Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Angel and the Rose Chapter 1 ( Chapter 15 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This side story is set during the week before Hinako's final transformation
and will include some material that was originally shown in Chapter 12 of the
main story.


Little Angel Lost Side story #2: Angel and the Rose

As Ranma spent the week, getting closer to Hinako and Kasumi, another
resident of Nerima was starting to come out of her shell and was beginning
to make friends with a rather unusual girl.

World of Elegance was growing quite bored staying at the temple and
participating in some of the adventures that Urd had. She wanted to spend
more time out in the world, seeing how, 'real' people had fun. Normally
she would try and contact Hinako, but the little angel was busy with
her goddess.

"Hmmmm, perhaps she would be interesting in a little trip around
town.", World of Elegance thought as she flew out of the temple and
towards the home of a girl that she felt somewhat of a kinship too.
After all the two of them had both been rejected at times by those
close to them and they both had little contact with others.

It was decided then, World of Elegance would head off towards the
home of her new friend even if said friend was unaware of any
relationship between the two of them yet. So it came to pass that one
bored and lonely angel landed in the front court of the Kuno home,
looking for the Kodachi, but unfortunately finding an idiot kendoist
who starting spouting some nonsense about the heaven rewarding him with
an angel for his pure and just soul.

World of Elegance was about to leave the idiot to his rambling
when she was shocked by the feeling of someone grabbing her from behind
and groping her chest. She was so stunned she didn't even move. This
didn't last long.

"How dare this little boy touch me like that.", World of
Elegance thought as she began to glow red.

Now World of Elegance was an angel attuned to fire, and knew how
to use her element quite well. A fiery aura sprung upon around the angel
and a few moments later a loud scream could be heard throughout Nerima.

Kodachi came out of her mansion to see what trouble her idiot
brother had gotten himself into. Maybe she should just splash the fool
again. At least his other form didn't bother her so. The only problem
was Kodachi's dear pet alligator seemed to like the smell of panda and
often chased the confused panda girl around the estate before she
managed to escape.

As Kodachi entered the front yard she saw that her idiot brother had
somehow managed to set himself on fire and was now heading towards her
dear pet's pond. Kodachi sighed as he leapt in with predictable results.


"Roar.", went a certain alligator.

"Aighhhh!!!!!!!!!! Help, help, help!!!", went a certain panda
girl as she ran around the yard with her arms flailing widely.

"Sigh, how pathetic.", Kodachi said.

"Isn't he though.", another voice said, attracting Kodachi's

Kodachi looked towards the sound of the voice and saw World of
Elegance who she remembered from the time that they had both went out
on the town with Hinako.

"I take it my dear brother's fiery fate was your doing.", Kodachi
said, while sounding quite amused.

"He was being punished for rudely grabbing onto me.", World of
Elegance said as she smoothed over her top, that Kuno had wrinkled.

"Not that I am complaining, but what brings you here, megami-san?",
Kodachi stated humbly.

"Please I am an angel not a goddess, and for why I am here, well I
came to see you.", World of Elegance said to a confused looking Kodachi.

"To see me....Why?", Kodachi asked.

"I wanted to spend some time with you. We never really had the
chance to get to know one another, but I sensed that we both have
something in common.", World of Elegance said.

"You want to spend time with me.....How unusual.", Kodachi said.

"You act as if it is strange that someone wants to be around you.
Don't you have friends that you go out with?", World of Elegance said, to
a now downcast Kodachi.

"Besides Ranma-chan, no one has wanted to be my friend in quite a
long time.", Kodachi replied sadly.

"But why, you seemed to be quite nice to me and far more normal
than some of the cursed individuals around here.", World of Elegance

"There are many in Nerima who would disagree with you.", Kodachi

"Well that is their problem. I don't see anything wrong with you
and I would like to be your friend if you will accept me.", World of
Elegance said to a shocked Kodachi.

"I would like that.", Kodachi managed to say after a minute or
two of stunned silence.

"Good, then shall we go?", World of Elegance said as manifested
her wings once more and scooped Kodachi up into her arms.

"Where are we going?", Kodachi asked, as she hugged the angel
close and tried to forget about how high up they were now.

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure that something will come up.",
World of Elegance said with a grin on her face.

After a short flight it was obvious that World of Elegance was having
trouble carrying Kodachi. It was not the gymnast's weight, but the position
in which she had to hold the girl. They landed on a nearby building as
World of Elegance thought of how to solve this little problem.

"If this is too difficult, we do not have to continue.", Kodachi said
with a little hint of disappointment in her voice.

"No, I can do this, I just have to figure out another way.", the fire
angel said.

"Your wing's are not big enough to support two people?", Kodachi
asked, then apologized for asking such a question.

"No, my wings are only for balance. Angels and other beings
such as dragons can fly because of magic. Our wings would have to be much
larger and flap far faster if they were to support our weight.", World
of Elegance replied to Kodachi.

