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Chapter 14: Rash Decisions

(Katsumi’s Palace)

Haruko awoke with Kimi resting in her arms she idly stroked a hand through the girl’s soft blue hair waking the girl. “Hi.” Kimi said leaning up and kissing Haruko. Last night had been amazing the couple hadn’t slept much she didn’t know if it was because of nerves for their mission today or if it was they were both too wrapped up in rediscovering memories they had lost.

“Hey.” Haruko said returning the kiss and tracing her hand down Kimi’s side enjoying the feel of her silky skin. “Today is the day.”

“Yeah, after today it’s done.” Kimi said pausing for a minute as she looked up at Haruko, “But what exactly are we doing?”

“Making things right I guess.” Haruko said still stroking Kimi's hair. Though she wasn't sure if what they were doing was the right thing. She trusted Katsumi but there was a small bit of doubt in her. If what Katsumi said was true then why did she feel bad about what they had to do?

“Are you sure what we are doing is right?” Kimi said snuggling into Haruko wishing she could just stay here all day with Haruko and not have to worry about fixing wrongs or righting the world. If what they were about to do was really the right thing.

“Yeah don’t you trust the Queen?” Haruko asked blinking her eyes pushing away that nagging doubt. These people weren't their family or friends. But still she had memories of being a small child sitting in her mother’s lap while her father made funny faces.

“Do you?” Kimi said looking up at Haruko. She also had her doubts and was still torn up because of what she had done to her mother. The memories she had of her mother were few and unclear but it still didn't feel right.

“I do.” Haruko said determined pushing the memoires away they weren’t true the love she felt wasn’t real it was all an act like Katsumi had told her.

“Then I trust you.” Kimi said standing up from the bed and holding her hand out. “Come on lets get this done.”

(Chiba Manor)

Haruka and Michiru slept on the couch while Michiyo was on one of the chairs. Hotaru, Makoto and Ami had gone back home with Hotaru going to Ami’s apartment it was closer to the school and her parents had insisted she still go to school. Michiru and Michiyo had offered to take the first shift of guarding Usagi while Haruka had refused to leave them much to Michiru’s displeasure. They both awoke to the sound of a crash and a scream. All three were on their feet and upstairs before they could blink. They found Usagi lying on the floor in her room tangled up in the sheets and a groggy Mamoru sitting up. “Usako.” He said then shook his head looking over to the empty bed next to him then to the floor.

Haruka walked over to Usagi and helped her up, “You alright kitten?”

“Yeah must have rolled over to far.” Usagi said standing up with Haruka’s help and rubbing her head.

“Our Usagi-chan ever the clumsy one,” Michiru said shaking her own head and chuckling.

“Right I’m gonna go get something to eat.” Michiyo said heading back down the stairs knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep even if she tried. That chair she slept in wasn’t the most comfortable. She started down the stairs though when she reached the bottom she was surprised at someone grabbing her and pulling her outside. She felt a hand placed over her mouth as another set of hands attempted to bind her wrist together. She struggled while her eyes adjusted to the darkness, in front of her Neo Neptune stood a rope in her hands.

“Hold her still.” Neo Mercury growled after Michiyo kicked out hitting her in the stomach.

“I’m trying.” Neo Uranus said then groaned feeling Michiyo’s elbow hit her in the stomach. She let go of Michiyo the blonde rushing away from her and calling her henshin stick; but before Michiyo could call her fuka though Neo Mercury kicked it out of her hand and into the bushes. Neo Mercury lunged at Michiyo punching her several times but Michiyo was able to block them each time even though she was struggling. “Stand down love; I’ll take care of my sister.”

“Uranus,” Neo Mercury protested but she still moved away from Michiyo standing on the edge of the lawn her sword in her hand waiting.

“Don’t do this Haruko. It isn’t you.” Michiyo pleaded but didn’t let her fighting stance up. Something inside of her told her this wasn’t right she had to save Haruko.

“Oh but it is sister,” Neo Uranus said stepping forward but still not attacking, “I’ve seen the error of my ways. Join us sister together we can fix everything this is why we came back.”

“No, it isn’t Haruko we came back to save our parents.” Michiyo said, “Katsumi isn’t a good guy, she’s been feeding you lies. She tried to kill our parents. No she did kill them. Tell me you remember that Haruko tell me you remember she couldn’t have taken those memories away.”

“Enough!” Neo Uranus growled then lunged at Michiyo slamming her into a tree. Michiyo tried to struggle again but without her powers she was no match for Neo Uranus. “Last chance sister join us.”

“Never,” Michiyo said spitting on Haruko. “I would never betray my family and I thought that you never would either.”

“Kill her.” Neo Mercury said stepping forward.

