Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ❯ Little Angel Lost ❯ Angel and the Rose Chapter 2 ( Chapter 16 )

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Little Angel Lost

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki

Disclaimer: All characters and places not created by me
are probably owned by someone else.

Authors Note: This story is an alternative universe / crossover story
set roughly 4 months after the wedding. Ranma and Akane are now juniors
in high school.

This side story is set during the week before Hinako's final transformation
and will include some material that was originally shown in Chapter 12 of the
main story.


Little Angel Lost Side story #2: Angel and the Rose Part 2

One moment Kodachi and World of Elegance found themselves trying to
explain to a rather confused park ranger how they arrived in "his" park,
then the next moment they found themselves tumbling down a lighted tunnel.

"Where are we angel-san?", Kodachi said, while trying to prevent the
nausea she was feeling from becoming worse.

"I'm not sure. This is some sort of forced dimensional teleport.
Someone wants to see us quickly and doesn't care about being gentle
about it.", World of Elegance said.

They continued to fall for a few more moments before noticing a
bright light at the end of the tunnel. No pun intended.

Exiting the tunnel far faster than they would have liked they
struck a grassy hill and rolled down to the bottom before coming to
rest at the feet of a rather annoying looking glowing woman.

"I think I shall be ill.", Kodachi said while her vision
continued to swim around her. All she could see at the moment was
a whitish light amongst a field of green and purple.

"I think I'll join you.", World of Elegance said as her vision
came into focus quicker than her mortal companion.

"Simply pathetic. To think that I should have to waste my time with
two such as you is an insult to one such as me.", a new and rather
arrogant sounding voice stated.

"Oh... Lets see... Green grass, purple sky, large pink and blue
Elder Fruit trees. How in Kami-sama's name did we end up in Asgard.",
World of Elegance said.

"Are you deaf angel, or have your wits simply fled you during your
time with the mortals on Midgard?", the voice said again.

World of Elegance did not have time to answer as she found herself
picked up by the neck and was now being glared at by a familiar if
definitely unwelcome individual.

The unwelcome presence in question was an attractive woman in her mid
30's with long brown hair and green eyes, wearing a Grecian style toga
with various designs stitched in gold running across it.

"Athena what is it that you want?", World of Elegance said with no
small amount of contempt in her voice.

"Watch your tone foolish angel, you are in no small amount of
trouble because of your foolish actions.", Athena said as she slammed
World of Elegance into the ground hard.

At the same time Kodachi was coming back to her senses and had
managed to right herself just as World of Elegance hit the ground.
Reacting without thinking she launched herself towards Athena and
managed to tackled the goddess to the ground and struck her once across
the face before being flung away by said angry goddess.

"You are lucky I am not allowed to kill you mortal. Your crimes
are not equal to your foolish companion, but you are still in more
trouble than you realize.", Athena hissed.

"Odd I was just to say the same to you sister dear.", a male
voice said as figure appeared out of no where.

The man in question was in his early 30's with long black hair,
blue eyes, and was wearing an ornate suit of leather armor. He was also
, in Kodachi's opinion, quite attractive.

"Ares...", Athena said in annoyance, with a hint of fear in her
voice as well.

"Athena my dear, for someone who claims to be the goddess of
wisdom you seem quite adept at performing the most foolish of actions.
Tell me do you wish to be demoted from goddess second class to third
class. I here that Kami-Sama is more than ready to deal with you.",
Ares said with a smirk on his face while Athena began to feel quite

"I have done nothing wrong. My actions were just in recalling this
errant angel to Asgard.", Athena said.

"Right... Kami-sama always approves of forced dimensional teleports,
especially those involving mortals.", World of Elegance said while
picking herself off on the ground.

"A rather good point I must say.", Ares said while helping the
somewhat shaken Kodachi up onto her feet.

"You don't appear to be damaged my dear. After all it would be a
shame to injure such a beautiful young lady.", Ares said as Kodachi
blushed brightly and World of Elegance rolled her eyes.

"Careful she is still quite underage.", World of Elegance said.