After a couple of minutes of thought a smile formed on the angel's
face as she just remembered how she could fly with her new friend.

Kodachi had wandered off to the other side of the building and
was watching something going on below when World of Elegance approached
her from behind and put her hand on Kodachi's shoulder.

"Do you see something interesting?", World of Elegance playfully
whispered in Kodachi's ear, causing the girl to jump in surprise.

World of Elegance could on giggle at the 'perturbed' expression on
Kodachi's face.

"Look down there.", Kodachi said with some amusement, as she seemed
to immediately forget her brief bout of annoyance at being surprised.

Walking down the street, holding hands was a young girl with bright
pink hair, and a young boy wearing long white robes and very large glasses.
The girl was skipping along excitedly, practically dragging the boy along
with her. He seemed to both nervous and a little excited at the same time,
judging by how he continued to look around as if expecting something to pop
out at them.

World of Elegance was about to tell Kodachi about her idea when the
sound of a large Helicopter distracted the both of them. The girl with
the pink hair appeared to grow angry, which surprised the boy, who had never
seen the girl angry before. He was even more surprised to see to small metal
'prongs?' pop up by her ears.

Much to the angel's surprise the helicopter appeared to covered in
weapons and it was pointing them at the 'unarmed' couple. This would never
do. Young love must be protected.

"Kodachi-chan please stand back.", World of Elegance said as raised
both her arms out in front of her.

Two red balls of plasma formed in front of the angel and shot out,
at great speed striking and vaporizing the helicopter, leaving the two, female
and now quite nude pilots briefly hovering in midair with stunned looks on
their faces.

They began to scream as the fell towards the concrete below. Their
fall was 'fortunately' broken when a large open topped fertilizer truck
from a famous sumo wrestling pig farm, rolled by, just in time for them
to fall into it.

Nuku Nuku, also surprised by what had just happened. She had somehow
managed to convince her new friend 'ducky' to go our with her when those
two mean women who worked for mama-san came to bother her again. She was
about to attack and protect her friend, when the helicopter vaporized in
front of her.

Not being one to let a good opportunity pass her by, Nuku Nuku
tried a trick that the 'nice girl' Shampoo had told her about.

When the helicopter exploded, Nuku Nuku jumped into the boy's
arms and pretended to be afraid by what had just happened.

The boy, Mousse, as if you didn't know, instinctively held Nuku
Nuku close, much to the girl's glee. Not many people could hold someone who
weighed as much as Nuku Nuku. Being a martial artist had its advantages,
even though Mousse was one of the physically weaker ones in Nerima.

"And life continues to be interesting here.", Kodachi remarked as
she observed Mousse carry Nuku Nuku a short ways down the street before
setting her down on her feet.

With Mousse and Nuku Nuku now 'taken care of' as World of
Elegance put it, she was ready to try flying with Kodachi again.
Kodachi was somewhat hesitant, but she was assured that there would not
be any problems this time. It had been awhile since World of Elegance had
last tried to fly along with someone, and it took her a while to
remember how she last did it.

"Now Kodachi-chan please stand next to me and hold my hand.", World of
Elegance said as she began to concentrate and a pale yellow glow formed
around her.

Kodachi began to feel a slight tingling sensation and a little light
headed as well.

"I know that you can not use mana, but I believe I can augment the
high levels of life energy in your body to allow us to fly together. Please
concentrate on focusing your chi on the ground. Imagine it pushing you
upwards.", World of Elegance said.

Kodachi began to do as the angel said and the tingling increased
along with her dizziness. Just as she was about to ask World of
Elegance to stopped, she suddenly felt clear headed again. In fact she
felt far better than she had in a long time.

Looking over at World of Elegance, Kodachi noticed that the angel
had her wings extended and tat they were flapping slowing as she appeared
to 'bob' up and down. It took Kodachi a moment to realize that the was
now floating in that air as well, about two feet off the surface of the roof
that the two of them were just standing on.

World of Elegance was pleased when Kodachi let out a child-like
giggle as she and the gymnast began to rise slowly into the air.

"It's a wonderful feeling isn't it?", World of Elegance asked.

"I used to think that bounding from rooftop to rooftop gave a
freedom that others did not, but it is nothing next to this. Will I
be able to do this by myself in the future.", Kodachi asked in a hopeful

"Do you want to get rid of me already?", World of Elegance teased
as Kodachi blushed slightly.

"I didn't mean....", Kodachi start to apologized but stopped at
seeing the smirk of the angel's face.

"You would have to find someone who knows more about ki or chi
than I do. Perhaps that nice little god(dess) Ranma. In the meantime
though why don't we find something interesting to do.", World of
Elegance said as she and Kodachi began to move forward, with the glow
around the fire angel, spreading to envelop Kodachi as well.

