Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Revelation and the Return ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 12
Revelation and the Return

Turbo is still in shocked that Lord Syver is Mouse's older brother. Bob looked at Turbo.
“We need get your father some help.” Bob said.
“Oh yeah right. Sorry my mind was elsewhere.” Turbo replied.
“Think about a certain sprite we know?” Bob asked.
“Yes I was.” Turbo answered.
Turbo looked at Lord Syver.
“Is that ok with you?” Turbo asked.
"No, I must bring the Word of Inner Peace to the Net. You... do not understand!" Syver shouted.
"Why? I don't get why you're doing this. Why delete the entire Net? And how?" Bob asked.
Lord Syver smiled.
"With the Staff of Zero, I can send out Psi waves into the programming core when the Y2K infects it. Therefore, the entire Net will know Inner Peace by second's end. As to why..." Lord Syver said.
He sighed. He was quiet for a long.
"Why?" Turbo asked coming closer.
"Because I was blind. When I was 7 hours old I was enlightened by Lord Filvavor. He borough me my promise of Inner Peace, and I decided to bring him his. I deleted him only recently. Then I enlightened the Avatars." Syver said.
"You mean you caused the Avatars to fall into civil war?" Beta asked coming closer too.
"Yes, and I..." He noticed they were closer.
"Stay back! The Y2K Command is already in the Core. One swipe of the Staff of Zero, and Peace will come earlier!" Lord Syver replied.
Turbo sighs than looks at Bob.
“I'm worried my father and everyone back in Mainframe.” Turbo said.
“Yeah I know that feeling. I just want to go let Dot know everything is ok.” Bob replied.
Turbo walked over closer to Bob.
“All this has got me thinking about just how much Mouse means to me and how I don't want to lose her.” Turbo said.
“Are you saying you're going to ask her to marry you?” Bob asked.
“Yes I am going to ask that's if I ever see her again.” Turbo answered.
“You'll see her again soon.” Bob said.
Lord Syver walked over to them.
“What are you two talking about?” Lord Syver asked.
“That's none of your business.” Bob answered.
“Did I happen to hear the name Mouse again?” Lord Syver asked.
“Yes you did because she lives in Mainframe now where I come from.” Bob answered.
“Is there something you're not telling me?” Lord Syver asked.
Turbo sighed.
“Yes there is but like I said I'd don't' want to discuss it right now.” Turbo answered.
All of a sudden Megabyte appeared holding the Y2K bug. Turbo and Bob's eyes widen in shock.
“Hello Bob.” Megabyte said.
“I always knew that some second we would cross paths again.” Bob replied.
Megabyte took off with the Y2K bug. Lord Syver ran after Megabyte.
“Come back here with that.” Lord Syver yelled.
Turbo and Bob are about to go help but Beta stopped them.
“No it's their battle we shouldn't interfere.” Beta said.
Megabyte and Lord Syver chase each other around the Supercomputer for awhile. Megabyte suddenly shoved Lord Syver to the ground really hard.
Turbo, Bob and the other Guardians came over just as Megabyte opens a portal to Mainframe.
"No, he better stay away from our sprites.” Turbo said.
Lord Syver went to get up but fell back down. Spike came over carrying Alpha.
“We need to them both to Phong right now.” Spike replied.
Turbo looked at Lord Syver than at Spike.
“Why him?” Turbo asked.
"He needs to be looked at too.” Spike answered.
Lord Syver sighed.
“Well that's not much use for be who I am now.” Lord Syver said as turned back into Blade.
Turbo and Bob exchanged looks.
“Are really going to give up that easily?” Bob asked.
“Yeah there's no use trying to what I wanted know that Megabyte has the Y2K bug and I want be on the side fight for it not to happen. I also miss my family.” Blade answered.
They go back to Mainframe where everyone is waiting for them. Dot ran over to Bob and hugs him.
“I'm so glad that you guys came out of there without being deleted.” Dot said.
AndrAIa noticed Blade standing beside Beta.
“Who is he?” AndrAIa asked.
“This is....a….well….um.” Bob answered.
Turbo shook his head and nudged Bob.
“Are you scared that they won't believe you?” Turbo asked.
