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Life of Chaos

Prologue - An Insane Day

Chapter 6 - Relative Learning

By: Lord Archive

Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. Street Fighter belongs to Capcom. All rights reserved.


The bell rang announcing the end of lunch by the time Mikado was finally able to move. He was livid with rage. "I'm going to kill them!"

"Oh? How are ya goin' to kill someone if ya sworn off martial arts?" Ranma's voice taunted.

Mikado turned and saw not only Ranma but that Akane and Kodachi were also standing by the windows and that Mariko and Ryoga were jumping through open windows.

Akane slapped Ranma's shoulder for picking her up and jumping, while carrying her, into their classroom.

Kodachi couldn't figure out if she should glare at Akane or Mikado, so she decided to snub both of them.

"This does not concern you," Mikado snarled, while glaring at Kodachi.

"Nice artwork there." Ranma took a long look at Mikado's face.

Kodachi smirked. "Yes, I must give appropriate praise to the fine painters. They improved your looks remarkably well."

"Why you...." Mikado had never been pissed off by a girl this much in his life. Only Ranma had gotten him that mad before. He tried to compose himself. "Why should I care what a wanton slut has to say?"

Before Kodachi could react Mariko planted three batons into his skull. "How dare you insult Kuno Kodachi?"

"I am Sanzenin Mikado of a noble family of Shogunate," he said proudly while rubbing his bruised head. Using his ancestry had often helped him get closer to women in the past or helped when he needed to soothe things out with an irate girl, boyfriend, and/or officer. Money and ancestry could mean a lot in Japan, and Mikado had both.

"Yes, and if you studied your clan history, your family answered to my samurai family after your clan lost to the Shogun that my clan served," Kodachi told him smugly. "You have insulted the wrong noblewoman, pervert."

"I'll still see that you pay for this along with those two." Mikado pointed at Hiroshi and Daisuke as they were about to sit down at their desks.

"Hurt them, pervert, and I break your legs," Ranma warned. "They're my friends and while they may not be martial artists, they've had some training. If you fight them, you'd have ta use martial arts which means that oath of yours would be broken and I get ta pound ya all I want."

"What oath is this?" Akane asked.

"I'll explain it later," Ranma replied.

Mikado glared at Ranma in impotent fury. He would have to do something soon.

Mousse had tried to figure out where Shampoo was, he still couldn't think of where she had gone. Then a girl sat at his beloved's desk, and he heard her mutter something. He realized that the girl was Shampoo and that her hair was in a pony-tail. Surprised by the change in hairstyle, he asked her, "Shampoo, what happened to your hair?"

"None of stupid duck's business!" Shampoo yelled.

Before either of them could say anything more, Ms. Hinako entered the class and announced loudly, "When I said I would not tolerate interference with class, I did not mean just the classes I teach. Many of you were a disruptive influence, preventing my fellow teachers from properly teaching you. It's time for you to be punished." She proceeded to drain Mikado, Kodachi, Mousse and Shampoo. She hadn't meant to drain Mousse, but he tried to defend Shampoo.

Ms. Hinako then went to Konatsu, glaring at him. "You're as bad a delinquent as Ukyou. Happo Tsurisen Gaeshi!" The ninja was implanted into part of the wall.

Konatsu blinked and moaned in pain. "...ouch..."

Ms. Hinako drained Kuno and then turned her gaze on the last two that had done things deserving of her punishment. "Ranma and Akane, you two will follow me."

"Is this the right room? Man, this always happens when I get nervous." A man in a hot pink business-suit and lime green tie stood at the door of the classroom.

Ryoga blinked. "Uncle Dan?"

Dan stared at Ryoga in shock. "Piglet?"

Akari and a few others giggled at the name. Ranma was trying not to bust his gut.

"Mr. Hibiki, I ask you delay class for a few minutes. Some of your students are... incapacitated at the moment and I need to talk to these two," Ms. Hinako requested.

"S-sure." Dan would never say 'no' to a buxom woman like her. "I-I'll just get reacquainted with piglet."

"Stop calling me that, Uncle!" Ryoga shouted.

"Why? It's so cute," Akari and Azusa said in stereo. They then glared at each other.

"Akari, please don't start. Azusa, don't ever call me that," Ryoga begged.

"Why?" Akari asked.

"Okay, Charlotte," Azusa replied.

"Don't call me that either!" Ryoga yelled at her.

Azusa sniffed. "You don't like me?" Tears were brimming in her eyes.

"I-I-I...." Ryoga glanced at Akari, who gave him a look telling him he better not say something stupid. "Sorry, it's just we met the wrong way and I got another girl."