"My dear angel you are mistaking me for Zeus or Apollo, I am
merely showing my appreciation for her beauty.", Ares said then
turned to look at Athena with a stern expression on his face.

"Now then my dear Athena are you going to inform me why you chose
to attack these two dear ladies or am I going to inform Kami-sama that
you have simply gone insane and should be dealt with accordingly.",
Ares said to Athena.

"Those two should not be allowed to roam around at will in front
of all mortals. There are rules that govern that, as was made clear to
me when Joan and.....", Athena said before being cut off.

"You can stop right there.", Ares said and began to massage his

World of Elegance and Kodachi then watched as he gave Athena a
glare that seemed to say, "You cant possibly be that stupid."

"For a goddess of wisdom, you are failing miserably. The two
situations are totally different. You convinced the poor girl you
were an angel sent to help her and in the process caused the poor
naive girl to be burned at the stake.", Ares said in frustration.

"You speak to me as if you have always treated mortals with kindness
dear brother. I have seen first hand how "kind" you used to be.",
Athena said.

"That was over a thousand years ago. Some of us do grow up sister
dear, unlike you who seems to be going the opposite direction.",
Ares said while glaring at his sister.

"The rules have also changed over the years or Belldandy and
her love would not be together.", World of Elegance said.

"You would know this sister if you did not spend the majority of
your time "hiding" in your home surrounded by no one but your cats and
reading those strange....umm... "BL" stories I believe they are called.",
Ares said as World of Elegance fell over laughing.

"The goddess of wisdom is a "Fujoshi", World of Elegance laughed
while rolling on the ground.

"Oh my.", Kodachi said as she looked at Athena with a surprised
expression on her face.

"You are making too light of this situation. The mortals today are
quite adept at learning things. What do you suppose will happen when
knowledge and pictures of what the military fleet took of them, as they
flew past, becomes public knowledge.", Athena said.

"Most likely nothing. Most will call it a hoax or some sort of
publicity stunt for a movie. Those that take it seriously will be
considered unbalanced conspiracy theorists, and more than likely it will
be forgotten entirely in a few weeks as people begin to pay attention to
the latest petty celebrity scandal instead.", Ares said while shaking his
head in disappoint at his elder sister.

"You are lonely aren't you? You are also angry and a little jealous
that someone is able to do something that was denied to you in the past.
You might also be angry with yourself for what happened to this Joan
woman.", Kodachi said, surprising both Ares and World of Elegance.

"Joan of Arc.", Ares corrected.

"What gives you the right to say such things to one such as I. You
are just a young girl who has not experienced anything of life.",
Athena said.

"I know first hand what you are feeling. To see others with friends
and lovers, enjoying their company while I remained alone. I may be
young but I can experience heartache as well as anyone else.", Kodachi
said as World of Elegance came over to her and held her hand while
giving her a smile of assurance.

"Perhaps you may know something of this. I can see in your eyes
that you are not lying.", Athena said while sounding more subdued than
she had before.

"If you are lonely I would be willing to be your friend.",
Kodachi said to Athena.

"I brought you here against your will and attacked you. Why
would you say such a thing?", Athena asked in confusion.

"I used to spend my time either attacking or declaring my love
for someone, depending on what form he was in, with someone who is now
one of my dearest friends. He might have even hated me at one time, but
now he cares for me.", Kodachi said.

"You speak of that Ranma. Now there is an interesting mortal.",
Ares said.

"I....I will have to think on this, but I do apologize for my actions
this day.", Athena said to Kodachi and World of Elegance.

"Well then now that you are not going to kill each other I believe
that you sister dear should see Kami-sama now and if you are lucky he
might now punish you too harshly.", Ares stated.

"So what is to become of us.", Kodachi said as she began to look
around the strange land that she was now in.

"That should not be a problem. I could just send you back
immedi.....(Ring, Ring)... Excuse me.", Ares said as he pulled a rather
odd looking "phone" out of no where.

"They are to what?!?", Ares exclaimed. as everyone else present
looked at him with questioning expressions.

