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The Bet Redone

Chapter 4

Her Answer and the Secret

Kaoru stood there silent. The most popular guy in school had just asked her out! She was in too much shock to even let a single word pass through her lips. The blush on her face increased a little as his words sunk in. After she had been silent for quite a while Kenshin brought her back to reality.

"Hey, Kaoru are you alright?" Kenshin asked as kindly as he could.

Kaoru's eyes widened as she realized that she had drift off. She looked at the boy in front of her. Then, suddenly, she remembered all the rumors and things she had heard about him. He was a player and the last thing she needed was her heart to be broken. She finally mustered the courage to speak.

"N..No," Kaoru answered quietly.

"What?" Kenshin asked loudly as he stood up. It was the first time he had been declined.

"It's a joke isn't it? I know your reputation and I'm not about to waste my time with you!" Kaoru shouted at the boy angrily.

Kenshin just stood there in shock.

When Kaoru saw that Kenshin wasn't going to say anything, she went around him and continued on her way home. Once she was out of his sight she began to run.

Meanwhile, Kenshin stood there dumbfounded. A girl had actually told him no. He quickly gained his posture again and began walking in the opposite direction that Kaoru had left.

"This is going to be a lot harder than I originally thought," Kenshin said to himself as he walked down the street toward his house.

: Kaoru's House :

Kaoru didn't stop running until she was right around the corner from her house. Once she was at the front door she stood still to catch her breath. The last thing she needed right now was Megumi and Yahiko pestering her about why she was out of breath. Once she had finally caught her breath she walked into the house.

"I'm home!" Kaoru yelled as she took off her shoes.

Megumi came in to greet her.

"Welcome back," the woman answered.

Kaoru looked around, but didn't see Yahiko anywhere.

"Where's Yahiko?" Kaoru asked curiously.

"You took so long so I sent him to the market to get some tofu for us to eat," Megumi answered.

"Oh," Kaoru answer as she placed her book bag down and walked farther into the house.

"By the way," Megumi started as Kaoru walked into the family room.

"Aw!!!" Kaoru yelled, "What are you two doing here?"

Tae and Misao sat there drinking tea at the table that was placed in the center of the room.

"What? Are you not happy to see us?" Tae asked.

Kaoru snapped out of her shocked mood and then answered.

"No, it's just that I wasn't expecting you guys to be here that's all," Kaoru answered kindly, "Why are you here anyway?"

"You've seemed really distant lately, so we decided to try and find out what was bothering you," Misao answered.

Kaoru looked at her friends with sympathy.

"Thanks guys, you're the greatest," Kaoru said as she gave both her friends a hug.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Tae asked.

"I was going to train a little, but now that you're here," Kaoru started.

"Don't let us stop you. Would it be ok it we watched?" Misao asked.

"Sure, I'll go suit up right now," Kaoru said and then left the room.

Misao and Tae got up and went over to the dojo, but not before thanking Megumi for the tea. When they arrived at the dojo they found Kaoru standing there with her training clothes on and a wooden sword in her hand. Only two lanterns lit the dark room. They took a seat up against the wall and they say there very quietly. They knew they had to remain quiet that Kaoru could concentrate better.

Kaoru stood there with her eyes closed, but for some reason she couldn't seem to clear her mind. Her meeting with Kenshin kept replaying in her mind. She shook her head to rid herself of the image.

'I have to focus,' Kaoru thought to herself.

She finally managed to gain her focus. She saw her invisible enemy. Her eyes snapped open and she began to attack him. She swung dodged, and blocked as if a real person was standing there fighting her.

Misao and Tae watched. Both were always amazed at Kaoru's skill. They had only seen her practice a couple of times. The first time was right after they had become friends. They were both surprised when Kaoru told them her deepest and darkest secret. To this day they still have not told a single soul. For telling would put Kaoru's life at a higher risk then it was already at. This was because there were people that were out to take her life. Now, Kaoru had done nothing to have people wanting her dead. It was her father they were mad at. Although her father was a kind man, he had a bad habit of making a lot of enemies. It was those enemies that murdered him. It was also those same men that wanted Kaoru dead, as revenge against her father. It was a secret that only few people knew. Those people were Dr. Gensai, Megumi, Tae, Misao, Yahiko, and, of course, Kaoru. Tae and Misao watched as Kaoru completed her finishing move. As soon as she had defeated her invisible enemy Megumi's voice could be heard.

"It's time to eat!" Megumi yelled out.

"Coming!" Misao yelled back as both her and Tae stood up from their spot.

Kaoru walked over to her two friends after she had put the wooden sword away.

"It was as good as always," Tae told her friend.

"Thanks," Kaoru said just as her stomach began to grumble.

The three girls giggled at the noise.

"I guess we better hurry," Tae said.

"Yeah, I'm starving. Let's hurry so I can stop my stomach from making weird noises," Kaoru said before leading her friends over to where dinner was being served.

Dinner passed by as normal as usual. Kaoru yelled at Yahiko for eating too fast, but he only made a comment that aggravated Kaoru. So the usual fight scene broke out. Megumi finally couldn't take it anymore, so she yelled at both of them to shut up. The two friends could only sit there and laugh at how the family treated each other. It was quite a sight. Finally, dinner was over. Kaoru walked her two friends to the door.

"Thanks for come over," Kaoru stated as the two put on their shoes.

"Thanks for having us over," Misao stated.

Tae nodded and then looked intensely at Kaoru, "If there is ever anything that you want to talk about, we're hear to listen ok?"

"Ok, thanks guys," Kaoru said.

They all waved good-bye to each other until the others were out of sight. As Kaoru turned to go back into the house she felt like she was being watched. She whipped around and stared out at the front yard. She scanned every inch of it carefully before shrugging the feeling off and going back into the house. She closed the door behind. As she did a figure step out of the shadows.

"So, you're still alive. Well, you won't be for long Kaoru Kamiya."


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