Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Future Senshi ❯ Chapter 7: Trust ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7: Trust

Young Haruko and Michiyo sat in a small room both of them scared beyond anything they have ever experienced. They sat on a single bed although there were two in the room. There was a window but both girls were too short to reach it and it had bars on it. The only other thing in the room was the door it was a large metal door with a spot on it that could be opened enough to slide smaller objects through. “Ruko what’s going on?” Michiyo asked.

“I don’t know Chiyo.” Haruko said holding her sister tighter, she was trying to put on a brave front for Michiyo but she had to admit she was just as scared. “Where are we?’

“And who were those men?” Michiyo asked, “Do you think mama and papa will be here soon to save us?”

“Chiyo, they don’t know where we are. How can they?” Haruko said.

“But Papa said that if anything bad happened to us Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune would save us.” Michiyo said with a hiccup.

“You’re right we just have to hang in until they get here.” Haruko said.

Both girls jumped as the door to their cell opened and two men in gold suit stepped into the room. The suits they wore looked like something out of a fantasy movie, long tight pants, a tunic and even a cape. Behind them entered a woman wearing a gold gown that trailed along the floor. She had dark blond hair pulled back into a tight braid. In a few short steps she stood before the girls. They had backed up against the wall without realizing it this woman scared them both. “So these are the daughters of Neptune and Uranus?” She asked her voice surprisingly very sweet even though she directed her comment to the guard.

“Yes your highness.” One of the men in gold said. “That part of the plan went as it should have.”

“This part of the plan?” She said looking at the guard, “And the henshin sticks?”

“We failed to get them. They summoned the other senshi and defeated the youma.” The man in gold said.

“Failed? That’s not good enough.” The woman hissed her voice suddenly changing from sweet to harsh.

“We are already planning another attempt.” The first man said taking a step back the woman scaring him. “W-we were able to get the children though.”

“Ah that you were,” The woman said her voice returning to the sweet sound it was before the guard angered her she reached out touching Haruko’s cheek very gently forcing her to look up at her. “Which one are you?”

“Kaiou Haruko.” Haruko said feeling a strange power leave the woman’s fingers and surge through her. She didn’t know why but she wanted to tell this woman anything she would ask.

“And then you are Ten’ou Michiyo.” The woman said then held out her hand out for Michiyo but the girl wouldn’t take it. “Come with me I have something I want to show you.”

“Who are you!?” Michiyo said seeing Haruko reach for the woman’s hand and pulled her away. “Haruko don’t something isn’t right!”

“Forgive me where are my manners? I am Queen Katsumi of the Golden Sun.” The woman said.

“What do you want from us?” Michiyo asked as she held tight to Haruko’s hand the older twin still trying to reach for Katsumi’s hand.

“I want to be your friend do you want to be my friend?” Katsumi said her hand still held out. “Come with me I have so many wonderful things to show you.”

Hesitantly Haruko looked to Michiyo then back at Katsumi before she pulled away from her sister and took Katsumi hand, “Haruko no!” Michiyo said grabbing her sister as she stood up and pulled her back. “I have a bad feeling about her!”

“Let go of me Michiyo.” Haruko said pulling free and taking Katsumi’s hand again. “I want to go.”

“You are more than welcome to join us princess.” Katsumi said a sweet smile on her face holding her hand out for Michiyo still.

“She’s a princess? How come she’s a princess?” Haruko said looking up at Katsumi a jealous look on her face.

“Yes, she is and so are you.” Katsumi said leading Haruko to the door. She turned to the men in gold. “If Princess Michiyo wishes to join us I trust you will escort her?”

“Yes your highness.” The men in gold said as she and Haruko walked away.

(Later that evening back and the Kaiou/Ten’ou manor)

The Inner Senshi had left leaving only the Outer Senshi and the twins. This was an Outer matter and they would contact the others if they needed help. After years of fighting aside the Outers Usagi and the Inners had learn that the Outers were just like this sometimes and not to argue. They sat around the table eating a light meal and discussing what was happening. Haruko had finally let Ami stitch her shoulder up and now had her arm in a sling. Her ribs still hurt and even though Ami had insisted she lay down until Hotaru could heal them but she was tried of being bedridden. She wanted to act now to find her younger self but they didn’t know where to start looking. Hotaru had offered to heal her but Haruka wouldn’t allow it Hotaru was already too weak from her own injuries. “I have the feeling this youma attack wasn’t random.” Setsuna said. “I have been sensing something but never able to get anything clear.”

