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The Bet Redone

Chapter 5

So He Tries Again

Kaoru walked into school the next morning with her head down. She hadn't slept a wink last night and it was evident on her face. Under both her eyes were large black bags. As she reached her locker all she wanted to do was fall to the ground and go to sleep. When Tae and Misao approached her they immediately noticed her tiredness.

"Hey Kaoru, are you all right?" Tae asked.

Kaoru looked at them and tried to smile.

"Yeah, I'm just a bit tired. I couldn't sleep last night," Kaoru answered as she grabbed her History stuff and shut her locker.

"You look horrible. You should have stayed home," Misao told her friend as they walked down the hallway to their History class.

"You both know I can't miss school. It's really important. I'd have to be extremely ill before I won't come to school," Kaoru answered her friends.

Both her friends sighed. They walked into class and took their seats as the bell rang announcing that class had started. As usual the teacher began to teach the lesson and five minutes into the class time Kenshin walked into class, however, this time he actually had a pass. He quietly took his seat. Kaoru watched him until he took his seat and then turned her attention to the teacher. Her mind began to wander though.

'That's weird usually he comes into class without a pass. He's usually also very loud. I wonder what's up," Kaoru thought to herself.

She suddenly remembered what had happened last night. He had asked her out. He had some nerve to do that. She knew from pure facts that it was most likely a hoax.

'However, he's been acting pretty different lately,' Kaoru thought to herself, 'No matter he's still the same person and someone can't change that much over night. He's probably just acting.'

With that thought she turned her attention back to the lesson being taught. She failed to notice someone watching her.

:Kenshin's POV:

'Damn, this is going to be a lot harder then I originally thought. She somehow already has an idea of what's going on. I have to find her weak point. If I can find that then I can use it to my advantage,' Kenshin thought to himself.

He watched her the entire class period to try and find anything that could help him. He saw her gaze out to the middle of nowhere.

'I wonder what she's thinking about. It would help if there was someway to read her mind,' Kenshin thought to himself, but he knew that was impossible.

He watched her the rest of the hour, but she didn't do anything besides listening to the teacher very intently. The bell finally rang and everyone left the classroom. He secretly followed behind her.

: Normal POV :

People began to whisper amongst each other as they watched Kenshin follow Kaoru.

"I heard he asked her out, but she told him no. Can you imagine someone saying no to him," one girl whispered to her friend next to her.

"I heard that she dumped chocolate milk on him so now he's stalking her for revenge," a boy whispered to a group of his friends.

Kenshin just ignored them.

'Geez, I never knew how rumors could be so wrong and stupid. They travel fast too,' Kenshin thought to himself.

He stopped when he noticed Kaoru had stopped at a locker. He figured it must be her locker. He watched as she put the books from her pervious class and then grabbed new ones for her next class. Once she was done she shut her locker and left to go to her next class with her friends. Of course he followed behind.

This is how the day continued on. Soon school was let out. It was the weekend so people happily walked out of the school's doors as they made plans with their friends for over the weekend. As Kenshin stepped down from the last step of the stairs in front of the school he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find Sano right behind him.

"So how is the you know what going?" Sano asked as he noticed he had caught a lot of people's attentions.

Kenshin couldn't tell his friend that it was going bad or it would prove that he might fail, so he lied.

"It's going great. I almost have it in the bag. You better be ready to hand over that money soon Sano," Kenshin said with a smirk on his lips.

At that time he saw Kaoru turn the corner as she left the school grounds with her friends.

"Now if you'll excuse me. I have work to do," Kenshin answered as he turned and walked in the direction that Kaoru had just left.

Sano smiled to himself. He knew Kenshin had been lying. It was written all over his face. He watched as his friend followed his prey.

'Go ahead and try Kenshin, but it's not going to be that easy,' Sano thought to himself as he himself left the school grounds.

: Elsewhere :

Kaoru bid her friends farewell as she turned in the direction of her house. She let out a big yawn.

"What a long day. I'm so tired," Kaoru said to herself.

