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The Bet Redone

Chapter 3

How Many Times Can you Bump into Someone?

Kaoru woke up the next morning as the sun was rising. She yawned as she sat up. She rubbed her tired orbs as she tiredly rose out of bed.

'I don't even remember falling asleep. I must have been exhausted,' Kaoru thought to herself.

She went out to the bathhouse with her uniform. She warmed a little bit of water up and washed herself quickly. When she was done she dried herself off and changed into her school uniform. She walked out of the bathhouse and headed to the kitchen. It was then that she noticed the time.

"Oh no!!! I'm late!" Kaoru yelled as she grabbed a quick granola bar and dashed out the door.

Kaoru raced down the street. She made it to school with three minutes till the bell was to ring. She quickly opened her locker, threw her extra books in it, grabbed her History stuff, and slammed her locker. She ran down the hall. As she turned the corner she ran into someone and once again fell to the floor.

'Geez, how many times can you run into someone in less then twenty- four hours!' Kaoru thought.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" the other person yelled.

Kaoru was about to yell at him when she realized that the person's voice sounded familiar. It was then that she remembered the guy she bumped into the day before. She looked up and was shocked at who she saw.

"Oh, it's Kaoru-dono again. Imagining crashing into you again," the boy said with a smirk.

"You?! You bumped into me yesterday," Kaoru exclaimed as she looked at the boy who happened to be Kenshin.

"Good guess! You're right. Never thought I would into you again though," Kenshin said as he held out his hand to her.

She hesitated and then placed her hand in his. He pulled her up until she was standing.

"Thanks," Kaoru said shyly.

It was then that she noticed that he was still holding her hand.

"Um." Kaoru said as she looked down at their hands.

Kenshin looked and then let go of her hand, "Sorry."

Kaoru shook her head. She looked over at the clock on the wall.

"Shoot! I'm going to be late!" Kaoru said as she dashed down the hall.

Kenshin watched her go until she was out of sight. He had noticed her face turn slightly pink. He smiled. This was going to be easier than he thought.


Kaoru dashed into the room just as the bell rang. She quickly took her seat. She looked over at where Tae and Misao were sitting. They were both giving her the look that said "Where were you?" Kaoru looked to see if the teacher was paying attention. When she saw he wasn't she mouth that she was running late. Her friends mouth "Oh" back to her and then nodded. They all turned their attention back to what Seijuurou-sensai was saying. They began writing down notes especially since he was know for his pop quizzes. About five minutes later Kenshin walked into the room and took his seat.

"Mr. Himura," the teacher started.

"I know detention after school," Kenshin said since he had heard it three hundred times before, "Whatever."

Kaoru watched Kenshin take his seat. She didn't realize that she was staring at him. When Kenshin turned and caught Kaoru staring she quickly turned away and continued to scribble down notes. She was also trying to hide the blush that was creeping up into her cheeks. Kenshin saw the blush however and smiled to himself.

When class was over Kaoru left the classroom quickly. Tae and Misao caught up to her at her locker.

"Hey, why'd you leave so fast? You didn't even wait for us!" Misao exclaimed.

"Sorry guys. I had to put my books away. I was running so late this morning that I really didn't have time to do it," Kaoru told her friends.

It wasn't exactly the truth. The truth was that Kaoru didn't want to risk the chance of bumping into Kenshin again.

"Ok, well we should go. Good luck in Geometry," Tae stated as she turned and left with Misao.

"Yeah, sure if that is possible," Kaoru said as she watched her friends leave.

When they were gone Kaoru sighed. She grabbed her Geometry stuff and shut her locker.

Luckily Kaoru didn't see Kenshin at all in her next two hours. Kaoru was so happy. However, when lunch came it was a different story.

Kaoru saw Tae and Misao sitting at their usual spot. She walked over and sat down. They began to chat and eat.


"See that girl over there. When you walk by knock the milk over on top of her," a man whispered.

"But why should I?" the boy listening asked.

The man pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. The boy stared at the money and nodded. The man handed the boy the money.

"Good, now make sure you do it right," the man stated.