“I'm not sure what his sister reaction will be at seeing him after so long.” Bob answered in a whisper.
Mouse passed by Blade. Then she does a double-take and turned around.
"Hi, Mouse," Blade said.
"Blade?" Mouse asked in astonishment.
Mouse leaned forward and squeezed her brother tightly.
"Um, Mouse..." Blade choked.
"Oh, sorry," Mouse said releasing Blade.
"What are you doing in Mainframe? I thought you were... deleted." Mouse replied.
Blade looked at Mouse.
"Mouse... Let's talk." Blade said.
Blade and Mouse go of earshot of everyone else.
“What did you want to talk about?” Mouse asked.
Blade sighed than tells Mouse everything about happened.
"What?!" Mouse repeated.
"That's right. I was Lord Syver, and I led the attack on the Super Computer. It... I'm so confused, Mouse. Everything I've known for seven hours is coming into question. It's... it's confusing." Blade answered.
“Well I've learned that the past in past and you change it but knowing that you want to change makes me happy because no matter how hard I tried to deny it I have always missed you.” Mouse said.
Blade smiled a little than hugged Mouse. A few nanos they stop hugging.
“How is the rest of the family doing?” Blade asked.
“They are good. Nevada has really started to compile up very beautifully.” Mouse answered.
“Oh how so?” Blade asked.
“She's more like mom every second.” Mouse answered.
Mouse looked over at Turbo with a smile on her face.
“Who are you looking at?” Blade asked.
“I was looking at the sprite of my life.” Mouse answered.
“Which is?” Blade asked.
“Turbo.” Mouse answered.
“I thought that falling in love was against the Guardian code.” Blade said.
“Alpha didn't want Turbo falling in love because he thought it would get in the way.” Mouse replied.
“Is Alpha really Turbo's father?” Blade asked.
“Yes he is.” Mouse answered.
Turbo walked over to Mouse and Blade.
“Could I have a few nanos alone with your sister please?” Turbo asked.
“Yeah sure.” Blade answered.
Blade left Mouse and Turbo alone. Turbo looked at Mouse.
“What is it? Mouse asked.
“I can't do it because of my Guardian code.” Turbo answered.
Turbo is the kind to do something fantastical. So, he took out to a HUGE game of Echo Ball, which is like baseball in their world, and got the speaker because of his Guardian status.
"Mouse, I know that in life there are bound to be some obstacles, and not all of them are pleasant. There will no doubt be some hard and difficult times in our journey together, but I want to face them as one, side by side together, in love and standing strong. There will also be some good times too, and this is one of them, because, my dear Mouse, today, I ask for your hand in marriage." The speaker said.
Mouse is silent.
"Will you marry me?" Turbo asked.
Mouse doesn't saying anything for a few nanos than she hugged Turbo and looked up into his eyes.
“Yes I'll marry you Turbo.” Mouse answered.
Turbo pulled Mouse close to him and kissed her passionately. While they are kissing Turbo spilled the ring onto Mouse's ring finger. A few nanos later they stopped kissing and Mouse looked down at her hand with a smile on her face.
They walk back over to where everyone is just as Jacynthe, Carlin and Nevada walk over.
Blade looked at Mouse. Mouse just smiled. Jacynthe looked at Blade and her eyes widen in shock. Jacynthe walked over and hugged Blade.
“Mom, you're suffocating me” Blade said.
Jacynthe let go of Blade.
“Oh I'm sorry, It's just that I've missed you so much and I thought I'd never see you again.” Jacynthe replied.
Blade smiled a little. Nevada hugged Blade and so did Carlin.
“It's good to have you back son.” Carlin said.
Blade looked at Mouse again and she shook her head.
Carlin suddenly noticed the ring on Mouse's ring finger and he gasped. Jacynthe noticed the look on her husband's face.
“What's wrong with you?” Jacynthe asked.
“Take a look at our daughter's ring finger.” Carlin answered.
Jacynthe looked at Mouse's ring finger than noticed the ring too and she hugged Mouse.
“Congratulations sweetie.” Jacynthe said.
Mouse smiled a little as Turbo pulled her close to him. The microseconds passed and now everyone is home. Mouse is dreaming of her wedding to Turbo and Turbo is dreaming of his wedding to Mouse.