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Pick Your PairingBy: May-VeggieGirl1
The gist is: YOU all tell me what you want me to write. ^_^ Pairings, pretty much pairings, but I will do introspective views of characters and friendships. It'll be short and sweet, staying in character as much as I can. So, I don't have anything else to say, get going with the requests!Idea Contrived/ Requested by: Me. ^.^;Chapter 11: Times

Taishi was trapped in a non-stop loop of anxiety until the news came of the mail everyday. He'd drink his coffee which he needed more and more from day to day not because of the caffiene addiction necessarily but just to get through without any fainting spells. He would check up on Baku and Zero, Baku unchanging in his coma everytime he saw him and Zero slowly eroding away in life and health and spirit. He looked over reports and status of Ark and make sure Makii and Chamud had enough food to last to tomorrow and instruct Anrui on some things in the text book to the riddled child and toyed with new ideas to end this war because he was an engineer too afterall. Taishi just didn't get a time to take ease until the mail came.

Most of the time the mail wasn't any better in news because in this day of age no news was bad news and no news was something common. With communication lines down or intercepted by Saint, it set the pace for the rest of the day- bad or good. No medium at all which tired Taishi all the more.

He gratefully thanked the messenger and sat down at his desk, the first was news from Ama by the border with Lacroa. Ama never told him when things were good, only bad. He saw things like that to be futile and Taishi's shoulders sagged looking at the sealed envelope. He gently laid it to the side to be read later.

The next he came upon was from Kaibaso, his old sensei and guardian. He smiled looking at the neat letter and knowing Kaibaso had actually nothing to say. He sent letters talking about how people were idiots and how Dante won't stop whining about Moshi almost giving him another scar. It was hardly worth the bother to read his letters but it made Taishi feel good anyway because it reminded him of better times when things really were that simple and it wasn't a lie. He did, however, think hard about what Kaibaso said because his sensei did know him that well enough to write these things only to comfort him. Would he include real troubles, real problems he was having, if he did have any? He surely must, times were different now. Or did he hide his troubles as to not bother his student? Taishi sighed softly and set it aside with Ama's letter, perhaps to read after Ama's troubling news.

There was one more letter and it surprised Taishi, but certainly a delightful surprise as he picked it up excited and tore it open, carefully but quickly. He scanned over the text, only paying attention to the writing's style and not the words and leaned back, smiling in relief. His daughter Suika finally sent a letter back to the family, and it was really her handwriting and not some forgery that he wouldn't put past Saint. She left to hide in Saint's palace as a spy but had the hardest times contacting them which put Taishi's stress high the longer the time between letters became. He read it over carefully, chuckling at some of her questions and little funny things that happened and frowning at the news of almost being caught. Everyone missed her and she missed everyone, especially Zero.

That made him feel more happy than anything could during times like these to read her ask about how Uncle Zero was- something she only would call him in writing and never aloud, if he was taking care of himself and if Baku was awake yet. Taishi had never told Zero about her secret concern because he understood the strange relationship was much like his own with Kane. Except he hoped she really didn't hate him and wanted to kill him like he wanted to with Kane, but had suspicions at times.

Makii peered around the corner, watching her husband's sudden elation.
"Tai? Who is the letter from dear?" He looked up at her with a grin.


"Let me see," She scurried over and snatched it from his hands, also reading it over with a smile. Her joy paused though and she turned to Taishi with seriousness in her eyes. "She asked about Zero... ZERO..." He nodded but her confusion didn't fade. "But, since when-"

"She asks about him in every letter," Taishi pointed out, pulling out older letters from a drawer.

"But it's so... out of character." Makii stared at the letters in thought for a while. Taishi looked down also.

"Yes," He admitted quietly and sneaked his hand over to her own, grabbing onto it. Makii smiled and looked at him.

"But in a good way. Like when you were upset about Kane's death," She said quietly but he growled and looked away stubbornly.

"That's only because I wanted to kill him myself!" Makii smiled and humored him, kissing him on the forehead.

"Sure, of course, but it's still a good kind of change." He took the recent letter from her in his hands, nodding once quietly.
Times were better because people were better.

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