class when he noticed Mikado coming from the stairs.

"Well, hello, Saotome. I must say you are stronger than I remember." Mikado rubbed his jaw for emphasis. "Quite frankly, I don't care how good of a martial artist you are. I don't intend on fighting you."

"Oh, so what do you want, lech?" Ranma asked evenly.

"What I want is to see you in ruin, and I'm the one that's going to do it. I'll take away from you everything you hold dear, starting with you fiancee," Mikado threatened.

"You try that, and I will kill you," Ranma growled angrily.

"Oh?" Mikado raised an eyebrow. "Tell me Ranma, does your sense of honor allow you to beat up someone who has sworn off fighting? You attack me and I will not defend myself. If you kill me, it would be murder."

Ranma shook in impotent fury. "You didn't."

"Yes, I did. But if you want, I'll swear it again. I, Sanzenin Mikado, hereby swear to never again use my skill in martial arts. I swear to use all of my intelligence, charm, good-looks and family fortune to bring ruin upon Saotome Ranma, Tendo Akane, that buxom girl and Hibiki Ryoga for defeating the Golden Pair."

"Oh, really. Just how do you expect to pull that off?" Ranma questioned skeptically.

"It's simple really, but telling you how... would not be in my best interest. Kiss whatever happiness you have, good-bye." Mikado walked into class. All he had to do was wine and dine the girls and get them pregnant and all their lives were ruined, and he would make sure that they wouldn't be able to force him to pay for their kids.

Ranma glared at him and followed. He might not be able to kill him if he went by that oath, but slip once and he wouldn't hesitate. Besides, if he piss off Ryoga, he would be dead before pig-boy would realize he wasn't fighting back.

Ranma noticed something was written on the chalkboard, [No fighting- punishment: chi draining.] He then looked around class and saw it had become pockets of students chatting with each other, more or less.

Mariko was fawning over Kuno, much to his displeasure since she kept him from talking to Akane.

Konatsu was talking to Ukyou while keeping an eye on Tsubasa.

Tsubasa gazed lovingly at Ukyou then gaze at another girl and then go back to looking at the okonomiyaki chef.

Shampoo wanted to knock Mousse out of the classroom, but she knew full well what would happen if she did.

Rumiko blushed furiously as Mousse proclaimed his undying love for her. Well, his undying love for Shampoo, but he was looking straight at her.

Kodachi and Seiki were both standing in back of class. They seem to be observing and cataloging everything that was going on.

The remainder were just chatting.

"Now since everyone is finally here," Ms. Hinako began. "We'll select the seating arrangement." She pulled out a fish bowl filled with slips of paper. "In this bowl are pieces of paper with each of your names written on them. Ayashi, as class rep, you will draw the names."

Ayashi reluctantly went to the front of the class. "Here goes nothing." She pulled a name. "Kuno Kodachi."

Kodachi sat at the last seat in the row next to the outside windows, seat A6. From there she could watch everyone in class.

Ayashi reached for another name. "Kuonji Ukyou."

Ukyou smiled cheerfully. This early in selection she would be able to ensure Ranma would get to sit next to her. She knew Ranma didn't want to be near Kodachi or the front of the classroom. Choosing this soon also meant that she would have to make sure she had plenty of available seats around her since the seats in the back of class would fill up quickly. She sat down two rows from the hall and second seat from the back, D5.

"Daimonji Sentarou."

Sentarou shrugged and sat down towards the back of the class, seat B5.

"Takahashi Rumiko."

Rumiko knew full well what her class was capable of and didn't want to miss any of the action. She also wanted a way out of the firing line. The middle of the back row would be perfect, seat C6.

"Kurenai Tsubasa."

Tsubasa tried to walk, and not skip merrily, towards the desk E5, right next to Ukyou. If his beloved Ukyou was going to act more like a girl, then he would act more like a guy. He wondered why Ukyou was glaring at him, though.

"Daimonji Satsuki."

Satsuki glided to the seat next to her husband, desk C5. She wondered why the girl next to her was grumbling.

"Kenzan Konatsu."

Konatsu sauntered over to the desk behind Ukyou. He wasn't about to let the guy, who Ukyou obviously didn't like, annoy her.

"Tendo Akane."

Akane looked over the class and frowned. She didn't want to sit too close to Ukyou considering what she did at the wedding fiasco. Sitting near Kodachi was NOT an option. Ranma wouldn't want to sit near the front, though. She had to decide now, and went with the desk two seats in front of Ukyou, D3.

"Unryu Akari."

Akari skipped towards desk C3, next to her friend, Akane, and with so many seats around them, Ryoga was sure to be able to sit next to her.

"Gosunkugi Hikaru."

