Reboot Fan Fiction ❯ Ups and Downs Of Every Second Life ❯ Demons Of The Past ( Chapter 14 )

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Chapter 14
Demons Of The Past

Blade is hanging out with her sisters when suddenly Alpha appeared. Mouse rolls her eyes. Alpha is about to say something than noticed the ring on Mouse's ring finger.
“Is that what I think it is?” Alpha asked.
“Yes it is because I'm engaged to your son.” Mouse answered.
Alpha sighed than looks at Blade.
“I need you to come with me right now.” Alpha said.
Blade hugged Mouse and Nevada than left with Alpha. Alpha opened a portal to the Supercomputer. They go through it and end up in a room with all the other Guardians.
Blade looked around at the Guardians than at Alpha.
“What's going on here?” Blade asked.
“This is to talk about what you have done in past.” Alpha answered.
“Look I know I did some terrible things in the past but I've learned from them and I just want to be with my family now.” Blade said.
“Well that maybe true Blade but what you have done in past can't be ignored because you almost deleted every sprite in the whole net.” Alpha replied.
Blade sighed than shook his head.
“I have learned from mistakes Alpha and it won't happen again.” Blade said.
Alpha sighed.
"You still have to come to trial in seven seconds. This is merely a formal charge." Alpha said.
"Okay fine." Blade said seeing he will not relent.
The seconds passed and it's time for the trial. Blade is really nervous.
"Order." the Judge says who is Flash.
"My client may have been on the verge of deleting the known Net, but there are many other factors that we must consider here. Has the defendant really actually committed these crimes yet? I think not. Furthermore he has said repeatedly that he almost does not remember those times at all. So are we going to take into account the word of an honest man who has before this incident been shown to be a Sprite of good upbringing? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I hope so but it is not up to me to consider it is yours." Velec the defense attorney said.
"Your Honor, the defendant was on the verge of deleting the Net as simple as that. Had he succeeded we would not be here right now to debate this we would be deleted. Therefore, I ask the Court to give this Sprite a fair and just trial yes but to also keep in mind that one simple fact: This man is a killer. Remember that. Thank you." said Virinia as her opening statement.
"You may proceed." Flash said.
"We call to the stand Guardian 452." Virinia said.
Bob walked up to the stand.
"State your name and function please. For the record." Virinia said.
"Um, Bob and I'm a Guardian which means my function is to mend and defend," Bob said.
"Good. Now, you were reported on the fifty-seventh second of last minute to be in System Mainframe weren't you?" Virinia asked.
"Yes I was." Bob answered.
"And what were you doing in all that time?" Virinia asked.
"I was serving as Mainframe's chief Guardian but I had been asked to come and help the Supercomputer Defense Forces protect it from invaders." Bob answered..
"And who were these invaders?" Virinia asked.
Bob sighed knowing it would be hard to condemn Mouse's own brother.
"They identified themselves as the Avatars and they said they belonged to the League of Icons under Lord Syver who sits before us now." Bob answered.
"Objection! Can we be certain the witness is stating an opinion or a fact?" Velec the defense attorney asked.
"This is your opinion?" Flash asked.
Bob sighed again.
"It's a fact. I saw him. Glitch even recorded visuals he is Blade." Bob answered.
"Thank you no further questions." Virinia said.
The trial went on like that for the rest of the second. Then Bob got an idea and rushed out. Finally Blade is called to the stand.
"Your name in the League of Icons was Lord Syver?" Virinia asked.
"Yes." Blade answered.
"And you were reported as attempting to delete the Net. Is that true?" Virinia pressed.
"Yes. Though I don't..." Blade said.
Blade was interrupted.
"Why do you claim to not remember those admits?" Virinia demanded
Blade sighed.
"I don't know." Blade said.
The lie detector did not buzz.
"Thank you no further questions." Virinia replied.
Suddenly Bob came in.
"This man is innocent I have someone here who will testify otherwise." Bob said.
A low-level murmur arises from the Court. Flash called order.
"Prosecutor?" Flash asked.
"No objections but I'll be watching you." Virinia added to Bob.
"Then the Defense calls Bob's witness. Identify yourself." Velec said.
"I am Doctor Devin Corata." the witness said.
"Why are you here?" the prosecutor asked.
"Because Bob remembered I saw something funny in the scan we took after we detained Blade for a while." the doctor said.
"Funny in what way?" asked Velec.
"There were traces of another Sprite's code in them and according to our data we now think he might have been manipulated." Corata said.
"Objection! On what evidence is this based on?" Virinia demanded.
"Because there were low intermittent traces of EM waves present which might suggest that another Sprite left a part of his brain code in it. Naturally this means he at times would have control and eventually the subject would grow to believe he was acting on his own accord." Corata said.
"Do you have any proof?" Virinia asked.
"Yes." Corata answered.
Dr. Corata showed them the scanned and the evidence supported his theory.
"Those signals are the same as Lord Filvavor's brain codes!" Blade gasped.
The judge, the attorneys, Turbo and Bob left for awhile.
"What does everyone think?” Flash asked.
“I think we should let it go.” Turbo answered.
“Yeah I think so too.” Bob said.
Flash looked at Virinia and Velec.
“What about you two?” Flash asked.
“I agree with Bob and Turbo.” Virinia answered.
“Yeah same here.” Velec said.
Flash looked at Alpha.
“What about you?” Flash asked.
Alpha hesitated for a nanos.
“Agreed.” Alpha answered.
They go back to where Blade is waiting.
“You are free of all charges because we have decided it to be a mistrial.” Flash said.
Blade sat down in relief. A few nanos later Blade went back to Mainframe with Bob and Turbo.