Right ahead of her she saw some guys bullying an old lady. She quickly ran up to the woman. She took her bag and whipped at one of the guys head.

"Leave her alone you dirt bags," Kaoru told the men with a very serious tone.

The men left. The old woman thanked Kaoru kindly. She tried to offer Kaoru money for her services, but Kaoru refused to take it. The woman thanked Kaoru again and then they both went their separate ways. Kenshin just stood there in disbelief. Had she just told a bunch of gangsters off? There was definitely a lot more to her then meets the eye. He also took a mental note that she was very kind and high strong. She helped people. He could use that to his advantage. He followed after her.

Kaoru had felt someone following her all day, but every time she turned around to catch the person, they weren't there or at least she didn't think they were there. After she had helped the lady she lost the feeling, but not long after it had come back. She began to get nervous. What if there was someone after her? With that thought she moved more quickly through the streets. It was when she was almost home that she was able to single out the person. The street she was on was silent. There was no one on it, but yet she could still hear faint steps behind her. She stopped and turned around. When she did she saw no one.

"I know you're there. Quit being a coward and come out and face me," Kaoru yelled out.

Kenshin had barely enough time to hide from her. She was definitely sly. She had just called him a coward. He was definitely no coward, however, he refused to let himself be found. He watched as she got angry and then turned around and stomped the rest of the way home. Once she walked through her front gate he came out of his hiding spot. He quickly and quietly crept into her yard and hid in the bushes. He heard Kaoru say something and then she walked out of the house with a towel and an extra pair of clothes in hand. Immediately he knew where she was going. She was going to take a bath. When she walked into the bathhouse and closed the door he quietly made his way over to the bathhouse. He stood outside the window and listened to the sounds inside. He heard her sigh as she step into the water. After a couple of minutes he didn't hear anything, he began to wonder what was going on. Suddenly he felt something smack his head. He put his hand to the bump in his head and turned to see where it had come from. What he saw frightened him. Kaoru stood there wrapped in only a towel. She had another piece of wood in her hands and boy was she angry. Angry wasn't even the right word. She looked furious.

"Kenshin Himura!!" Kaoru yelled.

Kenshin was at a lose of words. The only thought that ran through his head was, 'RUN!!'

So that's what he did and Kaoru chased him swinging the wood in her hand until he was out of her yard and running down the street. Before he was out of hearing range he heard,

"You pervert! You're such an idiot!" Kaoru yelled out.

: Kaoru's POV :

I walked out of the house and headed over to the bathhouse. I could still feel someone watching me. As I climbed into the tub the feeling become stronger. I quietly got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around me to hide my form. I grabbed two pieces of firewood as I quietly exited the bathhouse. As I looked around the corner I was surprised to see Kenshin standing there. Wait, Kenshin standing outside of my bathhouse, while I'm taking a bath. That pervert! The angry rose in me. I walked around the corner and chucked one piece of wood at him. I watched as he grabbed his head where the wood had hit him. He turned and I saw a look of fear run through his face. I inwardly smiled.

'That's right you better be scared,' I thought to myself.

I watched as he ran off. I followed closely behind him. I held the towel to me with one hand and kept swinging the wood at him with the other. When he exited my property I yelled out to him because being a lady I wasn't about to run through the streets with only a towel covering me.

"You pervert! You're such an idiot!" I yelled out loud enough for him to hear it.

He made me feel inferior, the way he had followed me all day only to find him trying to watch me as I bathed.

'Men!' I thought to myself coldly.

As I walked back to the bathhouse to finish my bath I could not stop thinking about how much I hated that man.

"I HATE HIM!" I yelled to myself.

: Kenshin's POV :

I ran until I was out of breath. Luckily this took quite a ways from her house. I had just made things worse. Here I was trying to find a way to get to her and now I've made her so angry that my chances of getting her are getting smaller by the minute.

"What am I going to do now?" I asked myself as I proceeded to walk home.

"Tomorrow is definitely going to be an interesting and long day. To top it all off, I still have to find a way to make her fall for me or I'm out $300," said to himself.


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