Most of the seats around Akane were available. He could sit near his love. But... the wedding fiasco was fresh in his mind, and unlike several others in the room he knew who would marry Ranma, barring acts of kami.... Actually, according to Nabiki, a kami had tried to stop that and failed. He went to the back corner of the room, seat E6. Perhaps he could find someone else to long for and, if he did, maybe she would even give him the time of day.

"Sanzenin Mikado."

Mikado looked at the taken seats and was determined not to sit next to Azusa. He looked at the girls who already claimed seats. Akane was one of his targets, and sitting next to her would be conducive to success. However, if he was able to win her over, seduce her and dump her quickly enough, well... he didn't want to be in arm's reach. Not to mention that most of the seats around her were still open. Besides, while Rumiko was plain looking and Satsuki was taken, if he cared about that, that Kodachi girl was a looker. If he sat next to them, in seat B6, there would only be one seat still open and little chance Azusa would get it.

"Seiki Ryunami."

Ryunami looked over the class with a critical eye. She would have preferred a seat in the back of the class but desk A5 was the only real option for her.

"Saotome Ranma."

Ranma walked over and plopped down into seat E3, next to Akane. His mind boggled when she smiled sweetly at him.

"Msu Si?" Ayashi looked at the card strangely. She saw Mousse move towards a seat. Must be something with Chinese names she didn't understand.

Mousse liked that they were pronouncing his name better. They still had an accent, which caused it to still be slightly mangled, but it was an improvement. He looked at the seats knowing Shampoo would want to sit near Ranma more than him, but he didn't want her to sit anywhere near Saotome. He decided to sit behind Akane, in desk D4, in hopes that all the seats around Ranma would be taken before Shampoo would get a choice.

"Bosabosa Daisuke." Ayashi giggled a little at his clan name. It was a small clan and not one most girls would like attached to their name.

Daisuke sat in front of Seiki, desk A4, as it would allow him to gaze out the window during class. The soccer field was in plain view so if Ranma or any of his friends put on a show there, he had his balcony seat reserved.

"Chapatsu Hiroshi."

Hiroshi looked at the seat next to Daisuke and the one in front of it. Next to him was easier to pass notes, but to gaze outside and watch the girls from the other classes participating in gym wasn't something he was willing to pass up. So, A3 it was.

"Hibiki Ryoga."

Ryoga looked at Akari and then Akane and back to Akari. He sighed. Akane was as good as married. So was he, but not to whom he had thought it would be for so long. He had loved Akane, and still did in some ways, but it was more like an over-protective brother now. His heart belonged to Akari now. How he fell for a pig lover, he didn't know. He decided to sit at desk B3, next to Akari but away from Akane. He didn't want to bring up any old temptations to be with his first love.

"Shan Pu."

Shampoo leaped for the desk E4, behind Ranma. She wanted to sit next to him and was not pleased he chose to sit next to the kitchen destroyer. She wished Mousse hadn't chosen to sit near her beloved, he was sure to interfere. But dealing with a pesky duck was a small price to pay to be near Ranma. Shampoo smiled triumphantly at Ukyou, who was growing increasingly upset, especially since Ranma had chosen his seat.

"Kumon Ryu."

Ryu shrugged looking around the classroom. He didn't really know anyone besides Ranma, but he had no desire to be in the front of the class. C4 looked fine to him, towards the back middle and near Akane.


Ayashi tossed her book-bag on desk A2. She wished she could avoid sitting near any of the psychos, including her teacher. There wasn't much of a choice now. It was either near Hinako or Ryoga. She hoped the walking tank was safer than the vampire. Worse came to worse, there was always the quick route out of the school. Sure it was a two-story drop, but some of the things these guys could do would hurt a lot more.

"Shiratori Azusa."

Azusa skipped toward the desk behind her beloved Charlotte, seat B4. She hated that Tendo girl for taking her prized possession. Charlotte was so CUTE and was also a hunk. Much better looking than her partner, if you want to call him that. Azusa had planned on doing some mean, rotten and generally uncute things to Akane, but now she wanted to do even worse things since her beloved pet didn't even belong to the Tendo girl but some psycho with a mallet. She would have to do something about this Akari girl as well for claiming Charlotte.

"Tanaki Sayuri."

Sayuri had hoped she was in the wrong room. She sighed and sat down in desk D2, in front of Akane. This was going to be a long year.

"Genmizu Yume."

Yume wanted to know why she was here. This class was full of problem students, and she certainly didn't consider herself one. She only knew of one misconduct that could land her here, and wondered why she was the one elected to be here when there were so many other students who had hit the principal too, some of them several times. Sure most of them hit him on the head, but why would kicking him in the crotch be different- besides the soprano note of pain that is. She'd do it again too if he tried to cut her hair. She spent three years growing it and wasn't about to lose it to a nut case. Yume sighed, deciding to make the best of it and sat in the front row, desk D1.