“Don’t make me do this.” Neo Uranus said pleadingly as she called her sword into her hand.

“Haruko, don’t this you,” Michiyo repeated. “Whatever she’s told you whatever she’s done to you I’m still your sister.”

“Ruko,” Neo Mercury said coming even closer her own sword in her hand.

“Stop,” Neo Uranus said holding her hand up then she slammed the hilt of her sword into Michiyo’s head knocking her out.

“You were supposed to kill her.” Neo Mercury said.

“I can’t she’s my sister.” Neo Uranus said looking down at Michiyo holding her sword tight.

“She’s chosen to side with the enemy. These people aren’t our family. That woman I killed wasn’t my mother.” Neo Mercury said clinching her own sword tight as she hopped that she had hit the right place and Ami was alright.

“Tie her up.” Neo Uranus said. “Don’t argue with me Kimiko, please.”

“Fine,” Neo Mercury said leaning down and tying Michiyo’s hands behind her back. “Lets get her out of sight incase she wakes up.”

“Kimiko, thank you.” Neo Uranus said as they carried her inside and hid her in a closet.

“One down one to go.” Neo Mercury whispered.

“Two if you count Endymion.” Neo Uranus said.

“Ha, just one all he does is spout words and throw flowers around. Besides he should be leaving for work soon. It’s almost-” Neo Mercury said but was cut off by Neo Uranus covering her mouth and pointing through the slits on the closet door at Mamoru. They watched as he pulled a white coat on and headed for the door.

“Usako I really think I should stay in case something happens.” Mamoru said holding his wife in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“Mamo-chan I’ll be fine Michiru-san and Michiyo-chan are here.” Usagi said leaning into him and enjoying the smell of him she wanted him to stay but knew there were others that needed him. “Didn’t you say since Ami-chan took leave your ward was short a doctor?”

“Yeah, I suppose call me though if anything happens I love you Usako.” Mamoru said kissing his wife and stepping out the door.

“Make that just one.” Neo Mercury whispered.

“Ok, Neptune is still upstairs I’ll take her out while you get Moon.” Neo Uranus said.

“What about Haruka?” Neo Mercury asked.

“She’s mortal what harm can she be?” Neo Uranus said.


Michiru stood holding Chibi-Usa in her arms rocking the child. Despite the objections of the Senshi, Usagi had called Helios and got Chibi-Usa saying she missed her too much. The child had woke up and started crying while Mamoru was getting ready to leave. She had volunteered her and Haruka to check on the child. “Kami-sama Haruka do you remember when our girls were this small?”

“Heh I remember when Hotaru was that small.” Haruka said stepping up behind Michiru looking over her shoulder at the child. She placed her hand on Michiru’s back and rested her chin on her shoulder while her other hand stroked the child’s cheek.

“I’ll never forget the first time you changed her diaper.” Michiru giggled at the thought of a confused Haruka not the least be sure what she was doing.

“Hey it’s not my fault I’m an only child.” Haruka said defensively even that wasn’t entirely true she had a half brother but he was quite a bit younger then her and she had already moved out of her father’s house by the time he was born. She wasn’t on the best of terms with her father either she didn’t see her brother that often while he was a baby. At first she had been away at boarding school then living on her own.

“So am I love,” Michiru reminded her not bringing up the fact that Haruka wasn’t an only child. She knew about Haruka’s family situation and knew the blonde didn’t like to talk about it much. In fact their own children had only met their grandfather a couple of times.

“Well you had a babysitting job in middle school.” Haruka teased pressing a kiss to Michiru’s cheek.

“While you spent your time running on the track until you couldn’t stand.” Michiru said looking from the child to Haruka and kissing her softly.

“Touching story,” Neo Uranus said breaking a moment of silence between the couple. “Really,”

“Haruko,” Both Michiru and Haruka said at the same time. Michiru set Chibi-Usa back down in the crib then pulled out her henshin stick.

“Michi no.” Haruka said taking her hand and shaking her head. “Haruko you don’t have to do this. Fight it; fight whatever spells she’s placed on you. I know she doesn’t have total control over you or you would have killed me yesterday.”

“Something that can easily be remedied,” Neo Uranus said taking a step towards her clinching the hilt of her sword until her knuckles turned white.

“I don’t think it’s as easy as you say it is.” Haruka said. “Because deep down inside you know the truth, you know that your mother and I love you and you love us.”

“Even if you were my real parents I can’t forgive you for the crimes you’ve committed.” Neo Uranus said stepping closer.

“Katsumi is using you and Kimi-chan can’t you see it?” Michiru said noticing Kimi wasn’t there. “Usagi!”

“Don’t worry love she’s got Michiyo to watch her.” Haruka said glancing over to Michiru trusting that their other daughter would protect their princess.