"I am sorry ladies but there is someone who wishes to speak with
this dear girl before you leave. She will arrive shortly. Now if you excuse
me I must be off.", Ares said as he kissed Kodachi's hand then disappeared
in thin air leaving a blushing Kodachi behind.

Athena left a few moments later leaving the two friends standing alone
at the bottom of the hill at which they first arrived at.

Not long after that a new portal opened and a somewhat familiar
looking woman walked out of it.

The woman in question was in her early 20's with bright blue eyes
and long red hair with silver streaks running through it. On her back
were 2 large white wings, which provided a contracted to her dark green
and brown leather armor that she was wearing.

At first Kodachi thought that the woman was Kasumi Tendo. The
two did appear to look similar but as the woman drew closer she could see
that this was not Kasumi.

"Ah Lady Kimiko its always nice to see you.", World of Elegance said.

"No need to be so formal.", Kimiko said as she briefly hugged the
angel then swatted her on the behind.

"You have been spending to much time around Lilith.", World of
Elegance joked with the woman.

"Perhaps.", the woman said as she looked she looked over at Kodachi
who as of yet did not know who Kimiko was.

"Ah but I'm being rude. Kodachi-Chan this is Kimiko Tendo a good
friend of one of our better Valkrie instructors.", World Of Elegance said.

"Tendo.....Oh dear....", Kodachi thought as she looked at the young
woman in front of her.

"There is no need to be nervous dear, I wont harm you. I know that you
and my youngest daughter have not exactly been the closest of friends,
but from what I also hear you are trying to improve yourself, which
coincidentally is why I am here.", Kimiko said as both Kodachi and World of
Elegance looked at her with questioning expressions.

"Now follow me through the portal and I will explain after we
arrive at our destination.", Kimiko said.

"Don't worry Kodachi-chan this portal will be safer and much
more pleasant to travel through than the one that brought us here.",
World of Elegance said to her nervous friend.

The three woman crossed into the portal and shortly there after
came out the other side in what appeared to be the central courtyard
of a positively enormous European style castle.

They were not alone either. Kodachi saw literally thousands
of woman of various heights, skin colors, not to mentions different
species, engage in all sorts of martial arts and weapons training.
It was almost to much to take in at once.

Kimiko looked over at Kodachi who was holding in breath in shock
at what she was seeing.

"Don't forget to breathe dear. It would be a shame for our guest
to collapse before I have a chance to tell the offer Asgard has for you.",
Kimiko said to Kodachi, who did actually remember that she could breathe.

"Something odd is going on here. Kodachi is still alive so Kimiko
can't be thinking of training her as a Valkrie and I seriously doubt she
will be offered godhood like Kasumi was.", World of Elegance thought to

Kimiko lead them to a small seating area at the edge of one of
the practice fields and motioned them to sit down.

"What I have to tell you is not common knowledge, at least not you
so please keep this information to yourselves for the time being.",
Kimiko said as Kodachi and World of Elegance nodded in understanding.

"When the demon Xverfm, also known as Happosai was destroyed, most
of us believed that we had seen the last of the problems that he had
caused. Unfortunately we were wrong. Unbeknownst to us Xverfm was not only
involved in various activities in your world, but others as well. He seemed
to take great pleasure in altering the timelines of other worlds. How many
we can not say. Asgard and Niflheim have sent out agents to these worlds
to try and repair the damage, but we are short handed. Because of this we
are recruiting mortals who possess various skills and who hopefully are
willing to help us correct the damage Xverfm has caused.", Kimiko said
to Kodachi who was looking at her with a stunned expression on her face.

"Does that mean you want to "change" me like your daughter was
Kimiko-Sama?", Kodachi asked with a hopeful lilt in her voice.

"I am sorry but no. Kasumi was a special case that involved Hild
and Lilith. Normally mortals are not just given godhood, even after
extensive training, like my daughter had. Hild and her sister though can
be quite persuasive and even Kami-Sama has trouble saying no to them
at times. I should tell though that if you choose to accept my offer,
it is voluntary after all, you will be put in harms way and there is a
chance that you might not make it back from one of your missions.", Kimiko
said with a solemn expression on her face.