“Setsuna-mama, can we tell you?” Michiyo said a worried look on her face. She and Haruko had come back to change the past but they hadn’t figured for something going wrong. She guessed they had just been too sure of themselves. “We’ve already messed time up enough.”

“There is something more.” Haruko said getting a look from her sister. Michiyo knew the Time Laws and wasn’t sure how much they can tell their parents and Setsuna without breaking more laws then they already had.

“We have to fix this Michiyo and to do that we have to know who kidnapped your younger selves.” Setsuna said putting her hand on Michiyo’s shoulder a reassuring look on her face.

“I think we should start with how things changed.” Haruka said reaching across to Michiru next to her taking her hand and squeezing it lightly. “Was anything different than how you remember?”

“We didn’t get kidnapped.” Haruko said a gruffly shifting in her chair trying to find a comfortable position and failing.

She reached across the table grabbing a bottle of pills meaning to take another one but Michiru stopped her. “Ruko you’ve already had four you need to wait a little while before taking more. Maybe you should lie down for a while like Ami suggested.”

“I’m fine.” Haruko said pulling her hand back leaving the pill bottle on the table. Ami had left them saying that Haruko could take two every four hours for pain but it was best if she stayed lying down.

“Anything you can remember would help it could be the key to finding out what happened.” Setsuna said looking over to Haruko wishing the girl would lay down she knew Haruko had to be in quite a bit of pain.

“Mama, Lady Jupiter wasn’t with us when we went to the zoo in our past.” Michiyo said remembering how she had seen Makoto with them when they entered the zoo.

“Chiyo, called her Makoto in this time we have to keep our identities secret.” Michiru said laying her hand on Michiyo’s hand. “So Makoto-chan being with us changed something do you remember anything about when you experienced this as kids?”

“Papa sent us off with Hotaru and Endymion we headed back to the car she said that we had to go and they were talking us home.” Michiyo said forgetting that Endymion was called Mamoru in this time. “She told us that you guys had things to do at the zoo and couldn’t come.”

“This wasn’t the first time you had sent us away and stayed somewhere I didn’t think anything of it until I saw Jupiter run by she stopped at Endymion and talked a minute before heading inside the zoo. By the time Endymion caught up with us we were already in the car he got in and we drove home.” Haruko said they had known even at a young age that their parents were Senshi. Michiru and Haruka believed in always telling them the truth and once Haruko and Michiyo were old enough to understand they told them about being Senshi.

“Whoever took the twins must have run off when they saw Mako-chan thinking they wouldn’t be able to take but all three of us but with only two of us….” Hotaru said stopping as tears came down her face. “Mama, Papa I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough it’s my fault.”

“Hotaru it’s no one’s fault.” Michiru said hugging her daughter.

“You fought and that was enough Hotaru.” Haruka said as she stood up walking around and patting Hotaru’s shoulder.

“That still doesn’t help us figure out who took the twins.” Setsuna said looking at the twins.

“Queen Katsumi.” Haruko said getting hit by Michiyo.

“Who?” Haruka said looking over to Michiyo telling her with a look that it was ok to talk about it.

“Queen Katsumi of the Golden Sun she was the one responsible for your deaths.” Haruko said. “We never did figure out what she wanted but she was always more interested in attacking the Outers than the Inners. It got so bad the Queen asked Helios to take us with him to Elysian with him so we would be safe.”

“Do you think this Queen Katsumi is after the twins?” Michiru asked looking up at Haruka a worried look on her face.

“But why?” Haruka said. “You’re Senshi we know that but do you have any special powers because you are children of two Senshi?”

“No we have the same powers as you and mom.” Michiyo said.

“Just like Chibi Moon we have the same powers as you.” Haruko said.

“Did Queen Katsumi ever try to take the Inner Senshi children or Hotaru?” Setsuna asked.

“No it’s not likely that they would or else they would have taken me when they took the twins.” Hotaru said.

“Not that I know she left the Inners alone for the most part. The only time they really were involved is when we were with them. Setsuna-mama tried moving us around to keep us safe.” Michiyo said.

“Do either of you know where Queen Katsumi’s hideout was?” Haruka asked.