Tears arced from Azusa's eyes.

"Aw, Little Fang, how could you hurt the feelings of that cute girl?" Dan asked.

"I've got this cuter girl already." Ryoga pointed at Akari.

Azusa hit Ryoga repeatedly with her math textbook, while she wailed, "Don't leave me, Charlotte!"

"And she's insane," Ryoga added.

Dan blinked and nodded. He didn't know about the cuter part, but Azusa was certainly missing a few Go pieces.

Akari zapped the bawling girl with an electric cattle prod. "Much better."

Azusa slumped in her seat, smoking.

Dan looked at his nephew's girlfriend; she seemed a few short as well. Who carried a cattle prod around in Tokyo in this day and age?

"So, Uncle, what have you been up to?" Ryoga asked.

Dan stood proudly. "Well, I was finally able to get revenge for your grandfather's death...."

"Grandpa is dead?!" Ryoga questioned in shock.

"Yes, the vile Sagat killed him. A year ago I finally defeated him and then I finished my education degree. Then Furinkan took one look at my credentials and hired me to be your math teacher," Dan said proudly.

Ryoga scratched his head. "Um, I saw him a few months ago."

Dan blinked. "You couldn't have, he's dead."

"No, I'm positive I saw him. He had gotten lost years ago and met this cute girl and stayed with her," Ryoga informed.

Dan's eyes went wide. "He-he's been lost?! He met a girl?!"

"Um, yeah. You've got a half-sister now," Ryoga told him.

Dan had to sit down. "I've got a sister?"

Ryoga nodded.

"And I thought for sure Sagat killed Dad." Dan's mind whirled at the implications. He had beaten up an innocent man. Well, Sagat wasn't innocent by any stretch of the imagination; after all, he worked for Shadowloo. "Sagat deserved to be trashed anyway. He is a part of organized crime. You sure you're not thinking of your mother's parents?"

"No, they died of a freak accident six years ago," Ryoga answered.

"What happened?" Dan asked.

Ryoga shrugged. "Part of a library wall collapsed and they were buried by books. Most were from the reference section; you know, atlases, maps, and geographical studies."


Ms. Hinako guided Ranma and Akane out of the room when Dan had started to talk with his nephew, and brought them to a conference room.

Ranma really wished he could have stayed and found out more about 'piglet.'

"There are two reasons why I brought you here. First, I'd like to know what your plans are," Ms. Hinako said.

"Plans?" Ranma and Akane questioned.

Ms. Hinako nodded. "Yes. You two were almost married a few days ago, and I'd like to know what your plans are. I can already tell that any attempts to get married any time soon would be futile. There are simply too many delinquents running around."

"I... um, well, we haven't," Akane stammered.

"Her, me... m-m-mar... ah." Ranma wasn't any better in his reply.

Ms. Hinako sighed. "Do try to come up with some type of plan. Otherwise you'll have to deal with them for the next two years at least before things will be calm enough for you two get married."

Ranma blinked while trying to understand what was going on.

"Why are you telling us this?" Akane asked.

"I understand what's truly going on, and if I can help Soun in any way, I will," Ms. Hinako answered.

Akane frown at the mention of her father. "You're not going to start chasing after my father again?"

"Not in the way Ranma's suitors have attempted to pursue a relationship with him. I know your father still mourns over your mother and it'll take time for him to heal. All I plan to do is help him recover and be willing to accept my love. I'm patient enough to wait a few years or more for him," Ms. Hinako related.

Akane blinked. "Well, um, ah, okay... I guess." She didn't know how to deal with someone actually planning to take the longer path towards love. Ranma's suitors wanted him NOW and wouldn't wait five minutes if given the choice. If Ms. Hinako was willing to take the time to heal her father first, Akane couldn't see a problem of her teacher being with her father, except for the age problem, of course. But she might be able to live with that.

Ms. Hinako straightened herself. "As for the other reason, you have both been disruptive influences to class. Ranma, falling asleep in class is not acceptable. Akane, I expected better from you than hitting other students and nearly starting a fight. You both need to be punished. Happo go en shatsu."

Ranma leapt in front of Akane to protect her. He crumpled to the floor as the teacher drained his strength.

Ms. Hinako frowned deeply. "Sorry, Akane, but you need to be punished too, otherwise the principal will. Happo go en shatsu."

Akane placed her foot on Ranma's back to prevent him from trying to block. She knew this was coming and was surprised she had never been drained before, especially considering the number of times she skipped class-- some for absolutely no reason. She guessed now that Ms. Hinako hadn't drained her before in fear of angering her father. Akane collapsed next to Ranma, feeling very weak.