"Will I be permitted to come along to help and guard Kodachi-Chan?",
World of Elegance said as she gently squeezed the hand of her nervous

"If she accepts I believe that could be arranged if your parent
goddess agrees. I know that you and Urd are not close but still angels
usually to not jump dimensions without their goddess. Now I will leave the
two of you alone for a while so that you may discuss this offer, and remember
as I said this is strictly voluntary. No one will think any less of you if
you refuse, although poor Hephaestus might be disappointed, but don't
worry about that.", Kimiko said as she left Kodachi and World of Elegance

"Now why would Hephaestus care? Oh well we can worry about that later
I guess.", World of Elegance said.

"This is all so strange and overwhelming. To not only be givin the
chance to see this place but offered a chance to travel and help out
others. I want to do this but I don't know if I can. I'm not a goddess
or catgirl or any of the other unusual being here or in Nerima. I'm a
martial artist but not like Ranma or even that Shampoo girl. Can I
actually help?", Kodachi said in a humble tone of voice.

"The fact that you actually have doubts is a good thing. Being too
confident can get you killed. I have seen it happen, but don't worry too
much. I meant it when I said I wanted to be your friend when we were talking
at your house and as your friend I will do anything I can to see that you
are not harmed.", World of Elegance said as she moved over to Kodachi and
hugged the nervous girl.

"Still I am a little unsure of being trained by the mother of one
of my formal rivals.", Kodachi said.

"You have nothing to worry about there Kimiko is one of the best
trainers here and would never do anything make you feel uncomfortable
and tease you like some others I can think of.", World of Elegance
said as she motioned towards a rather unusual looking woman teaching
some your Valkrie candidates the basics of swordplay.

Kodachi found herself looking at a rather tall and beautiful
woman with long silver hair and slightly pointed ears. She was
wearing some sort of metal bikini style top and appeared to have a
snake of all things wrapped around her.....Oh dear!?!

"Angel-san who is that....woman?", Kodachi said while deeply
embarrassed but unable to take her eyes off the odd woman in question.

"That is Echidna and consider yourself lucky you are not one of her
students. You would not believe how often that woman's hands like to
wander as she teaches.", World of Elegance says.

"Um, and that is a real snake she is wearing around her....",
Kodachi tried to say while blushing.

"Yes it is, and nobody here seems to want to ask her why she
does such a thing. There are some questions probably best left unasked",
World of Elegance sighed.

"I see.", Kodachi said then steped back unconsciously as she noticed
Echidna turn her way then wink and lick her lips seductively.

"Damn pervert elf. If she tries anything to either of us I'll flambé
her skanky ass.", World of Elegance thinks as she glared at Echidna

"I believe I am ready to give Kimiko-sama my answer now.", Kodachi
said as she moved over to where Kimiko was waiting for them.

To be continued.

This chapter contained a little....well ok a lot more dialogue
then I originally intended it too, bit it turned out to be necessary
in order to set up what is going to happen in the future chapters.

I was originally going to make Athena an enemy and have her
pop in now and again in order to make Kodachi's life and training
more difficult, but that idea seemed rather dull. Making her a friend
could be much more interesting. After all what trouble could a lonely
goddess second class, with no clue what it takes to be a friend,
possibly cause for someone like Kodachi or those around her. It also
had the potential to make the story a tad too dark for my liking. I don't
mind writing drama and making things difficult for the main characters
as long as it doesn't not get too violent or depressing.

Now as for Echidna I am glad to say that I did not create her. Even my
imagination is not that warped. She is a character in a fighting
tournament anime called Queen's Blade, which is a "little" different
from your average anime of its type. If you are really curious about it
I believe the crunchy roll is still showing it from free online. I should
warn you though that it does contain vast amounts of nudity and Yuri so
you should probably be at least 16 in order to view it.

Echidna though might not appear in this fic further, I am still
unsure as of yet. I had originally intended her to teach Kodachi
some sword play techniques instead of Kimiko but this story is written
to show Kodachi overcoming some issues she acquired growing up, not
give her new ones.

Hope you all enjoyed this chapter.

Ryo Oki