The boy just nodded and walked out of the shadows.

::Back to original place::

The walked by behind Kaoru. As soon as he saw he was right over her head he tilted his tray slightly causing the open milk on his tray to spill on top of Kaoru. Kaoru jumped up in surprise.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," the boy exclaimed acting as if he was scared and extremely sorry.

Kaoru looked at the boy.

"It's ok. I understand that it was an accident," Kaoru said kindly.

"Thank you and sorry again," the boy said as he walked off.

The bell rang stating that lunch was over rang. All the student began to head to their lockers and then to their next class.

"Oh no, now what am I suppose to do?" Kaoru asked.

"Go down to the girls' locker room," Tae stated, "You can rinse off and you also have a spare uniform in there don't you? I'll tell the teacher what happened."

"Thanks a lot Tae. I'll see you guys later," Kaoru said as she turned and headed toward the girls locker room.

When she got there she did as Tae and said. She took a shower and was realized to find that she did have an extra uniform. She quickly changed into it. Once she was done she left the locker room and headed to her locker. She got to her locker and grabbed her books for her next class. She closed her locker and started walking down the hall. She was almost to class. Only one more corner to turn. As she turned that corner she bumped into someone again. So once again she fell to the floor.

'Ok this is becoming extremely annoying!' Kaoru thought to herself.

She looked up and saw Kenshin standing again.

"You again?" Kaoru asked.

"Nice to see you too," Kenshin said as he held out his hand once again.

Kaoru placed her hand into his and he helped her up again.

"So how many more times are you going to bump into me?" Kenshin asked.

Kaoru blushed and then started to get angry, "Hey, you know I don't do it on purpose. It's not my fault that you're around every corner that I turn."

"Maybe there's a reason you keep bumping into me," Kenshin stated.

Kaoru blushed. Her blush deepened even farther when he brought her hand up to his lips. He gave the top of her hand a light kiss and then released her hand.

"See you later Kaoru-dono," Kenshin said before he turned and left her standing there. Kenshin smiled to himself.

Kaoru stood there for what seemed like hours in pure shock. The blush on her face was beat red. The event kept replaying itself in her head and as it did Kaoru's blush deepened. She snapped back to reality when she realized that she still had to go to class. She dashed to class. When she arrived she explained to the teacher why she was late. She excused her and Kaoru took her seat. Kaoru tried to hide her blush. Once she had it under control she tried to focus on the lesson the teacher was teaching. Normally Kaoru paid very close attention to the teacher, but her mind would not stop bugging her about what happened in the hallway. Thus, the hour remainder of the hour went by extremely slow for Kaoru. Finally, after what seemed like eternity for Kaoru, the bell rang. Kaoru left the room. She only had to get through one more hour and then she could go home. Tae was talking to her, but Kaoru was barely registering anything that she was saying. Kaoru was so cautious going around every corner now. Luckily the rest of the school day passed by with no incidents. The bell rang and dismissed everyone to go home. Kaoru walked out of the classroom with Misao and Tae at her side. She made her way to her locker safely. She grabbed whatever she needed to take home, which included her dirty uniform. The three girls walked out of the school along with some of the other students. They talked about everything that came to their minds. Finally Kaoru bid her friends farewell as she turned the corner and started heading to her home, which was in a tad different direction than Misao or Tae's house. She was walking happily. She was almost home when she bump into someone again.

'Ok, now I'm pissed. How many times can I bump into someone in one day!?!?!' yelled at herself.

Kaoru looked up and was surprised to find that it actually wasn't Kenshin for once. Kaoru stood up and apologized to the person and then continued on her way. She turned the last corner and almost bumped into someone else.

"Hey, watch it!" the person exclaimed, "I think we've bumped into each other enough today."

Kaoru say Kenshin standing there.

"What are you doing here? You seem to be everywhere I go," Kaoru stated as she pointed her finger at him.

Kenshin smiled. The sun was setting behind him. He took Kaoru's hand and held it in his own. Kaoru blushed a deep red, but Kenshin could see because the setting sun was shining on her face.

"Kaoru will you go out with me?"


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