“Hehe not quite my dear sister is a little indisposed at the moment. Mercury should be taking care of Moon as we speak.” Neo Uranus said.

Haruka didn’t say anything just quickly ran across the room tackling Haruko. “Michiru downstairs now!” Michiru nodded as Haruka rolled around on the ground trying to pin Haruko down but finding she was no match for Neo Uranus. She did manage to knock the sword from her hand and across the room.

(In the Kitchen)

“Michiyo-chan?” Usagi said walking into the kitchen expecting the teenager to be there. She walked into the kitchen thinking that it was odd that Michiyo wasn't there, “Maybe she stopped at the restroom or something.” Usagi said aloud as she grabbed a bowl and poured some cereal into it. She looked up hearing someone enter the room, “Michiyo-chan?”

“Try again.” Neo Mercury said her sword in hand. “What are you to do? Princess all your guardians gone.”

“Not all of us!” Luna said jumping from the window onto Neo Mercury’s back her claws digging in. She had come to check on Usagi. Ever since Diana was born she had been living with Artemis at Minako’s home.

Neo Mercury batted at the cat finally knocking her from her back. Luna hit the ground hard as Neo Mercury walked over raising her sword to finish off the cat. “Submarine Violin Tide” Neptune yelled from the doorway the blast hit Neo Mercury and threw her into the wall. “Princess transform.”

“Moon Crisis Make up!” Usagi yelled transforming into her sailor fuku then touched her forehead and shouted. “Moon Tiara Action” The tiara flew across the room hitting Neo Mercury knocking her back into the other room. Neptune ran after her but Sailor Moon ran over to the cat. “Luna!” She picked the cat up holding her in her arms.

“I’m ok.” Luna whispered she was sore all over from hitting the wall but she knew she would be fine.

In the other room Neptune wasn’t fairing so well Neo Uranus must have over powered Haruka and she now faced both of the corrupted Senshi though it appeared that Sailor Moon’s attack had wounded Neo Mercury. Neo Uranus ran down the stairs seeing that Neo Mercury was injured and the path to Sailor Moon was block. She turned as the front door to the house opened and in stepped Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. “Mercury back to the palace.” She ordered causing Neo Mercury to disappear. “You’ve won this battle but you haven’t seen the last of us.” Neo Uranus said as she started to disappear though she didn’t see Haruka run down the stairs jumping when she was only a few away, she grabbed her tackling her to the ground. Before both she and Haruka disappeared.

“Haruka!” Neptune yelled then dropped to her knees. “ Baka Haruka,”

(Katsumi’s palace)

Neo Mercury appeared in Katsumi’s throne room and fell to the ground clutching her side. “What happened?” Katsumi demanded.

“We failed.” Neo Mercury said looking up at Katsumi fear in her eyes.

“Where is Uranus?” Katsumi growled.

“She was just behind me.” Neo Mercury said and as if on cue Neo Uranus and Haruka appeared tumbling to the ground.

They rolled their separate ways Neo Uranus getting to her feet faster than Haruka. She was on her feet with her sword pressed to Haruka’s throat in seconds. “That was stupid really stupid. What did you expect to do?” Neo Uranus said as she kicked Haruka in the stomach.

“Michiru is always complaining about how I act before I think guess she is right.” Haruka said receiving another kick.

“Baka.” Neo Uranus said going to kick Haruka again but this time right before she made contact Haruka grabbed her foot and rolled pulling Neo Uranus with her and tripping the Senshi. Haruka was on top of her before Neo Uranus could get her wits about her pinning her arms to her sides. Using her Senshi given strength Neo Uranus sat up and head butted Haruka sending her flying back hitting the ground hard. Neo Uranus was back on her feet again walking over to the winded Haruka picking her sword up on the way. She kicked Haruka again, “Pathetic, sorry but now it’s time for you to die.”

Neo Uranus raised her sword high and was about to end Haruka’s life when Katsumi yelled, “Stop. I might still have use for this one.” Neo Uranus lowered her blade grumbled something and kicked Haruka again. “Tetsuji take this one to my chambers.”

Haruka looked up and saw several guards walk over to her but by the time they picked her up she had passed out. Katsumi looked back over to Neo Uranus and Neo Mercury, “Tend to her wounds.” Was all she said then followed Tetsuji and the guards.

(Chiba Residence)

Usagi sat in a chair with Luna in her lap half asleep. The poor cat had been thrown against the wall pretty hard but for the most part she was ok just a few bruises, next to her sat Artemis gently licking his wife. The rest of the Senshi sat in the room excluding Haruka. They had all been called and Michiyo was found in the closet when she woke up and started thrashing about. Michiru sat in one of the chairs quiet not saying a word; she was torn with being completely pissed off at her wife and worried for her safety. She was pretty sure Haruko wouldn’t hurt her but she wasn’t so sure about Katsumi.