They began to rise high and higher and soon Kodachi could actually
see the Earth begin curve away from her. She also noticed that as they
began to fly faster and faster something was beginning to shake them, but
as it seemed to be building to a climax, it suddenly ceased.

Down below, residents of Tokyo was startled to suddenly hear a series
of loud booms echo overhead.

Back at the temple Urd wondered what her wayward angel was up to. She
had been gone most of the day and refused to answer her summons. She could
not blame World of Elegance for ignoring her, but she knew that they had to
work through their feelings for each other sometime.

Belldandy looked over at her sister and was having the hardest time
resisting the urge to talk to her sister. It was obvious that Urd was
worried about her angel, but Belldandy knew that they had to work through it
on their own. Kami-sama also seemed to agree with this, when Belldandy had
called him earlier.


World of Elegance and Kodachi continued to fly on faster and faster,
much to Kodachi's joy. They were well outside of Japan, presently approaching
the Hawaiian Islands when they flew past a now quite confused carrier task force.
One minute there was a blip on the radar and a now very classified satellite
image, which was thought to be a joke, and the next minute there was nothing.

The world so to go by in a blur to Kodachi until, one moment a sort
of colored 'tunnel' seemed to open up in from of her and World of Elegance.
There was a brief jolt, then the everything faded back to a star filled
night sky. Kodachi found herself and a quite tired World of Elegance floating
over a large mountain. As they descended they noticed that four large faces
were carved in the mountain, that seemed a little familiar.

From the position of the moon, World of Elegance told Kodachi that it
was after midnight, despite the fact that they had only been flying for
and hour or two and it was still quite light in Japan when they left.
Obviously they had flown farther than they had intended to.

Landing on the ground, World of Elegance retracted her wings and
they faded from sight, before they slumped onto a nearby bench. The
flight had taken a lot out of her.

"Are you alright angel-sama?", Kodachi asked with a concerned look
on her face.

"I'll be alright. I just need to figure out where we are.", World
of Elegance said, not having any knowledge of Midgard geography.

Laying on the ground nearby, Kodachi spots a small pamphlet. Picking
it up she looks at it briefly, before a worried expression forms on her

"Is something wrong Kodachi-chan?", World of Elegance asks, while
beginning to Yawn.

"This paper says that we are at Mount Rushmore, which is monument in
the United States I believe.", Kodachi said.

"I take it we are far from Japan then?", the tired fired angel asked.

"We are thousands of kilometers from Japan. Will you be able to
return us?", Kodachi asked while trying to hide her nervousness. After
all it was American, well Hawaiian culture that caused to father to act so
strange. Who knew how she would be affected.

"There is no need to be nervous, we will return, just as soon as
I get some rest. I suppose I shouldn't have opened that wormhole, but I
couldn't let any notice us flying. Some people overreact to that sort of
thing.", World of Elegance replied.

"What are you girls doing out here in the middle of the night?", a
new voice said a beam of light was flashed on Kodachi and World of Elegance.

Both girls stiffened and World of Elegance cursed herself for remaining
out in the open for so long. At least her wings and aura were not visible. She
didn't even want to try and explain that.

As the figure approach the two girls they noticed that it was a man in
his 30's wearing a pale brown uniform of some sort, complete with a badge and
a gun, much to Kodachi's discomfort.

"Please accept my apologies, but I can explain why we are here sir.",
World of Elegance said in perfect English while noticing that the man's
had a patch mentioning something called a National Park Service.

Both girls were so distracted with coming up with something to say to the
ranger looking at them that they failed to notice a blue portal open up behind them and promptly suck them both into it. The portal quickly closed when they
passed through leaving a very confused ranger staring at empty space where the
2 girls previously were.

"Now how am I going to explain this? Better yet perhaps I should just
forget what I saw. It's late and I'm just tired... Yes that's it exactly.",
the ranger told himself out loud.

At the other end of the portal both girls were promptly ejected hard
ground landed at the feet of a very annoyed glowing woman.

To be continued.

Yes I am evil I am quite aware of it, but this seems like a good enough
place to stop the chapter for now. You can expect the next part in a little
while, well hopefully not too long anyway.

As for why it took me so long to write anything in so long. Well I have
been somewhat ill for the past 2 years so that cut into my writing time as
well as being addicted to a horrible evil that I have now overcome. Said
evil being the dreaded "free" MMO. A horrible thing that sucks up your time
sometimes money like you would not believe. Fortunately that evil has been
vanquished and shall not return if I can help it.

For the future I of course plan to work on the second part of this
side story as well as two other side story and one completely new story, the
length of which I am not sure of yet. I also plan to hopefully continue
the main part of Little Angle Lost which will contain a couple new characters
based on recent anime that I have been watching as well as a certain pink
haired catgirl mentioned in the epilogue of Nabiki's Heartache.

Hope you enjoyed this part of the story. Till we meet again.

Ryo Oki