"Masaki Yuka."

This year was going to be FUN. More fights, more relationship problems, more gossip and just plain more insanity. School used to be boring until she started going to Furinkan, and this class was going to be full adventures. Best of all, she got to watch it all from the sidelines and not have to deal with it herself. One or two adventures wouldn't be bad, but nothing more than that. She sat down at desk E2, near her friends and in earshot range of Akane and Ranma's misadventures.

"Kuno Tatewaki." Ayashi prayed he would not sit near her.

Kuno frowned seeing that the only desk near Akane would not allow him to view her beauty without being noticed. He could sit at desk C2 where she could gaze at his glorious image during the long, tedious hours of school. That would have to do for now. He wished for a means to have Ranma moved to another part of class, or better yet out of it, so that he could sit next to Akane. But alas the school system, nay the teacher was a strict enforcer of rules and he would not be able to change things without appropriate cause.

"Tensuke Kenshiro."

Kenshiro didn't particularly like the idea of being in a class of psycho martial artist. He may be a jock and his frequent unauthorized time away school may have landed him in the class of freaks, but he had no desire to be with these guys anymore than necessary. The seat next to the door, desk E1, was the best bet for him.

"Konjo Mariko."

Mariko cartwheeled to the seat next to her beloved Kuno, desk B2. She was going to do everything in her power to make Kuno look at her the way he looked at those two perverts. She had wondered after the cheerleader competition, when the pig-tailed girl had professed love to the Tendo girl, that she might have been mistaken about the confession and that the buxom girl didn't really mean it. But now she knew she had been correct since those two were certainly in love. True it was a strange love, but love none the less. Judging by the way the girls acted, Mariko doubted they would allow any guy into their bed. She would have to cure him of that desire... or find another girl who wouldn't mind a three-some.

Ayashi frowned when the drug addled cheerleader chose a seat next to her. This was NOT good. She drew the last name. "And finally, Matsuko Hiro."

Hiro grumbled and sat at seat A1. It was near the windows, away from the martial artists of ridiculous skills, and hopefully out of the peripheral sight of the chibi-vampiric teacher.

Ms. Hinako, once again a child, giggled as she ran up to her desk. "Okay class, now that we have that settled I'll go over the rules you will NEED to follow. No fighting, talking without authorization, passing of notes, sleeping nor eating in class. Don't let me catch you if you skip class either. Punishment is having your chi drained. Understood?"

Most of the new students to Furinkan looked at her strangely.

"Come on little girl, this is a poor joke. When is the teacher coming back?" Kumon asked.

Hinako glared at him, and the returning students moved away from him.

Kumon felt suddenly doomed to pain.

"Happo Go En Shatsu!" the child teacher cried out.

Kumon realized the joke was on him as he slumped on top of his desk. He watched as the teacher returned to her adult form.

"Anyone else going to call me, 'little girl?'" Ms. Hinako played with the coin in her hand. She looked over the class and no one moved. "Thought so."

"There are many other regulations in the school rule book. Many of which were written by Principal Kuno." Ms. Hinako dropped the centimeters thick book of school regulations into the garbage can. "The rules you should follow should be common sense. I know some of you..." She looked at Ranma. "...will have a hard time with that, but there is no way to conduct class with the principal's regulations. Just show up everyday, pay attention to your teacher and mind your place and we'll get along fine."

The bell rang signifying change of class.

"Homeroom is over. Now if you'll get out your English textbooks, we can begin class," Ms. Hinako announced.


Author's Notes:

And the new school year begins with surprisingly little damage done so far. Nabiki is not taking any bets on how long the school will be standing though.

Thanks to Rei-chan for the grammar shred and to all my others who have helped me write and to you for reading this.

What's Ayashi's problem with Bosabosa as a clan name? First, it means: unkempt, ruffled hair or brush bristles; idling away time. Secondly, it is a small clan with little power and no prestige. Third, it sounds stupid to her.

BTW: Chapatsu means hair dyed brown.

Before I'm bothered by people's posts about Mikado's threats and plans, Mikado is the one making the inaccurate assumptions, not me. I know many of you can spot the flaws in it from miles away, but he doesn't have much information and his plans come mostly from his overblown ego.

Mariko has accused Ranma and Akane of having a 'strange love' for each other at the end of the cheerleader match. For this story, she later came to wonder if she had been tricked by Ranma and Akane to be defeated that way and not through mutual love.

Seating chart:
2...Wataru........Konjo..........Kuno T.........Tanaki........Masaki
4...Bosabosa......Shiratori......Kumon..........Msu Si........Shan Pu
5...Sieki.........Daimonji Sen...Daimonji Sat...Kuonji........Kurenai
6...Kuno K........Sanzenin.......Takahashi......Kenzan........Gosunkugi