“No we were in Elysian when she was defeated.” Michiyo said.

“You know something when that youma attacked it seemed to only be focusing on Haruka and me.” Michiru said.

“You’re right it could have easily killed Makoto-chan but it was more like it was toying with her. Trying to lure our attention back to it and it didn’t even once attack the princess.” Haruka said thinking it odd. Usually whenever they were attacked Usagi was always their main target.

“So it’s likely they will try to attack you again.” Setsuna said. “I hate to say this but we are going to have to wait until they try to attack you again.”

“What about us?” Michiyo said looking over at the Time Guardian for guidance they may have started this mess but she knew they wouldn’t be able to fix it without help.

“Maybe you should go back to the future.” Michiru said.

“No, I came here to keep you from being killed and I’m going to make sure that happens.” Haruko said.

“Also the timeline has been changed who knows what kind of future they are going back to. If this Queen Katsumi succeeds and we fail it could be quite dangerous for them. I think they should remain here until we can fix this.” Setsuna said.

(Back in Queen Katsumi’s lair)

Michiyo sat on the cot in the small cell, the door was still open and the guard outside. Around meal time she had been brought some food and Queen Katsumi tried to get her to come with her several more times. She hadn’t eaten much of the food at first not trusting it then she wasn’t really that hungry. Where had Haruko gone? And why had she gone with that woman surely Haruko felt the same thing she was feeling. Michiyo couldn’t explain what it was she just didn’t trust Katsumi. She had been sitting there all day wondering what was happening knowing her parents would come for them. Finally her curiosity got the better of her she stood and walked over to the guard tugging on his shirt making him look down at her. “Can I help you Princess?”

“Why are you calling me that?” She asked, Katsumi had called her and Haruko that but how could Katsumi know they were the heirs of Uranus and Neptune it was supposed to be a secret.

“Because you are a princess,” He said as if it should be obvious.

“My name is Ten’ou Michiyo.” She said crossing her arms before her.

“Yes, Princess Michiyo. Is there anything I can do for you?” He said.

“Where is my sister?” She asked.

“Princess Haruko is with the Queen. Would you like to go see them?” He said to which Michiyo only nodded. He led her through the halls they reminded her of an old castle that her parents had taken them to last year on their vacation to England. As they neared a room at the end of a hallway she heard the sound of a violin playing the tune was familiar. It was one of her mother’s songs made to be played in a duet with a piano and very few out of the Kaiou/Ten’ou line could play it. Inside the room she saw her sister with a violin on her shoulder playing as Katsumi sat on a piano bench. Haruko’s clothes wore different she wore a suit much like the guards only hers seemed nicer it had gems sewn into the material and the design of a sun on the chest of it. Katsumi looked up as she saw Michiyo walk in then stood motioning for Haruko to keep playing as she walked over to Michiyo.

“Princess Michiyo glad you finally decided to join us,” Katsumi said putting her hand on Michiyo’s shoulder.

“Why are we here?” Michiyo asked pulling away quickly, she felt something strange when Katsumi touched her.

“You know I hear this song is actually a duet with a piano.” Katsumi said avoiding her question and putting her hand on Michiyo’s shoulder again leading her to the piano.

“I want to go home.” Michiyo said trying to pull away again but Katsumi kept in contact with Michiyo’s shoulder that strange feeling still coursing through her.

“Why Chiyo, don’t you like it here?” Katsumi said using a nick name that only was used by her parents, Setsuna and Hotaru.

“Don’t call me that only my mama and papa call me that.” Michiyo said finally able to pull away from Katsumi as she felt compelled to sit at the piano bench.

“This is such a lovely song isn’t it? I would love to hear the piano half. And I hear you are amazing on the piano.” Katsumi said placing her hand on Michiyo’s shoulder as she did Michiyo’s own clothes seemed to change she now wore a long golden dress that looked a lot like Katsumi’s but like Haruko it had a sun design on the chest of it. “There that is much more fitting for a princess.” Katsumi gently moved Michiyo’s hands to the keys of the piano then said, “Will you play for me Princess?”

Michiyo sat on the bench and stared at the keys then looked up the sheet music for the song was there but she didn’t need it. Her mother had them practice daily and this was a song they just finished learning. She listened for a few notes then picked up at the same place Haruko was at the sound of the piano in prefect harmony with the violin.

To be continued…