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The Bet Redone

Chapter 6

The Apology

Kaoru walked into school the next morning with a not so nice aura around her. She was still fuming about what had happened the previous night. When her friends walked up and greeted her at her locker they noticed her odd attitude.

"Kaoru what's wrong? You seem really angry," Misao asked her friend kindly, hoping that Kaoru wouldn't blow her top.

Kaoru looked at Misao and took a deep breath to calm herself down. When she finished that she answered her friend.

"It's nothing. I just couldn't get any sleep last night. That's all," Kaoru stated kindly.

It was true. She hadn't slept all night. Every time she almost fell asleep she kept feeling that someone was watching her. This of course brought back the memory of finding Kenshin just outside her bath house while she was suppose to be inside the building bathing.

Misao and Tae looked at each other as if asking the other if they believe Kaoru's story. They both shrugged their shoulders and then turned their attention back to Kaoru. They both looked at her, trying to find any sign that she could be lying. Kaoru tensed up as her friends began to stare her down. She smiled and then began to walk forward to class, right between her friends. As she passed them she grabbed their arms and began to drag them down the hall to class.

"Come on. If we don't hurry we'll be late for class and if we are the teacher will be mad," Kaoru stated with a smile on her face.

However, as soon as class had started and her friends weren't right beside her, her smile soon faded. She was surprised to find that Kenshin was on time. This was definitely weird. The other awkward thing was that Kenshin kept his head down. He didn't look up at all during class and even when class was over he refused to look up.

'I wonder what's up?' Kaoru asked herself as she walked out of the classroom and watched him walk down the hallway.

Misao and Tae walked out of class to see Kaoru watching Kenshin's retreating form. A smile grew on both of their faces. They looked at each other and then walked up behind Kaoru.

"So what are you looking at? Or should I ask who are you looking at?" Tae asked with a sly look on her face.

Kaoru quickly turned around and found herself looking straight into the two faces of her suspicious friends. Kaoru began to blush and she tried to stutter out an answer.

"What are you talking about Tae? I was just looking off into space," Kaoru covered up. She knew that if she told them the truth chaos would break out and she would have a lot of explaining to do and that was the last thing she needed.

She then began to head toward her locker.

: Kenshin's POV :

I walked out of class with my head down. I figured out that Kaoru is not like most of the other girls. She was more of the sentimental type. I knew that if I acted down that maybe she would think it was my way of apologizing to her. Well, at least I hope it worked like that. If it didn't I had a couple more things up my sleeve. I had to get back on her good side otherwise this wasn't going to work out. Once I knew I was out of sight I picked my head up and began to walk normally, but I kept a good watch out just incase she happened to pass by.

: Lunchtime (still Kenshin's POV) :

I noticed she had been watching me a lot. That was good. That meant that she was curious. Now all I had to do was get her away from her friends that way I could apologize and hopefully get her to at least not be furious with me. However, I still have to think up an excuse to give her. Otherwise my plan isn't going to work properly. I saw her walked her to her friends and begin to talk. I watched her for a while until I saw her get up to throw her trash away. When she was away from her friends and out of their sight, I approached her. I quietly walked up to her with my head down. I put a hand on her shoulder. I felt her jump and gasp. I then felt her turn around to face me. I couldn't see the look on her face because my head was down. I quietly started talking.

"Kaoru I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to anger you yesterday," I stated calmly.

I looked up to her face. I couldn't tell if she was surprised of if she was starting to remember what had happened. She stared at me with shock for a moment and then it turned into a glare. She pointed her finger at me.

"If you're so sorry them explain to me why you were there in the first place," she stated.

I leaned back a bit. Then I proceeded to tell her my answer.

"I thought I saw someone following you. I was worried about you so I followed you to make sure that nothing would happen to you," I answered as serious as I could since it was a big lie.

I saw her watch my face as if looking for the smallest sign that I wasn't telling the truth. Then her expression changed.

"Okay, you're forgive to some extent," she answered, "However, don't let it happen again and next time just tell me someone is following me. It would make things a lot easier."

"Okay, I understand," I answered.

She then turned and walked back to her friends. Well, at least I'm off her bad list. Now all I have to do is get on her good list. Then I can ask her again. My stomach began to grumble. I laughed slightly. I had forgotten to eat. With the thought of food in my head I walked back into the school to get some food out of my locker.

: Kaoru's POV : (during the lunch thing)

I walked over to where my friends sat. They always beat me to our table because their classes were a lot closer to it then mine was. I sat down and began to eat. Misao began to talk about Aoshi again. As if that was anything knew. I think the whole school knows that Misao has a huge crush on Aoshi except for Aoshi. After I finished eating I picked up my trash and walked over to the trash can, which was quite a ways from our table. I threw out my garbage and ,just as I was about to turn and go back to the table, I felt someone place a hand on my shoulder. I jumped in surprised and turned around with a gasp. I came face to face with Kenshin. He still had his head down. Then I heard something come from his lips.

"Kaoru I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to anger you yesterday," he stated quietly.

I stared at him, not sure as to what to say. I was in shock that he actually came up to me and apologized. Then I remembered what happened. So I glared and pointed at him.

"If you're so sorry them explain to me why you were there in the first place," I stated to him.

I saw him lean back as if he was scared of he. That's right though, he should be scared. He then answered me.

"I thought I saw someone following you. I was worried about you so I followed you to make sure that nothing would happen to you," he answered.

I stared at him to make sure that he was telling the truth. When I saw no sign of fibbing I relaxed and answered him.

"Okay, you're forgive to some extent," I told him, "However, don't let it happen again and next time just tell me someone is following me. It would make things a lot easier."

"Okay, I understand," he answered.

When I heard him say that I turned and headed back to my friends. Well, at least it wasn't on purpose and he even managed to apologize. That was something that I never thought I would hear. Kenshin apologizing. Maybe he is becoming a better person, but I'm not going to give in yet. He may be off my bad list, but he has yet to get onto my good list.

: Normal POV :

The rest of the day flew by. Kaoru was so busy that when the end of the day came she wasn't sure where the day had gone. She had to stay after to clean up the science lab so by the time she left it was already nighttime. She was so tired and she still had a huge English test to study for. As she walked down the street she felt someone following her. She immediately thought it was Kenshin so she turned around to looked.

"Kenshin come on out. I know that it's you," Kaoru stated, but it remained silent.

"Are you sure?" a male voice from behind her asked.

Kaoru whipped around to see a tall, dark figure standing by her. She backed herself into the wall.

"Are you scared little Kamiya?" the person asked as he pulled out a sword from under his jacket.

Kaoru gasped. She was so frightened and surprised that she couldn't move. She let out a gasp of fear.

"Well, you should be," the man stated.


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