Ms. Hinako glanced down sadly at Akane. She didn't want to drain someone she hoped would one day be her step-daughter. At least calling the two of them out of the room allowed Akane to keep some dignity and not be weak in front of her classmates.


"Mr. Hibiki? Do you get lost like Ryoga does?" Yuka asked.

"Nope," Dan said proudly. "Got the best direction sense of my entire clan."

"Well, those that are afflicted with the curse," Ryoga corrected. "Besides, the severity of the curse changes. He may be fine now, but there's been times he couldn't find his way out of a room with one door."

"That only happens when I'm really nervous. I had every right to be nervous that time. One of the greatest martial arts masters that ever lived was choosing students and I was a candidate. I would've been selected over that yuppie, Ken Masters, if I hadn't gotten lost," Dan said defensively.

"Right, anyway he has a different curse in spades instead," Ryoga said.

"What curse is that?" Dan asked confused.

Ryoga smirked. "Fashion sense."

"What? I have perfect fashion sense. Girls throw themselves at my feet over my stylish looks." Dan groomed his hair, trying to look suave.

The class crashed from the ground in shock and then started to laugh uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?" Dan asked.

"Seems we missed a joke," Ranma said.

"Good. I'm still too weak to laugh like that," Akane replied.

They helped each other to their seats. The class was too busy laughing to notice them.

"I have never heard a more deluded statement than that," Kumon said.

"You haven't been here very long then," Hiroshi replied, causing more laughter.

"And tell me, what is so 'deluded' about what I said?" Dan asked.

"Those Elvis impersonators dress better than you do," Kumon chuckled. "And, if a girl falls down at your feet, it's to vomit."

Dan's eyes narrowed. "You, me, hall, now."

"You want to fight?" Kumon asked while trying not to hurt himself laughing.

Dan nodded firmly. "Yes."

"Try the soccer field. I'd destroy the hall," Kumon suggested.

Dan shrugged. "Fine, the soccer field."

"Yo, Kumon," Ranma called out. "Remember, ya can't use the Yamasenken."

"I know. I do not go against my word." Kumon leapt out the window.

Dan blinked. Well, if his student could do it, so could he. The teacher followed out the window, belly flopping on to the ground. "The mighty Dan needs work on the landings. Ouch."

The students rushed to the windows. The martial artists that could leap out the windows did so. The remainder of the students watched from the classroom.

"I promise that you won't get into trouble for fighting me." Dan had been told by Principal Kuno that he could knock some sense into some of the students from rooms 2-D and 3-D. The list was fairly long, and Dan recognized this guy as one of the problem students he was allowed to fight.

Kumon parted his arms. "You're the one that made the challenge."

"Any time you're ready, mop-head," Dan said confidently.

"Right now." Kumon stood in stance similar to one Akane often uses that allowed for powerful strikes.

Dan stood in a more relaxed stance. It also had indications of allowing strong attacks, but left more ability to evade an attack.

Both watched each other closely waiting for the other to make the first move. Twenty seconds later Dan couldn't wait anymore.

Hibiki rushed his opponent and then ducked into a roll.

Kumon stepped back and prepared to dodge or block the attack.

A meter shy of his opponent, Dan sprung into the air. "Come on, loser. Are you going to fight or just stand there?"

If his teacher wanted to be hit, Kumon didn't have any problems complying. He lashed out at Dan's face.

The teacher smirked. He blocked the attacked with his left arm and countered with a punch of his own.

Kumon shook his head. Who would expect a guy with an oversized ego and bad fashion sense could hit like a truck. Dan had to be stronger than Ranma, but at least he didn't have Saotome's speed.

The two exchanged a series of kicks and punches. Dan, concentrating on defense, avoided many of Kumon's stronger attacks, while Kumon ignored most of his math teacher's blows.

"Had enough?" Dan asked after knocking his student to the ground with a sweep kick.

"Eh. Why should I give up? You haven't even hurt me, clown teacher," Kumon replied.

Dan narrowed his eyes. "I was going easy on you, pansy. Now it's time you face the fierce and mighty Hibiki Dan!"

Kumon rolled his eyes. How corny could someone get?

Dan shifted position. "Dan Ku Kyaku!" He launched himself into the air, kicking his student three times in a flying jump kick that defied gravity. "Did you feel that one?" he asked mockingly.

Kumon had most definitely felt those kicks, but he wasn't about to let the joke of a teacher know that. "It tickled."

"Let's see if you find this ticklish. Gadoken!" A small chi blast launched from Dan's extended hand.