“Where is Haruka?” Setsuna asked looking around.

“The baka went and jumped through Haruko’s portal.” Michiru said bitterly the anger she was feeling coming out in her voice.

Setsuna sighed Haruka may have become wiser in the years but she was still brash as ever. “I’m sure she will be alright Haruka’s a fighter.” Setsuna said trying to sooth Michiru as she put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“She’s still alive I can still sense it. I can’t see her though something is blocking my mirror.” Michiru said looking down at the mirror in her lap.

“Let’s hope she can make it to tomorrow. I know where Katsumi’s castle will be tomorrow.” Setsuna said.

(Katsumi’s Palace in her Chambers)

Haruka awoke lying in a soft bed covered in silk sheets, she hurt from head to toe but her side and head seemed to hurt the worst. She sat up but was gently pushed down back to the bed by a soft hand, a woman’s hand. Her vision was still a little blurry from sleep but slowly cleared. “Lie still love.” Katsumi said brushing a hand through Haruka’s short blond hair. Haruka through it was strange everywhere Katsumi touched seemed to tingle and she felt something coursing through her.

“Where am I?” Haruka asked her vision clearing so she could see the woman with long blond hair before her.

“Safe in our room,” Katsumi said taking Haruka’s left and kissing it. Haruka noticed she didn’t wear a ring on her hand but there was a tan like she had been wearing one. She thought it odd but didn’t really think much about it as her head became foggy again.

“Our room?” She asked her mind cloud she couldn't remember anything that had happen let alone where she was. She glanced around the room it seeming both foreign and familiar to her wondering how that could be. It was like she was unable to form a clear thought.

“Kami-sama those Senshi must have hurt you worse than I thought. Ruka do you know who I am?” Katsumi asked as she worked one of her spells on Haruka while her hand played with Haruka's short blonde locks.

“Katsumi?” Haruka asked trying to think of the woman's name. It was clear in her mind but felt strange rolling off her tongue. There was so much emotion tied to the name but she couldn’t figure out which she should be feeling. She was torn between love and anger.

“Yes love,” Katsumi said, “I’m your lover, we have a beautiful daughter together her name is Haruko.”

Haruka laid there her head clouded confused as she tried to bring the memories forth. At first she saw herself standing with a woman who had green hair but she couldn’t see the woman’s face then the woman with green hair was replaced with the clear image of Katsumi. A second image formed in her head first of her sitting with the green haired woman each of them with a child in their hands then the imaged shifted to just her and Katsumi with a green haired girl in her arms. “Ah yes.” Haruka said then winced as pain shot through her side.

Katsumi leaned down and kissed Haruka, “Rest love you’ve been through quite a bit.” Haruka nodded then closed her eyes easily falling back asleep. Katsumi sat gently stroking her hair until she was sure Haruka was asleep. The she stood and walked back into the throne room. Haruko, Kimi and Tetsuji stood there waiting for her. “Care to explain what happened? I figured the two of you could take care of this.” Katsumi said.

“We easily subdued my sister and I had Neptune distracted long enough for Kimiko to attack but something went wrong. That one in there,” Haruko said pointing towards Katsumi’s chambers, “attacked me allowing Neptune to help Moon before we knew what was going on we were surrounded by Senshi. I ordered Mercury to come back then followed myself but Ten’ou followed.” Haruko said.

"I warned you two about failing." Katsumi said a whip made of flames appearing in her hand. "Turn around."

"Punish me. It was my plan that failed." Haruko said stopping Kimi from turning around. "Kimiko was only following my orders."

"Turn around," Katsumi growl again this time several guards grabbed them forcing them both to the ground. Haruko heard Kimi scream in pain several times then she bit her lip waiting for the sting of the whip but it never came. "Get them out of my sight. You and Mercury will have one last chance to redeem yourselves you said that Pluto knew the location of this castle?” Katsumi said.

“Yes my Queen she claims to know where the castle will be tomorrow.” Haruko said looking at Kimi out of the corner of her eye seeing her back bleeding where the whip had hit her.

“Then we will be ready for them. Go see to your partner I want her fighting tomorrow.” Katsumi said.

“Yes my queen.” Haruko said being pulled away by the guards. Her eyes were focused on Kimi until Katsumi spoke.

“Uranus if you fail me again you better pray the Senshi kill you.” Katsumi threatened.

“We won’t fail you my queen.” Haruko said.

To be continued…

Author Notes: For those that haven’t read the manga Submarine Violin Tide is from it.