Kumon blocked the attack, but wished he never came in contact with it. The part of his arm that blocked it was tingling and would probably hurt like a bitch after that sensation stopped. He had to do something to put his teacher down or he was going to lose. He knew of a few means that could do that, some permanently, but those attacks had been sealed because they were too deadly.

Dan lashed out into a series of strikes and taunts while Kumon blocked, dodged, and retorted. His teacher was asking to be maimed. He had never wanted to use some of the more lethal aspects of the Yamasenken. Even Ranma hadn't pissed him off this much. If he was out in the middle of nowhere fighting this idiot, he might have given in and used a technique or two. The problem was they were fighting at Furinkan and several of the spectators knew the moves were sealed. He had to come up with something else.

"You've got great staying power, but you don't have any skill," Dan said.

Kumon glared at his teacher and launched a kick.

Dan had already start his move. He crouched down, dodging the kick in the process. He then jumped straight up. "Ko Ryu Ken!"

Kumon went flying from the upper cut. His head momentarily filled with stars. Oh, he really wanted to rip the clown's heart out, literally. But seeing as that was a move of the Yamasenken, he couldn't. He smirked, thinking of a move that he could use.

Dan advanced on his student, surprised he was still moving. "Admit defeat?"

"Nope. Makaze!" Kumon spun around lashing out in numerous punches and kicks. Originally it had been used to fire off several vacuum blades instead of just one. The move was Kumon's invention and was modified so that it didn't use the Yamasenken.

Dan fell backwards. The kid was a walking tank and if Kumon pulled that move again, the fight would be over. Well, if his student wanted to play rough, he'd play rougher. "Shinku Gadoken!"

Kumon smirked at his sensei. Dan had been kneeling on the ground recouping from the last attack, but then lashed out with his fist. A chi attack far stronger than the previous one blasted into Kumon's chest. He fell to the ground unconscious.

"The mighty Dan wins again!" The teacher shook his fist triumphantly. However, the movement aggravated several of his new bruises. "Ouch."

Dan picked up his student and went to the nurses' station.


Mikado stared in disbelief. "He used my move! He used my move and he isn't even on ice!"

"Actually, pervert, that is one of his attacks. It's a modified version of a sealed technique," Ranma said with a frown.

"That part of the move isn't sealed. Your father didn't invent it, Kumon did," Akane added.

The school bell rung signaling the end of that period. The students quickly got their stuff together since their next class was gym.


Author's Notes:

So much for math class. Dan might be able to begin his class tomorrow.

School nicknames are common in Japanese schools. The classmates usually choose the name given. Kuno tried to choose his own with Blue Thunder. So far only Mikado, pervert, and the as yet unnamed freshman, Tomboy, have a nickname that's starting to catch on.

Shouldn't it be nurse's station? Usually yes, but this is Furinkan and the potential for violence has need for more than one nurse.

Ms. Hinako chased after Soun in the manga like Ranma's suitors, why has she changed tactics? Well, seeing that Ms. Hinako backed off her pursuit and never actively chased after Soun again, I'm guessing she figured out he was still mourning over his dead wife. Especially given the fact that Akane has avoided punishment while clearly being a delinquent (skipping classes, fighting)- shows Ms. Hinako may not have given up on being with Mr. Tendo.

Dan defeated Sagat? Well in the time line for this fanfict, a year ago (during Street Fighter Alpha 2) Dan came across Sagat and beat him up. What Dan doesn't know was that Sagat had already fought and lost against Ryu, not to mention that Sagat was also drunk.

How can Dan beat Kumon? First off, Kumon is restricted from using a lot of his skills. If he uses any move from Yamasenken, it would cause dishonor, which he will avoid at all cost. Second, judging what level someone would fight from Street Fighter at in comparison to Ranma 1/2 is a bit tricky since they are from two different sets of canon. Seeing as the Street Fighter crew is older than the Ranma crew, I'm giving them the nod as being stronger and more experienced individually. Even though Dan is the weakest of the Street Fighters, he still has a large amount of skill and shouldn't be discounted.

What is the Yamasenken? The Yamasenken techniques, or 1000 mountain fists, is a school of martial arts invented by Genma based on being a noisy thief. The school has attacks that are very powerful, including vacuum blades and an attack that literally can steal the opponent's heart.

The sister school to Yamasenken is known as Umisenken, or 1000 ocean fist, and is based off being a silent thief. Only the counters to the Yamasenken, some highly defensive moves and an ultra-powerful attack have been seen.

Makaze: storm caused by the devil; evil wind